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									                        USA Cider Market Insights 2013
 The Cider Market in the USA will begin to slow, however growth rates will remain in double digits moving

London/India, September 10th, 2013 – Cider is a beverage that appeals to many wine and spirits consumers
because of its sweet, fruity taste. This provides the USA cider market with a good opportunity to increase its
consumer base and popularity in the US market.

The cider market has experienced phenomenal growth rates over the past few years. However, as the initial
excitement over the drink lessens, the growth of the market will slow. Cider growth rates will remain in the
double digits moving forward.

New brands are highly focused

Boston Beer (Angry Orchard) continues to attack the market aggressively, pushing their product onto
shelves. They introduced Angry Orchard in 2011, offering three styles: Crisp Apple, Apple Ginger and
Traditional Dry. This growth is expected to continue, increasing volumes by another 65% in 2013.
This makes Angry Orchard the fastest growing brand in the Industry market research.

Vermont Hard Cider Co currently owns the leading brand family, Woodchuck. Woodchuck led the US
market with $38.6 million in sales in 2012. This was a 40% increase over 2011 sales and is expected
to grow 5% in 2013. In late 2012, C&C Group acquired Vermont Hard Cider.

Hornsby’s, owned by C&C Group, and is the number three brand in the market. Its line includes Hard
Crisp Cider, Hard Strawberry Lime and Hard Amber Cider. Hornsby’s, which has been one of the top
three brands for the past few years, experienced a 9% decline across its product range in 2012
compared to 2011 due to confusion over pack types (switch to 33cl bottles) and a previous lack of
producer focus. The brand's long-term decline is expected to be reversed in 2013 when the effects
of the acquisition by C&C Group are more clearly seen.
Multipacks remain popular

Historically six-packs have been the most popular multipack, but some producers are moving to
four-packs as these provide distributors with a lower price point (per multipack) and higher profit
The movement towards 33cl nref glass bottles, led by Hornsby’s, failed to catch on, as consumers
rejected the notion of a smaller bottle for the same price. This led to a sharp decline in the pack size
in 2012, albeit from a low base.

Hornsby’s gave the global brand design agency Blue Marlin creative freedom to overhaul the brand’s
packaging. Aiming to preserve the brand essence while attracting new consumers, Blue Marlin gave
Hornsby’s a bold new identity with the use of the phrase ‘The Outcider.’

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