Global Elite Thrilled with New Secret Fast Juice Fasting Club

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					Global Elite Thrilled with New Secret Fast Juice Fasting Club

Some members only clubs are for gambling, others to see and be seen. But the new Secret Fast club was so
intriguing that I wanted to become a member.

Online PR News – 21-September-2013 – As a reporter for a prominent news agency, I report about places
you should visit and venues you should avoid.

When I saw posts from the global elite community on Facebook about "Secret Fast", I sprang into action. I
looked for this new health spa retreat's locations, and begged for an invitation so I could write about it.

They offer juice fasting for weight loss, the best anti-aging skin care, and networking with carefully selected
club members - from politicians to Hollywood’s elite to millionaires, artists, authors... It sounded so exclusive!

I tried to find the location of a "Secret Fast" club but could NOT. I emailed the millionaire who had posted
about it, but got no reply. Her secretary responded: "'Secret Fast' members cannot reveal anything about
these luxury spa resorts. They're designed for people who, because of their celebrity, cannot enjoy regular
spas because there is no privacy."

“They're not interested in reporters writing about their inner workings,” she continued. “My boss joined this
exclusive club to do juice fasting in secluded places, surrounded by nature and away from prying public eyes.
She can walk around without make-up and mingle in the most discreet settings possible. She’s excited about
meeting her counterparts from other countries, getting to know politicians, musicians, actors, and making new
business deals, all while getting healthier."

I wanted to go to "Secret Fast" to make powerful new friends, gain a golden Rolodex and drop 7-10 pounds!
How could I become a member?

It seems I either need a personal recommendation from a "Secret Fast" member, or I can become an online
member at The $29.99 membership provides wellness information, forums and videos.
The $299.99 membership has extra benefits and increases my chances of becoming a member, because
they will invite several people from this group to join each year.

I’m ready to go!! I need someone influential to recommend me, and I could be juice fasting with maybe
Hillary? Angelina? Could you help me, please?

Samia Rodriguez (Find me on Facebook)

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Secret Fast is a private virtual club composed of high profile leaders, entertainers,
entrepreneurs, artists and athletes who care about their health and fitness. The Secret
Fast elite spa will help you detox, fight against aging, lose weight and gain new friends.

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