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Wickless candles are the way of the future. They last longer, work safer, and are more adjustable than traditional candles.

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									The Benefits of a Wickless Candle

Wickless candles are the way of the future. They last longer, work
safer, and are more adjustable than traditional candles.

First, wickless candles burn the wax more evenly and you don’t rely
on a wick to determine its life. A common problem amongst flame
candles is that the wick will burn down before the wax is properly

The candle will create a tunnel straight down, leaving a lot of unused
wax along the edges of the glass. Once the wick’s gone though, that
wax becomes useless and is generally thrown away.

A month’s worth of candle wax and a few extra dollars that could
have saved them over the coming month are thrown into the bin
with the rest of the trash. Wickless candles on Scentsy Warmers help
you avoid that problem.

Dangers of Traditional Candles

Second, you don’t have to light a fire in your house to enjoy the refreshing smell of a candle. Candle fires
aren’t just an old wives’ tale.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 42 home candle fires are reported every day. Imagine that: 42
every day; that’s averaging 15,330 every year.

For being an “old wives’ tale” it certainly seems to be a very real issue. With so much modern
technology and information available, how does this continue to happen?

Candles are placed too closely to something that could burn, e.g. furniture, mattresses, curtains, or
decorations (with decorations reigning supreme during the holiday season). Candles are left unattended.

The person watching over the candle fell asleep. Candles are placed in the bedroom.

                Wickless candles placed on Scentsy Warmers reduce those problems drastically.
                Although there is a heat source, it is not as easily corruptible as the flame on a wick,
                surrounded by melting wax.

                Third, the scent spreads better. The warm smell of your candle spreads throughout the
                room, reaching all of the nooks and crannies, better than a traditional one would.
In this way it better creates the smell
you’re looking for. This is particularly
good if you’re looking to mask a fouler
smell, or return a particular air to your

With an extended life of the candle,
you can continue to spread your lovely
smells throughout your world. That’s a
good buy right there.

Fourth, with the Scentsy Warmer, you can actually adjust the strength of the scent. It all depends on the
Scentsy bars you purchase.

They can be adjusted to fill a half bathroom, or strengthened to fill a large meeting room. With products
like the Scentsy Warmer you have the power to adjust the strength of your influence.

How many wick candles can offer you that benefit? Normally you’d have to buy the right brand, smell,
and then purchase multiples to increase its strength (which incidentally increases its danger).

Although it’s true that a “wicked” candle provides a beautiful ambiance in darkened rooms (as it casts
flickering shadows everywhere and is traditionally romantic), for everyday use, the wickless candle is
often the better way to go. There are tons of options out there too.

This isn’t a new fad. It’s growing and you can start benefiting from them today.

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