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 – Now in Top 20 Social Networking Websites is the fastest growing Indian Social Networking Website with several unique features like
blogging, sharing, polling, music, videos, events, and lots more.

Indian Social Networking Websites are certainly the most popular and prominent way of flourishing
business. Besides, the big names in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc one more name
is added to it. It’s none other than, which has earned an astonishing number of registered
users within a small timeframe. The website has currently 2,00,000 registered users and is budding at
lighting fast speed.

We were shocked to see the extreme growth of members over our website. At first we thought them to
be spam registration but later on we did a thorough analysis of activities or users we confirmed that
they are real users only. We also concluded that this massive growth in each day registration and
colossal traffic on website is due to our most exiting feature of blogging.” said the directors.

What sets you aside from all other Indian social networking sites? On questioning this, one of the
director said “We offer everything on a single platform. We are providing an exciting, exclusive and
absolutely free package of entertainment and recreation on Agryd. We have integrated several
features such as music, videos, gaming, sharing, polling, events, blogging, networking, and many
more on a single website”.

Avinash Kabra, Marketing Manager of company said “The Company is soon going to start an affiliate
marketing program so as to promote the website on other websites and blogs”. Currently as per the
statistics the website is highly popular in China. The sole reason behind this is that Facebook is
banned in China whose benefit is reaped by Agryd.

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Avinash Kabra
PR Manager,
4th Floor, City Plaza, Near Jaljog Circle,
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Ph: +91-9929981828

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