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									Author Restores Sphinx for Sci-Fi Thriller, Offers Early Book Buyers Full Color Pictures Free

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Image shows comparison between face before and after restoration

Author Allen Pollens needed an image of the Sphinx as it was before the extensive damage to its face.
Pollens wanted to it for his new sci-fi-fantasy book, "THE LOST PHARAOH - Sobek II." He set about creating
the restoration. Image has an unexpected mysterious visage.

Online PR News – 20-September-2013 – Pollens started with photos of the spoiled face of the Sphinx. He
examined them for hints of what was originally there. The face's symmetry was helpful. A portion of lip on one
side could be copied, reversed and added to the other side. Pollens proceeded in this painstaking manner to
rebuild a reasonable recreation of the Sphinx. How accurate is it? There's no way to know for sure, but
Pollens feels good about the outcome. A black and white image is included in Chapter 39 of the book.
However, for a limited time, Pollens is offering a free full color version of the restored Sphinx to proven buyers
of "The Lost Pharaoh." All versions are eligible ... paperback, Kindle or other eBook. Images will be supplied
printed on quality 8.5" x 11" photographic stock.

A visit to Philadelphia Art Museum's Tutankhamen exhibit changes everything for Dr. Alberto Rodriguez. A
professor of archeology at Jess Hawkins University, he is familiar with Howard Carter's 1922 discovery of
Tut's tomb. His own excavation efforts in New Mexico and Arizona were worthy endeavors but trivial when
compared to Carter's successes. Alberto tells himself that emulating Carter and trying to make an equally
significant discovery is foolish. He stifles the obsession, but it surfaces once again when Alberto comes upon
rumors of another lost Pharaoh in Egypt. Alberto throws caution to the wind as he draws his closest friends
into an secret escapade that satisfies his ambition. When ancient Egypt beckons, he has to respond.

"The Lost Pharaoh - Sobek II" exceeds 80,000 words, runs more than 400 pages and has more than 80
illustrations. Buy it at in paperback , $15.99, ( or for Kindle, $6.99, (

This is author Allen Pollens’ Sixth science fiction-fantasy offering in two years and one of nine books he has
published. Pollens other sci-fi-fantasy offerings include: "ALTERNATIVE LIVES - To Sleep, Perchance to
Dream ... Another Life," "CONJUROR - Living the Tale," "CREATOR - Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Epic, Earth’s
Human Behavior Confronted," "CREATOR II -Human Behavior Explored" and “SUPERHERO –Chronicles of

Blue Knight Adventures.”

For more about “The Lost Pharaoh” and Al’s other books, contact Allen Pollens at 503-407-2850 (cell) or via
email at Also visit website http:/

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