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 - Biggest Indian Social Networking Website is the fastest growing Indian Social Networking Website with several unique features like
blogging, sharing, polling, music, videos, events, and lots more.

Agryd is a newly launched Indian social networking website with multiple features integrated on a single
platform. With a sole aim to provide premium functionality integrated over a single social platform Agryd came
into existence.

Below are few features of Agryd that stands out of all other Indian social networking websites:

    1) Ideas & Information Sharing: Agryd offers you the best ideas and information sharing platform. You
        could share your thoughts with your friends and folks with just few key press ups.
    2) Messaging and Chatting: Agryd offers you facility to send instant messages to your friends and folks.
        At Agryd, you could do live chatting in an interactive environment.
    3) Audio and Video Conferencing: One of the most interesting features of Agryd is live audio and video
        conferencing. You could have voice chat and video chat with your friends and folks with this exciting
        feature of
    4) Events: The most creative and sought-after feature of Agryd is events. With this feature you could
        create any event and can invite your friends and folks to the happening. This feature is best for youth
        to have re-union with their mates.
    5) Polling: This is a feature with which you could collect feedback on anything. This is beneficial for the
        people to get reviews on their products and services. This feature helps in collecting response of
    6) Forum: If you have any issues, concerns or queries relating to anything, you could discuss it on forums.
        Forums are the best place to put up your issues and get them resolved.
    7) Music: Agryd offers you to listen to music which have been shared by your friends and also facilitates
        you to share your own preferred music amongst friends list.
    8) Videos: You could now easily watch videos shared by your friends; at the same time you could also
        share your videos with them.
    9) Blogging: Blogging is one of the most exciting features of Agryd with which it become popular
        worldwide. All the account holders can make their blogs and could post their articles over it. These
        articles could also be shared amongst the other users. They are a huge source of backlinks for a
    10) Free Gift Sending: The exclusive feature of Agryd in comparison with other Indian social networking
        websites is sending free gifts to friends and folks. Agryd offer you the feature to send free gifts to your
        mates. The all you need is to collect points on website. And you could easily do this by being an active
        member of website. is probably the most preferred Indian Social Networking Website as it has all features that are in
popular websites like Facebook and Google plus, but it has several other unique features.


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