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									New Vaporizer Review Website Offers Helpful Information and Vaporizer Ratings announces the launch of its new website. Conceived by concerned medical marijuana
patients and vape enthusiasts, the site is designed to provide the best vaporizer reviews for discerning
consumers. The site features vaporizer ratings and a user forum.

Online PR News – 20-September-2013 – was recently launched by a group of
vaporizer enthusiasts to promote a healthy lifestyle while enjoying herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Local
businessman Robert Davis started with the goal of providing quality information about vaporizers to help
educate the populace on the growing trend. Davis, affectionately known to his readers as “Bob Dog the
Phenomenon,” suffers from insomnia and PTSD stemming from his experiences in the military. He got his
medical marijuana license in 2009 and prefers to use indica strains to treat his chronic ailments. After
enlisting the help of fellow medical marijuana patients Chuck Shweig, Stephanie Bloom and Kevin “Sconsin”
Molitor, Davis launched to continue his search for the best vaporizers available.

 The four writers take turns reviewing units as they receive them from leading manufacturers and distributors.
Every review contains a thorough analysis of the charging, loading, use and maintenance processes. While
writing responsibilities rotate, vape reviews are not written after stringent testing by every member of the
team. Each unit is assigned vaporizer ratings based on four criteria: aesthetics, performance, quality of
construction and value.

Since these factors could be viewed as subjective, each set of ratings is a composite of grades assigned by
all four team members to ensure that readers are receiving the best vaporizer reviews possible.

When asked about the goals of, Davis stated, “We aren’t in this to make money for
manufacturers. We believe in healthy competition, that the cream should rise to the top. Unlike many of the
vaporizer blogs popping up in the cannabis community, Vaporizer-Review is not an advertising platform but
an objective lens through which patients and other potential vaporizer customers can view the products they
are considering for purchase.”

“Vaporizer-Review was built to be a place where patients and vapor enthusiasts can interact and share their
experiences so readers can make an educated purchase and find the device that is right for them,” Davis
says. “To that end, Vaporizer-Review has established a matrix of strict standards in order to maintain a
commitment to objectivity and helpful information for the consumer.”

Vaporizer-Review welcomes all manner of herbal vaporizers: forced-air, whip-style, portable and pen-style
vapes are all represented in these succinct reviews and product blogs. Moreover, the website invites readers
to sign up for an account and participate in the site by way of commenting on the reviews and in the site’s
forum section. The site is barely a month old and already the forum is abuzz with activity.

 The site’s lead web developer, Chuck Shweig, is a frequent user of the popular Web 2.0 site Reddit and has
ambitious goals for both the reviews and his forums. “The great thing about Reddit is the responsiveness and
passion of the community. We want to engender the same sort of passion and level of engagement with our
vaporizer forum,” Shweig says. “It’s important to me that people who are going to spend their hard-earned

dollars on a health product are actually getting a reliable device. Our compendium of the top vaporizers takes
all the major buying factors into account. Our objective is to provide patients with the most helpful vaporizer
reviews on the internet. Future advancements of the forum will include user-generated reviews and a
Reddit-style voting tool, allowing users to vote up other user’s comments and vaporizer reviews.”

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