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Indian Social Networking Website Powered By Docstoc – Leading Indian Social Networking Website is the fastest growing Indian Social Networking Website with several unique features like
blogging, sharing, polling, music, videos, events, and lots more., Indian social networking website is about to reach 49 million users by the end of this
October, becoming a big threat for social champs like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. “Currently the
website has 48 million people and should reach to 49 million by the end of this October” said Director
of company. This Indian social networking website was launched just few months ago and has now
become the hottest social networking website in India. This social networking site developed by Indian
Community is not only popular in India but is also demanding in china and USA.

The director of this social networking site quoted, “You can do anything on Agryd which you do on
Facebook. At the same time Agryd offers you several exciting and unique features”. The key feature is
sending free gifts to friends. You could send free gifts to your beloved ones by earning points. And
these points are earned by doing some activities such as photo uploading, image sharing, video /audio
uploading. Adding to this statement, director said “My team is working on android application of Agryd
and it will be released very soon on Google play”.

On asking the question about the noteworthy growth of the website he said “The key reason of the
popularity of website is the hard work of our dedicated and creative employees who have been
working day and night to make Agryd”. Claiming to be the best Indian social networking website,
director said, “There is currently no such social networking website which is having so many features
integrated in one platform. Agryd offers you blogging, chatting, audio and video conferencing,
messaging, idea sharing, audio and video sharing, polling, and most special feature Free Gift

Currently as a part of promotion campaign the company is doing several online and offline activities.
Promos and Advertisements videos are being run in local cinema halls, big hoarding are hang on busy
streets, full page advertisements in local daily are few of the activities done by company for its

No doubt this Indian Social Networking Website has done very well so far but beating Facebook in
competition would be a challenging task. Now let us wait and watch how far Agryd does goes.


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