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									    CRCT People Review Answers
n   Booker T. Washington   11. Hamilton Holmes &
n   Hernando de Soto          Charlayne Hunter
n   Tomochichi             12. Jimmy Carter
n   Maynard Jackson        13. William T. Sherman
n   Andrew Jackson         14. Henry Grady
n   Sequoyah               15. Leo Frank
n   Nancy Hart             16. Franklin D. Roosevelt
n   Eugene Talmadge        17. James Oglethorpe
n   Carl Vinson            18. Rebecca Latimer Felton
n   John Marshall          19. Richard Russell
                           20. Henry McNeal Turner
      CRCT People Review Answers
21.   Austin Dabney             31. John & Lugenia Burns Hope
22.   Alexander Stephens        32. Abraham Baldwin & William
23.   Mary Musgrove                Few
24.   Andrew Young              33. Alexander McGillivray
25.   Elijah Clarke             34. Lester Maddox
26.   Tom Watson                35. Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall,
27.   William B. Hartsfield        & George Walton
28.   Benjamin Mays             36. Alonzo Herndon
29.   Martin Luther King, Jr.   37. Ellis Arnall
30.   W.E.B. Dubois             38. John Ross
                                39. Ivan Allen, Jr.
                                40. William McIntosh
                                41. Herman Talmadge
n Headed  Tuskegee Institute
n Educator and Civil Rights advocate who
  stressed shared responsibility and
n Gave the famous Atlanta Compromise
n Booker T. Washington
n Spanish  explorer who came to the New
  World in search of gold
n Met and exploited the Native Americans
  during his exploration
n Landed on the coast of FL and was the
  first European to see GA
n Hernando de Soto
n Chiefof Yamacraw Indians
n Played an important role in creating peace
  between NA in GA and British
n In 1734 he and his family traveled to
  England with James Oglethorpe
n Tomochichi
n Atlanta’s airport is named in his honor
n The first African American mayor of
  Atlanta (major southern city)
n Elected mayor of Atlanta in 1973 and
  served for 3 terms
n Maynard Jackson
n Pressured the Cherokees to move west
n Elected president of the US in 1828
n Signed the Indian Removal Act to remove
  NA from GA
n Andrew Jackson
n Cherokee
n Created  the Cherokee syllabary (written
  Cherokee language)
n His written system allowed Cherokee to
  read, write, and publish Cherokee
n Sequoyah
n The  only woman who has a county named
  after her in GA
n Spied on loyalists and told the patriot
  soldiers what she learned
n According to some accounts, she shot at
  least two loyalists in the Battle of Kettle
n Nancy Hart
n Elected  governor of GA 4 times. Won 4th
  election mainly because of opposition to
  school segregation
n During 3rd term, GA’s white public colleges
  lost their accreditation
n One of GA’s most controversial politicians.
  Considered both a political hero and racist
n Eugene Talmadge
n US  Congressman from GA who helped to
  build up the US Navy in years leading up
  to WWII
n Hundreds of ships were built at shipyards
  in Savannah & Brunswick because of his
n Some called him “Admiral” because of
  these contributions
n Carl Vinson
n Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
n In the 1832 case, Worchester v. GA, he
  decided that the Cherokee were a
  sovereign nation
n GA refused to recognize the Supreme
  Court’s ruling in this case, and President
  Jackson chose not to enforce ruling
n John Marshall
n The  first two African American students to
  attend UGA
n They had to be escorted to UGA by state
  police officers
n With support of Gov. Vandiver, they
  started UGA in January of 1961
n Charlayne Hunter & Hamilton Holmes
n Elected President of US in 1976
n Born in Plains, GA- only president born in
n Elected Gov. of GA in 1970, he took a firm
  stand against racial discrimination
n Won Nobel Peace Prize in 2002
n Jimmy Carter
n Began   his March to the Sea in GA in May,
n Union General during the CW
n During March to the Sea, his troops took
  everything they could see and destroyed
  much property
n William T. Sherman
n Spokesman    of the New South
n Journalist from GA
n Promoted industry & crop diversification
n Henry Grady
n Jewish man who was lynched because of
n In 1913, he was charged with the murder
  of Mary Phagan
n His court case was a huge setback for GA
  and resulted in the rebirth of the KKK
n Leo Frank
n Elected   president of the US in 1932, and
  re-elected 3 more times
n He died in Warm Springs, GA while he was
  still president
n His close relationship to GA led to the Bell
  Aircraft plant being built here (later
  Lockheed Martin)
n Wanted   to give the worthy poor a chance
  for a better life
n He & 21 trustees were granted the original
  charter for GA
n Founder of colony of GA
n James Oglethorpe
n Early supporter of Women’s suffrage
n In 1922, became the first woman to serve
  in the US Senate
n Pushed for prohibition
n Rebecca Latimer Felton
n US  Senator from GA who served on the
  Senate Naval Affairs Committee
n Responsible for helping GA to have
  military bases in every major city during
n Brought war time opportunities to GA by
  bringing military bases to GA
n Richard Russell
n Bishop  in the AME church
n One of the first 29 African American
  legislators elected to GA General Assembly
n Expelled from General Assembly when it
  was determined that blacks could vote but
  did not have permission to hold office
n Henry McNeal Turner
nA  slave who served under Elijah Clarke
n The only African American to fight in the
  Battle of Kettle Creek (RW)
n In recognition of his bravery, the state of
  GA gave him some land
n Austin Dabney
n1  of 3 representatives from GA who
  supported the Union and wanted to
  uphold the Compromise of 1850
n Tried to prevent war and secession
n Elected Vice-President of the Confederacy
n Alexander Stephens
n Deerskin trader
n Used her interpreter skills to maintain
  peace between NA & British colonists in
n Daughter of English Trader & Creek Indian
n Mary Musgrove
n An  aide to Martin Luther King, Jr.
n Executive director of the SCLC
n In 1972, he bacame the first African
  American from GA elected to Congress
  since the 1860’s
n Helped bring Olympics to GA in 1996
n Andrew Young
n Defeated   a force of more than 800 British
  at Battle of Kettle Creek
n In June 1781, this Colonel and his militia
  took Augusta from the British
n Led a Patriot militia group
n Elijah Clarke
n Introduced  RFD bill while representing GA
  in the US House of Rep. This required the
  US Postmaster to deliver mail to rural
  areas for free.
n Worked to help poor, struggling farmers in
n Leader of the Populist Party in GA
n Tom Watson
n Longest  serving mayor of Atlanta (served
  6 terms)
n Worked to build Atlanta’s aviation industry
  and the ATL airport was named in his
n Promoted ATL as “A City Too Busy to
n William B. Hartsfield
n President of Morehouse College
n Distinguished African American minister,
  educator, scholar, and social activist
n Emphasized 2 main ideas which became
  the basis for MLK’s Civil Rights movement
n Benjamin Mays
n Founded  SCLC
n Gave the famous “I Have a Dream”
n Leader of the Modern Civil Rights
n Shot and killed April 4, 1968 in Memphis,
n MLK, Jr.
n CivilRights Leader who believed in total
  racial equality for African Americans
n Founder of Niagara Movement which led
  to NAACP
n Prominent professor at ATL University
n WEB Du Bois
n This couple devoted their time to
  educating African Americans
n He was the first African American
  president of Morehouse College and ATL
n She organized the Neighborhood Union
n John & Lugenia Burns Hope
n Signersof the US Constitution
n The represented GA at the Constitutional
  Convention in 1787
n Both were elected to Us Congress
n Abraham Baldwin & William Few
n Signed the Treaty of New York in 1790
n Son of a European settler & Creek Indian
n Represented the Creek Nation throughout
  the RW
n Alexander McGillivray
n Popular with Georgians who supported
n Elected governor GA in 1967
n Moderated his views after his election but
  his career remained controversial
n Lester Maddox
n Signer of the Declaration of Independence
n They represented GA at the Second
  Continental Congress
n They attended the Second Continental
n Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, & Georgia
n Established   the Atlanta Mutual Insurance
n Helped WEB Du Bois found the Niagara
n Worked as a barber & his barbershops
  were known as the best in America
n Alonzo Herndon
n Reformed     the state’s prison system and
  lowered the voting age in GA
n Defeated Eugene Talmadge and served as
  GA gov. from 1943-1947
n Worked to bring Progressive Reform to GA
n His reforms let blacks vote in GA’s
n Ellis Arnall
n Established  written constitution for the
  Cherokee Nation
n In 1827, he became the principal Chief of
  the Cherokee Nation
n He was aided by white missionaries in his
  appeal if the Indian Removal Act
n John Ross
n By 1964, he was able to bring
  desegregation to all public facilities in ATL
n Responsible for bringing the Braves &
  major league football and basketball to
  ATL in 1960s
n Served as mayor of AtL from 1962-1970
n Ivan Allen, Jr.
n Led  the Creek Nation from 1810-1820
n Executed by the Creek Nation
n In 1825, he was bribed by GA agents into
  signing away all Creek land in GA
n William McIntosh
n While  governor he started the first state
  sales tax in GA to improve public schools
n He provided leadership for a new state
  constitution that expanded public
  education to grades 1-12
n He reconstructed the state highway dept.
n Herman Talmadge

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