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Indian Social Networking Website

 – Most popular Social Sharing Platform, the leading Indian social networking website by Indian students is growing at lighting fast speed.
The site has earned more than 200000 registered users within 3 month of its launching. is the new teen on the slab among the most popular Indian social networking websites. Agryd
says itself as the next generation social networking platform which facilitates individuals and groups to
connect and communicate with one another. It is nothing new to the social media industry; almost every site
does it. A significant growth has been seen in the number of registered users in past 3 month since website
was launched. Currently website owns 2,00,000 members and 5,00,000 blogs on it. It still remains to be
seen how big Agryd grows into and how much impact it creates on social media industry which is already
muddled with countless websites.

The official of the company says that website has a simple and straight forward appearance but has
marvelous built-in tools. Speaking it as a complete entertainment & recreation pack the director said “Agryd
has several inbuilt features such as blogging, chatting, sharing, music, videos, polls, events and lots more”.
He also said that company is working on the android app of website which shall be released very soon in the

The company is also going to launch several exciting features in the website like work reminder,
speedometer, friend locator, etc which shall be integrated in android app. The company is also going to start
affiliate marketing program which is under production phase. This affiliate marketing will not only enhance the
popularity and branding of website but will also act as a additional source of income for the affiliate partner
blogs and websites.

The website is offering a facility of sending free gifts to friends & folks. For sending these free gifts members
will have to earn points by actively participating in website. The director of company said that we are working
on several other exciting & exclusive features over website but denied disclosing at the moment.

For detailed information about features and advertising opportunities, please visit or


Avinash Kabra
PR Manager,
4th Floor, City Plaza, Near Jaljog Circle,
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Ph: +91-9929981828

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