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									       Suspicious Activity Reports from

Central California Intelligence Center
          (Sacramento, California)
                                             Suspicious Activity Reports Recel, _.. by the   eCie June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 6/29/2012   6/21/2012
02249                           Arriving at CDCR                                     On June 21,2012, the Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) at North Kern State Prison
                                                                                     reported books coming into the institution from South Africa. The organization

CCSAOOO 6/29/2012   6/26/2012   Inmate Radicalization at      Pending                On June 26, 2012 a cell search was conducted on Inmat~ A
02248                           CDCR                                                 search of the cell found a copy of the book titled "Blood in my Eye" by George L.
                                                                                     Jackson. This book is considered contraband and will be written up as a point toward
CCSAOOO 6/29/2012   6/15/2012   CDCR Inmate Attempting to     Pending                 On 6/15/2012, the Investigative Services unit (ISU) at California Substance Abuse
02247                           Mail Out Sovereign Citizen                           Treatment Facility (CSATF) reviewed the outgoing mail of i n m a t e _
                                Documents                                            _         The mail contained documents attempting paper terrorism, including false
CCSAOOO 6/28/2012   6/28/2012   Theft of Propane Tanks        Pending                The manager of t h e _ t _ w a y reported that 16 propane tanks were
02246                                                                                taken overnight.
CCSAOOO 6/27/2012   6/9/2012                                  Pending

CCSAOOO 6/26/2012   6/11/2012   Folsom City Water Storage      Pending               Between 1000 hrs on 06/11/12 and 0930 hrs on 06/12/12, unknown person(s) entered
02244                           Facility, Subject Gains Access                       the Folsom city water storage facility located on Caversham Way. The subject(s) placed
                                to Ladder                                            a discarded metal gate against the locked ladder guard on the side of a very large dri

CCSAOOO 6/26/2012   6/25/2012   TSC Encounte~                 eGuardian   Yes        Sheriffs Service Technician_Kern County Sheriff's Office, telephone.
02243                           _ i n Kern County             Entry                  _          advised that                      is being released from the Laredo
                                                                                      Maximum-Medium Facility, Laredo, CA, todav.            orovided no additional
CCSAOOO 6/25/2012   6/25/2012   Demonstration Against Law     Pending                Reporting party received an e-mail that describes a scheduled protest by an unknown
02242                           Enforcement Use of                                   number of individuals on July 7, 2012. The information indicates the protestors are
                                Excessive Force                                      concerned about the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers.

CCSAOOO 6/25/2012   6/25/2012   Suspected Arson Fire at       Pending                On 06/25/2012 at about 0635 hours, Chico Police responded
02241                                                                                                                in Chico for a suspicious circumstance. On arrival officers
                                in Chico                                             were directed to a large covered lumber storage area where a stack of 2x4 fir lumber h

CCSAOOO 6/25/2012   6/22/2012   Law Enforcement TSC eGuardian             Yes        On 22 June 2012,                      was stopped and cited for having a taillight out.
02240                           Encounter w t i h _ Entry                            He was stopped at S. Auburn Ave and Central Ave, Colfax, CA. by D e p u t y _
                                _ i n Colfax, CA                                     _ o f the Placer County Sheriff's office.
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Rece,.   ~   by the eCie June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 6/22/2012     6/13/2012      Islamic Literature received by Pending       Yes        On 6/13/2012, the CSP-SAC ISU/TLO intercepted an incoming suspicious package via the
02239                                COCR inmate with history of                             Institutional Mail Room. The package appeared to be mailed from IRAN and was
                                     following Nation of Islam                               addressed to Inmate                                        a non-validated 78th St.
                                     (NOI)                                                   Crip out
CCSAOOO 6/22/2012     6/13/2012      Anti-U.S./lsraeli propaganda   Pending                  On June 13, 2012, the CSP-SAC ISU/TLO_intercepted an incoming piece of mail
02238                                sent to COCR inmate                                     (Large Envelope [9x6.5]) via the Institutional Mail Room. The item in question appeared
                                                                                             to be mailed from the United Kingdom (UK), with the return address of "BY AIR MA

CCSAOOO 6/22/2012     6/20/2012      LE Officer's private vehicle   Pending                  On 06/20/2012, at approximately 0430 hours, Office~ Visalia Area,
02237                                burglarized                                             observed that his personal vehicle had been broken into in front of his residence. Officer
                                                                                             _observed that his departmental 10 card, flat badge, and off duty firearm

CCSAOOO 6/22/2012     6/24/2012      TSC subject                    For                      TSC subject                              is scheduled to depart Sacramento on 24 June on
02236                                travel notification            Information              flight 4502 at 1430L arriving at LAX at 1559L.
CCSAOOO 6/21/2012     6/22/2012      TSC subject                    For                      TSC subject                                is scheduled to depart Sacramento on 21 June
02235                                travel booking notification    Information              2012 on flight 363 arriving in Seattle. TSC su
                                                                    Only                     scheduled to depart Seattle on 22 June 2012 0

CCSAOOO 6/20/2012     6/10/2012      Sovereign Citizen encounter    For                      On 6-13-12, I received a message to call~rom Oklahoma a t _ - HQ,
02234                                in Visalia, Tulare Co          Information              _ - cell, regarding "Sovereign type people". I called the cell number and
                                                                    Only                     spoke with a male who identified himself a s _ a _ w i t h the Oklaho

CCSAOOO 6/20/2012     6/21/2012      TSC S u b j e c t _            Pending                  TSC subject                                 is scheulded to depart from Sacramento at
02233                                _scheduled to travel                                    1720L on 21 June on flight QX 2618 and is scheduled to arrive at POX (Portland) at 1904L
                                     on 21 June and 23 June                                  on 21 June._is also scheduled to depart Portland on 23 June at 1730L arriving

CCSAOOO 6/19/2012     6/17/2012      Explosive device detonates in Pending
02232                                parked vehicle

CCSAOOO 6/19/2012     6/19/2012      Foreign nationals exhibting    eGuardian     Yes        One Jordanian and two UAE citizens purchased air tickets (First Class) in UAE and are
02231                                suspicious behavior            Entry                    scheduled to fly at approximately 1300 today (06/19/2012) departing Sacramento (SMF)
                                                                                             for Dallas (OFW). One of the individuals was being belligerent with the

CCSAOOO 6/19/2012    6/21/2012       TSC Subject                    For                                                    is scheduled to depart from Sacramento on 21 June at
02230                                schuled to fly on 21 June      Information              1500L and arrive in Seattle at 1646L on 21 June.
                                                                    Only                2
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 6/19/2012     6/15/2012      Identified subjects camping    eGuardian     Yes        On 6/15/2012, Chico Police Department responded to a report of two identified subjects
02229                                at                             Entry                    camping in the courtyard 0                            Before packing up their
                                                                                             belongings and vacating the premises, the female subject stated that she was previously
CCSAOOO 6/19/2012     6/22/2012      TSC Travel Notification" For                            TSA l A _ n o t i f i e d the CCIC that TSC No Fly subject_purchased
02228                                _                        Information                    a ticket to travel on 22 June 2012 from Prague-Ruzyne Airport to JFK then on to
                                                                    Only                     Sacramento arriving on 22 June 2012.
CCSAOOO 6/18/2012     6/18/2012      Airline Passenger Announced Pending                     On 6/18/2012, at 0106 hrs., the WSIN Watch Center received the following report from
02227                                AI Qaeda Plans to Bring                                 Sacramento County Sheriff's Dep
                                     Down Aircraft                                           assigned to the Sheriff's Airport Division: at approximately 0030 hrs., this date
CCSAOOO 6/15/2012     6/15/2012      White Supremacist              For
02226                                statement-Chemical             Information              from                                           received 2 suspicious emails from
                                     catastrophe                    Only                     06/11/2012. The emails were almost identical and contained information regarding a "

CCSAOOO 6/14/2012     6/14/2012      TSC Encounte~                  For                      TSC subject_was scheu led for a flight on 16 March departing from Sacramento
02225                                scheuled flight from SMF to    Information              at 2139l and arriving at JFK on 17 March at 0550l.
                                     JFK on 16 March                Only
CCSAOOO 6/14/2012     5/18/2012      TSC S u b j e c t _            For                      TSC subject                                          was scheduled to depart from
02224                                scheduled to fly to            Information              Dallas on 18 May with a connecting flight in Phoenix arriving in Sacramento on 18 May.
                                     Sacramento on 18 May           Only                     Additionally,_was sheduled for a flight on 10 May departing Sacramento with

CCSAOOO 6/14/2012     6/14/2012      Individual records officers    For                      While serving a search warrant, officers were recorded by the subject via cell phone
02223                                serving search warrant         Information              from across the street. Subject was evasive when asked why he was recording the

                                                                    Only                     officers. He stated that he was not breaking any laws. Only the entry of the warrant servi

CCSAOOO 6/14/2012    6/3/2012        Sacramento Sheriff's           For                      On 6/3/2012, Folsom Police Department was dispatched to a vehicle burglary
02222                                Deputy's private vehicle       Information                                 An off-duty Sacramento Deputy Sheriff had accidently left his
                                     burglarized                    Only                     personal, black, 2007                    unlocked overnight. The deputy noticed the
                                                                                             center c
CCSAOOO 6/14/2012    6/13/2012       Suspicious Photography Near eGuardian        Yes        On June 13, 2012, at approximately 1800 hours, a CalFIRE Battalion Chief observed an
02221                                CalFIRE station in lincoln  Entry                       unidentified male subject conducting suspicious photography of CalFIRE Station 77
                                                                                             (1300 Athens Ave, lincoln, CAl, nearby power poles/lines and
CCSAOOO 6/13/2012    6/10/2012       Tulare Co. Corrections Staff   Pending                  On June 10th, 2012 Tulare County Correctional Staff intercepted a "kite"/note from an
02220                                Intercepts Message from                                 unknown Nothern Gang Author. This particular communication advised all "Northern
                                     Northern Gang                                           soldiers" located in and around the city ofTulare CA to immediately and violently confr
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title            Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 6/13/2012     6/13/2012      Suspicious Letter Sent to CHP Pending                 CHP- Ft.Tejon Area received a suspicious letter through the regular mail system enclosed
02219                                Office                                                was an article on depleted uranium and the effects. The return address listed was a PO
                                                                                           Box in Fresno, CA Ft. Tejon Area received a standard white envelope in the

CCSAOOO 6/13/2012     6/9/2012       Cash Seizure from subjects   For                      Minnesota State Police executed a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling at a high rate of
02218                                traveling from NH to CA      Information              speed on 1-90. Upon contact with the driver and passenger. the officer smelled
                                                                  Only                     marijuana coming from the vehicle. The drive
CCSAOOO 6/13/2012     6/8/2012       TSC Encounter _ _ For                                 On 8 June 2012 at approximately 0335 hours, the TSC was notified of a a travel
02217                                                             Information              encounter. TSC watch list subject                  booked tentative travel

                                                                  Only                     for 10 May 2012,_flight number WN 527, departing LAX Los Angeles at 1040,
CCSAOOO 6/12/2012     6/12/2012      One gallon container         eGuardian     Yes        On 6/12/2012, at 0205 hours, CHP responded to assist Kern County Sheriff's Department
02216                                explosive device             Entry                    regarding two explosive devices in the front yard of a residence in the area

                                                                                                                   Bakersfield, CA. The devices were one gallon containers lef

CCSAOOO 6/12/2012     6/12/2012      Possible soda bomb           Closed                    An emergency response manager fo~ contracted
02215                                _property in SLO                                      _        responded to remove possible soda bomb containers from

                                                                                           property in San Luis ObiSpo, CA. The containers were at Mile post 251.75 on th

CCSAOOO 6/11/2012     6/11/2012      Secret Witnesss Program Tip Closed and                Anonymous tipster contacted the Washoe County Sherifff's Office with information
02214                                Related to Drug Activity    Referred                  related to suspected illegal drug activity taking place at               and other
                                                                                           locations in Sacramento County.
CCSAOOO 6/11/2012     5/17/2012      Suspicious Subject With      For                      Buena Park Police discovered suspicious items during a consensual vehicle search.
02213                                Possible Cartel Ties         Information              Vehicle was parked within the boundaries of park after hours. Officer questioned
                                                                  Only                     subject about the reason he was in the park after hours and was subsequently given
CCSAOOO 6/7/2012      6/6/2012       Anarchist Cookbook found in Pending        Yes         On 6/6/2012, at 1735 hours, officer made a consensual encounter stop o~
02212                                mobile drug lab near Hogan                            _         within the Hogan Dam State Recreation Area. During a probable cause search
                                     Dam                                                   illegal narcotics, the Anarchist Cookbook and multiple objects resembling pipe bombs
                                                                                           were d
CCSAOOO 6/7/2012

                                     TSC Encounter _ _ eGuardian

                                                                                            On 30 May 2012, an employee at the Pleasant Valley State P
                                                                                            contacted the TSC to advise that TSC watch list su
                                                                                                       will be released from the prison on 06/09/20
                                                                                           incarcerated sin

                                            Suspicious Activity Reports ReceIved by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

02210                                                        Entry                   Office, was conducting a missing person investigation and determined that the suspect
                                                                                                                                                  also on the TSC watch lis

CCSAOOO 6/7/2012

CCSAOOO 6/6/2012

                               TSC Encounter _ _ For

                                                                                     On 27 May 2012 at approximately 1222 hours, the Terrorist Screening Center was
                                                                                     notified that TSC watch list subj
                                                                                     tentative travel for 30 May 2012,
                                                                                     arriving in Dal
                                                                                     On 17 May 2012 at approximately 1215 hours, the Terrorist Screen
                                                                                     notified that TSC watch list subject,
                                                             Only                    booked tentative travel for 20 May 201
                                                                                     Sacramento (SMF) at
CCSAOOO 6/6/2012   5/16/2012   TSC Encounter _ _             For                     On 16 May 2012 at approximately 1825 hours, the TSC was notified of a a travel
02207                                                        Information             encounter. TSC watchlist subject                                             ) booked
                                                             Only                    tentative travel for 19 May
                                                                                     Diego at
CCSAOOO 6/5/2012   5/12/2012   Foreign National attempts to For                      Solano County District Attorney's Office received a denied DROS from CA DOJ Dept. of
02206                          buy firearm in Vallejo       Information              Firearms. DROS was denied for misdemeanor domestic violence conviction. Subject was
                                                            Only                     attempting to purchase an unknown type of long gun at a                      store in

CCSAOOO 6/5/2012   6/5/2012    Threatening emails from IP    Closed
02205                          Address in Sunnyvale                                  the                                       hat they have been receiving a possible
                                                                                     phishing email that contains death threats. Several of these emails have been sent wi

CCSAOOO 6/5/2012

CCSAOOO 6/5/2012

                               TSC Encounter _ _

                               Two Unidentified Males
                               Measuring Fence of Wlidlife

                                                                                     On 15 May 2012, the TSC received information that TSC watchlist s u b j e c t , _
                                                                                                          booked the following tentative travel for 17 May 2012: FLT US
                                                                                     180, departing IAH/Houston at 0559, arriving in PHX/Phoenix at 0645 FLY US 263,

                                                                                     On 27 MAY 2012 at approximately 1441 hours, while               was in the area,
                                                                                     ~ickup, silver in color, CA license plate numbe~stopped in a small
                               Area                                                  turnout and the two male occupants wearing the following o u t f i t : _ s h i r t ,

CCSAOOO 6/4/2012   5/30/2012   Low Flying Helicopter Over    Closed                  On May 30, 2012,at approximately 1500 hours, a security guard working at a San
02202                          Water Treatment Facility,                             Francisco Water Chlorinating Plant witnessed a low flying helicopter with an unidentified
                               Subject Taking Pictures                               person inside taking pictures of the water treatment facility located at 9000 W. Verna

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                                      On Thursday, May 31, 2012 at approximately 2320 hours, Correctional Office
02201                           toward law Enforcement in                             _notified Sergeant_of a situation that occurred off duty. Specifically,
                                Tulare County                                         driving into work at approximately 2145 hours Correctional Office~and

CCSAOOO 6/1/2012    6/1/2012    Identified Male Calls CalEMA Closed                                                                                                      UK
02200                           to Alert Them of Terrorist
                                                                                      State Warning Centre and asked
CCSAOOO 6/1/2012    5/31/2012   CDCR Employee Received        For                     Sgt.called this incident into the CCIC main phone line at Sacramento RTAC on May
02199                           Unsolicited Sovereign Citizen Information             31, 2012 at approximately. This incident is being re-submitted using this SAR (reporting)
                                Material via Personal Email   Only                    format via CCIe's Duty Analyst. Sgt.was asked to forward copies of the m
CCSAOOO 5/31/2012   5/25/2012   Possible Human Trafficking    Closed and              Poss Human Trafficking. On 5/25/12, 221Ohrs, Ofcr
02198                           Incident                      Referred                1999        Calie;            Occupants ofthe veh

CCSAOOO 5/30/2012   4/24/2012   IT Related Crimes committed eGuardian       Yes       Rocklin Police Department TlO-C_reports that the Placer County Sheriff's
02197                           by individual having access to Entry                  Office has been working an IT case since April 24, 2012 that involves the possible
                                First Responder information                           compromise of information related to First Responder protocols for 10 California cou
                                for 10 California Counties

CCSAOOO 5/30/2012   5/30/2012   Stowaway discovered after     eGuardian     Yes       A white female adult was observed in a secure area of the Cessna Jetcenter portion of
02196                           arriving at Sacramento        Entry                   the airport. Investigation by the responding Deputies revealed that the woman had
                                International Airport in a                            managed to board the aircraft at the Redding airport and conceal herself under a blank
                                Cessna Citation

CCSAOOO 5/30/2012   5/30/2012   Possible smuggling and sales Closed and               Sacramento County Sheriff's Detective reports the sale of counterfeit merchandise from
02195                           of counterfeit auto parts and Referred                several businesses within San Joaquin County. Detective beleives that several
                                illicit tobacco products                              businesses could be involved with smuggling and sales of illicit tobacco and also traffic

CCSAOOO 5/29/2012
                    5/27/2012   Theft of trailer containing
                                240 gallons of Metam
                                                                            Yes       On 5/27/2012, CHP Office~responded to a stolen vehicle report involving an
                                                                                      enclosed utility trailer loaded with 240 gallons of Metam Sodium, a restricted herbicide
                                                                                      commonly known    as_                The herbicide, which was packaged in 48 five gallo

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 5/29/2012   5/11/2012                        Student eGuardian       Yes
02193                           Found in Possession of       Entry                     School Resource Officer
                                Notebook Containing Radical                            95678) observed the partial quote "the blood of tyrants" on a woodshop project. The
                                Writings                                               off

CCSAOOO 5/29/2012   5/28/2012   VHF Radio Stolen from          eGuardian     Yes       In the afternoon of 5/28/2012, a fire department VHF radio was stolen from a parked
02192                           Fresno Office of Emergency     Entry                   vehicle in front of th~at_Ave. The handheld radio that was
                                Services                                               stolen was a vhf with fire/ems and calcord channel load, causing an individual to

CCSAOOO 5/29/2012   5/25/2012   Domestic Violence Call         For                     On OS/25/2012, Elk Grove Police Department Officers repsponded
02191                           Involving Sovereign Citizen    Information             Way for a domestic violence call. The girlfried was taken into cutody for 273.5 DV -
                                                               Only                    during the interview, the boyfriend claimed to be a sovereign citizen. He was vocal abo

CCSAOOO 5/29/2012   5/25/2012   Sovereign Citizens refute      For                     On 5/25/2012, Elk Grove PO Officers responded to                         in Elk Grove
02190                           eviction notice in Elk Grove   Information             concerning a tresspassing issue. The owner/seller of the residence had sold the home
                                                               Only                    and served the tenants/renters with an eviction notice (served by SSD Civil). The occupa

CCSAOOO 5/29/2012   5/25/2012   Identified suspect found with Pending                  On 5/25/2012, Nevada County Sheriff's Office was dispatched t o _ R d in
02189                           15 explosive devices                                   Placerville concerning an individual breaking into a vehicle. The suspect had fled on foot
                                                                                       prior to arrival, but was located and detained at gunpoint. A backpack was located

CCSAOOO 5/29/2012   5/28/2012   Suspicious Individual on       eGuardian     Yes       On 5/28/2012 at 1051 hours, Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputies assigned to
02188                           _Flight                        Entry                   Sacramento International Airport were dispatched to a suspicious person aboard an
                                                                                       incoming_Flight from San Diego. The individual had been bragging to other
                                                                                       passengers t
CCSAOOO 5/25/2012   5/25/2012   Suspicious conversation        Pending                 On May 25,2012, at approximately 0710 hours, the RP was commuting on the
02187                           overheard by passenger on                              Sacramento Regional Transit commuter train when she overheard two passengers
                                commuter train                                         reading from a book that may have contained references to terrorist information
                                                                                       gathering and strategy.
CCSAOOO 5/25/2012   5/23/2012   CSU Chico Police Department Closed                     CSU Chico Police Department Dispatcher lost her wallet
02186                           Employee Identification Lost                           International Airport. Wallet contained CSU Chico Police Identification Card and CSU
                                                                                       Employee Identification Card.The employee identification card has a magnetic stripe
                                                                                       that can
CCSAOOO 5/25/2012   5/23/2012   Real Estate Fraud Case         eGuardian     Yes       On Dec. 30, 2009, Senior Investigato~ Los Angeles County District
02185                           Referral, Los Angeles Co.      Entry                   Attorney's Office, received a real estate fraud case involving the theft of almost one
                                District Attorney's Office                             million dollars through a double escrow scheme. The primary suspect,_

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

         ate Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian

CCSAOOO 5/24/2012    5/24/2012       Non- LE Vehicle Making         eGuardian   Yes         The RP, who is a private citizen, reported that a male subject, named_ "brags"
02184                                Traffic Stops                  Entry                   about pulling people over with his fake cop car. She reported the license number of the
                                                                                            vehicle ~ She said he lives in apartments on_Boulevard in

CCSAOOO 5/24/2012    5/18/2012       Traffic Stop in Galt           Closed                  On 5/18/2012, at approximately 0100 hours, a Galt police officer initiated a traffic
02183                                                                                       enforcement stop on a 2001_SUV (CA ~ for speeding. The vehicle was
                                                                                            stopped on N/B Hwy. 99 at the Arno Road exit. The driver of the vehicle was

CCSAOOO 5/24/2012    5/23/2012       CDC Inmate Received            Pending                 On May 23, 2 0 1 2 , _ TLO at California State Prison, Sacramento intercepted an
02182                                Package from Iran                                      incoming package mailed to I n m a t _ r o m the country of Iran. The package
                                                                                            contained six books and a letter instructing the recipient must send $30.00 "cash

CCSAOOO 5/24/2012    5/17/2012       Subject on TSC watchlist own eGuardian     Yes         On 5/24/2012, TSA Liaison_reported to the CCIC
02181                                aviation business and has a Entry                      who is on the TSC watch list, flew into Sacramento International Airport, from Houston,
                                     valid pilots license                                   TX on May 17, 2012. The subject may have traveled to Sacramento to visit his girlf

CCSAOOO 5/23/2012    5/20/2012       Suspicious Male Subject in     Pending                 During early 2011 Detective_made a professional visit to the_Center of
02180                                Possession of Flight                                   Chico at_Avenue, Chico (in a full patrol uniform). During the visit, Detective
                                     Simulator Game                                         _found the members to be welcoming and appreciative of the visit with the

CCSAOOO 5/23/2012    5/22/2012       Attempt to Access              eGuardian   Yes         Individual approched TSA screeners and attempted to convince them to allow him
02179                                Sacramento International       Entry                   access to secure boarding area and fly without having a ticket. Individual was denied
                                     Airport Secure Area without                            access. Individual then went to_Airlines ticket counter and attempted to get
                                     Authorization                                          a
CCSAOOO 5/23/2012    5/22/2012       Replica Hand Grenade Found For                         On 5/21/12, Chico police officers responded to the Chico Municipal Airport for a report
02178                                in Luggage at Airport      Information                 of a suspicious circumstance. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requested
                                                                Only                        police assistance for a replica hand grenade they found in a luggage bag.

CCSAOOO 5/22/2012    5/19/2012       Unidentified Caller reported   eGuardian   Yes         Detective_reported that the Chico Police Department received a call on May 19
02177                                having AR-15 and Pipe          Entry                   2012 from an unidentified caller stating that he had broken into              High
                                     Bombs                                                  School and had guns, AR-15, and pipe bombs etc. The caller imitated gunshots and scr

CCSAOOO 5/22/2012    5/20/2012       Suspicious Male in Roadway     eGuardian   Yes         On 5/20/12 approx 1245 hrs, while the RP (Chico Police Dispatcher_ was off-
02176                                at Chico Municipal Airport     Entry                   duty, driving around the Chico Municipal Airport business complex area, she noticed a
                                                                                            vehicle parked to the side of the road with a subject standing nearby. She believe

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                Possession of Radicalization
                                                               Entry                                     was identified as a possible radicalized inmate by the Terrorism Liaison
                                                                                       Officer (TLO) at Folsom State Prison. On May 7, 2012, a routine search o~cel

CCSAOOO 5/21/2012   3/22/2012   Sovereign Citizen Protests     For                     On March 22, 2012,
02174                           Eviction                       Information             ~rom her residence
                                                               Only                    claimed to be a Sovereign Citizen and protested the eviction but vacated without incide

CCSAOOO 5/21/2012   5/19/2012   Suspicious item reported to eGuardian        Yes       On 5/19/2012, an identified caller reported an object resembling a pipe bomb at
02173                           Sacramento County Dispatch Entry                       _ P a r k in North Highlands to Sacramento County Dispatch. The item was found
                                                                                       in a storm drain near the park bathroom and described as a gray pipe, 4-5 inches in
CCSAOOO 5/18/2012   5/15/2012   Individual Attempt to          Closed and              As reported to Reserve Deputy_by an acquaintance. An unknown person parked
02172                           Conceal Truck Identification   Referred                a tractor truck in a field b e h i n d _ , Rio Linda (between U and Elverta Road},
                                                                                       the person unhitched the tractor & moved it to the rear of the trailera dn put

CCSAOOO 5/18/2012   5/17/2012   Driver without Valid COL       For                     On 05-17-2012, at 1915 hours, Officer~ade a traffic on SR-88, east of the San
02171                                                          Information             Joaquin Co. line on a SV for a violation of 22349 (b) evc (exceeding the speed limit on a
                                                               Only                    two lane road). Upon contacting the driver she produced a Kansas DL. The

CCSAOOO 5/18/2012   5/15/2012   Rocket Fuel Recipe on          For                     The RP, Lt. •With the CDCR, found a recipe for "Rocket Fuel" on the "Make
02170                           Magazine Website               Information             Magazine" website. The recipe calls for the use of Potassium Nitrate & Sugar. According
                                                               Only                    to Lt. •, the recipe might work as rocket fuel but there was no description on how

CCSAOOO 5/17/2012   5/16/2012   Unidentified male subject      eGuardian     Yes       On 16 May 2012 at approximately 1740 hours, a CHP Sergeant,                     and
02169                           possibly attempting to take    Entry                   CHP employee were travelling southbound on SR 145 about a mile north of 1-5 near the
                                pictures o~feed                                        _ l o t in Coalinga when they observed a white sedan (CA L i C _ make a
                                lot                                                    u-
CCSAOOO 5/17/2012   5/8/2012    Bomb Threat at Elementary      eGuardian     Yes       On May 8,2012 at approximately 1750 hours, a janitor at th
02167                           School, Written Message        Entry                   Elementary School,                     , Vallejo, CA located threatening writing in the
                                                                                       girls bathroom stall. The writings stated: "Warning, not a joke, May 11 2012 Bomb

CCSAOOO 5/17/2012   5/14/2012   Unidentified Truck with Closed                                                       Security reported to the Kern County Sheriff's Rural Crime
02166                           _Magnetic Signs Affixed                                Unit that a vehicle seen traveling northbound on SR99 south of Ripon at 1904 hours on
                                to Side                                                14 MAY 2012, displayed a magnetic "PG&E" sign. The truck had an Indiana license

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title               Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 5/16/2012     5/11/2012      Identified Subject         eGuardian           Yes        On 5/11/2012, an identified subject was reported to be taking photographs of a bridge
02165                                Photographing BOR property Entry                          crossing the American River Bike trail nea~ At the time of this incident,
                                     near Folsom Dam                                           deputies were responding to a helicopter flying over Post 3, limiting the resources

CCSAOOO 5/16/2012     5/9/2012       False Government ID for          For                      _ a t t e m p t e d purchase restricted US Government/Law Enforcement firearm
02164                                Weapons Purchase                 Information              from_Firearms located in Modesto, CA. The ID card displayed Central Bureau of
                                                                      Only                     Investigation, bore a Department of Defense logo and had_photo on the front
CCSAOOO 5/16/2012     5/5/2012       Suspicious individual at self-   eGuardian     Yes        A private citizen reported an identified subject who requests a change of units often and
02163                                storage facility                 Entry                    asks frequently about security at the storage facility.
CCSAOOO 5/16/2012     5/8/2012       Burglary of Private Vehicle      eGuardian     Yes        Sometime between 1630 hours on May 7, 2012 and 0620 hours on May 8, 2012, an
02162                                Belonging to Kern County         Entry                    unidentified suspect(s) broke into a personal vehicle belonging to Kern County Sheriffs
                                     Sheriffs Deputy                                           Office (KCSO) Deputy                      Deputy_reported that the pepper
                                                                                               spray a
CCSAOOO 5/15/2012     5/8/2012       Multiple gates open at Kern      eGuardian     Yes        On 04/20/2012, during routine maintenance,
02161                                Co. Communications Tower         Entry                    Technician found the outer perimeter gate open and two of the three open locks laying
                                                                                               on the ground. The inner perimeter gate was also open, one of three padlocks missing
CCSAOOO 5/15/2012     5/11/2012      Airport Access Gates - Not       For                      On May 11 and 15,2012, during routine security checks, a Chico Police Sergeant
02160                                Secured                          Information              discovered three unsecured gates at the Chico Municipal Airport. The gates were closed
                                                                      Only                     and unlocked, opened and not able to close, and opened and unlocked. All of these
CCSAOOO 5/14/2012

CCSAOOO 5/14/2012

                                     Suspicious briefcase at

                                     Individual Attempts to Access eGuardian
                                     Sacramento Wastewater
                                                                      Closed and

                                                                                               A _ s t o r e has had two incidents of a briefcase left outside of the front of the
                                                                                               store in the last 7 months. The first incident occured 10/24/2011 where an employee
                                                                                               noticed the briefcase outside the front entrance. The store was evacuated and the b

                                                                                               On April 27, 2012 a male subject arrived at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater
                                                                                               Treatment Plant guard shack located at 8521 Laguna Station Road, Elk Grove, CA 95728
                                     Treatment Plant Under False                               and attempted to access the facility under the false pretense of having an interview at
                                     Pretense                                                  the

CCSAOOO 5/14/2012    5/14/2012       IRS Service Center in Fresno     eGuardian     Yes        On May 14, 2012, An_Service Center located at                                 in
02157                                Receives Envelope                Entry                    Fresno was evacuated of approximately 200+ people after they received a white
                                     Containing White Powder                                   envelope containing unidentified white powdered substance. The envelope was
                                                                                               addressed to the I
CCSAOOO 5/14/2012     5/5/2012       Citizen receives disturbing      Closed                   A citizen emailed the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department regarding a text message
02156                                text message                                              they received of a male holding a handgun to the head of another male.
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 5/14/2012     5/12/2012      Unauthorized Transmission      eGuardian     Yes        On 5/12/2012 at 1411 hours, Chico Police main patrol operations chennel1 began
02155                                on Patrol Channel              Entry                    receiving unauthorized transmissions from an unknown, possibly male subject. The in-
                                                                                             progress transmissions were formatted in a manner consistent with departmental
                                                                                             procedure, w
CCSAOOO 5/11/2012     5/11/2012      Amtrak Reports Multiple        eGuardian                On 5/11/2012, Fresno PD reported an unidentified male caller who claimed he has
02154                                Bomb Threats                   Entry                    placed a C-4 base explosive device onboard an Amtrak train about to arrive at the
                                                                                             Fresno Amtrak Station. The caller claimed he could remotely detonate the device.
CCSAOOO 5/11/2012     5/11/2012      Suspicious Helicopter at       eGuardian     Yes        On 5/11/2012, at 1145 hours a helicopter was reported flying past Post 4 at Folsom
02153                                Folsom Dam - 2nd Incident      Entry                    Dam, landing at the East end of Folsom Lake, then becoming airborne again. The
                                                                                             helicopter then flew towards Folsom Dam at about 100 feet of elevation and continued
                                                                                             on towar
CCSAOOO 5/11/2012     5/9/2012       Suspicious helicopter at       eGuardian     Yes        On 5/9/2012 at 11:35 hours, a Sacramento Co. Sheriff's Deputy observed a low flying
02152                                Folsom Dam                     Entry                    helicopter approaching from the area of Beal's Point State Park, flying southeast
                                                                                             approximately 130-200 feet above the water. The Deputy observed a male passenger in
                                                                                             the h
CCSAOOO 5/10/2012     3/23/2012      Unidentified subject           For                      DoE facility in Folsom has reported incidences of damaged equipment, stolen property
02151                                damaging Department of         Information              and equipment tampering - possibly conducted by a disgruntled employee. The
                                     Energy (DoE) property          Only                     employee is currently AWOL, but matches the characteristics of an unidentified subject
CCSAOOO 5/10/2012     4/30/2012      Sovereign Citizen called the   For                      On 4/30/2012, a female identigying herself a s _ L N U called the US Army
02150                                729th Company, US Army,        Information              Reserves, 729th Transport Company in Fresno, CA. The female was complained at length
                                     Fresno                         Only                     about the lack of border securty and also made a reference to marching on Sacramento
CCSAOOO 5/10/2012     5/10/2012      Posible Explosive Device       Closed                   On May 10, 2012 the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Dispatch Center received
02149                                                                                        a telephone report of a suspicious device located
                                                                                             Sacramento, CA 95841. The c a l l e r , _ stated the device looked like a small
                                                                                             black can
CCSAOOO 5/9/2012      4/12/2012      CDCR Inmate in possession of For                        On April 12, 2012,                       cell was randomly searched where numerous
02148                                Sovereign Citizen material   Information                writings and books related to the Sovereign Citizen movement. When asked by CDCR
                                                                    Only                     staff if he was a Sovereign Citizen, he replied "yes". Also seized were letters the

CCSAOOO 5/8/2012      3/26/2012      Identified subject makes       For                      On 3/26/2012,
02147                                suspicious request for ride-   Information
                                     along with Sacramento PD       Only                     process by providing his name as                     vhen the proper format was Last,

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 5/8/2012      5/3/2012       Receipt of Sovereign Citizen   eGuardian     Yes        On May 3, 2012, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation staff at
02146                                Documents by CDCR Inmate       Entry                    California State Prison Sacramento confiscated inmate incoming mail containing
                                     in Sacramento                                           manuals and documents containing information indicative of the Sovereign Citizen
                                                                                             ideology. The
CCSAOOO 5/8/2012      5/6/2012       Trespassing and Tampering      eGuardian     Yes        On May 6, 2012, at 1622 hours, an unidentified male suspect gained access to the
02145                                at West Sacramento Water       Entry                    restricted intake structure at the Bryte Bend Water Treatment Plant located at 400
                                     Treatment Plant                                         North Harbor Boulevard, West Sacramento, 95605 and turned three knife switches to
                                                                                             the "off"
CCSAOOO 5/7/2012      4/1/2012       CDCR Inmate in contact with eGuardian        Yes        In April 2012, the CIAU became aware of communication between i n m a t e _
02144                                international Islamic entities Entry                                                                 and individuals outside of prison via a cell
                                                                                                                             n cell, which is also occupied b y _

CCSAOOO 5/7/2012      5/7/2012 to         eGuardian     Yes        On 5/7/2012,.delivered 5 packages containing ink cartriges to_Elementary
02143                                Rocklin area elementary        Entry                    School in Rocklin. The packages had been paid for through.with a stolen credit card
                                     school                                                  number. After the packages were delivered, a male subject with an East Indian

CCSAOOO 5/7/2012      5/3/2012       Identified subject presents    Closed and               On 5/3/2012, HSI Bakersfield special agents interviewed an individual identifying himself
02142                                "indigenous government"        Referred                 a
                                     identification                                          member of the Internatl
CCSAOOO 5/7/2012      5/7/2012       Discovery of Vandalized        eGuardian     Yes        On May 7, 2012, at approximately 0822 hours, United States Army Captain"
02141                                Government Vehicle in Fair     Entry                    _arrived to company headquarters located at                              Fair Oaks, CA
                                     Oaks                                                    95628. Upon exiting his privately owned vehicle he noticed that his government vehicle
                                                                                             had bee
CCSAOOO 5/7/2012      5/4/2012       Identified subject discharges eGuardian      Yes        On 5/4/12, identified subject was arrested by Sac PO for negligent discharge of an AK-47.
02140                                AK-47 in Sacramento           Entry                     A search of his home revealed 2 additional AK-47's, ballistic armor, firearm parts,
                                                                                             significant amounts of ammunition and a 15' bunker in the backyard. Subject is

CCSAOOO 5/7/2012      5/5/2012       Threatening phone call by      eGuardian     Yes        Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Dispatch received a call from an employer
02139                                possible                       Entry                    descrbing an incident in which an inquiring customer told the employer that "You are
                                     SacramaniacThreats/Crimes                               going to force my mom to move in, and if you do I will blow up your building." The caller
                                     Against Persons
CCSAOOO 5/4/2012     2/15/2012       Identified male subject taking For                      On 2/15/2012, Galt Police Department officers made contact
02138                                pictures of overpass in Galt   Information              whom was taking photographs of the CSt overpass that is currently under construction.
                                                                    Only                     _ s t a t e d that he owned a photography business and liked taking photographs

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 5/4/2012    4/19/2012
02137                           photographs oftrains in                                  taking pictures of trains on Union Pacific
                                restricted area in Galt                                  was a train enthusiast and had been following a particular train from the Yuba area. The

CCSAOOO 5/3/2012    5/3/2012    Suspicious Note found by       Closed                    An extermination company located several pieces of paper including English and Arabic
02136                           _company                                                 writing, with the words "ammo" and "target." The extermination company turned over
                                                                                         the documents to Mojave CHP.
CCSAOOO 5/3/2012    5/3/2012    Suspicious package at EDD      For                       Sacramento County Sheriff's Office dispatched Fire to EDD building on Goethe Rd.
02135                           building                       Information               concerning a suspicious package. A EDD employee discovered a small piece of
                                                               Only                      electronics in a letter sent to the EDD building. The package was later cleared and
CCSAOOO 5/3/2012    5/2/2012    Identified male subject in     eGuardian      Yes        At 3:55 AM on 5/2/2012, an identified subject was discovered in a restriced area of
02134                           restricted area of Sac         Entry                     Sacramento International Airport. The subject was found in the concourse near gate
                                International Airport                                    A10, an area which had been swept by security officers the previous evening. The

CCSAOOO 5/2/2012    4/25/2012   Discovery of Suspicious        eGuardian      Yes        On April 25, 2012, Kern County Fire Captain_observed suspicious graffiti
02133                           Graffiti on Residence in       Entry                     painted on a residence located at                       Delano, CA 93215. One set of
                                Delano                                                   graffiti written in freehand style, with green spray paint listed the words "Its ove

CCSAOOO 5/2/2012    5/2/2012    Subject attempts to board      Closed                    On 05/01/2012 Sacramento County Sheriff's Department assigned to the Sacramento
02132                           plane with 2 bottles of a                                International Airport responded to a call from baggage screeners with TSA who reported
                                suspicious liquid                                        finding two 1 liter bottles filled with a suspicious substance in a piece of luggage. B

CCSAOOO 4/30/2012   4/29/2012   Individual Reported to be in For                         Mr.                      SSN # _ i n the United States illegally. _ i s
02131                           the U.S. Illegally and Involved Information              fraudulently listing the Elk Grove, CA address of the RP on his California driver's license
                                in Identification and Credit    Only                     (CDL) and using three identified_phone numbers with 916 prefixes in order t
                                Card Fraud
CCSAOOO 4/30/2012   4/30/2012   Anonymous tip of possible      Closed and                The CCIC got a SAR this morning from                         The lead was sent to
02130                           domestic violence in JRIC      Referred                  numerous fusion centers (including the JRIC) and police departments throughout the us.
                                AOR                                                      The website claims to be a private homeland security service not affiliated with any gov

CCSAOOO 4/26/2012   4/22/2012   Non-LE vehicle conducting     eGuardian       Yes        On Sunday, 04/22/12, a newer, red, Ford~hat had a forward facing red/blue
02129                           traffic stop                  Entry                      light and siren pulled over a vehicle near Marshall Road and Golden Gate Drive in West
                                                                                         Sacramento. The (RP) was driving east on Promenade from Southport Parkway when

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 4/26/2012     4/23/2012      Suspicious Photography at     eGuardian     Yes        On April 23, 2012, at approximately 1425 hours, an unidentified subject was observed
02128                                Army Corps of Engineers       Entry                    taking pictures of the Army Corps of Engineers building located a t _
                                     Building in Sacramento                                 Sacramento, CA 95814 with a cellular telephone device. The subject appeared to take
CCSAOOO 4/25/2012     4/25/2012      Unknown male is found        For                       On 04/24/2012 EI Dorado County Sheriff's Deputies made contact with a male subject
02127                                taking pictures of EI Dorado Information               who was walking through the department parking lot taking phots of the patrol cars and
                                     County Sheriff's Department Only                       then walking around a deputy's personal vehicle. When contacted the subject was verb
                                     building and patrol cars

CCSAOOO 4/25/2012     4/23/2012                                    eGuardian     Yes
02126                                                              Entry

CCSAOOO 4/25/2012     3/28/2012      Prank bomb and gun threats eGuardian        Yes        On 03/28/2012, 03/31/2012 ad 04/01/2012 a male subject who identified himself as
02125                                to school via~rom              Entry                   _called the"High school to report that he was out front or on school campus
                                     subjects all over the U.S. and                         armed with guns and/or bombs and was going to start shooting or ignite the explosives
                                     other countries

CCSAOOO 4/24/2012    4/21/2012       Identified subject acts       eGuardian     Yes
02124                                suspiciously during traffic   Entry
                                     encounter in Davis, CA
                                                                                            and for
CCSAOOO 4/24/2012     4/19/2012      Explosive Device Thrown at    eGuardian     Yes         On April 19, 2012, South Lake Tahoe Police Department responded to a report of an
02123                                Marijuana Collective in South Entry                     explosive device at the Patient 2 Patient marijuana collective located
                                     Lake Tahoe                                             _     South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150. At approximately 2200 hours, unknown suspect(s}

CCSAOOO 4/20/2012    4/20/2012       Incarcerated juvenile reports Closed and               On 4/20/2012, Lassen County Public Health TLO_reported to the CCIC that
02122                                of being involved in sex      Referred                 the Lassen County Juvenile Hall reported to her that a incarcerated female juvenile
                                     trafficking                                            reported being the victim of sex trafficking. The juvenile was referred to Northeaste

CCSAOOO 4/19/2012     4/16/2012      Sovereign Citizen in Tulare   eGuardian     Yes        Tulare County Sheriff's Department executed a lock-out order on the property of an
02121                                County                        Entry                    individual with sovereign ideology. The subjects had used UCC rhetoric to hold off
                                                                                            foreclosure, strung cable across the entrance and abandoned several unregistered
CCSAOOO 4/19/2012    4/19/2012       Newly received inmate at       Closed and              On April 19 .2012 a Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) at North Kern State Prison reported
02120                                North Kern State Prison is     Referred                to the CCIC that an inmate housed at the facility was suspected of being a terorriist after
                                     suspected of being a terrorist                         being arrested at the                 Hospital. A visitor at the time, cal
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 4/19/2012     4/12/2012      Two subjects take pictures of Closed                    On 04/12/2012 officers from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department assigned to
02119                                Folsom Dam from restricted                              Folsom Dam observed two elderly subjects taking photos of the dam. Officers initiated
                                     access road                                             contact and the subjects stated that they gave a pasionate fascination with dams and

CCSAOOO 4/19/2012     4/19/2012      Possible CHP supporters of Closed                       Office_was searching the internet for suspicious activity pertaining primarily
02118                                Sovereign Citizen movement                              to Sovereign Citizen activity in Trinity County when he came across the website:
                                                                                                                          website had several instances where an individual claiming af

CCSAOOO 4/19/2012     4/18/2012      Private Citizen reports of      Closed                  Private c i t i z e n , _ reported to the CCIC that some law enforcement officers
02117                                attacks conducted by local                              from the Sacramento Sheriff's Department, Placer County Sheriff's Department, the
                                     law enforcement in                                      California Highway Patrol and the Sacramento Police Department are working in conjunc
                                     Sacramento and Placer
CCSAOOO 4/16/2012     4/16/2012      Suspicious Activity at Elk      For                     The private citizen noticed suspicious behavior at the_gas station and convenient
02116                                Grove_                          Information             store at                        in Elk Grove, CA. The citizen has noticed a pattern of
                                                                     Only                    behavior at this location where individuals hang around the gasoline pumps, no

CCSAOOO 4/16/2012     3/24/2012      Discovery of Improvised         For                     On March 24, 2012, Clovis Police Department EOD responded to an unknown location.
02115                                Explosive Devices in Clovis,    Information             EOD located approximately four devices that were all broken down into pieces. It
                                     CA                              Only                    appeared that two or three of them had functioned but it was difficult for EOD to

CCSAOOO 4/16/2012     4/10/2012      Discovery of lED in South       eGuardian     Yes       On April 10, 2012, at 0708 hours, the South Lake Tahoe Police Department (SLTPD)
02114                                Lake Tahoe                      Entry                   responded to a call of a reported improvised explosive device (lED) in front of the
                                                                                                                           ng Center located                   South Lake Tahoe, CA
CCSAOOO 4/16/2012    4/15/2012       Off Duty CHP officer observes eGuardian       Yes       On 04/15/2012 an off duty CHP officer was driving on the_overcrossing at SR
02113                                male subject taking pictures Entry                      120, when he noticed a male subject on a bike stopped at the overcrossing taking
                                     over t h e _                                            pictures of the surrounding area. The subject had a short black beard and was wearing
                                     overcrossing in Manteca, CA

CCSAOOO 4/13/2012     4/13/2012      Suspicious contact with         Closed and              On 4/13/2012, CHP office~conducted a traffic stop on an identified subject
02112                                subject with gold AK-47         Referred                for dark tinted windows. The subjects vehicle had a gold AK-47 sticker and the words
                                     sticker and Mexico plate in                             "Nayarit, Mexico" on the vehicle. Additionally the subject had a Mexican license
                                     Tracy, CA
CCSAOOO 4/13/2012     4/8/2012       Unidentified subject(s) steal   eGuardian     Yes       On 4/13/2012, CHP ENTAC reported that on 4/8/2012 an unidentified subject(s) broke
02111                                CHP personnel binder            Entry                   into the garage of CHP C a p t _ a n d stole personal items from her personal
                                                                                             and State vehicle. Items stolen include a personnel binder with the home addresses and
                                                                                         15 p
                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                                                                                                                      ntered the
02110                           Roseville Man at Roseville     Entry                   Roseville Fire Station located at                    Roseville, CA 95678 and questioned
                                Fire Station                                           station personnel about radio capabilities and their lack of action in certain a

CCSAOOO 4/11/2012   4/8/2012    Suspicious subject requests    eGuardian    Yes        On 4/8/2012, Sacramento Sheriff's Security Office~encountered a suspicious
02109                           tour of "Power House" at       Entry                   male and his son in a secured area at Folsom Dam. When encountered, the adult male
                                Folsom Dam                                             subject asked for a tour of the "Power House." The subject was advised that the Bureau
CCSAOOO 4/11/2012   4/10/2012   Burglary of Vehicle Assigned   eGuardian    Yes        On April 10, 2012, an unmarked Merced County Sheriffs Office (MCSO) vehicle with no
02108                           to Merced Country Sheriffs     Entry                   visible emergency lights assigned to MCSO Detectiv~was broken into by an
                                Deputy                                                 unidentified suspect(s). The vehicle was parked on the street in front of the detect

CCSAOOO 4/11/2012   1/15/2012   Door Alarm triggered at Kern eGuardian      Yes        On 1/15/12 at 23:20 hours the door alarm of the Kern County Communications repeater
02107                           County Communications        Entry                     tower on Breckenridge Mountain was activated. Technicians responded on 1/16/12 and
                                Tower                                                  discovered the tower door open and the door/lock damaged. An inventory was taken
CCSAOOO 4/11/2012   11/1/2011   Private Citizen reports of     Closed and              Private citizen                    reported to the CCIC on 4/11/2012 of several items
02106                           stolen items.                  Referred                that were stolen from her on 11/1/2011. All of the items were of personal of nature and
                                                                                       none of the items were suspicious/weapons etc.
CCSAOOO 4/11/2012   3/13/2012   Sacramento business ships      eGuardian    Yes        On 3/13/2012, Sacramento company
02105                           gas masks to England;          Entry                   gas masks that were shipped to London, England. Subject                   faxed in an
                                payment falsified                                                                       for the gas masks and provided a credit card that was

CCSAOOO 4/9/2012    4/7/2012    Entry door to Kern County eGuardian         Yes        On April 7, 2012 Kern County Sheriff's Deputies responded to an alarm activation of the
02104                           Communication Tower found Entry                        Kern County Communications Tower located                               in_CA,
                                pried open                                             in Los Angeles County. The building hoses equipment for the operation of Kern County

CCSAOOO 4/9/2012    4/4/2012    Islamic Tattoos on CDCR        eGuardian    Yes        On 4/4/2012, inmate                    was observed with fresh tattoos on multiple
02103                           inmate                         Entry                   areas of his body. The tattoos were of an extremist nature and included tattoos of the
                                                                                       Nation of Islam symbol and Black Power. The subject stated he acquired the tattoos "on
CCSAOOO 4/9/2012    3/22/2012   Truck driver who transports Closed and                 On 03/22/2012 the reporting party contacted the Sacramento Police Department to
02102                           explosives, threatens to blow Referred                 make a report about being threatened by a co-worker. The reporting party and the
                                up residence of co-worker                              suspect work together and transport explosives around the country. The suspect
                                                                                       threatened to

                                                    Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                 Title            Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 4/5/2012      3/20/2012      Possible Insider Threat to    For                      Western Area Power, a Department of Energy (DoE) facility, in Folsom which provides
02101                                Western Area Power Critical   Information              public water to the area has had suspicious activities lately, possibly conducted by a
                                     Infrastructure                Only                     disgruntled employee, who is currently AWOL and has had several work-place violence

CCSAOOO 4/5/2012      1/24/2011      Lost Police                   For                      On January 24, 2011, Officer                    resigned from the DLA Police Department
02100                                Credentials/Badges            Information              in Tracy, CA. After his resignation, he was requested by then Chie~to
                                                                   Only                     return his police equipment including badges and credentials. _ s a i d he maile

CCSAOOO 4/5/2012      1/16/2012      Lost/Stolen Police            For                      Officer reported for duty at 2045 hours, 1/16/2012 and discovered a DLA Police Officer
02099                                Badge/Credential              Information              shield _ a n d a picture credential                                   were missing
                                                                   Only                     from his unsecured locker. The locker was located in the police department locke

CCSAOOO 4/5/2012      3/11/2011      Sovereign Citizen paperwork eGuardian       Yes        On 3/11/2011, a deputy (Bailiff) encountered a WMA, identified a s _
02098                                presented at Sacramento Co. Entry                      attempting to deliver a private letter to a Commissioner. He stated that he is acting as a
                                     Family Court                                           runner for a corporation n a m e d _ He stated that the corporation had a case

CCSAOOO 4/5/2012      3/31/2012      Identified Suspicious male at eGuardian     Yes        On 3/31/2013, reporting p a r t y _ w a s at a restaurant in Chico having lunch
02097                                restaurant and political rally Entry                   while chatting the with owner who is an acquaintance of the rip. A white male adult
                                     in Chico                                               (WMA), 6'4" walks into the establishment and is immediately ushered out by the rest

CCSAOOO 4/5/2012     4/4/2012        Suspicious gatherings at      Closed                   Indivudual(s) of what appear to be Muslim Faith or Middle Eastern descent purchased a
02096                                private residence in Elk                               home on the same street as the reporting party approximately 1 year ago. The house did
                                     Grove                                                  not appear to be occupied for approximately 9 months, but during this time the hou

CCSAOOO 4/4/2012     4/1/2012        Break-in and Possible Theft   eGuardian     Yes        On April 1, 2012 an employee of the City of Sacramento Water Treatment Plant located
02095                                at Sacramento Water           Entry                    at 1 Water Street, Sacramento CA 95811 discovered that five ten foot sections of barbed
                                     Treatment Plant                                        wire on top of the fence were down on the_side of the facility. It appears

CCSAOOO 4/4/2012     3/23/2012       Trespassing and Break in at   eGuardian     Yes        On March 23, 2012, an employee of the City of Sacramento Water Treatment Plant
02094                                Sacramento Water              Entry                    located at 101 Bercut Drive, Sacramento, CA 95811 discovered a broken lock on a large
                                     Treatment Plant                                        grey metal portable storage unit at the site. It is unknown when the break in occurred.

CCSAOOO 4/4/2012     3/31/2012       Subjects with gold colored AK- Closed and              On 3/31/3012, Vallejo Police Department officers responded to a disturbance call in
02093                                47 in Vallejo                  Referred                which they made contact with several identified subjects in a vehicle When making
                                                                                            contact, the vehicle began pulling away while male subject                iumped out

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 4/3/2012                                                                      On 4/1/2012, California Army National Guard (CANG) Recruiter
02092                           Guardsman receives death                              an email to his official email address in which an unidentified subject states that
                                threat                                                someone has hired him to kill_and that he doesn't want to do it and the subject wa

CCSAOOO 4/3/2012    3/30/2012   Private citizen reports of    Closed                  Private citizen                                reported to the California Highway Patrol
02091                           being targeted by the federal                         Academy via letter that she was being targeted by the federal government with sound
                                government                                            effects, signals and vibrations after paying off her home 3 1/2 years ago.

CCSAOOO 4/2/2012    3/31/2012   Armed subjects                eGuardian    Yes        Mall security detained two subjects at t h e _ M a l l in Bakersfield for
02090                           impersonating DOD / LE        Entry                   impersonating DOD / LE personnel. Subject 1 was in uniform, while Subject 2 had white
                                personnel                                             shoulder patches on civilian type clothing. The two subjects identified themselves as

CCSAOOO 4/2/2012    4/2/2012    Suspicious reference to       eGuardian    Yes        CHP Officer initiated contact with a vehicle on the shoulder of Southbound HWY 99 near
02089                           Capitol during traffic stop   Entry                   Fruitridge Rd. The suspect stated that he was out of gas, then began to speak about the
                                                                                      Capitol building and his need to go there "right now" and "take care of

CCSAOOO 3/30/2012   2/9/2012    Possible Sovereign Citizen     eGuardian   Yes        On 2/9/2012, a California Highway Patrol officer issued a speeding citation to~
02088                           places liens on CHP's officers Entry                  _During the encounter,~claimed to be a "Private Attorney GeneraL" On
                                                                                      3/27/2012_came into the Placerville Area CHP Office and stated to officers tha

CCSAOOO 3/28/2012   3/25/2012   Suspicous subject acts        eGuardian    Yes        On 3/25/2012, an unidentified male subject attended a church service alone and was
02087                           strange at a church           Entry                   acting suspiciously. During the service, the subject was texting or some other activity on
                                                                                      a smart phone. Mid-way through the service when the sermon began, the subject got

CCSAOOO 3/28/2012   3/28/2012   Two tresspassers have to be   Closed                  On 03/27/2012 Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento Fire Department, and the
02086                           rescued from the water                                Drowning Accident Rescue Team (DART) responded to the E.A.Fairbairn Water
                                treatment plant                                       Treatment Plant for two individuals who had tresspassed on to the property and needed
                                                                                      to be rescued.
CCSAOOO 3/28/2012   3/28/2012   Telephonic death threats to eGuardian      Yes        On 03/21/2012 the CCIC received a TLO inquiry from Paradise Police Department
02085                           a n _ i n Paradise, Entry                             requesting information and possible assistance with a
                                CA                                                    receiving death threats ifthey don't close. The reporting party is requesting resources a

CCSAOOO 3/27/2012   3/21/2012   Encounter of Suspicious       eGuardian    Yes        On March 21, 2012, the Sacramento Sheriff's Department, Folsom Dam Security Bureau
02084                           Individual at Nimbus Dam      Entry                   responded to a report of a man wearing a mask and wig filming at Nimbus Dam. The
                                                                                      responding deputy interviewed an identified witness who observed the subject standing
                                                                                      in t

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 3/27/2012
02083                            Chico Man                    Information              internet blog norcalblogs. The subject th
                                                              Only                     to another blogger. The subject, identified

CCSAOOO 3/27/2012   3/24/2012    Burglary at Residence of Kern eGuardian    Yes        On March 24, 2012, between approximately 1630 and 1700 hours, the residence of a
02082                            County Sheriffs Deputy        Entry                   Kern County Sheriff's Deputy was burglarized. The unidentified suspect(s) stole the
                                                                                       deputy's badge along with his agency issued Glock, Model 22, 40 cal semi-automatic
CCSAOOO 3/27/2012   3/1/2012     Sacramento Jewish Day        Closed                   In March, 2012, the Shalom School, a Jewish day school located in Sacramento received
02081                            School Receives Suspicious                            a suSPicious~riend request from an account under the display name~
                                 Facebook Friend Request                                          The           page for_indicates that she is in a relationship with

CCSAOOO 3/27/2012   11/29/2011   Stolen Items from CDCR       eGuardian     Yes        On 11/29/2011, Parole Agent_discovered the burglary of his state vehicle.
02080                            Vehicle                      Entry                    The following state issued equipment was stolen: Gas Card, Bullet Proof Vest, Baton,
                                                                                       Parole Raid Vest, Parole Jacket, First Aid Kit, Jumper cables & Roadside Kit,

CCSAOOO 3/26/2012   3/17/2012    Suspicious Photography at    Closed                   On 17 March 2012, unidentified activists were taking pictures
02079                                                                                  _ i n Vallejo.
                                 in Vallejo
CCSAOOO 3/26/2012   3/26/2012    _narrative about             For                      _ s e n d s regular email blasts to numerous organizations. Her email starts off
02078                            the       incident           Information              about the            incident and includes anti-government and anti-law
                                                              Only                     enforcement ranting along with webite links.
CCSAOOO 3/26/2012   3/24/2012    Suspicious questionning    eGuardian       Yes        On 3/24/2012, subject approached CalFire employee Hotchkiss at Station_
02077                            about communication towers Entry                      _          Lincoln, CAl which is located on the                  property. The
                                                                                       subject identified himself as a HAM radio operator and member of the Lincoln are HAM
CCSAOOO 3/23/2012   3/8/2012     Suspicious emails received by Closed and              On 3/8/2012, several CalEMA employees received an email
02076                            CalEMA employees in           Referred
                                 Sacramento                                            entitled "Homeland Security Assessment of California.
                                                                                       of the
CCSAOOO 3/23/2012   3/22/2012    Non Specific Threats to Staff eGuardian    Yes        On March 22, 2012, th                                            in Chico and
02075                                              in Redding Entry                    Redding received a threatening voice recorded message from an unidentified male caller
                                 and Chico                                             on the_public telephone line. The caller stated that t h e _ d o c t o r

CCSAOOO 3/23/2012   3/23/2012    Suspicious contact during    For                       On 3/23/2012 during a family disturbance call, Roseville Police Department Officer~
02074                            family disturbance in        Information              _       encountered a suspicious married couple. Subject_stated that his
                                 Roseville                    Only                     wif                 and her family were Taliban sympathizers.
                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 3/23/2012   2/1/2012    Suspicious briefcase found at Closed                    On 3/23/2012, Community Liasion Offi
02073                           self storage business in                                                Program called into the CCIC to report that a brief case was found at

CCSAOOO 3/23/2012   3/23/2012   Suspicious contact with        eGuardian     Yes        On 3/23/2012, CHP officers conducted a traffic stop on                   for weaving and
02072                           Kuwaiti national               Entry                    driving at an excessive speed. During the encounter, the CHP officer noticed that
                                                                                        _ h a d two large empty suite cases which_had no reasonable
                                                                                        explanation for
CCSAOOO 3/23/2012   3/22/2012   Identified Male attempts to    Closed and               On 3/22/2012, subject                  attempted to board a flight out of Sacramento
02071                           board flight with concealed    Referred                 International Airport with a loaded concealed weapon on his person. Additionally,
                                loaded weapon                                           _ h a d a weapon in his luggage and in his vehicle which was parked in the parking
CCSAOOO 3/22/2012   3/21/2012   Stolen Airplane in Madera      eGuardian     Yes        Chowchilla arrested a male on 3/21/2012 for stealing an a i r p l a n e . _
02070                           Co.                            Entry                    _ n e a r l y clipped the radio tower outside of the police department while flying
                                                                                        the stolen aircraft. The Chief of Police responded to the airport w h e r e _
CCSAOOO 3/22/2012   3/19/2012   Theft of Ammunition from       For                      On March 19, 2012, a Cal DOJ storage unit at the storage facility on Airport Road was
02069                           Cal DOJ Storage Unit in        Information              burglarized. It appears that the suspect knew the access codes for the storage facility
                                Redding                        Only                     and the storage unit. Several thousand rounds of ammunition were stolen along

CCSAOOO 3/22/2012   3/20/2012   Female subject threatens to    eGuardian     Yes        On 3/20/2012, subject                          called the Visalia Superior Courthouse

02068                           blow up Visalia Superior       Entry                    regarding her court fines. During the conversation,_stated that she would pray for
                                Courthouse                                              another 9/11 each time she paid her fine and she threatened to blow up the courthou

CCSAOOO 3/21/2012   3/17/2012   2 males inquiring about cell   Closed and               On 3/17/20122 subjects inquried about buing five cellular telephones from
02067                           phones at_store                Referred                 Store. The males stated that the phones needed to have naviagation capabilities. This
                                                                                        information was given to the SAC RTAC/CCIC as incomplete information. IA~i1

CCSAOOO 3/21/2012   3/14/2012   License Plate stolen from      Closed                   On 3/14/2012 while conducting a inspection of a US Army recruiting station's vehicle,
02066                           Government vehicle in                                   Sergeant First Class (SFCJ_noticed that a license plate had been stolen from the
                                Manteca                                                 front of one of his vehicles. No other visible damage other than the missing plat

CCSAOOO 3/21/2012   5/20/2012   Night to Honor Israel          Closed                   On May 20, 2012 a group called Christians United for Israel will hold an event called
02065                                                                                   Night to Honor Israel. Expected attendance is approximately 2,000 participants. The
                                                                                        event will be held at the                 located at"Hilisdale Blvd., in S

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title                Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 3/21/2012     3/20/2012      Suspicious subjects staying at eGuardian        Yes        On 03/20/2012 Sacramento Police Department officers were called by a motel employee
02064                                a motel, ask where the          Entry                      regarding two middle eastern males staying in a hotel. One of the subjects asked the
                                     largest mall is in the area and                            employee where a large mall was, the employee told them of the downtown mall, but
                                     attempt to leave when police                               the
CCSAOOO 3/21/2012     3/17/2012      Unknown individual seen      eGuardian          Yes        On 3/17/2012 at 2203 hours a~E-mining/EOD training manual was found
02063                                standing around EOD training Entry                         at the Terminal A baggage claim area. Deputies reviewed security footage which
                                     manual that was left at the                                showed a white male adult approximately 5'9", medium build, with dark brown hair cute
                                     Terminal A baggage claim                                   in acre
CCSAOOO 3/20/2012     12/17/2011     Chico Resident Overheard         eGuardian      Yes        Since December 17,2011, the Chico Police Department (CPD) has responded to the
02062                                Making Derogatory and            Entry                     apartment complex located at                     Chico, CA on three different occasions in
                                     Threatening Statements                                     response to receiving reports of a resident yelling in his apartment and making derogat
                                     toward United States and
CCSAOOO 3/20/2012    3/19/2012       CHP Officer's UC vehicle         eGuardian      Yes        On 3/19/2012, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Investigato~under cover
02061                                burglarized in Sacramento        Entry                     vehicle was broken into while parked in_riveway in Sacramento. Among the
                                                                                                items that were stolen include: a Departmental Shotgun, a loaded .22 Derringer pistol

CCSAOOO 3/15/2012    3/15/2012                            activites in For                      TLO-C_has submitted two previous leads o n _ a t _ On 3/15/2012,
02060                                Tulare County                     Information              _provided an additional website article that details the activities of t h e _ As
                                                                      Only                      an officer safety precaution he is requesting that a Situational Intelligence Repo

CCSAOOO 3/15/2012    3/12/2012       Suspicious Commercial Fire       Closed                    At 1900hrs on 3/12/2012, an off-duty Folsom Fire Department Fire Marshal noticed a
02059                                Protection vehicle                                         vehicle parked in a Folsom Shopping Center in front of a_store. The vehicle
                                                                                                resembled a Cal Fire vehicle, but was actually marked as belonging to Commercial Fire Pr

CCSAOOO 3/15/2012    3/15/2012       Scam e-mail sent through        Closed and                 A private citizen received an e-mail that appears to be an online scam encouraging
02058                                career builder sites            Referred                   individuals to accept "employment" with a fake corporation. The "employee" would the
                                                                                                be responsible for depositing personal checks for the business. The "employee" is grant

CCSAOOO 3/14/2012    3/6/2012        Israeli art students attempt eGuardian          Yes        On or near 3/06/2012 a male subject knocked on the door of the police officers
02057                                to sell art at a police officers' Entry                    residence. The officer's 19 year old son was home alone and observed an individual
                                     residence                                                  through the front door peephole. The subject was wearing a skull cap, similar to the

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 3/14/2012     3/12/2012      Two subjects drive on a        For                      On 03/12/2012 Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies observed two subjects parked in a
02056                                restricted dirt road to access Information              black-=alifornia license_on the shoreline of Folsom Lake. The subjects
                                     the shoreline at Folsom Dam Only                        had driven on a dirt road near the south/east vehicle barrier gate and around large

CCSAOOO 3/14/2012     3/13/2012      Passenger carries_        Closed                        On 03/13/2012 the Transportation Security Administration reported to the CCIC that a
02055                                pump sump in baggage, may                               passenger had included an industrial sump pump with markings from_in their
                                     be stolen property                                      baggage; they were traveling out of the country. Another TSA official had recently re

CCSAOOO 3/13/2012     3/13/2012      Female being evicted from a Closed and                  On 3/12/2012 Elk Grove Police officers responded to a call for a report regarding a
02054                                home uses Sovereign             Referred                female who was refusing to leave a residence. The female was served with eviction
                                     rhetoric in an attempt to stall                         papers, who then filed a voluntary dismissal and revocation of bond and signed her
                                     the eviction process.
CCSAOOO 3/13/2012     3/13/2012      Possible Sovereign Citizen in   Closed and
02053                                Lotus, CA Eldorado County       Referred

CCSAOOO 3/13/2012     3/7/2012       Unidentified subject(s) break eGuardian      Yes        On 7 March 2012, California Department of Fish and Game w a r d e n _
02052                                into home possibly searching Entry                      departed his residence located in Stockton for work. warden~as contacted by
                                     for weapons in Stockton                                 his alarm company and was notified that his residential alarm had been activated.
                                                                                             Warden Lomeli
CCSAOOO 3/13/2012     3/13/2012      Sovereign Citizen Intelligence Closed and               On 03/13/2012 CHP sent the SAC RTAC/CCIC a complilation of intelligence gathered on
02051                                                               Referred                 the growing Sovereign Citizen movement in California. The officer included information
                                                                                             from training video archives such as                   channel, and 5 California c

CCSAOOO 3/12/2012     12/1/2011      Theft of over 6000 Gallons of eGuardian      Yes        On March 9, 2012, a private citizen reported that over 6000 gallons of diesel fuel has
02050                                Diesel Fuel from a.Gas        Entry                     been stolen from the North Redding.GaS Station since December 2011. The thefts
                                     Station in Redding                                      occurred "multiple" times in December, once in January and twice in February. The su

CCSAOOO 3/12/2012     3/5/2012       Individual Arrested at State    eGuardian    Yes        On March 5,2012,                        D O B _ was arrested at the State
02049                                Capital Rally and Found in      Entry                   Capital, March for Education rally and charged with 148(A) (1) PC - Obstructing a Peace
                                     Possession of Eco-Terrorism                             Officer and a local ordinance violation. _ w a s found to be in possession of a no
                                     and Anarchy Material

CCSAOOO 3/8/2012      3/8/2012       Suspicious e-mail indicating    Closed                  An e-mail was received at stating that a particular LEO was using illegal
02048                                potential stalking of LEO                               drugs, leaking department information and promoting the mob. A second e-mail was
                                                                                             received indicating that the originator of this e-mail was following the LEO and

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the     eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 3/8/2012      2/28/2012      USFS burn pile contained       eGuardian     Yes        USFS firefighters conducting controlled burns on small piles along USFS Rd. 16 in the
02047                                propane cylinder               Entry                    Tahoe National Forest just outside of Foresthill, discovered a lib. propane cylinder
                                                                                             hidden in one of the brush piles when the pile exploded upon being lit. It is unknow

CCSAOOO 3/8/2012      3/8/2012       Letter sent to Sacramento      Closed                   On 3/7/2012, the Sacramento Main Jail received a letter concerning in
02046                                Main Jail concerning INS                                _that did not have a signature or return address. The letter
                                     fraud                                                   of bribing the INS in Fiji to allow~o come back to the u.S. The letter also

CCSAOOO 3/7/2012      3/7/2012       Bullets found in the process   For                      On 03/07/2012 two bullet casings were found in the process area. One bullet was found
02045                                area of the Sacramento         Information              north east of the railyard on_way. The bullet looks similar to the bullet that
                                                                    Only                     was found in January. The second bullet was located north of the battery one d

CCSAOOO 3/7/2012      3/6/2012       Israeli art student            Closed and               On 03/06/2012 an officer with the Dixon Police Department encountered an individual
02044                                encountered in Dixon           Referred                 _ w h o was going door to door trying to promote himself and his artwork.
                                                                                             The subject stated he works with other artists on tour to promote his artwork, and pro

CCSAOOO 3/7/2012      3/7/2012       Radicalized individual in      eGuardian     Yes         On 03/07/2012 this information was submitted to the Sacramento RTAC/CCIC at the
02043                                custody at Kern Valley State   Entry                     request of the FBI who may be interested in opening a case on subject_
                                     Prison                                                  _           Reporting party requests the information be forwarded to the the Bakersfield
                                                                                              FBI Fiel
CCSAOOO 3/6/2012      3/2/2012       Security Access Card Theft in Closed and                Portland resident_(contact numbe~ stated that sometime
02042                                Portland, OR                  Referred                  during the week of 2/27/2012, his old roommates stole some items from his reSidence,
                                                                                             among the items was a TWIC Port of Portland security access card. He reported the
CCSAOOO 3/5/2012      2/13/2012      Suspicious Photography of      eGuardian     Yes        On 13 February 2 0 1 2 , _ a n d Private--"ere departing the Armed Forces
02041                                Armed Forces Career Center     Entry                    Career Center (AFCC), located on_Street, San Francisco, CA. As they were
                                     in San Francisco                                        leaving, they noticed an individual roaming around his vehicle (4 Doo

CCSAOOO 3/2/2012      2/29/2012      Sovereign Citizen contact in   Closed and               On 2/29/2012; EI Dorado County Sheriff's deputies conducted a traffic stop on a
02039                                EI Dorado County               Referred                 potential sovereign citizen's vehicle due to the suspicious license plates that the vehicle
                                                                                             was displaying. During the encounter, the subject was not combative but he did stat

CCSAOOO 3/1/2012     2/27/2012       private citizen reports        For                      On 03/01/2012 CHP Officer reported a private citizen complaint he received: The
02038                                suspicious vehicles from out   Information              private citizen reported begining 02/27/2012, she noticed t w o _ l o r similar
                                     of the area parked at          Only                     vehicles) with Oregon license plates parked a t _ S t r e e t in Sacramento.
                                     residential location

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title            Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 3/1/2012      1/30/2012      vandalism of forestry         For                      On 03/01/2012 the CCIC recieved information from Placer County Sheriff's Department
02037                                equipment used for tree       Information              that on 01/30/2012 vandalism was done to forestry equipment that is used for tree
0                                    removal                       Only                     removal. A fire extinguisher was sprayed inside the cab and a CB radio taken, another ve

CCSAOOO 2/29/2012     2/18/2012      Male files complaint against Closed and                On 02/18/2012 a CHP officer stopped a vehicle for speeding. The driver was cited for
02036                                CHP officer using "sovereign" Referred                 having no insurance and no license plate displayed. Shortly after the stop the driver
                                     rhetoric                                               filed a citizens complaint in which the driver used phrases and nomenclature assoc

CCSAOOO 2/29/2012     2/29/2012      Two men barge their way       For                      On 2/13/2012 two men visited a_consultant business and a _
02035                                into private business take    Information              business in the Roseville CA area. The two men were somewhat aggressive after they
                                     pictures, become aggressive   Only                     were confronted taking pictures in restricted parts of the office. The men walked thru
                                     when confronted                                        the

CCSAOOO 2/29/2012     3/16/2012      Planned Protest a t _ Closed                           An organized protest is being planned at the           offices in Davis CA.
02034                                _ i n Davis, CA                                        _ i s a Corporation that specializes in crOD genetics. The info was taken off of

CCSAOOO 2/29/2012     2/11/2012      Threatening phone call made For                        On 11 February 2012, e m p l o y e e _ hunting guide
02033                                to                          Information                received a phone calion his publically listed work number
                                     Guide                       Only                       left a voicemail message that was approximately 27 seconds long. In the message, the

                                                                                            _ 0_
CCSAOOO 2/29/2012     2/11/2012      Threatening phone call made For                        On 11 February 2012 at approximately 0816, a subject who identified himself as
02032                                to Vice President a t "     Information                _ c a l l e d and left a threatening voicemail message on the business number,"
                                     _Company                    Only                                                Vice President of Operations fo~company. The
CCSAOOO 2/29/2012     2/28/2012      Suspicious males in a muddy Closed and                 The following encounter occurred while an off duty officer from the California Highway
02031                                truck                       Referred                   patrol was en-route to work. On February 28, 2012, at approximately 1640 hours, the
                                                                                            off duty officer was stopped at the intersection of Truxel Road and Gateway

CCSAOOO 2/29/2012    2/28/2012       TSC Hit on                    eGuardian     Yes        On 2/28/2012, while en route to the Sacramento main jail, Sacramento County Sheriff's
02030                                                              Entry                    gang detectives conducted a traffic stop on a vehcile for speeding. The driver,_
                                                                                            ~rovided a CA driver's license_and an Oregon driver's license

CCSAOOO 2/28/2012    2/27/2012       Suspicious male               eGuardian     Yes        On 2/27/2012, Elk Grove PO officers responded to a call in which a male subject was on
02029                                disassembling railroad tracks Entry                    the railroad tracks appearing to be taking the railroad tracks apart. The address that the
                                     in Elk Grove                                           officers responded to is the address for                      Elk Grove PO made

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title             Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 2/28/2012     2/27/2012      Suspicious reflective "dot"   Closed                  On 2/24/2012 Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt_reported of a reflective dot
02028                                placed on rural mailbox in                            placed on his rural mailbox. On 2/27/2012, Sgt_reported of another reflective dot
                                     Sacramento County                                     being placed on his mailbox.
CCSAOOO 2/28/2012     2/27/2012      Phone call concerning threat For                      A phone call was received on 2/27/2012 from a c i v i l i a n _ She was reporting
02027                                at military installation     Information              information she obtained from her friend who is in the military. This friend told her that
                                                                  Only                     an op sec officer at the base "went nuts" and threatened to kill and injure t

CCSAOOO 2/28/2012     2/22/2012      Identified subjects attempt   eGuardian    Yes        On 2/22/2012, at 1325 hours three DLA officers assigned to the Truck Gate at the Tracy
02026                                entry to DLA using false      Entry                   Defense Depot witnessed a white bobtail commercial truck with the wo
                                     identification                                        written on the sides approach the gate. The driver provided a CA D

CCSAOOO 2/28/2012     2/24/2012      Reflective disc found on      Closed                  Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy_discovered a round reflective disc on his
02025                                mailbox                                               rural mailbox when he returned home in the evening. He requested information on if
                                                                                           there was any group or tactic that included attaching these discs as a means of

CCSAOOO 2/24/2012     2/24/2012                                    Closed and
02024                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 2/23/2012     2/23/2012      Sheriff of Siskiyou County    Closed and              On 02/23/2012 CCIC received a request from Siskiyou County Sheirff's Department to
02023                                receives letter from          Referred                check if an identified subject had "sovereign citizen affiliation". Further contact with RP
                                     concerned citizen reporting                           revealed that the Sheriff had received a letter from a concerned citizen
                                     identified subject
                                     "preaching" sovereign


CCSAOOO 2/23/2012     2/19/2012      California Highway Patroll.D eGuardian     Yes        On 02/23/2012 CHP contacted the CCIC to advise of the following information: On
02022                                and building access card     Entry                    02/19/2012 a CHP Goldent Gate Division employee,_had her private vehicle
                                     stolen from CHP employee                              broken into when it was parked at a health club in Vallejo located
                                     private vehicle
CCSAOOO 2/23/2012     2/7/2012       suspicious behavior of        eGuardian    Yes        On 02/23/3012 the CCIC was advised of the following information: An identified subject
02021                                subject attempting to rent an Entry                   has been persistently/constantly contacting property managers of a building located at
                                     apartment with a direct view                          11th and N Streets downtown Sacramento. The subject is requesting to rent
                                     of the State Capitol building

CCSAOOO 2/23/2012     2/23/2012      report of planned White       Closed                  On 02/23/2012 Sacramento County Sheriff's Department sent a lead in via the RTAC
02020                                Supremacist activity at State                         website to advise the RTAC of White Supremacy activity scheduled at the State Capitol
                                     Capitol on February 27 2012                           on February 27,2012.

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 2/22/2012     2/20/2012      US Forest Service Rangers      Closed and               On 02/20/2012 the U.S. Forest Park park rangers encountered a blue Mazda Protege
02019                                encounter vehicle              Referred                 with a large swastika on the hood parked near a day use picniC area at the Red Bluff
                                     w/Swastikas;occupant                                    Recreation area. Officers approached the vehicle and observed swastikas on the trunk,
                                     quotes various laws and                                 d
                                     codes to officers
CCSAOOO 2/22/2012     2/9/2012       Suspicious Contact with        Closed and               On February 9, 2012 at approximately 1800 hours, two individuals, both with Israeli
02018                                Individuals Claiming to be     Referred                 accents who also identified themselves as being such went to the home of Sacramento
                                     Israeli Art Students by LEO in                          County Department of Human Assistance Investigato~in Woodland, CA.
                                     Woodland                                                The
CCSAOOO 2/22/2012     2/18/2012      Suspicious photography of      eGuardian     Yes        On 2/18/2012, at approximately 0930 hours, a Consumnes Fire Department firefighter
02017                                Cosumnes Fire Station          Entry                    observed a silver, 4-door sedan, drive slowly past the station, make a u-turn and park
                                                                                             directly across from the facility. The driver, described as a thinly built Asian male

CCSAOOO 2/22/2012     2/17/2012      Student looks up how to        eGuardian     Yes        On 2/17/2012 a transfer student who is originally from Jordan was found to be using
02016                                make bombs in _                Entry                    class time to peruse inappropriate material on the internet during class hours. Technical
                                     Magazine on internet at                                 support staff for the school found that this student had accessed~agazi
CCSAOOO 2/22/2012     2/21/2012      Suspicious photography at      eGuardian     Yes        On 2/21/2012, at approximately 1119 hours,.Police Officers were dispatched to
02015                                Defense Logistics Agency       Entry                    Warehouse 56 Section 2 Door 8. At the scene, officers were informed t h a t _
                                                                                             a trucker making a delivery, was seen taking pictures with his camera phone. Any

CCSAOOO 2/21/2012     2/18/2012      Tresspasser at Fairfield~ eGuardian          Yes        On 2/18/2012, Fairfield Police Department responded to a security breach at the
02014                                substation                Entry                         Fairfield~substation.                         a remote surveillance company,
                                                                                             received a remote activation from a motion sensor inside the substation. The security
                                                                                             guard activa
CCSAOOO 2/20/2012     2/9/2012       Outrequest_                    Closed and
02013                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 2/17/2012     2/17/2012      Private Citizen reports of     Closed and               On 2/17/2012, private c i t i z e n _ owner o~Arms in Redding, CA
02012                                Militia meetings at possible   Referred                 called into the CCIC reporting of meetings for the Northern California Militia Members at
                                     gun store in Redding                                    a military surplus store adjacent to his stores location. The military surplus sto

CCSAOOO 2/16/2012     2/14/2012      Suspicious subject with        For                      On 2/14/2012, CHP Officer.ondcuted a traffic stop on a subject for not having
02011                                possible gang ties             Information              license plates. Registration check showed that the vehicle had an expired registration
                                                                    Only                     and fees had not been paid since April 2011 along with showing a release of liability

                                             Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                    2/8/2012    Individual Found in
                                Possession of Multiple        Entry                    College (Main Campus). He was found to be in possession of bullet proof vests,

                                                                                       homemade silencers, blowgun, assault rifle, pistol, extra magazines, knives, baton,

CCSAOOO 2/16/2012

CCSAOOO 2/15/2012


                                -                             -
                                "Swatting" incident in Dixon, For

                                                                                       At 0401 hours on 02/15/12, an~operator contacted the Solano County Sheriffs
02008                           CA                            Information              Office dispatch center and reported they had received a message through their TTY (Text
                                                              Only                     Telephone) hearing impaired device that a person at a residence in Dixon was a victim

CCSAOOO 2/15/2012   2/14/2012   TSC Encounter o~              eGuardian     Yes        On February 15, 2012, at approximately 1645, the CCIC was notified via phone by the
02007                                                         Entry                    Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) of the following encounte~o~ a
                                                                                       known or suspected terrorist and match to a TSC record: On February 14, 2012,

CCSAOOO 2/15/2012   2/15/2012   OUTREQ.                       Closed and
02006                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 2/14/2012   2/8/2012    OUTREQ.                       Closed and
02005                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 2/13/2012   2/9/2012    Suspicious photography of     Closed                   This entry is a duplicate report of the same incident from two different RPs. Please see
02004                           fuel storage tanks                                     CCSA00002003 for complete details on the event.
CCSAOOO 2/13/2012   2/9/2012    Suspicious photography of     Closed                   On 2/92012 at 2242, Sacramento Police officers observed a vehicle parked near the
02003                           fuel facility                                          roadway north of Broadway near Broadway / Marina View Dr. The vehicle had no lights
                                                                                       on and was near the railroad tracks and an Oil/fuel storage facility approximately 15yar

CCSAOOO 2/13/2012   2/12/2012   Anti-government graffiti on   eGuardian     Yes        On 12 February 2012 at 0800, a UC Davis PO officer took a vandalism report at Emerson
02002                           dorm bathroom floor at UC     Entry                    Hall Dorm, 1st floor men's restroom of anti-government graffiti written in black marker
                                Davis                                                  on the wall signed by the moniker name o_ _ with a circle around the "E."

CCSAOOO 2/13/2012   2/11/2012   Suspicious text reply possibly eGuardian    Yes        On February 11, 2012 at 1315, Staunton IL PO p a t r o l m a n , _ contacted IL
02001                           mistakenly sent to boy in IL Entry                     Statewide Terrorism & Intelligence Center (STIC), to report a suspicious text received by
                                                                                       a 16-year-old male from Staunton, IL. The boy sent the text "Where did you go?"

CCSAOOO 2/10/2012   2/10/2012   OUTREQ.                       Closed and
02000                                                         Referred

                                               Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                 Private citizen receives email
01999                            response f r o m _             Information              applied for a job from a         ad. She received a response back from her email in
                                 possible money laundering      Only                     which the response looks like a possible money laundering scheme.
CCSAOOO 2/10/2012   1/24/2012    Discovery of an lED at         eGuardian     Yes        The Yolo County Gang Task force conducted a search at the
01998                            Residence in Yolo County       Entry                    _         Dunnigan, CA 95937)
                                                                                         located an Improvised Explosive Device (lED). The lED was an M-80 type pyrotechnic
                                                                                         inside ala
CCSAOOO 2/10/2012   2/6/2012     Unidentified subjects steal    eGuardian     Yes        Sometime between 2/6/2012 2300 and 2/7/2012 0630, the Sacramento Metro Fire
01997                            fire department radios         Entry                    Station located at                        Citrus Heights, CA was burglarized. It appears
                                                                                         that the subject(s) entered the station through the rear door of the apparatus room.
CCSAOOO 2/10/2012   11/23/2011                                  Closed and
01996                                                           Referred
CCSAOOO 2/10/2012   2/10/2012    Possible 5150 makes threat     eGuardian     Yes        Since October 2011 and continuing to the present, subject                          has been
01995                            against Amador County          Entry                    calling his parents leaving messages in which he states that he is going to kill his parents
                                 Judge                                                   and Amador County Judge _ _ has also made threats against LE i

CCSAOOO 2/9/2012    2/9/2012     testtest                       Closed                   testtesttest

CCSAOOO 2/9/2012    2/9/2012     private citizen reports what   Closed                   On 02/09/2012 a private citizen contacted the CCIC to report while browsing_
01993                            she believes to be a hidden                             adds on the internet, she came across an add that appeard to have a hidden message
                                 message in              add

CCSAOOO 2/9/2012    2/8/2012     suspicious subject at          For                      02/08/2012 a male subject who appeared "slow" and "odd" arrived at the Sacramento
01992                            Sacramento International       Information              International Airport and was attempting to purchase a ticket to Baghdad, Iraq for
                                 Airport - attempting to buy    Only                     February 18th using the airlines reservation system. The subject's IDs had different varr
                                 ticket to Iraq
CCSAOOO 2/9/2012    2/8/2012     subject at Sacramento          eGuardian     Yes        On 02/08/2012 a while on a routine security check at the Sacramento International
01991                            International Airport caused   Entry                    Airport, Deputies observed a male subject who had strong body odor and appeared to
                                 a disturbance on his flight,                            have urinated in his pants. Deputies followed him through the Airport terminal whree
                                 acting suspicious in the                                they
CCSAOOO 2/8/2012    1/31/2012    Documents Containing           Closed and               On January 27, 2012,                         D O B _ w a s pulled over in Grass
01990                            Sovereign Citizen Rhetoric     Referred                 Valley by a CHP officer for a vehicle code violation, cited for a seatbelt violation, and
                                 Mailed to State and Local                               released without incident. After the vehicle stop, the CHP office in Grass Valley (9
                                 Government Facilities

                                             Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 2/8/2012
01989                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 2/8/2012   2/4/2012    Deceased male found on         eGuardian     Yes
01988                          driveway, deputies find        Entry                    reported deceased male found lying in his driveway. Upon arrival deputies confirmed
                               explosive items on the                                  Donald Smith, 69 years, had died of apparent natural causes. Deputies began the co
CCSAOOO 2/3/2012   2/3/2012    Assault investigation leads to eGuardian     Yes        During the course of an assault investigation, Chico PD
01987                          possible Anonymous threat Entry                         the victim's boyfriend. Detective~ stated that the boyfriend,                     created
                                                                                       a fake_account in order to arrange a meeting with the assauly suspe

CCSAOOO 2/3/2012   2/3/2012    Private citizen reports of     Closed                   A private citizen is reporting on possible fraud within the Humboldt and Clark County
01986                          possible government fraud                               offices. the private citizen goes onto reporting on possible conspiracy theories with the
                                                                                       US DOJ and US DHS. The private citizen states at the end of the email that she

CCSAOOO 2/3/2012   1/31/2012   United States Marshal          eGuardian     Yes        On 1/31/2012, a United States Marshal Service employee had her vehicle broken into
01985                          Service employee reports of    Entry                    and her purse was taken. Inside her purse were her Administrative credential_
                               stolen credential and access                            government travel card, government purchase card, and her key card access device to
CCSAOOO 2/3/2012   1/31/2012   _at the_                                                Tulare County Sheriffs Department Lieutenant_attended a meeting on
01984                          sovereign group attempting                              1/31/12 at the                      and was provided a copy of their Standard
                               to legitimize CERT                                      Operating Guidelines for the_Emergency Response Force." The reporting party
                                                                                       was inform
CCSAOOO 2/2/2012   2/25/2012   Possible soverign individual   For                      On 1/24/2012 CHP officer conducted a vehicle stop for crossing over double yellow lines.
01983                          signs citation with the word   Information              The officer issued a citation as a result ofthe stop; the subject signed the citation and
                               "agent"                        Only                     wrote the word "agent" at the end of the signature on the document. The s

CCSAOOO 2/1/2012   2/1/2012    OUTREQ.                        Closed and
01982                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 2/1/2012   2/1/2012    Radicalized inmate scheduled Closed and                 Radicalized inmate                                  is scheduled to be released from
01981                          to be realesed from prison   Referred                   state prison in Tehacapi, CA on 2 Feb, 2012. The inmate has been known to have
                               on 2 Feb 2012 from prison                               readical tendendancies and has been observed by CDCR officials for some time now.
                               located in Tehachapi, CA                                When the

CCSAOOO 2/1/2012   1/31/2012   Subject seen taking pictures   For                      On 31 January at approximately 1330 EST, an unidentified individual was seen
01980                          of Power Substation            Information              photographing a power substation located next to
                                                              Only                     _Ripon, CA. The individual was parked in the middle of the truck stop while

                                                    Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                 Title               Disposition eGuardian                                               Activity

CCSAOOO 2/1/2012      2/1/2012       Disgruntled employee              For                      On 01/30/2012 a disgruntled employee threatned to do a drive by shooting type
01979                                threatens to shoot CHP            Information              scenario and "kill everyone" at the Inspection Facility. The employee is upset because he
                                     inspection Facility.              Only                     will be laid off from his current position in the near future.
CCSAOOO 2/1/2012      2/1/2012       CHP officer encounters            eGuardian     Yes        On February 1, 2012 CHP officer initiated a vehicle stop in Yuba County for excessive
01978                                suspicious female.                Entry                    speed. The suspect was with another elderly female and a small child. The suspect did
                                                                                                not possess a valid's CDL, and used a Bolivian passport. The female suspect cont

CCSAOOO 1/31/2012     1/31/2012      armed/barracaded subject          Closed                   01/31/2012 Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Communications Center
01977                                threatened to shoot oxygen                                 dispatcher contacted CCIC to advise of SSD officers responding to an armed/barracaded
                                     tanks in front of door                                     subject who threatened to shoot oxygen tanks he placed in front of the door if officers
                                                                                                tried to
CCSAOOO 1/31/2012     1/27/2012      racist graffiti at local park -   Closed and               01/31/2012 CCIC was notified of biased related vandalism spray painted at City of
01976                                Sacrament, CA                     Referred                 Sacramento Public Park - Fong Park. The graffiti included but was not limited to "KKK"
                                                                                                and a Nazi era Swastika. No suspect information available.
CCSAOOO 1/31/2012     1/30/2012      Theft of numerous law             For                      01/30/2012 or early morning on 01/31/2012 a local business in Fresno County was
01975                                enforcement radios from a         Information              burglarized with the loss of numberous law enforcement radios. It appeared local law
                                     local business                    Only                     enforcement radios were the focus of the burlary, while other items were left behind.

CCSAOOO 1/30/2012     1/28/2012      Possible stolen helicopter in     For                      On or about 28 January 2012, a reliable confidential informant contacted Deputy.
01974                                Colfax                            Information              _ w i t h the Placer County Sheriff's Office regarding a involving a possible stolen
                                                                       Only                     helicopter from Nevada. The helicopter is located in Colfax, CA on a trailer unde

CCSAOOO 1/27/2012     1/26/2012

CCSAOOO 1/26/2012     1/17/2012      Suspicious Circumstances          eGuardian     Yes
01972                                Surrounding Medical               Entry                    suffered an apparent seizure
                                     Emergency on Flight from                                   Auckland, New Zealand. The flight had to make an emergency landing in Honolulu due
                                     LAX to AKL                                                 to his med
CCSAOOO 1/26/2012     1/25/2012      Law Enforcement Uniforms          eGuardian     Yes                                                        Sheriff's Department (SSD) responded to a
01971                                and Patches Found in              Entry                    call-out                                               McClellan, CA 95625 and
                                     Dumpster, McClellan, Ca                                    located two dumpsters behind the business that contained dozens of law enforcement
CCSAOOO 1/25/2012
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian                                               Activity

CCSAOOO 1/25/2012     1/25/2012      suspicious backpack found at Closed                     01/25/2011 @ 0803 hrs: A post office employee contacted the Sacramento County
01969                                _ P o s t Office-                                       Sheriff's Department to report a found brown leather backpack up against the front
                                     unfounded                                               door of the post office. SSD officers responded and found it to be a water bottle/the
                                                                                             items w
CCSAOOO 1/24/2012     1/20/2012      Main communications cable      Closed                   On 20 January 2012 at approximately 1700, a significant communications problem
01968                                cut by authorities in Nevada                            occurred. Nevada County Fire Department and CHP were dispatched to wires down
                                     County                                                  across Highway 49 near Oak. It is unknown how the cables were brought down. CHP
                                                                                             ordered the lin
CCSAOOO 1/23/2012     1/22/2012      Individual Possibly         eGuardian        Yes
01967                                Impersonating a Military    Entry                       contacted an individual later identified
                                     Service Member in Tracy, CA                             ~ sleeping in a pickup truck, a
CCSAOOO 1/20/2012     1/20/2012      Suspicious Device Found at  For                         On January 20,2012, the Elk Grove Police Department EOD was called out to Cosumnes
01966                                Consumnes CSD in Elk Grove, Information                 CSD to investigate a suspicious device attached to a tree. The device was attached
                                     CA                          Only                        toward the base of the tree, located in a parking lot. Nothing significant is reported

CCSAOOO 1/19/2012    4/19/2011       Fuel Theft response to SIR -   For                      01/19/2012 Barstow Police Department responded to an SIR published by CCIC OS/2011.
01965                                Barstow, CA                    Information              Barstow PO reported a fuel theft similar to the one detailed in the SIR occured in
                                                                    Only                     Barstow, CA on 04/19/2011. No further information provided.
CCSAOOO 1/19/2012     1/5/2012       Nuclear detection of Cobalt    For                      On January 5, 2012 two packages set off radiation alarms at Truckee, CA truck scales.
01964                                60 on identified business      Information              Both packages indicated Cobalt 60. The packages were enroute
                                     product at Truckee,CA truck    Only                     in Santa Clara and San Jose. The shipment contained_box holders. It origin
CCSAOOO 1/17/2012     1/16/2012      Suspicious Inquiry of State    eGuardian     Yes        On an unknown date, two male subjects were eating at th
01963                                owned Buildings                Entry                    Mexican Restaurant located at                   Sacramento, CA and began inquiring
                                                                                             the owner of the restaurant what was the purpose of the building located near the
                                                                                             restaurant .
CCSAOOO 1/17/2012
CCSAOOO 1/12/2012     1/12/2012      Suspicious documents found eGuardian         Yes        On 01/12/2012 while conducting a cell search of an inmate housed at North Kern State
01961                                inside the cell of a subject in Entry                   Prison, Delano CA an officer found several documents of concern that appeared to be a
                                     custody at Kern State Prison                            hand written document with instructions for an lED, diagram of roads outside of a pr

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the     eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 1/12/2012     1/9/2012       Bomb Threat at Yolo Superior For                        According to media reports, on January 9,2012, officials evacuated all Yolo Superior
01960                                Court                          Information              Court facilities after a bomb threat was received. The Yolo County Sheriffs Department
                                                                    Only                     and the Woodland Police Department made the determination to evacuate. The Califo

CCSAOOO 1/12/2012     1/8/2012       Identified citizen signed a    For                      On 01/08/2012 an identified subject was issued a speeding ticket which was signed with
01959                                speeding citation as if a      Information              "by" before his signature and finished with "Agent". The subject also wrote "UCC-120"
                                     sovereign citizen              Only                     in the signature box. On 01/12/2012 a photocopy of the citation was sent back to

CCSAOOO 1/12/2012     1/11/2012      Possible Sovereign Citizens For         Yes             On 01/11/2012 Elk Grove Police Department Officers responded to a suspicious incident
01958                                "squatting" in an           Information                 call of veicles parked at a vacant residence. Upon inspection of the residence, only the
                                     abandoned/vacant residence Only                         kitchen and living room area appeard to be being occupied and a backpack was fo

CCSAOOO 1/12/2012     1/12/2012      Stolen vehicle recovered by    For                      On 01/11/2012 at approximately 1615 hours CHP officer located an abandonded
01957                                CHP with 8-10 portable         Information              vehicle. The vehicle was reported stolen on 01/05/2012. Found on the ground around
                                     police scanner style radios    Only                     the vehicle were 8-10 portable police scanner style radios as well as approximately 25
                                     found near the vehicle                                  radio b
CCSAOOO 1/11/2012     1/11/2012      Possible scam using the DHS    For                      A fraudulent letter was sent to a citizen requesting he send money to clear customs so
01956                                logo and official names        Information              he can receive boxes full of money and gold bars. The letter had an official DHS logo and
                                                                    Only                     also used the name of a Sacramento International Airport employee. Eventuall

CCSAOOO 1/11/2012     1/11/2012      OUTREQ.                        Closed and
01955                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 1/11/2012    1/4/2012        Contact with Sovereign         For                      On January 4, 2012, the Sacramento Police Department responded to a call for service
01954                                Citizen During Domestic        Information              regarding a couple arguing over who would take custody of their baby. During the call,
                                     Disturbance Call for Service   Only                     the male subject, identified as Jermaine_continuously stated that he ha

CCSAOOO 1/11/2012    1/6/2012        Subject impersonating a        eGuardian     Yes        On 1/6/2012 a Tracy police officer took a report from a law enforcement supply store
01953                                police officer                 Entry                    where a subject had taken several police badges and patches. The subject told
                                                                                             employees he was an officer for Galt PD. The subject was seen with a duty belt, ballistic

                                     _in at_
CCSAOOO 1/11/2012    1/11/2012                                      Closed and
01952                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 1/10/2012    1/7/2012        Alarm Tampering                For                      On January 7, 2012, Sacramento Police Department Officers responded to a ringing
01951                                          Sacramento           Information              alarm at                   located at_Sacramento, CA 95818. When
                                                                    Only                     officers arrived they met with the business manager who pointed out that the alarm
                                                                                             wires had

CCSAOOO 1/9/2012
                   11/1/2011    Suspicious vehicle observed
                                repeatedly at the Merced
                                Municipal Airport
                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                               Entry                  seen around the Merced Municipal Airport terminal area. In November 2011, the
                                                                                      vehicle was seen backed up to the terminal, near a gate to the airport runway area
CCSAOOO 1/6/2012   1/6/2012     Suspicious email received by For                      On 1/6/2011, a Tulare County Sheriff's Sergeant received a suspicious email appearing to
01949                           Tulare County Sheriff's      Information              be from the Department of Homeland Security. According to the rip, the email appears
                                Department                   Only                     to be a typical Nigerian email scam.
CCSAOOO 1/5/2012   1/4/2012     identified subject made        Closed                 On 01/04/2012 an identified subject called the IRS office located in Sacramento, CA and
01948                           telephonic threats to the                             made threats to shoot the employees and then commit suicide. IRS investigators made
                                employees of IRS office in                            contact with the individual in question and determined the individual is not
CCSAOOO 1/5/2012   1/1/2012     request to locate mercury on eGuardian       Yes      Kern County Environmental Health Department reported a_posting they felt was
01947                           ~or an "experiment" Entry                             suspicious and could possibly pose a HAZMAT situation. The subject on~as
                                                                                      requesting mercury to be used for an "experiment"
CCSAOOO 1/5/2012   1/5/2012     Identified subject following   For                    01/05/2011 Rancho Cordova Police Department reported to the CCIC that an identified
01946                           local Law Enforcement          Information            subject has been following RCPD Motor Units in Rancho Cordova on 01/04 - 01/05/201l.
                                Officers, expressing hate      Only                   The subject has made statements expressing hate toward white officers and had been s
                                toward officers

CCSAOOO 1/5/2012   12/25/2011   suspicious e-mail claiming to For                     On 12/25/2011 Calaveras County Sheriff's Department received an e-mail in their
01945                           be from MS13 and M18          Information             general e-mail account. The senders of the e-mail claimed to be from the gangs MS-13
                                received by Calaveras County Only                     and M18. The e-mail referenced an April 2011 internet article titled EI Salvador: Driver
                                Sheriff's Dept.

CCSAOOO 1/5/2012   12/1/2011    suspicious letter received by For                     On 01/05/2012 SSD Sgt advised that a suspicious letter was received at the Sacramento
01944                           Sacramento County presiding Information               County Court House on 12/01/2011 addressed to the presiding judge. The letter had
                                Judge at the Sacramento       Only                    sovereign citizen ideology.
                                Court House with sovereign
                                citizen ideology

CCSAOOO 1/5/2012   1/5/2012     Suspicious device left at      eGuardian     Yes      On 01/05/2011 @ 0628 hours Sacramento County Sheriff's Department responded to a
01943                           Sacramento County Sheriff's    Entry                  report of a "pipe bomb" device left in the mail slot at the SSD Security Services Bureau
                                Department Security Services                          building at                      Suspicious graffiti was also found at the scene.
CCSAOOO 1/3/2012   1/3/2012     Contact with a Sovereign       For
01942                           Citizen in Sacramento          Information
                                                                                   33 him
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 1/3/2012      1/3/2012       Request for Law Enforcement Referred                     Internet Crimes Task force out of New Hampshire requests coordination with an Internet
01941                                Cooridination-from New                                   Task force in California re: a possible suspect communicating inappropriately with an
                                     Hampshire                                                underage female in New Hampsire. The possible suspects IP address can be found on

CCSAOOO 12/29/2011    12/23/2011     Identified subject in           eGuardian     Yes        On 12/23/2011 Atwater Police Department officers responded to the scene of a
01940                                possession of pipe bombs        Entry                    domestic violence altercation. Upon contact with the suspect at his residence, he was
                                     and bomb making materials                                found in possession of three functional pipe bombs on his person. After a search of his
CCSAOOO 12/29/2011    12/20/2011     OUTREQ.                         Closed and
01939                                                                Referred
CCSAOOO 12/29/2011    12/22/2011     Incoherent e-mail received      For                      On 12/22/2011 the Nevada Threat Analysis Center (NTAC) received an incoherent e-mail
01938                                by Nevada Threat Analysis       Information              from a subject identifying himself a s _ Begining analysis done by NTAC
                                     Center - subject possibly in    Only                     reveales subject is most likely from the CCiC AOR. No threats were made in the e-mai
CCSAOOO 12/29/2011    12/29/2011     CDCR Jacket Found During        eGuardian     Yes        On 12/20/2011,
01937                                Parole Search in Bakersfield,   Entry                    conducted a traffic stoo of parolee                                        in front of
                                                                                              methamphetamine in
(CSAOOO 12/27/2011    12/16/2011     Large Theft of Freon from       For                      On December 16, 2 0 1 1 , _ t h e Operations Manager
01935                                Business in Sacramento          Information              Sacramento reported that 54 canisters of Freon were stolen from the business. Barton
                                                                     Only                     was unclear when the theft occurred and did not have any suspect information.

CCSAOOO 12/27/2011    12/26/2011     Suspicious Individual           For                      On December 26, 2011, a~Police Sergeant reported that at 2134 hours, a yard
01934                                Observed Nea~                   Information              disruption occurred after a trespasser entered t h e _ a t milepost"on
                                     _ i n Bakersfield               Only                     the Mojave Subdivision in Bakersfield, CA. The unidentified trespasser allegedly pulled

CCSAOOO 12/27/2011    12/27/2011     OUTREQ.                         Closed and
01933                                                                Referred
CCSAOOO 12/27/2011    12/20/2011     OUTREQ.                         Closed and
01932                                                                Referred
CCSAOOO 12/27/2011    12/27/2011     Suspicious Items Found in       eGuardian     Yes        On December 27, 2011, at 0715 hrs, a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department officer
01931                                Restroom at Sacramento          Entry                    working at the Sacramento International Airport Terminal B was advised by a n _
                                     International Airport                                    _employee that there were suspicious items in the men's restroom. The officer

CCSAOOO 12/23/2011   12/22/2011      tactical event with          For                         12/22/2011 @ 2056 hrs Sacramento Sheriff's Department reported a barricaded subject.
01930                                barricaded subject and       Information                 There were reports of a chemical smell emanating from the restroom where the suspect
                                     "chemical" type smell coming Only                        was found to be. The chemical smell was determined to be smoke from the subject smo
                                     from location                                       34
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                TItle              Disposition   eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 12/22/2011    12/22/2011     Suspicious Items Found         For                        On 12/20/2011, the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department responded to an
01929                                During Medical Call for        Information                apartment for a subject who is wheelchair bound and having difficulty breathing. While
                                     Service in Sacramento          Only                       crews attended to the subject, the Fire Captain noticed numerous books that seemed of
                                                                                               a radi
CCSAOOO 12/22/2011    12/22/2011     TSC Hit o n _                  eGuardian      Yes         On 12/21/2011, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department encountered a female who
01928                                _ F a i r Oaks, CA             Entry                      was a Terrorist Screening Center match, while conducting an arson investigation.

CCSAOOO 12/22/2011    12/22/2011     OUTREQ.                        Closed and
01927                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 12/21/2011    12/21/2011     Fraudulent charges on          eGuardian      Yes         This information is second hand to the reporting party. The fire chief of Cosumnes Fire
01926                                _Accounts                      Entry                      Department was made aware of fraudulent charges on their CalCard accounts. Other
                                                                                               agencies involved are Sacramento Metro Fire and Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS
CCSAOOO 12/20/2011    12/18/2011     Fraudulent Documents           Referred                   On December 18, 2011, a Redding Area CHP Office                              stopped a
01925                                Discovered During Traffic                                 vehicle for exceeding the speed limit in eastern Shasta County. During the course of a
                                     Stop in Shasta County                                     DUI investigation, the officer discovered evidence of credit card fraud and theft. AI

CCSAOOO 12/19/2011    12/18/2011     Contact with possible          For                        On 12/18/2011 at approximately 0209, Elk Grove PD officers conducted an enforcement
01924                                Sovereign Citizen during       Information                stop on a vehicle for speeding in the area of Elk Gove Blvd and Elk Grove Florin Rd.
                                     traffic stop in Elk Grove      Only                       During the stop, officers made contact with the driver

CCSAOOO 12/15/2011    12/15/2011     drive-by shooting at or near   For                        12/15/2011 at approximately 12:45 several shots were fired at or near Sacramento City
01923                                Sacramento City Fire           Information                Fire Dept. Fire Station #10. Witnesses saw a 2009-2011 Silve~with four
                                     Department Station #10         Only                       Hispanic males leaving the scene. Sacramento Police Dpet is investigating the inc

CCSAOOO 12/15/2011    12/15/2011     TLO reporting sovereign        For                        TLO reported for information only a sovereign citizen website listing Northern California
01922                                website                        Information                organizational meeting times and places. The website
CCSAOOO 12/15/2011    12/14/2011     identified subject looking     eGuardian      Yes         On 12/14/2011 at approximately 1530 hours an idenified subject was seen looking
01921                                through a spot scope and       Entry                      through a spot scope and telescopic lense outside of the CA National Guard HQ located
                                     telescopic lense outside CA                               in Sacramento, Ca. The Guard's Force Portection did not belive he posed an immediate
                                     National Guard HQ,                                        thr
CCSAOOO 12/14/2011   12/11/2011      Burglary of Marked Shasta      eGuardian      Yes         Sometime between late December 10 and early December 11, 2011, unknown subject(s)
01919                                County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) Entry                      smashed the window out of a marked SCSO vehicle with a tire iron from the vehicle's
                                     Vehicle                                                   non-locking tool box and entered the vehicle through the broken window. The vehicle
                                                     Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                 Title                 Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 12/13/2011    12/12/2011     TSC hit called in and              For                      On 12/12/2011 at approximately 0915, the TSC contacted the CCIC Duty Desk by phone
01918                                retracted                          Information              to report a TSC hit at the Tracy Defence Logistics Agency (DLA). On 12/12/2011 at
                                                                        Only                     approximately 0859, DLA officers stopped a delivery truck at the main entry gate. Two

CCSAOOO 12/12/2011    11/17/2011     Sovereign Citizen returns          For                      On 12/12/2011, CHP ENTAC reported an incident that occurred the previous month. On
01917                                citation and paperwork to          Information              11/19/2011, CHP officer_issued a citation t o _ f o r speeding and no
                                     CHP "Revoked Signature"            Only                     proof of insurance._originally signed the citation. On 11/17/2011, the Sou

CCSAOOO 12/12/2011    12/10/2011     Suspicious contact during          eGuardian     Yes        On 12-10-11 Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) with assistance from Tulare County Sheriff
01916                                ABC operation                      Entry                    Deputies, conducted on an underage decoy buying alcohol at t h e _ l o c a t e d
                                                                                                                      ixley, CA. ABC Agents detained store clerk

CCSAOOO 12/9/2011     12/3/2011      Intoxicated Sovereign Citizen eGuardian          Yes        On 12/3/2011, subject                    while intoxicated attempted to contact
01915                                Makes Threats to shoot up     Entry                         Redding CHP at the Redding CHP office for help in a legal matter._became
                                     Redding CHP                                                 enraged upon learning that the office was closed and after seeing the call box next to
                                                                                                 the offic
CCSAOOO 12/9/2011    11/29/2011      CHP Contact with Sovereign         For                      On 11/29/11 Officer         stopped Jamel Bentlely for not wearing a seatbelt.
01914                                Citizen                            Information              Office~stated that_told him how he was not a citizen of the United States
                                                                        Only                     and that Office~had no authority over him and that Office~as subco

CCSAOOO 12/8/2011    10/27/2011      Officers encounter armed           eGuardian     Yes        On 10/27/2011 Sacramento Police Officers received infromation of a possibly armed
01913                                vehicle with suspicious            Entry                    vehicle at a college party. Officers found the vehicle, and an additional vehicle that was
                                     subjects inside                                             related to the call for service. Subjects inside the vehicle were identified. V

CCSAOOO 12/8/2011    11/8/2011       Suspicious males cutting         eGuardian       Yes        On 11/7/11 ENTAC was notified by CHP Vehicle Theft Investigato~and CHP
01912                                stolen trucks in half to ship to Entry                      Investigato~hat they were working on a case involving stolen box
                                     Egypt                                                       trucks that were being cut in half and then shipped by container to Egypt. The Investigat

CCSAOOO 12/5/2011    12/5/2011       Suspicious travel request for      eGuardian     Yes        On 1 2 / 5 / 2 0 1 1 , _ Travel Agent with_Travel, Porterville, CA,
01911                                Fresno/LAX/JFK to occur            Entry                    received a suspicious request for travel by a male subject. The subject requested to

CCSAOOO 12/5/2011

                                      POSSible illegal sales out
                                          office in Stockton
                                                                   o.   Closed                   On 12/5/2011, off duty, CHP officer,                           was rentinga_
                                                                                                 book specific flights to New York from Fresno, via Los Angeles on December 12, 2011. T

                                                                                                                     Stockton, CA. The officer witnessed an unidentified Middle Eastern
                                                                                                 male was selling bongs, crack pipes, and possibly illegal cigarette and drugs from th

CCSAOOO 12/5/2011
                    12/4/2011    Suspicious behavior during
                                 ride along with Merced City
                                 Fire Department
                                               Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                                          On 12/04/2011 from 0800-2100, two male students from               participated in a
                                                                                          ride along w i t h _ F i r e Department. They were interested in becoming
                                                                                          involved with the fire service and wanted more information in becoming "Career
                                                                                          Explorers" or Pa
CCSAOOO 12/5/2011   12/2/2011    Stolen police and military      eGuardian     Yes        On 12/02/2011 between 1730-2130, DLA Police Officer and Army Reservist,_
01908                            uniforms and access badges      Entry                    _ h a d his residence at                        Acampo, CA, burglarized. Numerous
                                 during residential burglary                              law enforcement and controlled items were taken including: DLA Polo Uniform top
                                                                                          (Badge on f
CCSAOOO 12/2/2011   12/2/2011    Private citizen reports of      eGuardian     Yes        On 12/2/2011, private citizen_reported to the Colorado Information
01907                            suspicious purchase inquiry     Entry                    Analysis Center that he had received a suspicious email requesting a quote for 10
                                 of satellite phones.                                     satellite phones. The rip stated that he does not sell hardware and has not replied to
                                                                                          the em
CCSAOOO 12/2/2011   11/21/2011   Suspicious surveillance at      For                      On 21 Nov 2011, security personnel at the_Refinery located in Benecia, CA

01906                            _Refinery in Benecia,           Information              observed an unidentified subject taking pictures of the facility. The subject was
                                 CA                              Only                     approached and questioned. After questioning, the subject was picked up in a white

CCSAOOO 12/2/2011   11/23/2011   Suspicious male with altered For              Yes        A t 1150 Hrs, 11-23-11, Officer_reported possible suspicious activity while
01905                            DoD Identification card      Information                 assigned to the Main Entry Control Point at the Defense Depot, Tracy, C A . _
                                                              Only                        reported a white van parked on the west shoulder of Chrisman Road adjacent to the Inst

CCSAOOO 12/2/2011   12/1/2011    Male Caller claiming AQ        eGuardian      Yes        On 12/1/2011 an unidentified subject made a telephone call to an unpublished number
01904                            affiliation, states bombs have Entry                     at the Orange County Sheriff's Department requesting to speak to Sheri~ The
                                 been placed in Sacramento                                unidentified subject was told that the Sheriff was not available and that he would b

CCSAOOO 12/1/2011   12/1/2011    Possible Radicalization of      eGuardian     Yes        On 11/21/201
01903                            Victorville Man Recently        Entry                    and associated with                       was discharged from parole. In
                                 Discharged from Parole                                   2008,_name was discovered on a mailing list found in the cell of JAM founde

CCSAOOO 12/1/2011
CCSAOOO 12/1/2011   11/30/2011   Identified witness reports of   Closed and               On 11/30/2011 it was reported to a TLO with the Elk Grove Police Department of an
01901                            shooting threat at Sikh         Referred                 active shooter threat to a meeting at a Sikh Temple on 12/2/2011. The r / p , _
                                 meeting on 12/2/2011                                     stated that on 11/30/2011 between 1510 and 1520, he received a call from an unidenti

                                                Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                  Suspicious trespassing at       For                      On 11/28/2011 at approximately 2314, two unidentified suspects broke into
                                  second_substation in            Information              substation located at                      in Fairfield. The suspects gained entry into the
                                  Fairfield within 4 days         Only                     property by cutting a large opening in the chain link fence on the east side of th

CCSAOOO 11/29/2011   11/29/2011   Suspicious Device Discovered eGuardian        Yes        On November 29, 2011, at 0830 hours, the_Police Department asked for
01899                             at_Library                   Entry                       assistance from the Merced Police Department Bomb Unit with a suspicious device
                                                                                           found in the                     Librarv. The suspicious device was constructed of PVC

CCSAOOO 11/29/2011   11/29/2011   Subject matching a Terrorist    eGuardian     Yes        On 11/29/11, per a court order TSC subject                        DaB_was taken
01898                             Screening Center (TSq           Entry                    into custody and booked into the Yolo County Jail. He was charged with great bodily
                                  watch list record encountered                            injury, corporal injury to spouse, battery, and intimidating a witness. _ i s a
                                  in Woodland, CA

CCSAOOO 11/28/2011   11/26/2011   Suspicious photography of       eGuardian     Yes        On 11-26-11 at approximately 1635, two subjects were seen exiting the west entry
01897                             UC Davis Fire & Police          Entry                    parking structure, walking on the walkway adjacent to the UC Davis Fire/Police
                                  Department building                                      Department Building and then through the rear parking lot of the UC Davis Police
                                                                                           Department. T
CCSAOOO 11/28/2011   11/24/2011   Suspicious tresspassing at a    eGuardian     Yes        On 11/24/2011 at approximately 1942, Fairfield Police
01896                             _substation in Fairfield        Entry                    _esponded to a_substation located
                                                                                           security monitoring company reported an alarm at the property at approximately 1909.
CCSAOOO 11/28/2011   11/24/2011   TSC Encounter at Marin          eGuardian     Yes
01895                             County Jail in San Rafael       Entry                    an encounter with TSC su
                                                                                           subject arrived at the Marin County Jail in San Rafael to visit

CCSAOOO 11/22/2011   11/21/2011   Suspicious subject poses for    eGuardian     Yes        On 11/21/2011 an male subject set up a camera and tripod on the north side of the Elk
01894                             pictures outside EGPD           Entry                    Grove PD building. The subject took a picture of himself sitting on the lawn with the
                                  building                                                 building in the backdrop. An officer approached the subject who spoke very little

CCSAOOO 11/21/2011   11/21/2011   Anonymous caller reported       Closed and               On 11/21/2011, an anonymous female called the CCIC to report possible illegal selling of
01893                             _       "friend"                Referred                 controlled substance, Oxycotton. The caller is associated with the subject, _
                                  attempting to sell oxycotton                             of the Sacramento area, v i a _ The caller stated that_has pos
                                  on his_page

CCSAOOO 11/21/2011   11/20/2011   Suspicious Photography at eGuardian           Yes        On 11/20/2011, a security guard a the_Refinery in Benicia observed two subjects
01892                             th_Refinery in Benicia Entry                             in a blue                   CA L i c # _ , taking photographs of the entrance to the
                                                                                           refinery. The male subject,                 remained inside of the vehicle
                                                    Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                 Title            Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 11/21/2011    11/18/2011     Tracy Police Department        eGuardian    Yes         Between 1430 and 1715 on 11/18/11, unidentified subject(s) broke into a black 2010
01891                                uniforms and ballistic vest    Entry                   _              CA L1C~ in the_Manteca theater parking lot. The
                                     stolen                                                 vehicle belonged to an off duty Tracy Police Officer. The subject(s) stole two (2) dark

CCSAOOO 11/21/2011    11/18/2011     Significant fertilizer theft   eGuardian    Yes        Between 1740 on 11/18/2011 and 0655 on 11/19/2011, fourty-six (46) 50-pound bags
01890                                from a home improvement        Entry                   of "TurfGro" fertilizer 21-2-15 had been stolen from the warehouse o~
                                     store in Sacramento                                    _ I n c . Employee,_ arrived Saturday morning and observed that the
CCSAOOO 11/17/2011    11/17/2011     Suspicious Individual          eGuardian    Yes        On November 17, 2011, at approximately 0920HRS an unidentified older male wearing a
01889                                Encountered at Tracy           Entry                   traditional Karahul hat, a black overcoat, a blue suit and an orange sweater walked to
                                     Defense Logistics Agency                               the Commercial Inspection Primary Gate at the Tracy Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) 0

CCSAOOO 11/17/2011    11/28/2011     CSMR Member Encountered For                            On October 28, 2011, a Sacramento Police Department officer responded to a report of
01888                                Living in Storage Unit at BT Information               a transient camping at the California State Military Reserve (CSMR) Equipment
                                     Collins Reserve Center       Only                      Compound; address                           Sacramento, CA 95828. The officer
                                                                                            encountered a male
CCSAOOO 11/17/2011    11/17/2011     OUTRE_                         Closed and
01887                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 11/16/2011    11/16/2011     Suspicious subject inquiring   eGuardian    Yes        On 11/16/2011 an offduty Alameda County Sheriff's deputy at a gas station was
01886                                about Tracy Power Plant        Entry                   approached by a male subject who asked him where the new power plant was in Tracy,
                                                                                            CA. The off duty officer responded he did not know the location; the subject asked
                                                                                            another cu
CCSAOOO 11/16/2011    11/12/2011     Attempt break in t o _         eGuardian    Yes        On 11/12/2011 police officers from the Fairfield Police Department responded to the
01885                                                 Plant         Entry                                            plant for a report of an alarm activation. The alarm company
                                                                                            reported alarm activations were generated from the front entry gate and the canal

CCSAOOO 11/15/2011    11/3/2011      vandalism to fence alarm at    eGuardian    Yes        Between 03 November and 06 November 2011 an unknown subject cut the wire for the
01884                                Primate Center, UC Davis       Entry                   exterior perimeter motion fence alarm surrounding hte Primate Center at UC Davis. No
                                                                                            claim of vadalism by any of the Animal Rights Extremist groups; vidoe is currently being

CCSAOOO 11/15/2011    11/9/2011      Suspicious traffic stop in     Closed and              On 11/09/2011 a subject was stopped in Louisiana driving a vehicle registered to Texas.
01883                                Louisiana of Oakland, CA       Referred                The driver stated he was from Oakland and traveling to New York.
                                     resident driving a Texas
                                     registered vehicle

                                                  Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 11/15/2011    11/15/2011     threats made to Sacramento eGuardian         Yes        On 15 November 2011 a lead was received from Sacramento County Sheriff's
01882                                County Sheriff and Chief of Entry                       Department regarding an identified subject who made threats against the Sacramento
                                     Sacramento County                                       County Sheriff and Chief of Sacramento County Probation. The subject considers himself
                                     Probation                                               an "ex-patr

CCSAOOO 11/14/2011    11/6/2011      Suspicious attempt to          eGuardian     Yes        Between 11/6/2011 and 11/12/2011,        contacted the manager_
01881                                purchase large number of       Entry                    _ o f t h e _ i n Dublin, CA. _wanted to buy a large amount of
                                     computers                                               computers. This incident was~hird attempt to purchase large amounts of
                                                                                             computers from
CCSAOOO 11/14/2011    11/14/2011     Suspicious telephonic          Closed and               On 11/14/2011 at approximately 1240, an admin officer with the the Bureau of
01880                                solicitation for information   Referred                 Reclamation (BOR) reported a suspicious incident to the BOR Regional Special Agent.
                                     by subject claiming to be an                            The officer received a phone call from a male adult with a strong, possibly Middle
                                     officer                                                 Eastern, a
CCSAOOO 11/14/2011    11/12/2011     TSC encounter during traffic   eGuardian     Yes        At 2235 on 11/12/2011, Office_with Vacaville Police Department made a

01879                                stop in Vacaville              Entry                    traffic stop for an improper turn while exiting a mobile home park. The subject.
                                                                                                                      B : _ was driving a 9 9 7 _ C A L l C : _

CCSAOOO 11/10/2011    11/7/2011      two suspicious documents       For                      During the week of November 07, 2011 Chico Police Department received two
01878                                received by Chico Police       Information              documents that appear to be independe3nt of one another. One document was sent
                                     Department                     Only                     from an identified citizen claiming his "sovereign" status. The second document
                                                                                             referencing "electro
CCSAOOO 11/10/2011    11/10/2011     Sacramaniac Founder_ Closed and                         On 11/08/2011 a phone message was left on the administrative assistant's phone line
01877                                         threatens DA. Referred                         threatening_ The caller was calling from a number in Tennessee. Thru DA
                                                                                                                            n, he traced the number to a homeless shelter in Na

CCSAOOO 11/9/2011    11/5/2011       License plate stolen from van For                       On 11/05/2011 a CA Exempt license plate was stolen off the rear bumper of a 2006
01876                                belonging to Folsom Prison    Information               unmarked_belonging to the Prison Industry Authority at Folsom Prison. The
                                                                   Only                      vehicle was parked in front of a prison employees' private residence at the time of the th

CCSAOOO 11/8/2011    11/7/2011       Suspicious Male Observed at eGuardian        Yes        On November 7, 2011 at approximately 1215 an unidentified male entered the Marine
01875                                Marine Recruiting in        Entry                       Recruiting Substation (RSS) in Bakersfield, CA. The man took one step into the station
                                     Bakersfield                                             and looked around the office. The RSS personnel asked the man if he needed assistance

CCSAOOO 11/8/2011    11/5/2011       Reoccuring Anti-Muslim         Closed and               On 11/6/2011, Sacramento Police responded to a report by v i c t i m , _ of
01874                                graffiti by unidentified       Referred                 vandalism at her residence located at                     Sacramento, CA 94544. The
                                     suspects with possible gang                             victim and her family have lived at this residence for 6 years. They have always had
                                     connections                                             proble
                                                    Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title                Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 11/7/2011     11/5/2011      Report of suspicious propane Closed                        On 11/5/2011, private citizen,_observed 3 males, two in their 20s and one in his
01873                                purchase                                                   mid-30s loading twelve 5-gallon propane containers into a bla
                                                                                                plate~ at the~ruck stop on EI Centro and West EI Camino.

CCSAOOO 11/7/2011     11/7/2011      Encounter of Individual on        eGuardian     Yes        On November 7, 2011, an Officer with the Bakersfield Police Department encountered
01872                                TSC Watchlist in Bakersfield      Entry                                       DOB                      during a call out for possible fraud at a
                                                                                                Target store in Bakersfield, CA. Target security personnel contacted Bakersfield PD
                                                                                                when SO
CCSAOOO 11/7/2011     11/5/2011      TSC encounter during Folsom eGuardian           Yes        On November 5, 2011 at approx. 1628 Office~with the Folsom Police
01871                                Police Department response Entry                           Department responded to a burglary call at a construction site located at East Natoma
                                     to a burglary call                                         Street and Folsom Lake Crossing, Folsom, CA 95630. The su
CCSAOOO 11/4/2011     10/29/2011     TSCHit _ _                        eGuardian     Yes        On Saturday October 29th, A CHP Special Investigations Officer was off duty in a parking
01870                                                                  Entry                    lot of a             in South Sacramento. He saw a parked custom Chopper style
                                                                                                M/C that was chromed out with high handle bars in good shape. With his training and e

CCSAOOO 11/3/2011     10/11/2011     private citizen reports to        For                      On 10/11/2011 a citizen contacted Sacramento Police Department to report her
01869                                local law enforcement             Information              husband's suspicious activity. The citizen believe her husband married her to get his
                                     strange activity of her           Only                     Green Card. She is concerned about her husbands "secretive" and "suspicious" ways
                                     husband - no source of                                     includin
                                     income and anti-American

CCSAOOO 11/3/2011     11/2/2011      subject inquiring about and       eGuardian     Yes        On 11/02/2011 at approximately 1750 hrs, an employee from the DMEA building across
01868                                identified government             Entry                    the parking lot from Building 600 at McClellan Business Park (the building housing
                                     building, asking                                           Sacramento CCIC/RTAC, FBI, etc) was questioned by a subject as to what goes on at
                                     suspicious/probing questions                               Buildin

CCSAOOO 11/2/2011     1/7/2011       Suspicious video taping of        Referred      Yes        On 7 January 2011, Plains All American Security observed a subject in a parked Green
01867                                gas facility in Shatter, CA                                _ w i t h California license plate~ideo taping the facility from Beech
                                                                                                Avenue in Shatter, CA. The subject was confronted by facility personnel and stat

CCSAOOO 11/2/2011     10/9/2011      Suspicious photography at         eGuardian     Yes        On 9 October 2011 at approximately 1015am, a White~ith California license plate
01866                                oil/gas facility in Shatter, CA   Entry                    ~drove up to the fence south of the old trucking yard at the Plains All American
                                                                                                facility in Shatter, CA. The white male drive got out of the vehicle and proce

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 11/2/2011     11/2/2011      Stolen Blasting Igniters - Yuba For                      On 11/2/2011 at approx 08:00 hrs, Yuba County Sheriff's Department responded to a
01865                                County Sheriff's Department Information                  vehicle burglary call at a Blasting Company in which blasting igniters were taken from a
                                                                     Only                     work vehicle toolbox overnight. The locked toolbox was pried open. The theft

CCSAOOO 11/2/2011     10/30/2011     Suspicious vehicle stop;        eGuardian     Yes        On 10/30/2011 Shafter Police Department officers initiated a vehicle stop on two
01864                                subjects had documents          Entry                    subjects in a truck driving on a dirt road into a dirt field. Subjects provided a passport
                                     related to WMD training,                                 for identification and the passenger claimed he had no identification. The office
                                     firearms training, and
                                     terrorism issues
CCSAOOO 11/1/2011     10/28/2011     Suspicious anti-religious       eGuardian     Yes        On 28 October 2011, Sacramento Police Department officers found two sets of anti-
01863                                graffiti found on church        Entry                    religious graffiti on a wall of the                        The first set of graffiti, in
                                     property in Sacramento, CA                               black spray paint, was of 2 upside down crosses with a pentagram in the middle of

CCSAOOO 11/1/2011     10/31/2011     Call In Tip from Private    Closed and                    Private citizen_(telephone numbe~called the CCIC and
01862                                Citizen Concerning Shooting Referred                     stated that he had information concerning the unsolved shooting death of Deputy
                                     Death of SSD Deputy_                                     _         M r . _ a i d that he's a contractor and that one of his customer's told
                                                                                              him th
CCSAOOO 11/1/2011     3/1/2011       Recently released from          For                      In March 2011, subject                            ( D O B _ xref:_ was
01860                                custody, subject possibly       Information              arrested by Rancho Cordova Police Department LEOs. At the time of the arrest,_
                                     conducting surveillance of      Only                     physically threatened his arresting officer and threatened to shoot her in the head when
                                     the arresting officer                                    he
CCSAOOO 11/1/2011     10/3/2011      Child abuse suspect has         Closed and               On 3 October 2011, a unnamed child welfare employee with the Sacramento County
01858                                possible association with       Referred                 DHHS child protective services contacted the Sacramento Sheriff's Department to report
                                     Taliban                                                  the possible abuse of a nine year old child. The victim's mother stated the father was ab

CCSAOOO 10/31/2011    10/28/2011     Suspicious Behavior by          Closed and               On 10/28/2011, I received information from Parole Agent on the Fugitive Apprehension
01857                                Individual in Fontana, CA       Referred                 Team (FAT) in Los Angeles who is currently conducting a Fugitive investigation o n "
                                                                                              _(CDCR~ D O B _ C I I : _ B/P: MOAgen_is c

CCSAOOO 10/31/2011   7/12/2011       Suspicious Letter Received by Closed                     On 12 July, 2011, a suspicious letter was received by a Christian Church in Tulare County.
01856                                Christian Church in Tulare                               The letter denounces Christianity and references the white race as the enemy. It states
                                     County                                                   that Islam is the hope for justice and that "the black original nation wi!

CCSAOOO 10/28/2011    10/18/2011     Suspicious driver attempted     eGuardian     Yes        On 18 October 2011,_Service personnel stopped an unidentified subject
01855                                access to restricted facility   Entry                    driving a newer model4-door silver honda trying to "piggyback" through the security
                                     and asked suspicious                                     gate. Driver was stopped and stated he was touring the area and wanted to know if he
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 10/28/2011    10/22/2011     Unidentified subject(s) shines For                       On 10/22/2011 an unidentified subject(s) shined a green laser dot at a CSU Chico PO
01854                                green laser at a patrol vehicle Information              patrol vehicle. s g t _ the driver of the patrol vehicle, was unable to locate any
                                                                     Only                     subjects or the point of origin of the green laser.
CCSAOOO 10/27/2011    10/20/2011     Medthodical notes regarding eGuardian         Yes        On 10/20/2011, subject Modeste_was arrested by Sacramento Police
01853                                mass stockpiling of           Entry                      Department LEOs for making terrorist threats and illegally carrying a concealed firearm.
                                     weapons/ammunition and                                   During the arrest, subject advised he possessed additional firearms at a storage shed i
                                     other suspicious material
                                     discovered during a search of
                                     the arrsestees residence.

CCSAOOO 10/27/2011    10/26/2011     Suspicious driver wearing      For                       On 10/26/2011, reporting party and off-duty Sacramento Sheriffs Department Detective
01852                                Red/White keffiyeh illegally   Information               _ w a s travelling southbound on 1-5 near the Sacramento International
                                     parked near Sacramento         Only                      Airport. R/P saw an identified tan_illegally stopped on the freeway shoulder.
                                     International Airport                                    A

CCSAOOO 10/25/2011    10/12/2011     Suspicious photography of      eGuardian      Yes        On 10/12/2011, an identified male subject of possible middle-eastern descent was seen
01850                                Terminus Dam in Turlare        Entry                     taking suspicious photos of Terminus Dam in Tulare County.
CCSAOOO 10/24/2011    10/22/2011     Arrest of veteran with PTSD    For
01849                                who has allegedly made         Information
                                     terrorist threats              Only

CCSAOOO 10/24/2011    10/22/2011     Phising email claiming to be   For                       on 10/22/2011, private citizen,_received a suspicious email in a possible
01848                                from U.S. Department of        Information               phishing scam claiming to be from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The
                                     Homeland Security              Only                      sender email address
CCSAOOO 10/24/2011    10/23/2011     Suspicious vehicle on access   Closed and                On 10/23/2011, private citizen,             observed a dark grey 4-door sedan on an
01847                                road near China Lake Naval     Referred                  unpaved access road nea~in Kern County. There were two adult males, 40-
                                     Weapons Station                                          50 years old, with sunglasses and baseball caps in the vehicle. The vehicle, CA Lic.

CCSAOOO 10/20/2011    10/14/2011     Threatening letters sent to    For                       On 10/14/2011 an employee of the                               center called the
01846                                                               Information               Sacramento Police Department to report they had received a letter from an individual
                                                                    Only                      n a m e d _ The investigating officer from the Navy reviewed the letter and
                                                                                              found i
CCSAOOO 10/19/2011    10/19/2011     Police Chief receives         Closed and                 P o l i c _ o f the Chico Police Department has received several documents
01845                                paperwork in the mail from Referred                      which appear legal in nature, denouncing the use of social security numbers, that the
                                     Sovereign Citizen individuals                            courts of California are in fact"de-facto". The document was also sent to Californi

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 10/19/2011    10/1/2011      Suspicious attempt to        eGuardian        Yes        In early October 2011,                         contacted an identified realtor located in
01844                                purchase property using Iran Entry                       Porterville, CA. Going by the name_and with a heavy accent, he stated he
                                     based funding                                            wanted to purchase up to 40 acres of flat land between Sacramento and Bakersfield,

CCSAOOO 10/19/2011    6/1/2011       Suspicious attempt to           For                      Several months ago, an unidentified male located in Bakersfield, CA, attempted to
01843                                purchase property               Information              purchase property in Springville, CA from realtors based in Porterville, CA. Reportedly,
                                                                     Only                     the property contained a cabin and it is legal to shoot weapons there. The realtor

CCSAOOO 10/18/2011    10/18/2011     OUTREQ.                         Closed and
01842                                                                Referred
CCSAOOO 10/18/2011    10/18/2011     Delivery driver with possible   eGuardian     Yes        On October 18, 2011, a delivery driver entered the Defense Logistics Agency facility and
01841                                Sikh Militant emblem            Entry                    was found to have a suspicious tattoo and suspicious emblem on the truck. In speaking
                                     entered military facility                                with the subject, he explained that the emblem belonged to a Sikh Militant group

CCSAOOO 10/18/2011    10/17/2011     Suspicious vehicle caravan      For                      On October 17, 2011, an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer observed four white
01840                                observed in Tracy, CA           Information              _ y p e vans that were converted into motor homes, traveling together on 1-
                                                                     Only                     205 at Grant Line Road in Tracy, CA towards 1-5. Two vehicles were identified wi

CCSAOOO 10/17/2011

CCSAOOO 10/17/2011

                                     Suspicious and anti-American eGuardian
                                     postings o n _ s i t e

                                     Male subjects taking


                                                                                              On 10/14/2011 the State Threat Assessment Center (STAC) received an email from a
                                                                                              private citizen who stated that an acquaintance from high school was posting bizarre
                                                                                              appears t
                                                                                                                     The postings state that the author is a former Marine who

                                                                                              On 10/16/2011 at 0900 hrs, a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department deputy working
01838                                photographs of Folsom Dam       Entry                    at Folsom Dam observed an identifiable silve~ehicle with four Middle Eastern
                                                                                              males stop illegally on Folsom Lake Crossing Rd. and take photos of Folsom Dam from th

CCSAOOO 10/14/2011   10/14/2011      CDCR Inmate with suspicious eGuardian         Yes                                                          at COCR that during a prison cell
01837                                writing on the back of his  Entry                        search of inmat                            cell, a COCR officer came across a legal pad
                                     legal pad                                                that had Thallum Sulfate, Sodium Hydroxide, and C02 Asphyxiation written on the cardb

CCSAOOO 10/13/2011   10/13/2011      Theft of military uniform,      eGuardian     Yes        On October 13, 2011, an identified U.S. Air Force service member assigned to the 144th
01836                                access badges, and other        Entry                    Figther Wing in Fresno, CA had his residence in Fresno broken into and reported the
                                     items from residence of Air                              following items as being stolen: 1- ABU uniform (top and bottom) 1- Set of
                                     Force Service Member in

                                                      Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the ((I( June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 10/13/2011    10/13/2011     Suspicious Individual          Closed and               The TSA Coordination Center at the Sacramento International Airport received a phone
01835                                Removed from Flight School     Referred                 call on October 12, 2011 from a private citizen who stated the following: Private citizen
                                     in Oroville                                                             called the 24 hour SMF Coordination Cente

CCSAOOO 10/12/2011    10/11/2011     Threatening letters sent to    Closed and               On 10/11/2011 an employee of the                                 called the Sacramento
01834                                                               Referred                  Police Department to report they had received a letter from an individual named_
                                                                                             _       The investigating officer from the Navy reviewed the letter and found it to be

CCSAOOO 10/12/2011    10/12/2011     Unidentifiable suspicious      For                      On 10/10/2012 Sacramento County Sheriff's Department deputies responded to a report
01833                                male                           Information              of a male who had been assaulted. The suspect is a Middle Eastern male who deputies
                                                                    Only                     can not identify. The suspect practices mixed martial arts who practices to mixed mar

CCSAOOO 10/11/2011    9/26/2011      Two Customers Followed     For                          Two citizens reported being followed home from                       Range in Chico, CA
01832                                Home on Separate Occasions Information                  during the week of 9/26/2011. One of the victims was identified. No suspect(s)
                                                          Chico Only                         information is available at this time.

CCSAOOO 10/11/2011    10/7/2011      Suspicious Couple Falsely     eGuardian      Yes        On 10/7/2011, a couple entered the Maternity Unit at                     in Chico, CA
01831                                Reports Female is in Labor at Entry                     and claimed that the woman was eight months pregnant and in labor. The woman was
                                                                                             examined and the medical center staff was unsure whether or not she was actually
                                     Chico                                                   pregn
CCSAOOO 10/11/2011    10/3/2011      Bomb Threat Call Made to       For                      On 3 October 2011, an unidentified subject called in a bomb threat to food service
01830                                _ H i g h School in            Information              number a t _ H i g h School in Citrus Heights, CA. The number called at Mesa
                                     Citrus Heights                 Only                     Verde is not a publicly known number. This incident is in addition to a gun threat call th

CCSAOOO 10/11/2011   10/10/2011      TSC Hit during probation       eGuardian     Yes        On 10/10/2011 at approximately 0305, TSC subject                          (DOB:_
01829                                violation arrest _ _           Entry                    (SSN:~as arrested by
                                                                                             Department at the subject's home located

CCSAOOO 10/10/2011   10/9/2011       Suspicious individual outside Closed and                On 10/9/2011 at approximately 2330, an Avenal Police Officer observed a suspicious
01828                                of Avenal Courthouse          Referred                  male, Cuauhutemoc_DOB:_ sitting in his vehicle in front of the
                                                                                             Avenal Court House. The vehicle was a blue 1 9 9 2 _ w i t h Washington plates,

CCSAOOO 10/10/2011   10/7/2011       Suspicious stolen truck        eGuardian     Yes        On 10/7/2011 at approximately 0700, a technician at the Tracy Defense Logistics Agency
01827                                recovered at the Tracy         Entry                    facility reported by a suspicious truck abandoned on Banta Road at the facility. It
                                     Defense Logistics Agency                                appeared that the truck had been there for several hours. DLP Police determined th

                                               Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 10/10/2011   10/7/2011   Lasing of aircraft inbound to   eGuardian    Yes        On 10/7/2011 at approximately 2200, an incomi,ng                     aircraft was lased
01826                            Chico Municipal Airport         Entry                   with a green laser light. The aircraft was inbound to Chico Municipal Airport at about 5-7
                                                                                         miles south of the airport and at an altitude of approximately 5,000-6,000ft. T

CCSAOOO 10/10/2011   10/8/2011   Text message threat to fly to eGuardian      Yes        On 10/8/2011, 24-year old subject,                  ( D O B : _ sent a text
01825                            Denver and shoot thousands Entry                        message to his mother indicating that he was planning to fly to Denver and shoot
                                 of people                                               thousands of people, including TSA personnel. _specified that he was not
                                                                                         fantasizing a
CCSAOOO 10/6/2011    10/6/2011   Identified subject in custody eGuardian      Yes        On October 6,2011 CHP received a call from a Lieutenat at the California Youth
01824                            at California Youth Authority Entry                     Authority. An identified subject in custody at CYA had made statements of a bomb plot
                                 made bomb plot statements                               against two high schools. Further investigation is being conducted by Stockton/Modesto
                                 against two high schools                                F

CCSAOOO 10/6/2011    10/1/2011   presence of two survivalist  eGuardian       Yes        On 10/06/2011 the TLO-C from Tulare County advised CCIC of the presence of two
01823                            type groups in Tulare County Entry                      groups that appear to be Christian and Survivalist in nature. One of the groups appears
                                                                                         to be progressing and becoming more active. The information was given as more of an
CCSAOOO 10/6/2011    10/4/2011   Suspicious emails sent to      For                      On 10/04/2011 authorities at Yosemite National Park received several strange emails;
01822                            officials at Yosemite National Information              one in particular discussed the Environmental Protection Agency and the writers
                                 Park                           Only                     disappointment to their response to the nuclear crisis in Japan.
CCSAOOO 10/6/2011    10/2/2011   Suspicious males shooting       eGuardian    Yes        On 10/02/2011 Tulare County Sheriffs deputies were waved down by a concerned
01821                            guns                            Entry                   citizen who reported shots fired in the vicinity. The deputy responded to property
                                                                                         where several middle eastern males admitted to shooting firearms on the property. The
CCSAOOO 10/5/2011    10/5/2011   Middle Eastern males seen      For                      On 10/02/11 the Roseville Police Department recieved a report regarding two males of
01818                            pOinting at large fuel storage Information              Middle Eastern descent who were seen in the parking lot
                                 tanks and talking              Only                     pointing at large fuel storage tanks in the nearby train yard. After some time the tw

CCSAOOO 10/3/2011    9/4/2011    identified subject injured due eGuardian     Yes        On 09/04/2011 an identified victim was transported to                     by friends
01816                            to an unknown explosion -      Entry                    due to a severe hand injury from an unknown explosion. The cause of the explosion was
                                 conflicting explanations to                             unclear and no further informaiton was available from the victim due to sedation.

                                 cause of explosion

CCSAOOO 10/3/2011    10/2/2011   suspicious activity by Middle Closed and     Yes        On 10/02/2011 an off-duty Correctional Officer and his son, a member of the Army,
01815                            Eastern male               in Referred                  observed a Middle Eastern male i n _ a t Santa Clarita, California acting
                                 Santa Clarita, CA                                       suspiciously. When the subject noticed he was being observed by the complainants, he
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title            Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 10/3/2011     9/29/2011      Middle Eastern employees at eGuardian      Yes        On 09/29/2011 a Tulare County Sheriff's Sergeant was questioned by two unidentified
01814                                a gas station inquire about Entry                     Middle Eastern males working at a gas station about how to get out of state drivers
                                     how to get out of state                               licenses. The subjects also wanted to know if the Agriculture Check Stations checked"
                                     driver's licenses - appear
CCSAOOO 9/30/2011     9/29/2011      Suspicious male takes photos eGuardian     Yes        On 9/29/2011, a Sacramento PO Officer observed a male subject standing on the
01813                                of railroad                  Entry                    shoulder of the overpass of east bound CA HWY 160 where there is no pedestrian
                                                                                           walkway and saw a male subject taking photos of the railroad crossing. The subject was
CCSAOOO 9/30/2011     9/7/2011       Suspicious male subject pays For                      On 9/7/2011 male subject                                             produced a
01812                                for membership with          Information              counterfeit $100 bill when paying for a gym membership at_located in Clovis,
                                     counterfeit $100 bill        Only                     CA. The subject provided a US Visa as identification for the gym membership. Listed as
                                                                                           an ann
CCSAOOO 9/30/2011     9/28/2011      Suspicious visits to tour    eGuardian     Yes        On 9/28/2011, two individuals claiming to be from the Ministry of Education for Saudia
01811                                Sacramento schools           Entry                    Arabia requested a tour of SCUSD schools following a recent presentation by a local PE
                                                                                           teacher on_cable. The PE director escorted the 2 individuals onto the c

CCSAOOO 9/29/2011     9/27/2011                                   For                      On 9/27/2011 at approximately 0945, male citizen,              called the called the
01810                                                             Information                                            Sergeant First Class_answered the call. ~
                                                                  Only                     stated he was with he Library of Congress and inquired about SFC_knowle

CCSAOOO 9/27/2011     9/16/2011      Suspicious lost baggage       Closed                  On September 26, three passengers attempted to pick up lost baggage from an
01809                                originating from Saudi Arabia                         identified US Airline. According to one of the passengers, the lost bag contained
                                     possibly contains large                               150,000 in unknown currency.
                                     amount of cash.
CCSAOOO 9/26/2011    9/14/2011       Suspicious attempts to       eGuardian     Yes        On 9/14/1011, an employee
01808                                purchase fertilizer          Entry                    reported that a suspicious mal
                                                                                           purchase 10 Ibs. of a fertilizer called "UREA".          Alas initially referred to Low

CCSAOOO 9/23/2011    9/14/2011       Unidentified subject makes a eGuardian     Yes        On 9/23/2011, sgt~rom Redding Police Department reported that an
01807                                purchase of Redding PO       Entry                    unidentified subject made a purchase of Redding Police Department Badges to the Sun
                                     Police badges                                         Badge Company. Sg_learned of the purchase when the Sun Badge Company
                                                                                           sent the R
CCSAOOO 9/23/2011    9/22/2011       EI Dorado County receives    For                      On 9/22/2011, the EI Dorado County Development Services building located at 2850
01806                                package from unknown         Information              Fairlane Ct Bldg C Placerville, CA received a suspicious package from~ddressed to
                                     origin                       Only                                           addressed from_which is not located at the building. •

                                                  Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 9/22/2011     9/22/2011      Private citizen reports on     Closed                  On 9/22/2011, private citizen_reported to the CCIC that she is currently
01805                                father of German exchange                              housing a Palestinian German exchange student who has been keeping information from
                                     student                                                the rip regarding her father. The exchange student has been inconsistent with her stor

CCSAOOO 9/22/2011     9/19/2011      Suspicious subject asks for    eGuardian   Yes         On 9/19/2011, a suspicious male subject approached the ticket counter a t _
01804                                cheapest flight out of         Entry                   and asked an_employee "what is your cheapest flight from here." The
                                     Sacramento at Sacramento                               _mployee asked the subject where he wanted to go and the subject stated "anyw
                                     International Airport

CCSAOOO 9/21/2011     9/20/2011      Middle Eastern male            Closed                  On 20 September 2011, a possible Middle Eastern male driving a silver pick up truck
01803                                requested tour of Folsom                               requested a tour of Folsom Dam
CCSAOOO 9/21/2011     9/18/2011      Suspect arrested for shooting eGuardian    Yes         On 18 September 2011, an identified subject was arrested on suspicion for shooting
01802                                found in possession of an     Entry                    another person. Upon his arrest, he was found to be in possession of an assault rifle, a
                                     assault rifle, police scanner                          radio scanner with local law enforcement radio channels and police related magazin
                                     and magazines with Cal DOJ
                                     mailing labels

CCSAOOO 9/21/2011     9/21/2011      OUTREQ.                       Closed and
01801                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 9/20/2011     9/17/2011      Suspicious 11:11 stickers and eGuardian    Yes         On 19 September and 17 September 2011, Folsom Police Department Officers located
01800                                ornament found in parking     Entry                    suspicious 11:11 stickers and a 11:11 wooden plaque throughout two parking garages in
                                     garage in Folsom                                       Folsom, CA. Video surveillance is currently being reviewed to determine whether or not

CCSAOOO 9/20/2011     9/17/2011      Private Citizen witnessed      Closed      Yes         On 17 September 2011, a private citizen witnessed two males of possible Indian or
01798                                possible rockets and missles                           Pakistani descent loading possible rockets or missles into the trunk of a identified
                                     being loaded into a vehicle                            Nissan.

CCSAOOO 9/20/2011     9/18/2011      Subject with matching TSC      eGuardian   Yes         On 9/18/2011, a Modesto Police Department Officer initiated a vehicle stop on an
01797                                record encountered in          Entry                   individual for an illegal u-turn. During a routine check of the subject, it was revealed that
                                     Modesto, CA                                            he was a match to a TSC watchlist record. The s u b j e c t _ was driving a

CCSAOOO 9/20/2011     9/16/2011      Telephonic threat to DMV       Closed                  On 9/16/2011                         DaB_phoned the DMV call center in
01796                                                                                       Rocklin and stated that he was going to "Come down there and murder pvprunnp
                                                                                            suspect had his license suspended at the Sacramento DMV office
                                                                                            The Rockl
CCSAOOO 9/19/2011     6/28/2011      OUTRE.                         Closed
01795                                                                                 48
                                                Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 9/16/2011   9/15/2011    Private citizen reports that
01794                            two subjects were                Entry                   Center in Eureka to report that two subjects were currently en route to Glendale, CA to
                                 buying/selling meth to fund                              purchase meth to finance an al-Qaida operation to destroy t h e _ The rip s
CCSAOOO 9/15/2011   9/15/2011    private citizen reports drug     Closed and              A priviate citizen called to report a drug dealer that lives next door to her. RP was not
01793                            dealer - is not satisfied with   Referred                satisfied with the local law enforcement response to her complaints and felt that the
                                 local law enforcement                                    RTAC should coordinate and "do something about it". RP reported the activity
                                 response to her complaints

CCSAOOO 9/15/2011   9/15/2011    private citizen reports          eGuardian    Yes        A private citizen reported that an employee at a localliqor store frequented by the RP
01792                            suspicious activity and          Entry                   made some suspicious comments to him and showed him what appeared to be a
                                 comments made by an                                      phoney graduation certificate from the CHP.
                                 employee at a local liquor
CCSAOOO 9/15/2011   9/11/2011    Identified subject suspected For                         Sacramento Sheriff's Department is investigating an arson that occured at an apartment
01791                            of arson, may have served as Information                 complex on 09/11/2011. The person of interest may have served as a US Marine. RP
                                 a Marine                     Only                        requests confirmation to determine if subject did in fact serve as a Marine, when, an

CCSAOOO 9/14/2011   9/14/2011    Suspicious Individual in New     eGuardian    Yes        On 09/14/2011 Sac RTAC/CCIC received an email stating that an individual, living in New
01790                            York, New York                   Entry                   York, New York, may be here in the United States illegally. The complainant also stated
                                                                                          that they do not know how the individual affords such a lavish lifestyle even

CCSAOOO 9/14/2011   9/14/2011    Consitutionalist acts            eGuardian    Yes        Earlier in the month a subject was arrested for terrorist threats to subjects employed
01789                            erratically in courtroom;        Entry                   with the Board of Equalization in Redding California. On 09/14/2011 the subject showed
                                 walks out during                                         up to court proceedings, related to his earlier arrest, and began to act erratic
CCSAOOO 9/14/2011   9/13/2011    OUTREQ.                          Closed
CCSAOOO 9/14/2011   9/12/2011    Sword markings appearing         eGuardian    Yes
01787                            on m u l t i p l e _             Entry                   Sacramento International Airport, informed Sacramento County Deputies that he had
                                 aircraft                                                 been finding unusual markings, which appeared to be sword symbols, which could be
                                                                                          some type of
CCSAOOO 9/13/2011   11/17/2010   report of suspicious travel      eGuardian    Yes        09/08/2011 a fraud investigator for the San Joaquine County Human Services Agency
01786                            and documentation                Entry                   and Office of the District Attorney reported a series of contacts with two identified
                                                                                          subjects. Contact with the subjects began in November 2010. The investigator reports

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                           Activity

CCSAOOO 9/13/2011     9/13/2011      Perceived militant pictures    eGuardian     Yes        On 09/13/2011 the Sac RTAC/CCIC received information from California Department of
01785                                posted on_page                 Entry                    Corrections and Rehabilitation re: a _ p a g e and it's content. Reporting party
                                                                                             stated that while reviewing a Calfiornia Prison related_page, a posting calle

CCSAOOO 9/12/2011     9/10/2011      Suspicious behavior by Saudi Closed and                 On 9/10/11 at approximately 1447 hours, a Saudi Arabian National,_
01784                                National at The California   Referred                                                     D O B _ a t the Sacramento Airshow in
                                     Capital Air Show                                        Rancho Cordova was contacted by Law Enforcement Officers after he was found
                                                                                             changing into a flight suit in an
CCSAOOO 9/12/2011     9/10/2011      Suspicious circumstances     Closed and                 On 9/10/2011 at 1915 hours a white male adu
01783                                surrounding male traveler at Referred                   _approached the_ticket counter at Sacramento International Airport
                                     Sacramento International                                Terminal A to buy a one-way cash ticket. The subject had no idea where he wanted to
                                     Airport                                                 go and t
CCSAOOO 9/12/2011     9/11/2011      Suspicious male taking videos eGuardian      Yes        On 09/11/2011 myself and Deput~were contacted by a TSA BDO officer at the
01782                                at Sacramento airport         Entry                     Sacramento Airport. The officer stated that a lady passenger had told him that a man
                                                                                             was filming the terminal from the parking garage. A Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy
CCSAOOO 9/12/2011     9/11/2011      Unattended Bag Causes        eGuardian       Yes        The Fresno Coordination Center (FAT TSA) reported that on 9/11/11 at approximately
01781                                Amtrak Service Disruption in Entry                      1445 hours, a High Visibility Activity (HVA)operation involving the Fresno Police, TSA
                                     Fresno                                                  Surface Inspectors, and others commenced at the Fresno Amtrak Station, located at 265

CCSAOOO 9/12/2011     9/10/2011      Citize                         For                      Feeling pulse generated electro magnetic fields, was sleeping and woke her up.
01780                                believes to be a victim of     Information              Vibrations pulsing at her body generated by heat, shocks her._lives at~
                                     pulse generated                Only                     _Carmichael, CA. Caller believed to be incoherent second call in one week.
                                     electromagnetic fields
CCSAOOO 9/12/2011    9/9/2011        Possible telephonic bomb       eGuardian     Yes        On 09-09-2011 at approximately 1520, a male with a Middle Eastern accent called the
01779                                threat to the Board of         Entry                    office of the Board of Equalization_ Sacramento, CA 95811, and identified
                                     Equalization                                            himself as a "terrorist." The caller spoke broken English and was not clear. The

CCSAOOO 9/12/2011    8/28/2011       OUTREQUES~                     Closed
CCSAOOO 9/9/2011     9/9/2011        Suspicious vehicle observed eGuardian        Yes        A private citizen observed two men, possibly of Middle Eastgern decent, at
01777                                at Manteca~as station Entry                             gas station in Manteca, CA on 9/9/2011. The men were driving a vehicle with New York
                                                                                             State plates. The citizen is aware of the current terrorist threat to the NY and D

CCSAOOO 9/9/2011     9/9/2011        Male subjects defrauds         For                      Subject                  defrauded victim                   out of a large sum of money
01776                                victim during the sale of an   Information              during the sale of an aircraft. The total amount the victim was defrauded was $120000.
                                     airplane                       Only                     The victim stated that after purchase of the aircraft, the aircraft would be shipped t

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

01775                          attempt to steal equipment      Entry                    an attempted theft at his company. Upon being contacted by the rip party, the subjects
                                                                                        sped away in their black two door Hyundai type vehicle,_ The incident wa

CCSAOOO 9/9/2011   9/9/2011    Private citizen overhears       eGuardian     Yes
01774                          possible threat to the          Entry
                               President of the US

CCSAOOO 9/9/2011   9/7/2011    CHP Contact with possible       For                      On 9/7/2011, CHP Officer made an enforcement stop on subj
01773                          Sovereign Citizen               Information                                 Upon contact, the CHP officer noticed that the subjects COL on
                                                               Only                     which the license # had been crossed out and in its place was w r i t t e n _
                                                                                        possibly r
CCSAOOO 9/9/2011   9/8/2011    Unidentified subject calls      For                      On 9/9/2011,                    from the Defense Logistics Agency reported to the CCIC
01772                          requesting address              Information              that an unidentified female had called his home and spoke to his wife stating that she
                                                               Only                     was from the post office and needed to verify the address for a package to be deliv

CCSAOOO 9/9/2011   9/8/2011    Male subject causing            Closed and               On 9/8/2011, Lodi Police Department responded to a disturbance call at t h e _
01771                          problems a t _                  Referred                 _located a t _ Lodi, CA. The reporting party reported to the
                                                                                        responding Officer that a male subject had been a disruptive presence with his sermons
CCSAOOO 9/8/2011   8/21/2011   liquid and granulated           eGuardian     Yes        On 09/08/2011 San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department called to report they had just
01770                          fertilizer stolen from a farm   Entry                    received a report of a fertilizer theft from a farm in Lodi, Ca. The theft was not reported
                                                                                        until 08/31/2011 and the theft occured aprox. 10 days prior to that on 08/21/

CCSAOOO 9/8/2011   9/2/2011    suicidal subject in possession eGuardian      Yes        On Friday, September 2, 2001 Porterville Police Department responded to the call of an
01769                          of a grenade                    Entry                    identified subject stating he was in possession of a grenade and that he wanted to kill
                                                                                        himself. The subject was in posession of a "blank" military grenade that he fil

CCSAOOO 9/8/2011   9/8/2011    Private citizen reports         eGuardian     Yes        On 09/08/2011 a private citizen contacted the CCIC to report his concerns over an
01768                          suspicious "middle eastern      Entry                    identified subject the RP claims is in the country illegally. RP is concerned becuase the
                               man" without legal status                                subject is "middle eastern", has a pilots license, and is believed to have bio-che

CCSAOOO 9/8/2011   9/8/2011    OUTREQ.                         Closed
CCSAOOO 9/8/2011   9/7/2011    Suspicious attempt by           Closed and
01766                          individual in Pakistan to rent Referred                  Storage in Las Vegas, NV.
                               a storage facility in Las Vegas                          1330 hrs saying that a                    lives in the United Kingdom and wants to rent a
                                                                                   51   10
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 9/7/2011      9/7/2011       Threatening email to the CA    For                      On 09/07/2011 Sacramento Police Department recieved a call from a complainant from
01765                                Teamsters Public Affairs       Information              the California Teamsters Public Affairs Council stating that they had received a
                                     Council.                       Only                     threatening email from a subject. The subject claimed he knew how to sabotage a truck
                                                                                             on a
CCSAOOO 9/7/2011      9/6/2011       Male subject sends             Closed                   Subject                            sent two suspicious letters to the California National
01764                                suspicious letters to                                   Guard located at_Sacramento, CA the second letter having been sent on
                                     California National Guard                               9/6/2011. The subject ranted in the letters about medical terrorists and what terrorist

CCSAOOO 9/7/2011      9/6/2011       DEA Agent has equipment        eGuardian     Yes        Victim is a DEA agent and discovered his bullet proof vest with "DEA" and "POLICE" on
01763                                stolen from take home          Entry                    the front of the vest, three 15 round Glock magazines fully loaded, handcuffs, knife and
                                     vehicle                                                 ASP batton were stolen from his take home vehicle. Victims gun was not taken.

CCSAOOO 9/7/2011      9/1/2011       Increased flight activity at a For                      On 09/07/2011, CCIC/Sac RTAC received an email from a private citizen stating she lives
01762                                private airport in Fresno, CA. Information              2 blocks west of the Sierra Sky Park, which has a private airport in a residential area. Per
                                                                    Only                     the complainant, the airport is usually very quiet; however during the la

CCSAOOO 9/7/2011     9/6/2011        Two IEDs found under Placer eGuardian        Yes        On the morning of 6 September 2011, two chemical devices were found under a marked
01761                                County Sheriff's Department Entry                       Placer County Patrol unit parked in an unsecured lot in front of the South Placer
                                     marked vehicle                                          Substation in Loomis, CA. Both devices were identical and constructed of a two liter soda

CCSAOOO 9/6/2011     9/3/2011        Suspicious email from Hacker Closed and                 On 3 September, a member of

01760                                claiming to be from          Referred                                  Information Technology staff received an email from a hacker claiming
                                     Anonymous sent to                                       to be from Anonvmous stating the                  site was hacked.

CCSAOOO 9/6/2011     9/3/2011        Suspicious Conversation        Closed and               On the weekend of 3 September 2011, an identified reporting party overheard his
01759                                Overheard                      Referred                 neighbor involved in a suspicious phone conversation. The neighbor, one of 4 young
                                                                                             clean cut Middle Eastern males, was speakingexcitedly in a foreign language. The
CCSAOOO 9/1/2011     8/31/2011       vandalism to van at~           eGuardian     Yes        08/31/2011 a rock was thrown through the window of a van parked at the~
01758                                                               Entry                                      in Chico, CA. No suspect leads at this time. It does not appear that
                                                                                             access to the vehicle was made.
CCSAOOO 9/1/2011     8/27/2011       Private citizen contacted by   eGuardian     Yes        08/27/2011 a private citizen operating a business conducting law enforcement and
01757                                subjects requesting firearms   Entry                    firearms training was contacted by two subjects requesting training and Concealed
                                     trianing and concealed                                  Weapons Permits for California and Utah. Both men were airplane pilots and American
                                     weapons permits - citizen                               citizen
                                     concerned about legitimacy
                                     of subjects

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title               Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 9/1/2011      8/31/2011      Subject with possible ties to   For                      On 08/31/2011 a Tracy Police Officer reported that they received information from an
01756                                outlaw motorcycle gangs         Information              identified citizen from Tracy, CA that an identified subject may have filed a fradulent
                                     may have unauthorized           Only                     report of a stolen motorcycle from Alameda, CA that was to be sold to the Hells
                                     access to sensitive databases
                                     for criminal purposes

CCSAOOO 9/1/2011      9/1/2011       private citizen reports       Closed                     08/31/2011 a private citizen reported to the RTAC that she translated an Arabic
01755                                possible suspcious posting on                            comment on her friend's_page "Six de Secretary Powell" that appeared to be
                                                                                              out of context for the photograph that was commented on. She was unsure what the
                                                                                              posting m
CCSAOOO 8/30/2011     8/26/2011      Male subject calls California   eGuardian     Yes        On 26 August 2011, subject_called the California National Guard Joint
01754                                National Guard HQ with          Entry                    Force Headquarters in Sacramento several times to report of a conspiracy theory that
                                     conspiracy theory's                                      there were symbols across the country that indicated that there were terrorist attacks

CCSAOOO 8/29/2011     3/1/2011       Pilot may be a "licensed     Closed and                  On Friday, August 26, 2011, a Special Agent with the FAA reported that a certified airline
01753                                medical marijuana dealer" in Referred                                                    D O B : _ may be conducting illegal marijuan
                                     California                                               trafficki ng.          was hired in January 2011 to fly fO~in

CCSAOOO 8/29/2011     8/25/2011      45 propane tanks stolen from eGuardian        Yes        In the early morning hours on Thursday, 8/25/2011, unknown subject(s) cut the lock off
01752                                two different stores in Fresno Entry                     of a _ p r o p a n e storage container outside of t h e _ s t o r e in
                                     within two days                                          Fresno, and stole 24 full six-gallon propane tanks. On the evening of Friday, 8/

CCSAOOO 8/26/2011    8/10/2011       contact made with subject       For                      On 08/10/2011 Chico Police Department arrested a subject for driving under the
01751                                claiming to be a Sovereign      Information              influence of alcohol. During the contact with law enforcement, the subject claimed to
                                     Citizen                         Only                     be a Sovereign Citizen.
CCSAOOO 8/26/2011    8/25/2011       suspicious subject requesting eGuardian       Yes        On 08/25/2011 an identified subject approached the gate at Beale AFB saying he wanted
01750                                entry to Beale AFB            Entry                      to "look around". The subject had no valid reason why he wanted access to the base.
                                                                                              The subject said his friend, who was assigned to the base told him about it. The s

CCSAOOO 8/24/2011    8/24/2011       Possible human trafficking of For                        _ t h e Bureau Chief for the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
01749                                locksmiths                    Information                reported to the CCIC that unlicensed locksmiths here in the United States illegally. These
                                                                   Only                       individuals are reportedly sent from the Middle East with the assistance of ind

CCSAOOO 8/24/2011    8/23/2011       Suspicious upside down        For                        On an unspecified date, a big rig was seen by a personal associate of a Clovis PD officer
01748                                American Flag seen on big rig Information                travelling on highway 99 with what appeared to be an upside down American Flag
                                                                   Only                       sticker on its side. The Officer (NFl) believes the upside down flag is a sign of di

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCiC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 8/23/2011     8/23/2011      Telephonic Threat to Defense eGuardian      Yes        At approximately 0650 on 8/23/2011, an unknown male called the main entry control
01747                                Logistics Agency in Tracy    Entry                     phone n u m b e _ o r the Defense Logistics Agency in Tracy located at
                                                                                            25600 Chrisman Road, Tracy, CA 95367. Office~answered the call. The
CCSAOOO 8/22/2011     8/21/2011      Individuals under suspicion   For                      On 8/21/2011, Roseville Police attempted to conduct an enforcement stop on a green
01746                                for arson flee in vehcile     Information              1995~(Lic~ for suspicion of arson at a local elementary school. The
                                                                   Only                     vehicle with three male occupants fled and Roseville officers briefly pursued the vehicle

CC5AOOO 8/22/2011     8/22/2011      OUTREQ                        Closed and
01745                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 8/22/2011     8/2/2011       Male subject shoots bus on 1- For                      On 8/2/2011 a Yolo County Transportation District (YCTD) bus was traveling southbound
01744                                5                             Information              on 1-5 in Sacramento was shot at with a possible Air Soft rifle from a _ v a n .
                                                                   Only                     Three passengers on the YCTD bus reported seeing a white male in his 30's lean 0

CCSAOOO 8/19/2011     8/15/2011      Unidentified subject(s)       eGuardian     Yes        Sometime between Monday 8/15 and Thursday 8/17 an unidentified subject(s) broke
01743                                breaks into remote            Entry                    into a remote powerhouse for the Placer County Water Agency located at 9200
                                     powerhouse and steal                                   Blacksmith Flat Rd. Foresthill, CA and stole seven spare copper windings for the
                                     copper.                                                generator. The uni
CCSAOOO 8/18/2011     8/18/2011      OUTREQ.                       Closed and
01742                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 8/18/2011     8/16/2011      Camera equipment theft at     eGuardian     Yes        On 08/16/2011, the Water Management Section at Success Dam discovered thr camera
01741                                Success Dam                   Entry                    that monitors outflow from the dam was stolen. Access to the dam and tower is
                                                                                            restricted; however the reporting party noted that it is possible to access the area by
CCSAOOO 8/17/2011    8/13/2011       Suspicious photography of     eGuardian     Yes        On Saturday, 8/13/11 at approx. 1745 hrs., while monitoring the cameras on the 11th
01740                                DOJ building                  Entry                    floor Office~observed an individual on CAMERA #9 approach the sliding
                                                                                            door window of the building, peeped inside, and then appeared to be taking pictures 0

CCSAOOO 8/17/2011    8/17/2011       TSC Hit on                    eGuardian     Yes
01739                                                              Entry                    SUBJ
                                                                                            95928. CA DL.
                                                                                            ASSUALT OF HIS

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 8/16/2011     8/16/2011      subject called a private       eGuardian     Yes        A private citizen received a phone call from an unknown male subject, later identified as
01738                                citizen and made a threat      Entry                    _ ( D O B : _ saying he knew how much voltage a light rail train
                                     about blowing up light rail                             used and that he was going to blow it up._made the phone call while staying a
                                     trains - subject was in a
                                     mental health facility when
                                     phone call was made

CCSAOOO 8/16/2011     8/1/2011       Papers found in business        Closed                  Papers found in the Winco parking lot contained Arabic script writing, building diagram
01737                                parking lot with Arabic script,                         and mathematical calculations. Original papers booked into evidence, services report
                                     building diagram and                                    written with photocopies of the papers attached.
                                     mathematical calculations

CCSAOOO 8/16/2011     8/16/2011      vehicle seen with what         eGuardian     Yes        A detective from Sacramento Police Department observed a new, white_pickup
01736                                appeard to be chemicals in     Entry                    truck pull over abruptly to the side of the road. He observed three drums of what were
                                     the back - driver appeard to                            preceived as chemicals as well as a shrink wrapped crate in the back of the truck. Th
                                     be Arabic
CCSAOOO 8/16/2011     8/10/2011      suspicious subject seen          eGuardian   Yes        For the past month an identified subject has been seen sitting in his vehicle at the RT

01735                                several times in RT (light rail) Entry                  parking lot. R/P believes the subject may have been casing the area or possibly stalking
                                     parking lot                                             an RT employee. Subject claimed to be watching for stray cats to feed them.

CCSAOOO 8/15/2011     8/12/2011      Unidentified subject shoots    eGuardian     Yes                         Manager of Compliance for the Redding_called in to the
01733                                out a sign at t h e _          Entry                    CCIC to report that on 8/12/2011 an unidentified subject shot out with a shotgun a sign

CCSAOOO 8/15/2011
                     8/15/2011       Suspicious male solicits
                                                                                             at the main gate of the

                                                                                                                                          The sign was shot twice, once from a f

                                                                                             A Private citizen reported that a female friend of his was friend requested
                                                                                             by a suspicious male subject. The male subject asked the female friend to marry him.
                                                                                             Upon research conducted by the reporting party of the male subject's friends list,

CCSAOOO 8/15/2011    8/12/2011       Chico PO receives email        eGuardian     Yes        On 12 August 2011, the Chico Police Department received a threatening email from a
01731                                threatening release of         Entry                    group identifying themselves as Antisec. In the email, the group Antisec states that
                                     private information                                     "Since the Chico police have decided to ignore the desires of the people we have taken

CCSAOOO 8/12/2011    8/12/2011       Possible radicalized male      eGuardian     Yes        Deputy_and I came in contact with subject who had been 242'd by his older
01730                                subject                        Entry                    brother. They are Palestinian and his mother and father had migrated here in the 90's.
                                                                                             Our victim has a drug problem and was trying to get help for his addiction which app

01729                           Folsom Prison
                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                              -                                                                              arrested after he
                                                                                         had entered onto the property of Folsom State Prison. The R/P believes that the subject
                                                                                         may be involved in copper theft or smuggling contraband onto Folsom State Prison.

CCSAOOO 8/11/2011
                    8/11/2011   suspicious occupied vehicle
                                near Folsom Dam

                                                                                         On 08/11/2011 two male subjects were in a mini van near Folsom Dam. They were
                                                                                         contacted by Folsom Police Department and said they were checking cellular signal
                                                                                                            Inside the vehicle were computers and a map of the dam.

CCSAOOO 8/11/2011   8/10/2011   break-in and theft of           eGuardian     Yes        On 10 August 2011 unknown subjects broke into Success Dam and Lake gauging station
01727                           equipment at a critial          Entry                    and took Orbit 12 volt deep cycle batteries. The Lower Tule Irrigtion District and the
                                infrastructure facility owned                            Fraint Kern Water Users Authority had five other break-ins of gauging stations and b

                                by the US Army Corps of
CCSAOOO 8/10/2011   8/10/2011   TSC Hit _ _                     eGuardian     Yes        CHP Office~pulled over subject                                             on the
01726                                   Sacramento              Entry                    corner of Walnut Ave and Robertson in Sacramento for driving while talking on a cell
                                                                                         phone. Subject_id not have a valid DL and was cited for driving w/o a valid DL.
CCSAOOO 8/10/2011   8/4/2011    OUTRE_                          Closed and
01725                                                           Referred
CCSAOOO 8/10/2011   8/5/2011    OUTREQ.                         Closed
CCSAOOO 8/10/2011   8/10/2011   OUTREQ.                         Closed and
01723                                                           Referred
CCSAOOO 8/10/2011   8/8/2011    Sighting of three_              For                      On 8/8/11, Firefighter            spotted three all white trucks matching the
01722                           Rental Trucks in Elk Grove      Information              description o_rental trucks that were previously reported stolen near Babson
                                Matching Those of Trucks        Only                     Drive at approximately Benedix Way in the Elk Grove Laguna West area. This occurred at
                                Previously Reported Stolen,                              ju
                                Early August 2011
CCSAOOO 8/9/2011    8/9/2011    Subject parked vehicle in     eGuardian       Yes        On Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at approximately 1050 hours, an identified female parked
01719                           front of Sacramento County Entry                         her vehicle in front of the Sacramento County Main Jail, approached security officers
                                Main Jail and claimed to have                            and stated there was a bomb in her car. Both the female subject and her male compani
                                a bomb
CCSAOOO 8/9/2011    8/7/2011    Suspicious Item Spotted Near eGuardian        Yes        On 7 August 2011, at 1728 hours,
01718                           ~Tracks Near Keddie, CA, Entry                           Senior Patrolman reported telephonically that at 1656 hours, a suspicious item was
                                7 August 2011                                            discovered on a railroad bridge at Milepost"in the Gateway Subdivision in Keddie,

                                                               - ..
                                             Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 8/9/2011   8/7/2011    Suspicious Individual Spotted
01717                          at_ _ racks Near Keddie,
                               CA, 8 August 2011                                       unidentified white male was observed walking into a tunnel with a camera, near MP

CCSAOOO 8/9/2011   8/8/2011    Suspicious Photography at  eGuardian         Yes        On 8/8/11, two unidentified female subjects were seen taking pictures of the front of
01715                          the US Army Corps of       Entry                        the US Army Corps of Engineers building located a t _ s u b j e c t s were seen
                               Engineers HQ in Sacramento                              leaving the area in a possible White_with California License plates_A r

CCSAOOO 8/9/2011   7/21/2011   Lead information called into    Closed and              Information was sent to several California Fusion centers, including the CCIC on persons
01714                          North Carolina Bureau of        Referred                possibly involved in criminal activity. Information was called into the North Carolina
                               Investigation regarding                                 Bureau of Investigation and through an analysis of the provided information, s
                               possible criminal offenses

CCSAOOO 8/9/2011   8/7/2011    Suspicious stickers found on    eGuardian    Yes        On 8/7/2011 at 0956, a Sheriff assigned to Folsom Dam Security Detail was checking the
01713                          security barrier at the         Entry                   vehicle barrier on the west end of the Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam when an adult male
                               Mormon Island Auxiliary                                 and adult female directed the officers attention to stickers on the barrier and as
CCSAOOO 8/8/2011   8/8/2011    Paintball Arena obscured by     eGuardian    Yes        For the past month, Sergeant                   observed what appeared to be the
01712                          a net located next to a         Entry                   construction of a paintball arena located next to a _ o f f o~ On
                               religious center                                        8/8/2011, Sgt~berved construction of the arena is complete and it is obscured by
                                                                                       black netti
CCSAOOO 8/8/2011   8/4/2011    Suspicious Letter Received by eGuardian      Yes        The United States                                  received a suspicious letter, early
01711                                                        Entry                     August 2011. The letter is poorly written but contains several mentions of the words
                                                                                       "terrorist" and "kill." The author, Thanh Phan printed his name, social security nu

CCSAOOO 8/5/2011   8/5/2011    OUTRE.                          Closed and
01710                                                          Referred
CCSAOOO 8/5/2011   8/1/2011    Discovery of Suspicious         Closed                  On 8/1/2011, a folder containing three pieces of paper was found in
01709                          Diagrams in Placer County,                              at                     Roseville, CA. The papers appear to have Arabic writing on them.
                               August 2011                                             Among the paperwork is what appears to be a drawing of a piece of property or a

CCSAOOO 8/4/2011   8/3/2011    Suspicious postcard             eGuardian    Yes        On 3 August, ATF received a second postcard with suspicious text f r o m _
01706                          containing suspicious text      Entry                   _ ' that read: "Warning: organized terroris crime gangs such as the italian catholic
                                                                                       mafia, hells angels, church of satan and all the others are in a state of

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the    eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 8/4/2011      8/2/2011       Active Shooter Threat to      eGuardian     Yes        On 2 Aug, Sgt First Class_showed up as a walk in at the Community Behavioral
01705                                California National Guard     Entry                    Health Center in Fresno. While at the facility, he made violent threats to shoot people
                                     Headquarters                                           at the California National Guard Joint Forces HQ and also had written diagrams

CCSAOOO 8/4/2011      8/2/2011       Subject s e n d i n _         eGuardian     Yes        **THIS INFORMATION WAS DELAYED BEING INPUT INTO MEMEX DUE TO TECHNICAL
01704                                Professor strange books and   Entry                    ISSUES AND UPGRADES OF THE MEMEX SYSTEM ON 08/03/2011 *** I have a Suspicious
                                     leaving odd phone messages                             Circumstances case against               rofessor who was sent a book called "I
                                                                                            dare to call him
CCSAOOO 8/3/2011      8/3/2011       Subject tried to gain         Closed and    Yes        At this time there is little information;however, Tracy DLA contacted S g t . _ b y
01702                                entrance to DOD Facility      Referred                 telephone to report that a subject was attempting to gain entry into the facility. Per
                                                                                            Tracy DLA guidelines they must enter this information into e-Guardian, which t

CCSAOOO 8/3/2011      8/3/2011       Subject making threats to     eGuardian     Yes        SSD responded to a call where a subject made very vague, non-specific threats
01701                                Colleges re: a "Columbine"    Entry                    referencing Columbine after he was kicked out o~and_ After
                                     style attack                                           consulting with CSU Police we determined there was no 422 (Threats/Hate Crime) want,
                                                                                            nor was
CCSAOOO 8/2/2011      7/19/2011      OUTREQ                        Closed
CCSAOOO 8/2/2011      8/1/2011       Individual that has expressed eGuardian     Yes
01699                                desires to kill/bomb Jews     Entry                    the California Department of Justice/ Intelligence Operations Program. She was
                                     learning to fly airplanes                              concerned becase her son was learning to fly planes and had expresed desires to kill/

CCSAOOO 8/1/2011     7/30/2011       Possible drug trafficking from Closed and              An anonymous tip was submitted to the Nevada DPS website regarding an unidentified
01698                                Nevada to the Bay Area         Referred                Nevada resident possibly involved in drug trafficking. The tip indicates that the subject
                                                                                            travels from a rural mountain location near Calfornia's Bay Area that is suspecte

CCSAOOO 8/1/2011

CCSAOOO 7/28/2011

                                     Male with a knife threatens
                                     to kill customers at
                                                     Elk Grove

                                     Unidentified subject steals
                                                                   Closed and

                                                                   eGuardian     Yes
                                                                                            On 7/29/2011,

                                                                                            brandished a knife and told the customers that he was going to kill them all. Elk Gove
                                                                                                                                 (DOB_ began harrassing customers at a
                                                                                            _ e s t a u r a n t in Elk Grove, asking them if they were Catholic. He then

                                                                                            Sometime between 1330 on 7/24/2011 and 0600 on 7/25/2011 an unidentified subject
01696                                propane tanks                 Entry                    cut through the chainlink fence                         nco in Sacramento and stole 11
                                                                                            five gallon bottles of propane. The unidentified subject 1st attempted to cut through

CCSAOOO 7/27/2011    7/23/2011       Suspicious letter faxed to    eGuardian     Yes        On 7/23/2011 at 0435, the Woodland CHP office received a suspicious letter via fax. The
01695                                Woodland CHP office           Entry                    letter quality poor but the words "terrorist" and "kill" are used several times throughout
                                                                                            the letter. It appears to be addressed to "Federal Medical Detectives at t
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 7/26/2011     7/25/2011      Suspicious Conversation     eGuardian       Yes        An identified Employee of the US Army Corps of Egineers overheard a conversation in
01694                                overheard in Sacramento, CA Entry                      the restroom where an unidentified subject says to another unidentified subject, "what
                                                                                            kind of jihad wouldn't want to assassinate Obama, and get his 72 virgins." The two

CCSAOOO 7/26/2011     7/14/2011      Suspicious Accident at Shasta Closed        Yes        On 14 July 2011, a uniformed security officer contacted an identified subject onthe West
01693                                Dam                                                    side of Shasta dam that appeared injured. Subject advised he was driving his vehicle on
                                                                                            one of the dirt roads in the hills west of Shasta Dam and drove his vehicle 0

CCSAOOO 7/26/2011     7/22/2011      Suspicious Photography of  eGuardian        Yes        An identified US Army employee observed an unknown male walking in the back alley
01692                                Army Corps of Engineers HQ Entry                       behind the Army Corps of Engineers headquarters building and was seen taking pictures
                                     building in Sacramento                                 of the base of each building pillar, next to the loading dock and mail room area.

CCSAOOO 7/26/2011     7/25/2011      Pleasant Valley State Prison   eGuardian    Yes        On July 25, 2011, the TLO at Pleasant Valley State Prison reported receiving an e-mail
01691                                inmate sends letter of         Entry
                                     detailed bomb plot                                     Washington, DC. Inmate                        had written a letter requesting information
CCSAOOO 7/26/2011     7/26/2011      Suspicious Device found in    eGuardian     Yes        On 26 July 2011, an employee aSSigned to the main jail discovered a suspicious device in
01690                                front of Sacramento Main Jail Entry                    the cement flower planter along the court side portion of the Sacramento County Main
                                                                                            Jail. The object, later described as an empty toilet paper roll wrapped in a bro

CCSAOOO 7/25/2011     7/19/2011      TSCHITon_                      Closed and              _ f r o m the Terrorist Screening Center called the WSIN Watch Center regarding
                                                                                            a call from Office~regarding a vandalism case he has been working. He

01689                                _transferred to                Referred
                                     NCRIC                                                  conducted a field interview at 1830 on 07/19/2011 with a subject n a m e d _

CCSAOOO 7/25/2011     7/24/2011      Suspicious behavior of         eGuardian    Yes        On 7/24/2011 at approximately 1800,
01688                                exchange student to fly out    Entry                   D O B _ was seen by his sponsor,                   meeting with an unidentified
                                     of the country soon                                    Arab male in a black sedan, CA Lic~ in front of their residence a t "
CCSAOOO 7/21/2011     7/10/2011      group of males contacted by eGuardian       Yes        On 07/10/2011 a group of four males in Lassen National Forest were contacted b y _
01687                                security in Lassen National  Entry                                                   Security. The subjects appeared to have an SKS style rifle and
                                     Forest - possibly conducting                           an AR-15 sytle rifle in their possession. One subject claimed that they wer
                                     tactical practice and armed

CCSAOOO 7/21/2011    7/21/2011       subject aggressive to law      eGuardian    Yes        A known subject,                         ( D O B : _ has a history of shwoing
01686                                enforcement and civilians      Entry                   irrational and extreme dislike for law enforcement. He has been conforntational and
                                     attempting to get piolt's                              aggressive with law enforcement and civilians in the past. Subject has displayed white
                                     license                                                sup
                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012


CCSAOOO 7/20/2011

                                TSC Hit on

                                Uncooperative subject runs
                                from police, gets arrested,


                                                                                                                          from Tulare County Sheriffs
                                                                                                               pulled over a brown_truck licen
                                                                                          in Poplar, CA. Subject was pulled over for having an obstructed tag.

                                                                                          On 06-28-2011 at 0932 hrs, Officer_obse
                                                                                          m a l e , _ driving recklessly on Fairfield city streets       was stopped IFO
                                has Arabic writing in vehicle                             his r e s i d e n c e _ a y for the reckless driving violation. S- Abdel was
                                and in his garage

CCSAOOO 7/20/2011   7/18/2011   Subject taking pictures of       eGuardian                On 07-18-2011 at 2303 hrs, I (Office~ was assigned to the Elk Grove
01683                           passing trains                   Entry                    Police Departments Patrol Division. I was patrolling the area of Dwight RD and Franklin
                                                                                          Blvd in Elk Grove. INVESTIGATION: I drove westbound on Dwight Rd from

CCSAOOO 7/19/2011   7/12/2011   Suspicious surveillance at the eGuardian       Yes        A security guard at the Crane Valley Dam reported witnessing four men (dark skin,
01682                           Crane Valley Dam at Bass       Entry                      possibly hispanic/middle eastern) in a late 90's Forrest Green Jeep Grand Cherokee
                                Lake                                                      conducting what appeared to be surveillance around the construction area of the dam.
CCSAOOO 7/18/2011   7/16/2011   Vehicle with "Infidel" sticker   Closed                   On 7/16/2011, Special Agent                                          Police observed a
01681                           observed in Ripon                                         black_(CA L l C _ at the                                     in Ripon. All windows were
                                                                                          dark tint and only the head an upper face of the left rear passenger was visable through

CCSAOOO 7/18/2011   7/16/2011   Anti-Law Enforcement Email       For                      The CCIC received an anti-LE email from_titled, "Spit Into The Faces OfThe
01680                           received fro~                    Information              American People!" The email includes general accusations of police burtality, etc.
CCSAOOO 7/18/2011   7/18/2011   Outrequest.                      Closed and
01679                                                            Referred
CCSAOOO 7/14/2011   1/1/2009    Suspicious contact with          For
01678                           multiple local LE agencies       Information              Sacramento Sheriff's Department in 2009 has recently had suspicious contact with LE.
                                                                 Only                     on 3 July 2011, an unidentified subject attempted to get close to an active crime scene, a

CCSAOOO 7/14/2011   7/14/2011   OUTREQ.                          Closed and
01677                                                            Referred
CCSAOOO 7/13/2011   7/13/2011   Subject tries to gain access to eGuardian      Yes        ON 07/05/11 at approx at approx 1105 an individual approach the Defense Logistics
01676                           DOD Facility                    Entry                     Agency, Tracy Defense Depot's Main Gates primary inspection point requesting entry.
                                                                                          The gate was manned by a DLA Federal Police Officer. The subject handed the Officer,

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 7/12/2011     7/7/2011       Tip: Possible Narcotic/Cash Closed and
01675                                Smuggling from Tennessee to Referred                   anonymous female caller. She advised that                       who paroled from
                                     California via Commercial                              Hardeman County Correctional Facility on 11-9-2010, is flying out of state from Nashville
                                     Aircraft.                                              to Cali

CCSAOOO 7/12/2011     7/12/2011      50lbs of insecticide stolen   For                      On 06-28-11/0900 hrs. •Officer took a report from the                      of a grand
01674                                                              Information              theft of 50 pounds of dry Marathon Insecticide. The suspect broke into a locked cargo

                                                                   Only                     container and removed the insecticide between the dates of May 5, 2001 and the above

CCSAOOO 7/11/2011     7/7/2011       Unidentified subjects         eGuardian     Yes        Sometime over the 4th of July weekend 2011, unidentified subjects defacated on the
01673                                defacate                      Entry                    grounds of th                                            and created a swastika with
                                     grounds and draw out a                                 the defacation. The unidentified subjects redirected security cameras located at the
                                     swastika                                               tempi
CCSAOOO 7/11/2011     6/7/2011       Unidentified subject glues    eGuardian     Yes        Unidentified subject in Tehachapi glue's a 308 round onto a Union Pacific Railroad track.
01672                                308 round onto train tracks   Entry                    Complete report attached to MEMEX record.

CCSAOOO 7/11/2011     7/10/2011      Unidentified male subject     eGuardian     Yes        On Sunday 7/10/2011 at approximately 2216 hours, Main Jail Central Control employees
01671                                leaves helium tank outside    Entry                    Security Office_and Records Office~ noticed a male wearing a light colored
                                     main jail                                              Hoodie approach the west roll-up door with something in his hands, then walk away wi

CCSAOOO 7/8/2011      7/7/2011       Known 5150 Contacts CHP       eGuardian     Yes        A known 5150,                            called the ENTAC to report that he had bombs
01670                                ENTAC claiming to have        Entry                    in his backpack, in his car and other bombs were going to explode in cities in Europe.
                                     possession of bombs                                    ENTAC traced the call to Folsom and contacted Folsom PO who advised that they were
CCSAOOO 7/5/2011      7/5/2011       Suspicious emails received by Closed and               On July 5, 2011 several COCR employees have received e-mails from
01669                                COCR personnel                Referred                 from Egypt (see below for the content of the e-mail). I
                                                                                            business partner t o _ w h o was the former Interior minister of Egypt

CCSAOOO 7/5/2011      6/29/2011      Loud explosion followed by    eGuardian     Yes        Reporting p a r t y , _ Identified himself as "homeland security" called into
01668                                smoke and flames observed     Entry                    Kern County dispatch to reporting hearing a loud explosion followed by smoke and
                                     by off duty LEO                                        flames near a firing range. RP reporting seeing a green SUV leaving the area. Fire cr

CCSAOOO 6/30/2011     6/30/2011      Report of Sovereign Citizen   For
01667                                arrested - threats made to    Information              traffic stop and the solo occupant,                      (WMA,xret:            , was
                                     law enforcement, subject      Only                     viSibly intoxicated. When the officer made a secondary search for weapons prior to pi
                                     was under the influence of
                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 6/29/2011   6/29/2011   Report of possible suspicious eGuardian       Yes        R/P received information from                     hat a suspicous package ha_d arrived at
01666                           shipment from Orlando, FL to Entry                       their facility. The package was 900 Ibs and contained what appeard to be medical
                                San Jose, CA                                             rubber gloves from 20/10 The facility shipping the items was All Purpose

CCSAOOO 6/29/2011   6/22/2011   Lost or Stolen passport         Closed and               Report mailed to RTTAC. Reporting party filed a police report with Folsom PD after losing
01665                           reported to Folsom PD           Referred                 passport _           NFl) in order to have passport replaced.
CCSAOOO 6/29/2011   6/29/2011   suspicious activity reported    For                      Report from private citizen: There has been an escalation in occult crimes throughout
01664                           by private citizen regarding    Information              the state in connection US policy regarding border security, arms trafficking and
                                escalation in occult crimes -   Only                     corruption in the justice system ** full report attached as "Iead"**
                                reporting person appears to
                                be 5150

CCSAOOO 6/29/2011   6/29/2011   Two subjects arrested for       For                      Just after midnight this morning, several phone calls came into the sheriff's
01663                           placing IEDs made from          Information              communications center regarding loud explosions. A suspect was seen placing an
                                plastic bottles and powder      Only                     unknown device in a neighbor's mailbox prior to driving away, while a second suspect
                                from "Piccolo Petes" in                                  waited in a s
CCSAOOO 6/29/2011   6/17/2011   Significant copper cable theft eGuardian      Yes        Between 1600 on 6/17/2011 and 0630 on 6/20/2011, an unknown suspect cut and stole
01662                           from an emergency              Entry                     approximately 70 feet of 4-4 copper cable that ran between an emergency generator
                                generator and sewer pump in                              and a sewer pump at the City of Redding Sewer Facility. Had the pump been needed,
                                Redding                                                  the miss
CCSAOOO 6/29/2011   6/25/2011   a lit cannon fuse was located eGuardian       Yes        Butte County Fire responded to a report of a possible fire to the"electrical box on
01661                           in a"electrical box in a      Entry                      the north side of the parking lot, south 0                  in Chico, CA. Upon arrival they
                                business parking lot                                     found a suspicious fuse, connected to the box. The fuse was determined to

CCSAOOO 6/29/2011   6/28/2011   TSC hit on s u b j e c t _ eGuardian          Yes
01660                                                      Entry
                                                                                                                                       mento 95831 for citizen complaint on susp

CCSAOOO 6/28/2011   6/20/2011   Suspicious Email Received by Closed and                  Sacramento County Sheriffs Department employee,_received a suspicious
01659                           Sacramento Sheriffs          Referred                    email from an individual claiming to be affiliated with the FBI and IRS. The suspicious
                                Department Employee, June                                email is attached.
CCSAOOO 6/28/2011   6/24/2011   Fuel Theft from Gas Station     Closed and               On 24 June, 2011, subject             is reported to have stolen approximately 400
01658                           in Oxnard, Ca, June 2011        Referred                 gallons of fuel from the_Gas Station located at                                 Oxnard,
                                                                                         CA 93030. The subject was employed at the gas station until 2005. He is also as

                                                                   Activity Reports Recel. ... by the   eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date                 Title                DisPQsition eGuardian                                               Activitv

CCSAOOO 6/28/2011     6/23/2011      Unauthorized Individual           eGuardian     Yes        On 23 June 2011, an unauthorized individual was observed in the.section of the
01657                                Encountered in Restricted         Entry                    ramp at the Mather Airport. The individual ran when approached by.personnel and
                                     Area of Mather Airport, June                               scaled a six-foot fence on the north end of the ramp. Airport security personnel were un
CCSAOOO 6/28/2011     6/20/2011      Unidentified subject steals       For                      On 06-20-11, report                officers responded to a theft call. Per the gas station at
01656                                1500 gallons of diesel fuel       Information                                     Sacramento, at 0150hrs and 0440hrs, they were alerted to the fuel
                                                                       Only                     tank vendor alarms at their business. Unknown suspects siphoned/stole 1500 gallon

CCSAOOO 6/27/2011     6/24/2011      Suspicious email sent to CA       For                      On 6/24/2011, CA Secretary of State,               received a suspicious email from.
01655                                Secretary of State                Information                        self-identified as an alumnus of Stanford, SDSC, veteran with the Third
                                                                       Only                     Armored Division in Germany 1956-57, and writer in San Diego, CA. The email is sig

CCSAOOO 6/27/2011     6/16/2011      Propane tanks stolen in           eGuardian     Yes        Between 2230 on 6/16/2011 and 0650 on 6/17/2011, nine full five-gallon propane tanks
01654                                Porterville                       Entry                    and one empty propane tank were stolen from the                in the City of
                                                                                                Porterville. The unknown suspects cut the lock from an outside cage and removed the
                                                                                                tanks. S
CCSAOOO 6/27/2011     11/7/2010      OUTRE~                            Closed and               OUTRE~
01653                                                                  Referred
CCSAOOO 6/27/2011     6/23/2011      Suspicious Photography of         eGuardian     Yes        On 6/23/2011 at 1207, Sacramento County Sheriff Deputy,
01652                                airplanes at Sacramento           Entry                    responded to a call of several male subjects standing on the roof of a vehicle adjacent
                                     International Airport                                      to the outer perimeter fence of the Sacramento International Airport along a road that r

CCSAOOO 6/23/2011     6/22/2011      TSC Encounter - _                 eGuardian     Yes        Saeed, victim and match to TSC records, was the victim of an assault.
01651                                                                  Entry
CCSAOOO 6/22/2011     6/22/2011      TSC Hit                           eGuardian     Yes        The Terrorist Screening Center called the Sac RTAC re: a TSC subject encounter in
01650                                                                  Entry                    Sacramento. Sacramento Police Department were called to
                                                                                                Sacramento, CA 95831 by security guards who encountered an individual acting
                                                                                                suspicously. Securit
CCSAOOO 6/22/2011    6/2/2011        OUTRE~                            Closed
CCSAOOO 6/20/2011     6/20/2011      NCIC Check                        Closed                   REquest NCIC checks on subjects. List to follow. Name SSN DOB DL
01648                                                                                                                                         vir                               Special
                                                                                                Agent AFOSI Detachment                                  Office:                  ISN:

CCSAOOO 6/20/2011    6/19/2011       Two suspicious subjects           For                      Two subjects parked in front of the secured gate of the US Coast Guard facility located at
01647                                parked outSide of US Coast        Information              6037 Price Avenue. The security guard made contact and the driver told him "We are
                                     Guard Facility                    Only                     with a group here to lead the world." Security immedialty notified law

                                             Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 6/20/2011                                                          Yes

CCSAOOO 6/16/2011   6/16/2011   OUTRE.                       Closed and
01645                                                        Referred

CCSAOOO 6/14/2011   6/13/2011   TSC Encounter _ _            eGuardian     Yes
01643                                                        Entry                    ENCOUNTERED SU
                                                                                      DOB~,ADDRESS_AKERSFIELD, CA 93304, C D L _
                                                                                      SUBJECT TURNED HIMSELF IN AT THE PD BECAUSE HE BELIEVED HE HAD A WARRA

CCSAOOO 6/14/2011   6/4/2011    Humvee stolen from US Army For                        On the evening of Saturday, 6/4/2011 to the morning of Sunday, 6/5/2011, one Humvee
01642                           Reserve Center             Information                was stolen from the US Army Reserve Center located at                         Fresno.
                                                           Only                       The Humvee was painted green or sand color and had no license plates but did have a U

CCSAOOO 6/13/2011   6/12/2011   Suspicious device found in   eGuardian     Yes        Folsom Fire Dept/SSD EOD/Sac Metro HazMat 109/ Sac Co. EMD responded to a
01641                           parking lot at Lake Natoma   Entry                    suspicious container at in the parking lot of Negro Bar (Lake Natoma SRA)at the request
                                                                                      of State park Rangers. The container was a 2.5 gallon plastic water container with about
CCSAOOO 6/13/2011   5/27/2011   Inflamatory postcard sent to For                      M r . _ a n employee of Department of Transportation - Caltrans, received a
01640                           Caltrans                     Information              postcard with inflammatory remarks on it from an anonymous person. The information
                                                             Only                     was sent electronically to the TSOC call center, and is provided in its entirety in doc

CCSAOOO 6/10/2011   6/10/2011   Anti-American drawing found For                       Inmate                    ( D O B _ was an inmate at the Sacramento County

01639                           in inmate cell              Information               Main Jail. A search of his property revealed a drawing which read "I HATE AMERICA."
                                                            Only                      _ s t a t e d that he received the drawing as a gift from his former cellmate,_

CCSAOOO 6/10/2011   6/9/2011    suspicious package received eGuardian      Yes        SPD EOD responded to the offices of the US Army Corps of Engineers regarding a
01638                           in the mail by US Army Corps Entry                    suspicious packege received in the mail. The package was determined to be Islamic
                                of Engineers                                          literature sent to a military officer, who had not requested the information. Security

CCSAOOO 6/8/2011    6/7/2011    Suspicious Behavior Near     eGuardian     Yes        On 6/7/2011 at approximately 1619 hours, a female subject came to t h e _
01637                           Solar Panel Array a t .      Entry                    Police Department. The female ask me if she could walk to the solar panel array on the
                                                                                      southeast portion of the campus to take pictures. According to the_website,

                                                  Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the      eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 6/7/2011      6/2/2011       Suspicious luggage at SMF      eGuardian     Yes        Deputies responded to the report of a piece of luggage which had exploded at the
01636                                explodes                       Entry                    Sacramento International Airport. Deputies located a piece of luggage which appeared
                                                                                             to have been ripped open and had burn marks on portions of it. K9 cleared the baggage
CCSAOOO 6/7/2011      6/7/2011       Suspicious encounter           eGuardian     Yes        The following individual was contacted by a South Sacramento
01635                                following vehicle              Entry                    c i t a t i o n _ and assisted on the stop by
                                     enforcement stop                                        Born) immigrated to U.S. in 1998 and claimed citizenship date of

CCSAOOO 6/7/2011      6/7/2011       Unsafe activity witnessed by   For                      private citizen reporting possible unsafe loading of a truck. private citizen reports
01634                                reporting party                Information              observing a rooftop industrial air conditioning unit into the back of a light pickup truck
                                                                    Only                     that appears to be well above the vehicle's capacity to safely carry. Citize

CCSAOOO 6/7/2011      6/6/2011       Kern County Deputy makes       For                      On 06/05/11 at approximatley 1728 hours, I was dispatched to the area of Nord Avenue
01632                                contact with male subject      Information              and Hageman Road to check the welfare of a subject parked on the side of the road.
                                     driving a former Police        Only                     When I arrived, the subject was parked on the east side of the road facing north, and w
CCSAOOO 6/6/2011      5/30/2011      Search of vehicle incident to Closed                    The Criminal Intelligence Analysis Unit (CIAU) received an e-mail from San Diego Sheriffs
01631                                arrest revealed weapons and                              Department requesting assistance with translation._(dob_FBI
                                     books relating to being                                 _            S S _ was arrested on May 30, 2011 in Imperial Beach for a
                                     Muslim.                                                 DU
CCSAOOO 6/6/2011      5/23/2011      Suspicious male locks laptop   For                      Officers were dispatched to a _ o r a Pakistan male who chained his laptop to a
01630                                to a table a t _               Information              table. On the screen of the computer was "algezeria" was on the screen. Officers arrived
                                                                    Only                     and contacted                  (W1). He told officers he locked his computer to

CCSAOOO 6/6/2011     5/25/2011       Suspicious request for         eGuardian     Yes                                                            persaonnel received a phone
01629                                chemicals to mark money        Entry                    call from a              PH # _ w h o was inquiring if the lab could
                                                                                             provide Cesium and Barium to mark money that could be traced_was referred
                                                                                             to FBI
CCSAOOO 6/6/2011      6/5/2011       Suspicious males approach      eGuardian     Yes        AT 1323 HRS OFF DUTY EMERGENCY SERVICES DISPATCHER,_ CALLED THE
01628                                and question employee of       Entry                    NON-EMERGENCY LINE AT TRACY DISPATCH TO INFORM DISPATCH ABOUT (2) INDIAN
                                     Tracy Defense Depot                                     MALES WITH TURBINS ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS TO THE TRACY DEFENSE DEPOT AT 874
                                                                                             11TH STREET IN TRACY CA. THE (2)
CCSAOOO 6/3/2011     6/3/2011        Suspicious male conducting     eGuardian     Yes        On tadays date 6-3-11 @ 1330 hrs While off-duty I observed a white male wearing a
01627                                surveillance outside           Entry                    dark green t-shirt with blue jeans and a black baseball cap parked at the corner of 26th
                                                                                             & Elkhorn by the perimeter fence of the airbase. He was standing in the bed of his G

CCSAOOO 6/3/2011    6/3/2011    TSC Hit
                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                eGuardian     Yes        At 0149 hours ET on 6/3/2011, Yolo County Sheriff's Records Specia

01626                                                           Entrv                    (Badge", t e l e p h o n e _ contacted the Terrorist
                                                                                         Washington DC, in regards to a watch-listed subject by the name

CCSAOOO 6/2/2011    6/1/2011    Female citizen of East Inda     eGuardian     Yes        Deputies responded to the terminal "A" TSA security checkpoint at the Sacramento
01625                           attempting to fly without       Entry                    International Airport in regards to a report TSA could not verify the identify of a
                                adequate identification -                                passenger. The passenger identified herself as                     D O B _ a citize
                                denied travel, was
CCSAOOO 6/2/2011    5/28/2011   Sovereign Activity - No show eGuardian        Yes        Last week (05/28/2011), an officer for the City of Elk Grove had to go to traffic court on
01624                           at court and claiming "The   Entry                       a traffic citation for expired registration (4000a VC). The Defendant was named_
                                Sovereign United, Nation                                 _ n d had an address in Elk Grove at                               The officer ran
                                Turtle Island"

CCSAOOO 6/2/2011    6/1/2011    Suspicious behavior of young Closed                      R/Ps neighbor is from Pakistan and moved into the neighborhood about 7-10 years ago.
01623                           Pakistani male - aprox 13-15                             During that time I have seen a distinct change with the boy of the family. He used to talk
                                years old; possible radical                              to me a look me in the eye. About three years ago when he was about ten he told
                                statements made

CCSAOOO 6/2/2011    5/24/2011   Large purchase of gasoline -    For                      A Chico PO
01622                           Chico, CA                       Information              "numerous" 5-10 gallon gas cans at                                            Chico)at
                                                                Only                     1645 hours. At 1703 hours she observed the same vehicle at across the street in the
CCSAOOO 6/1/2011    5/31/2011   Uniforms and other police       eGuardian     Yes        On May 31, 2011 an officer from the Merced Police Department went home for his
01621                           issue clothing taken from       Entry                    lunch break. He interrupted a residential burglary. The suspects were able to flee the
                                officers residential burglary                            residence and escape. It appears that they had spent some time at the residence as
CCSAOOO 6/1/2011    5/28/2011   Subject w/possible ties to      eGuardian     Yes        Two brothers were involved in a phyhsical fight when one brother
01620                           A.Q.                            Entry                    "cut the other brothe                               across the abdomen causing
                                                                                         serious injury. The fight was over a marriage between_and one of his cousins in
CCSAOOO 5/31/2011
                    5/28/2011   Subject detained at Modoc
                                County Jail Receiving Visitors Entry
                                that are matches to TSC
                                                               eGuardian      Yes        On 5/27/11 @0245hrs. a female subject by the name
                                                                                         Brn/Brn 5'6" 160Lbs. date of birth_was arrested for an outstanding arrest
                                                                                         warrant from Marin Co. On 5/28/11 a female subject by the name
                                                Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 5/31/2011
                    5/29/2011   Sword sticker on the rear
                                window of vehicle registered Information
                                to ex-parolee

                                                                                          A black                (CAlic          was observed parked in front
                                                                                                            the back windshield was a sticker with arabic writing that appeared to
                                                                                          be the shahada but with swords on either side. The car is registered to a ex-parolee
                                                                                          named Joh
CCSAOOO 5/31/2011   5/30/2011   Suspicious incident at Jewish For                         _x-re~went to Jewish Church on                                        acting 5150. Bond
01617                           Church                           Information              was yelling at church, cursing and throwing up "Hitler" sign.~alled Sac SO Comm
                                                                 Only                     Center and stated it was his freedom of speech right and admitted he is a white supremi

CCSAOOO 5/31/2011   5/31/2011   OUTREQ.                          Closed and
01616                                                            Referred
CCSAOOO 5/27/2011   5/19/2011   Possible drug trafficking, 10    Closed and               Subject in possession of 13 gallon trash bag "completely full of dried marijuana", blank
01615                           theft, fradulent credit card     Referred                 Visa credit cards that were not embossed with numbers, but numbers were written on
                                manufacturing - Truckee, CA                               the cards with "sharpie" pen, and softward that was described as "hacker" in nature

CCSAOOO 5/27/2011   5/27/2011   Pipe Bomb explosion in           eGuardian     Yes        ON OS/27/2011 AT 0103 HOURS, FAIRFIELD PO UNITS RESPONSED TO A REPORT OF A
01614                           Fairfield                        Entry                    VEHICLE FIRE A~IN FAIRFIELD, CA. FAIRFIELD PO UNITS ARRIVED ON
                                                                                          SCENE AND DISCOVERED REMNANTS OF AN EXPLODED STEEL PIPE BOMB. ALSO,
                                                                                          FRAGMENTS OF 5 ADDITIONAL
CCSAOOO 5/26/2011   5/25/2011   Suspicious immigration 10        eGuardian     Yes        While searching for a homicide suspect, SSD LEOs conducted a vehicle stop in the area of
01613                           card encountered during          Entry                    the search and encountered the subject (passenger) who presented suspicious/possible
                                vehicle stop                                              fraudulent identifcation. 10 card contained a US DHS watermark and subject was i

CCSAOOO 5/25/2011   5/20/2011   Subject attempted to gain        eGuardian     Yes        <HTM L><M ETA HTTP-EQUIV="content-type" CONTENT="text/html;charset=utf-8"> On
01611                           entry to Military installation   Entry                    5/20/111300hrs. an individual identied as          (process server) approached
                                                                                          the DLA Sharpe Defense Logistics facility requested entry to the installation to

CCSAOOO 5/24/2011   3/9/2011    Stolen CHP flat badge and        eGuardian     Yes        On 3/9/2011, a purse was stolen from CHP Office~from her unlocked
01610                           identification card taken        Entry                    vehicle. Items stolen from her purse include $40 cash and a CHP flat badge and
                                from unlocked vehicle                                     identification card.
CCSAOOO 5/20/2011   5/20/2011                                    eGuardian     Yes
01609                                                            Entry                    REASON: NOISE COMPLAINT. REPORT
                                                                                          PEOPLE IN APARTMENT. HOMEOWNER NOT LOCATED
CCSAOOO 5/19/2011   5/19/2011   OUTRE~_ Closed and
01608                                                            Referred

CCSAOOO 5/19/2011
                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                open 74 new medical related Referred
                                companies for one client -
                                                                                                         came to the Sec of State offices to open several new corporations and
                                                                                       LLC's for one client and paid all the filing fees with over $29,000 in cash.
                                large cash amount is highly

CCSAOOO 5/19/2011   5/19/2011   Owner of trucking company eGuardian         Yes        One of the waste tire generators is            owned by                      He parks
01606                           possibly avoiding inspection - Entry                   his semi tractor/trailers at               in Bakersfield. The rigs are painted purple
                                appears to be "dodging"                                and decorated with gold painted crowns and semitars. I have been attempting to co

CCSAOOO 5/19/2011   5/19/2011   Suspicious activity on off   Closed and                Private Citizen reports: Would like to remain anonomous. Just reported this to Crime
01605                           ramps to freeway near        Referred                  Stoppers. This suspicous activity is taking place between the highway on ramp on Lincoln
                                Stockton - possible drug                               Street next to DMV. All day all week individuals in cars and on bikes go up the 0
CCSAOOO 5/19/2011   5/12/2011   Seven 1 5 1 b _              eGuardian      Yes        Between 5/12 and 5/13/11, seven fifteen pound_propane tanks were stolen
01604                           propane tanks stolen from    Entry                     from_Mini Mart,                             Yuba City, CA 95991. The suspect was driving
                                mini mart - Sutter County                              a white cargo truck no distinctive markings and no license plates. The suspect was wea

CCSAOOO 5/19/2011   4/10/2011   Sovereign Citizen pulled over For                      On 04/10/2011, at approximately 0740 hours, CHP ~ Fort
01603                           on vehicle stop               Information              Tejon Area, initiated an enforcement stop on SUSPE     or speeding (93 mph in a
                                                              Only                     65 mph zone). During the contact,_provided all required documents._
                                                                                       was is
CCSAOOO 5/19/2011   5/18/2011   TSC hit on subject_          eGuardian      Yes        Tulare County Sheriff's Office pulled over          DOB:_topped for
01602                           _ - Tulare County            Entry                     running a stop sign, pulled over by Sg         badge. on 5/18/11 around 23:20 at

CCSAOOO 5/18/2011   5/18/2011   Possible Moorish             For                       Per phone conversation with L t . _ w i t h Tulare Sheriff's Department: Subject
01601                           Nation/Sovereign attempting Information                                 has been sending "sovereign" documents to several agencies in Tulare
                                to "take" land that does not Only                      County. In theses documents the subject claims to be "sovereign" and a member of
                                belong to him - sending
                                "sovereign" documents to
                                law enforcement

CCSAOOO 5/17/2011   5/16/2011   Inmate makes nonspecific     eGuardian      Yes        This tip/lead concerns   dob_CII_FBI
01600                           threats against LE for the   Entry                     _             SS ~._iS currently serving a six (6) year sentence for
                                death of Bin Laden                                     possession of a controlled substance and has been under CDCR's control since Februa
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                           Activity

CCSAOOO 5/17/2011     5/16/2011      Suspicious packages left at   Closed                   The following is an email sent out from a member of our bomb squad today. This
01599                                several banks in Calaveras                             incident occurred earlier today. On 05/16/20111 responded to
                                     County                                                 Bank in Murphys for a report of a suspicious package. One of the employees located a

CCSAOOO 5/17/2011     5/16/2011      Suspicous outgoing mail from eGuardian      Yes        While processing outgoing inmate mail at RCCC, officers noticed i n m a t e _ X -
01598                                inmate at Rio Consumnes      Entry                     _(FBI _                     was mailing out several newspaper articles regarding the
                                     Correctional Center                                    killing of Osama Bin Laden. Upon further review, it appeared several areas of multiple

CCSAOOO 5/17/2011     5/17/2011      OUTREUa                       Closed and
01597                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 5/17/2011     5/13/2011      OUTREU.                       Closed and
01596                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 5/17/2011     5/14/2011      Subject leave suspicious  For                          **Possible Regional Threat to Officer Safety**
01595                                letter at Employment      Information                                  (DOB_athis
                                     Development Department in Only
CCSAOOO 5/17/2011     5/15/2011      Suspicious activity at        Closed and               Our neighbors at                        _and_are from the middle east. they have
01594                                Sacramento residence          Referred                 built an unauthorized outbuilding behind their house and keep lights on there 24 hours
                                                                                            a day. Prior to building the outbuilding, we had an amicable relationship with the

CCSAOOO 5/16/2011     5/9/2011       OUTREU.                       Closed and
01593                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 5/16/2011    4/17/2011       Suspicious photography of     eGuardian     Yes        On May 14,2011, ENTAC received the following information from Office
01592                                fuel cars traveling through   Entry                    Valley Division Air Ops: On April 17, 2011, at approximately 1700 hours, while
                                     rail yard                                              conducting aerial patrol over Sacramento County, Flight Office~observed an

CCSAOOO 5/13/2011     5/12/2011      TSCHit'-                      eGuardian     Yes        on 05/12/2011 @ approximately 1815 hours I received a call rOil              from the
01591                                                              Entry                    Terrorist Screening Center_egarding case
                                                                                            the following information to me: Special

CCSAOOO 5/13/2011     5/12/2011      Suspicious stop of former     For                      Stopped for no plates and determined to be under the influence of marijuana and
01590                                murder suspect                Information              arrested. Subject was searched and credit cards and blank debit cards not in his name
                                                                   Only                     were found. Subject was ran through EPIC and in 2008 the subject was stopped by
CCSAOOO 5/13/2011
                     5/12/2011       Possible surveillance at RT
                                     Station Watt Ave/Manlove,
                                     Sacramento CA

                                                                                            At appx 1010hrs at Watt/Manlove two Male Whites were walking about the station in
                                                                                            casual business dress clothes. They had no agency 10. They approached an RT Tech, Tech
                                                                                                     and began to ask about station cameras. When the astute Tech inquired as to
                                                Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 5/12/2011   5/12/2011
01588                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 5/12/2011   4/28/2011   OUTRE_                              Closed and
01587                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 5/12/2011   5/12/2011   OUTRE_                              Closed and

01586                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 5/11/2011   5/11/2011   Vallejo smoke shop - Request Closed and                      I am assisting the SF Division with their case on the subject who stormed the cockpit on
01585                           for Service                         Referred                 a flight from Chicago to SF this past Sunday. The subject is related to a family that
                                                                                             resides in Vallejo and owns/operates a smoke shop located                        Valle

CCSAOOO 5/10/2011   5/10/2011   Newspaper ad looking for            Closed                   NArrative from Cal EMA Warning Center: _ w a s checking items for sale in the
01584                           commercial airlines                                          Sacramento Bee newspaper when he came across an ad that was looking for commercial
                                accessories was observed by                                  airlines uniforms and accessories. He contacted Sac bee who advised to contact
                                a private citizen
CCSAOOO 5/10/2011   5/7/2011    Covert method of stealing           For                      Narrative as provided by West Sac PD Sgt: On 5/7/2011, West Sacramento PD Officers
01583                           fuel observed                       Information              responded to a possible fuel theft in th~ West Sacramento
                                                                    Only                     CA. A truck driver observed a van with a hose coming from the bottom at the

CCSAOOO 5/10/2011   5/10/2011   Possible solicitation for illicit   Closed and               SSD Deputy who recently attended Human Trafficking training witnessed a taco bell
01582                           activity observed                   Referred                 employee get solicited (NFl) for possible illicit activity
CCSAOOO 5/10/2011   5/4/2011    Operation Usual Suspects            Closed                   This record is for tracking purposes for the Usual Suspects multi agency operation
01581                                                               .--------'"              targeting criminal activity in the Sacramento region
CCSAOOO 5/9/2011    5/6/2011    Suspicious behavior at         (,eGUardia~        Yes        On 5/6/111 observed                                             I know to be the owner of
01580                           tobacco store in Chico
                                                                    ~                                                                        in the parking lot talking to an unknown
                                                                                             middle eastern subject(appx 30-40 years of age, 5/10", 240#, curly dark hair and 01

CCSAOOO 5/6/2011    1/31/2011   Possible radicalized inmate         For                       I would like to make the Sac RTAC aware of an inmate by the name o _ ( X -
01579                           who is a validated Norteno          Information              _           (FB_~as booked into the Sacramento Main Jail in January
                                gang member                         Only                     2011 on Federal drug charges. He is a validated Norteno gang member out of Stockton,
                                                                                             CA. On
CCSAOOO 5/6/2011    5/2/2011    Suspicious purchases in TX by Closed and                                                    iI store in San Antonio, TX reported a suspicious purchases.
01578                           CA resident                   Referred                                                     requested 40 pre-paid cell phones. He paid for them in
                                                                                             quatities of 4 at a time, using a _ r e d it to purchase the phones and then use

                                                    Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 5/5/2011      4/30/2011      Law Enforcement contact        eGuardian     Yes        On April 30, 2011 Orange Cove Police Department stopped a vehicle for a mechanical
01577                                with subject that was          Entry                    violation and the vehicle had two occupants. The driver
                                     "unstable and possibly had a                            from Reedley. The officer located LED red lights as from a detective vehicle in the f
                                     fetish about police that could
                                     easily turn to becoming anti-

CCSAOOO 5/5/2011      5/1/2011       "Abandoned" boat at            For                      The boat was a 32'-36' green sailboat with Arabic writing on the transom and all the
01576                                                  with "Arabic Information              windows are plywood board shut. You could not see into the windows. They would
                                     writing on the transom" -      Only                     frequent the boat 2-3 times per week up until about 2 years ago, then no one ever
                                     moved "same day as bin-
                                     Laden death"
CCSAOOO 5/5/2011      5/4/2011       Explosive device found at 1-5 eGuardian      Yes        Yreka Dispatch advised that on 5/4/2011, at approximately 1510 hours, the rest area on
01575                                Rest Stop, Siskiyou County    Entry                     1-5 Southbound at the south end of Weed was closed due to a potential explosive device
                                     CA. No suspect information                              being found in the rest area. The device was initially described as a large rock

CCSAOOO 5/5/2011      5/4/2011       TSC Hit on subjects           eGuardian      Yes        Two subjects in same vehicle were pulled over by office~of Fresno Police
01574                                                      and     Entry                     Department at Shaw and Brawley Ave in Fresno, CA 93722 at 22:45. The vehicle made a
                                                                                             turn and cut off the police officer, and were pulled over. The driver w a s _
CCSAOOO 5/4/2011      5/4/2011       Male subject who had anti- eGuardian         Yes        Information sent anonymously via the Sac RTAC website is as follows: Theres a guy I
01573                                American beliefs re: death of Entry                     know who is worth looking at. His name i s _ a n d lives somewhere near
                                     UBL                                                     Sacramento. I would normally not just report someone unless there was more than 1

CCSAOOO 5/4/2011      5/4/2011       OUTRE_                        Closed and
01572                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 5/4/2011      5/4/2011       Unusual activity at residence For                       Caller stated that her neighbors, possibly of middle eastern descent, have been acting
01571                                in Folsom, CA                 Information               suspiciously ever since Usama Bin Laden's death was announced. Since then she stated
                                                                   Only                      several males come over to the residence with bags; it is unknown how long they st

CCSAOOO 5/4/2011      5/2/2011       Unknown caller uses racial    eGuardian      Yes        Per CSO_ on 5/2/11 at approximately 1913 hours, cs~was dispatched to
01570                                slurs and profanity against   Entry                     the PO/lobby to contact (V)                     regarding an incident report.
                                     Afghani male                                            CSO_arrived and contacted           at the PO and gave him the following
CCSAOOO 5/4/2011      4/30/2011      Vandalism to Brush Creek      Closed                    On 30APR11, Dam foreman (USPER1) and security personnel met
01569                                Dam                                                     weir* and discovered that the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) monitoring
                                                                                             equipment had been shot several times. USPER1 could not gain access to the equipment

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 5/3/2011      5/3/2011       Veiled threats sent to former For                       Former Congressman_eceived veiled threats to his parents residence. Subject
01568                                Congressman.                  Information               identified to SSD Gang Supression Unit and LE action is being coordinated {NFl}
CCSAOOO 5/3/2011      4/29/2011      Suspicious behavior/threat     For                      Known subject to Sac Sheriff's Department was accessing the Jewish Mosaic Law
01567                                after while accessing Jewish   Information              computers on campus and told to leave after acting strange and then told school staff
                                     Mosaic Law Campus              Only                     "you would be sorry." Text from the email reporting party received: "An older

CCSAOOO 5/3/2011

CCSAOOO 5/2/2011

                                     TSC Encounter_

                                     Suspicious circumstances
                                     during vehicle stop


                                                                                             _ f r o m the Terrorist Screening Center called the WSIN Watch Center regarding
                                                                                             a call from Deputy
                                                                                                                      of the Sacramento Sheriff Dept. The Deputy's mobile
                                                                                                                                       He was called out to the location

                                                                                             received an email from SSD S g t _ who relayed the following information
                                                                                             {below} on a field contact on 5/1/11 in the County of Sacramento: I conducted a vehicle
                                                                                             stop today at EI Camino and Walnut for CVC violations. The driver presented an

CCSAOOO 5/2/2011      4/29/2011      Strange behavior by owner of Closed and                 On 4/29/11 a community service officer tried to tow {DOB:_
01564                                vehicle towed for expired    Referred                   _unoccupied car for expired registration from           Chico. Vehicle
                                     registration                                            was a silver 2 0 0 5 _ C A _ Subject pushed past CSO and barricaded
CCSAOOO 4/29/2011     3/27/2011      Subject in custoday at         Closed                                                 arrested for a burglary {PC 459} warrant. the case is from
01563                                Sacramento Main Jail with                                                 born in Stockton California and has no claimed gang affiliation.
                                     "Arabic" tattoos - evasive                              Benson said the tattoos he had were Arabic, but did not give any reason why he
                                     when questioned
CCSAOOO 4/28/2011    4/28/2011       Vehicle stop on subject with eGuardian       Yes        Bakersfield Officer made a stop for speed and driver presented a Saudi Arabia Drivers
01561                                no California Driver's License - Entry                  License and a paper International Drivers License, stated he had no CDL for ID. Driver
                                     subject presented a Saudi                               stated that he was shopping for food a t _ w h i c h was on the opposite side
                                     Arabia Drivers License and an
                                     International Drivers License-
                                     vehicle impounded

CCSAOOO 4/28/2011    4/27/2011       Inmate at Tehachapi Prison    eGuardian      Yes         Revised tip/lead fo                                                 10b_CII
01560                                claims to be "Jihad" - inamte Entry                     _             was first reported as a tip/lead on October 21, 2010. On April 27, 2011, The
                                     phone list provided as well                             TLO at CCI-Tehachapi reported to CIAU that on April 19, 2011_equested

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 4/28/2011     4/28/2011      Sovereign Citizen threatening eGuardian     Yes        Subject has active cases with Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. Subject has
01559                                to kidnap victim              Entry                    been sending threatening letters to victim's school requesting that the school surrender
                                     (granddaughter) and take her                           his "property" (granddaughter) to him. Subject is claiming "right to the property"
                                     across state lines to Utah

CCSAOOO 4/27/2011     11/3/2010      2 Subjects arrested for ID     eGuardian    Yes        S u b j e c t s _ o f Sacramento, a n d _ w e r e arrested on 11/3/2010
01558                                Theft                          Entry                   and 11/4/2010 for ID theft related to cellular telephone subscription fraud. Associated
                                                                                            w i t h _ w a s _ who was identified in previous reporting involving

CCSAOOO 4/26/2011     4/26/2011      Suspicious email received by For                       Suspicious email received by the Virginia Fusion Center. In the email, the subject rants
01557                                Virginia Fusion Center       Information               on about how                  is a national treasure, the Federal Reserve owes 10 trillion
                                                                  Only                      dollars to

CCSAOOO 4/26/2011

CCSAOOO 4/26/2011

                                     TSCHit _ _ eGuardian


                                                                                            TSC Hit on                                      was requesting to visit inmate"
                                                                                                                  being housed at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville, CA.

CCSAOOO 4/25/2011     4/21/2011      OUTRE.                         Closed and
01554                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 4/25/2011     4/15/2011      Suspicious photography of      eGuardian    Yes        On Friday,A/15/11 at approx 1200 hrs, AUSA                 reported to the Court
01553                                the Federal Courthouse in      Entry                   Security Officer (CSO) a suspicious vehicle occupied by what_described as two
                                     Sacramento                                             Middle Eastern males, the passenger being between 40-50 years of a g e . _
                                                                                            described th
CCSAOOO 4/25/2011     4/25/2011      Suspicious email to validated For
01552                                gang member in custody for Information
                                     murder                        Only
                                                                                            several Arabic phrases
CCSAOOO 4/25/2011

CCSAOOO 4/25/2011

                                     TSC Encounter _ _

                                     Intoxicated subject at
                                     Sacramento International


                                                                                            From Monday night April 18th to April 22nd the WSIN Watch Center is covering the
                                                                                            phones for RTTAC. On April 19th at 10:15hrs we received a call fro
                                                                                            the (TSe) Washington DC Cente
                                                                                                                                            He stated that

                                                                                            **For Informational Purposes Only** Sac County Sheriff's Dept Airport Division assigned
                                                                                            to the Sacramento International Airport This evening passenge~ MD, MS
                                     Airport                                                ( C D L _ flew into the airport._exited the Terminal B-1
                                             Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO             4/19/2011
01549                           Sacramento                   Information              WEST SACRAMENTO OFFICER ADVISED HE WOULD GIVE MORE INFORMATION WHEN
                                                             Only                     CALLED BACK. Additional information provided b y _ o n 25 April 2011:
                                                                                      ~ThiS appears to be
CCSAOOO 4/25/2011   4/22/2011   CHP aircraft targeted by laser eGuardian   Yes        Office~badge ~ mobile ~with the Valley Division CHP

01548                                                        Entry                    called the WSIN Watch Center in regard to a subject shooting up a green lazer at a CHP
                                                                                      aircraft. The subject                             His address

CCSAOOO 4/25/2011   4/19/2011   Live Pipe Bomb Disruption    For                      Live pipe bomb disrupted with robot                 West Sacramento, CA (NFl)
01547                                                        Information
CCSAOOO 4/25/2011   4/20/2011   Suspicious mail sent between eGuardian     Yes        On April 20, 2011, CIAU received two letters from
01546                           two inmate brothers          Entry                    State Prison. The letters are were authored and sent by
                                                                                      _         to inmate                            who is currently incarcerated at CSP-
CCSAOOO 4/22/2011   4/22/2011   EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE· Closed                    Test of system pe~ there's a guy with too many tickets traversing the
01544                           Test of Tip/Lead system                               Folsom Lake Recreation area in a suspicious manner. I A _ - No workup needed.
                                                                                      This was a test of the tip/lead submission system authorized by Tim

CCSAOOO 4/22/2011   4/22/2011   Suspicious subject with      eGuardian     Yes        Elk Grove Police has had numerous contacts with_N
01543                           "Taliban" and "Bin Laden"    Entry                    _lives at                       Elk Grove CA. Per
                                tattoed on his arms.
                                                                                      year 01
CCSAOOO 4/22/2011   4/22/2011   Suspicious email             eGuardian     Yes        Suspicious email received by the Chief of Flood Man
01542                                                        Entry                    Department of Water Resources. hello. My name is                  I am a water &
                                                                                      wastewater engineer. but my prime proficiency is emergency management espeCially

CCSAOOO 4/22/2011   4/17/2011   Stolen GPS units             eGuardian     Yes        Please see the attached file for an alert that went out to local and regional law
01541                                                        Entry                    enforcement yesterday afternoon from CICP. I went to the CLO Basic course out here
                                                                                      u n d e r _ a n d am concerned that this sophisticated equipment can only be
                                                                                      used b
CCSAOOO 4/22/2011   4/20/2011   Inmate makes suspicious call For                      On 02/22/11 the Kings County S.O. a r e e s t e d _ o r several narcotics
01540                           to Romania                   Information              violations, his bail was set at $100,000.00._was under investigation for Diesel Fuel
                                                             Only                     Theft. On 04/04/11,_was again arrested for narcotic's violations, his b

                                             Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                                                                                                           _ _ _.. drove to
01539                           Folsom Dam                                             post-1 (dam entrance security gate to federal offices at Folsom Dam) and asked for a
                                                                                       tour of the dam._was not on the visitor list and was driving a white van

CCSAOOO 4/18/2011   4/15/2011   TSC Notification _ _           Closed       Yes        On 4/15/2011, High Desert State Prison Investigative Services Unit recevied a request for
01538                                                                                  gate clearance                                 _Nevada Driver's License #
                                                                                       _ S o c i a l Security                         last two numbers of the Social Security N

CCSAOOO 4/18/2011   4/17/2011   Constitutionalist type subject eGuardian    Yes        On 4/17/11 a constitutionalist type su                        was arrested for interfering
01537                           arrested after interfering     Entry                   at the scene of the accident. Subject and girlfriend drove throught the accident scene.
                                with accident investigation                            The subject exited the vehicle and confronted the investigating officer.

CCSAOOO 4/18/2011

CCSAOOO 4/18/2011

                                Bomb threat called into a 7-
                                11 store

                                Suspicious Photography of


                                                                                       bomb. The phone number the call came from was identified      as_
                                                                                       CPD investigated the report of a bomb threat at a 7-11 store in Chico. The clerk took a
                                                                                       call where the caller reported his brother,_was enroute to the store with a
                                                                                                                                                                      The ca

                                                                                       At approximately 13:40 on 4/17/2011 a male in his 60s-70s with grey hair pulled up in
01535                           Fire Station in Tehachapi      Entry                   front of Station                           Tehachapi, CA 93561 and started taking
                                                                                       pictures of the station without making contact with Station personnel. He was driving

CCSAOOO 4/18/2011   4/16/2011   Suspicious photography of      eGuardian    Yes         On 04/16/11 at approximately 1848 hours, I was dispatched to the_Oil Refinery
01534                           _ O i l Refinery in Kern       Entry                    regarding subjects taking photographs of the refinery. When I arrived, I spoke to LUIS
                                County                                                 _              the Trans-West supervisor for the refinery._told me his se

CCSAOOO 4/18/2011   4/14/2011   Subject on watch list for      Closed and              On 4/14/11 subject_dob _ _ was contacted by a Ripon P.D. patrol
01533                           impersonating military         Referred                officer for a traffic related infraction. Subject was driving a black H3 Hummer with false
                                personnel arrested under                               CA plate ~ The correct plates from Colorado _                       were located insid
                                suspicious circumstances
CCSAOOO 4/18/2011   4/15/2011   Telephonic non-specific        Closed                  Telephonic non-specif threat. Caller stated would blow up any fits leaving SMF. Call
01532                           threat to Sacramento                                   traced to library but no one found. SMF AFSD-S determined non-credo Per     SA_
                                International Airport                                  The airport has activated the EOC. There were two incidents - the 911 threat call,

CCSAOOO 4/15/2011   4/15/2011   TSC Hit _ _ eGuardian                       Yes        TSC Hit _ _ On 4/15/2~ attempted to gain access to
01531                                                          Entry                   High Desert State Prison in Susanville, CA.          stated that he was to be a guest
                                                                                       speaker for the IMAM at the mosque and a request was made by the_Chaplin

                                                    Suspicious Activity Reports Recel:           by the (CIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title                 Disposition eGuardian                                                Activity

CCSAOOO 4/15/2011     4/14/2011      Suspicious text messages    eGuardian            Yes         EGPD Ofc.           cell #          was dispatched to call of someone sending annoying
01530                                received by unknown subject Entry                            and harrassing texts. Ofc          contacted the victim
                                     - reference to "Libya"                                               tated she has a work cell she was using,that is normally used by a workmate,
                                     "Beirut" and "Hezbollah"                                     Patr

CCSAOOO 4/15/2011     4/9/2011       Law Enforcement vehicle            eGuardian     Yes         Sacramento County Sheriff's Department off-duty deputy had their vehicle burglarized.
01529                                burglary - gas mask, ballistic     Entry                     Items taken included a gas mask, ballistic vest and riot helmet. No suspect information.
                                     vest and riot helmet taken

CCSAOOO 4/15/2011     4/14/2011      Vehicle stop on subject            eGuardian     Yes         CHP Officer                      (Valley Division), made a vehicle stop in the afternoon of
01528                                Middle Eastern male-               Entry                     Tuesday April 4th. The stop was for a window tint violation. Upon first contact, the
                                     discrepancies with mailing                                   driver said he was happy to see Police Officers in America because when he is in
                                     address and physical address,
                                     staying at                   in

CCSAOOO 4/15/2011     4/14/2011      Imam possibly encouraging          Closed and                SA            requested full workup be done on subject for investigation. Subject is an
01527                                radicalization                     Referred                  Imam who has been suspected of radicalizing individuals in prison.
                                                                                                  CDL#           lOB:          SS!
CCSAOOO 4/14/2011     4/14/2011      Flyers with KKK reference          For                       On 4/14/11 numerous flyers were posted around town that on face value appeared to
01526                                posted in Chico CA                 Information               be distributed by the Butte County Republican Party and Chico Tea Party Patriots

                                                                        Only                      regarding a scheduled rally on 4/18/11. The groups and event are legitimate. The image

CCSAOOO 4/14/2011     4/13/2011      NCIC checks on subjects            Closed and                AFOSI requests NCIC checks on 4 subjects:
01525                                                                   Referred

CCSAOOO 4/14/2011     4/8/2011       Vehicle stop on subjects with eGuardian          Yes         Subjects stoped by California Highway Patrol with Qatar IDs and Pakistan Passports. The
01524                                identification discrepancies - Entry                         names on both identifying documents were spelled differently. One of the Qatar DLs
                                     Redding, CA                                                  was multilated and missing some information.

CCSAOOO 4/14/2011     4/13/2011      Suspicious activity at local       eGuardian     Yes         On April 13, 2011, at approximately 0834 hours, Sergeant             received
01523                                rest stop - claimed to be          Entry                     a phone call from             a representative from Congressman       office.
                                     Homeland Security - unable                                   Mr._advised he had received information about a Homeland Security operation th
                                     to verify legitimacy of activity

CCSAOOO 4/12/2011    4/12/2011       OUTREQ_                            Closed and                OUTRE~
01522                                                                   Referred
CCSAOOO 4/11/2011
                    4/8/2011    TSC Hit
                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                               Yes        On 4/8/2011, TSC subject                             urned himself in to the Sacramento
                                                                                          County Main Jail in Sacramento on numerous warrants for OBTAIN MO BY FALSE
                                                                                          PRETENS,GRND THEFT MO LAB REAL PER PRO EXCEED 950DOLLARS,FRAUDULENT
                                                                                          REMOVAL UND LEASE,UNL USE OF P
CCSAOOO 4/11/2011   3/29/2011   Suspicious Call to Cal Fire Air eGuardian      Yes        On 29 March 2011, The Cal Fire Columbia Air Attack base received a suspicious call from
01520                           Attack Base                     Entry                     a caller asking survey questions. Caller asked three questions: (how long has place of
                                                                                          business been in operation, who is the Chief and how many employees). After it

CCSAOOO 4/11/2011   4/8/2011    Volksfront white supremist       Closed and               Suspect was arrested and booked under the false name
01519                           possibly working in Mexican      Referred                 _           A CII records check came back with no criminal history. Upon interviewing
                                drug trade                                                the suspect he stated he did approximately 2 years jail time in Oregon. Fingerprints

CCSAOOO 4/11/2011   4/9/2011    Suspicious behavior and          eGuardian     Yes        On 04-09-2011, at approximately 1500 hours, Office~observed a black.
01518                           circumstances of an              Entry                    _ ( S / V ) driving northbound on 1-5 in the Yreka Area. The S/V made a u-turn onto
                                individual stopped and                                    southbound 1-5 directly in front of two marked patrol vehicles and in clear view of a
                                issued a citation twice in one
CCSAOOO 4/8/2011    4/8/2011    Suspicious contact with          For                      One of our TLO Disptcher's,_ sent me this information based upon a traffic
01517                           bombing suspect                  Information              stop that an officer conducted. Apperently, one of our patrol officers, Phillnsixiengmay
                                                                 Only                     stopped the below mentioned vehicle. Inside the vehicle were articles of

CCSAOOO 4/8/2011    4/7/2011    5150 call reveals multiple       eGuardian     Yes        ssd event ~ .. officer respond to a 5150 call at                 . long story short
01516                           assa u It rifl es                Entry                    when they arrive" they saw NO LESS THAN 10 ASSAULT RIFLES FOUND IN RESIDENCE IN
                                                                                          PLAIN VIEW ... FOUND A PARTS LIST HANGING ON WALL POSS INDICATIVE OF GUN
CCSAOOO 4/8/2011    4/7/2011    Suspicious bag found in          For                      I am submitting this because I felt it was odd to find this bag laying around this
01515                           Sacramento, CA                   Information              evening"it was found by a security guard. Security guard called into the Sheriff's
                                                                 Only                     department to report a suspicous army type green bag that was found underneath
                                                                                          picniC be
CCSAOOO 4/7/2011    4/6/2011    Suspicious letter with threats For                        A citizen received a letter at her residence addressed to an unknown subject. The letter
01514                           to cops received by citizen    Information                was written by a subject in custody at Monroe Detention Center in Woodland, CA. The
                                                                 Only                     letter made mention of killing a cop while the subject was in custody or committ

CCSAOOO 4/6/2011    4/6/2011    UC Davis Professor listed as For                          On 04-06-11, UCD Instru
01513                           enemy of Turkey, on website Information                   studying the "Modern Midddle East and the Armenian Genocide" made a report today.
                                                                 Only                     He has already contacted Homeland Security. His colleague in Portland notified him
                                                                                          today oft
                                                  Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the ((I( June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 4/6/2011      4/5/2011       Suspicous males attempted      eGuardian     Yes        Yesterday two males in a gray van pulled up to our gate at Travis AFB and attempted to
01512                                to gain entry to the AF Base   Entry                    gain entry. They said they were employees of a company called. and were testing
                                                                                             signal quality f o r _ However_has no record of their

CCSAOOO 4/6/2011      4/6/2011       Subject with TSC hit on        For                                          was included on TSC list dated October 8, 2010. His terrorism nexus
01511                                Parole                         Information              was listed as domestic. The CDCR has no specific informaiton for the reasons why he was
                                                                    Only                     listed on the TSC report. This notification is to let the RTTAC know that

CCSAOOO 4/6/2011      4/6/2011       Subject admits to being a      eGuardian     Yes        During an interview regarding current gang status at the California Out-of-State facility
01510                                member of Hizbollah            Entry                    in LaPalma, Arizona, Inmate                  admitted being an active member of
                                                                                             Hezbollah._has been at LaPalma since September 6, 2008_lists his reli

CCSAOOO 4/6/2011     4/6/2011        Subject threatening LEO        For                      Subject                                 X-REF_ made threatening statements
01509                                                               Information              towards Law Enforcement officers after coming to the police station today to make a
                                                                    Only                     complaint against an officer. Subject is a student at Sac State. Vehicle (currently

CCSAOOO 4/6/2011

CCSAOOO 4/6/2011

                                     TSCHIT _ _

                                     Possible weapons and
                                     ammunition hoarding at Elk

                                                                                  Yes        ~rom the Terrorist Screening Center, voice _ c a l l e d the WSIN
                                                                                             Watch Center regarding O f f i c e _ from the Citrus Heights Police Dept, voice
                                                                                             _              On 04/05/2011, the officer pulled over subj

                                                                                             At approximately 0134 hours on 4/6/11, the WSIN Watch Center received a telephone
                                                                                             call from a private citizen by the name o~ residing

                                     Grove home                     Only                     Sacramento CA, who wished to report weapons hoarding and ammunition
                                                                                             manufacturing at the
CCSAOOO 4/5/2011
CCSAOOO 4/4/2011     3/26/2011       Suspicious intoxicated         eGuardian     Yes        At 2110 on 3/26/2011, an adult male                    (DOB_was
01505                                individual at Sacramento       Entry                    observed by a Sacramento County Sheriffs Deputy in the Economy Parking Lot at the
                                     International Airport                                   Sacramento International Airport. _ w a s intoxicated and admitted to drinking.
CCSAOOO 4/4/2011     4/2/2011        Identified White Supremasist For                                                      or Domestic Violence (273.5 pc), Terrorist Threats (422pc)and
01504                                arrested for domestic         Information               resisting arrest (148pc. In the report he is characterized as a White Supremasists from
                                     violence and making terrorist Only                      Cypress Ca. He allegedly challenged two African American Males to fight, threa

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 4/4/2011
                                 criminal scams sent to
                                                                           •                           d . o . b . _ i n Pakistan went to college in Nebraska, were he
                                                                                      met his wife. Moved to Southern Calif. in mid 70's. S S # _ Drivers

CCSAOOO 4/4/2011    4/3/2011     Suspicious behavior at        eGuardian   Yes        This evening at approximately 2310 hours, Sgt._and I were moving 917A
01502                            Sacramento International      Entry                  vehicles out of a painted red zone at the Sac International Airport AM/PM parking lot
                                 Airport                                              and directed two males subjects parked in a vehicle ( C A _ to where the free
CCSAOOO 4/4/2011    4/1/2011     Suspicious incident at Folsom eGuardian   Yes        Suspicious contact at Folsom dam by two out of state residents seeking information on
01501                            Dam                           Entry                  Folsom Dam. narrative as provided by reporting deputy: I, Deputy_was
                                                                                      working as assigned to the Folsom Oem Security Bureau. S / O _ w a s

CCSAOOO 4/4/2011    4/2/2011     TSCHit _ _                    eGuardian              At approximately 1818hrs the Watch Center received a call from the Washington DC
01500                                                          Entry                  Terrorist Screening Center to advice of a hit on a person of interest. The information is
                                                                                      as follows: On April 2, 2011, starting at approximately 1459hrs until 1704hrs Sacram

CCSAOOO 4/1/2011    3/15/2011    Suspicious request for officer Closed                An Elk Grove PO officer responded to                  in Elk Grove for a distrubance
01499                            to fill out document by                              where a person was reposessing a vehicle. One of the occupants of the residence_
                                 possible Sovereign Citizen                           _refussed to speak to the officer unless he read and signed a Public Service

CCSAOOO 3/31/2011   3/31/2011    Parolee in possession of      eGuardian   Yes        Sacramento PO arrested subject parolee                     on a weapons violation.
01498                            weapons                       Entry                  Subsequent search of the subjects cell phone shows multiple pictures of weapons to
                                                                                      include hand guns and long rifles with high capacity drum magazines. Text messages on
CCSAOOO 3/29/2011   3/18/2011    Subject detained for 5150    eGuardian    Yes        Subject_ who intendeds on flying to his former college in Pennsylvania where
01497                            intends on flying to         Entry                   he planned to seek justice for being expelled last year._was detained pursuant
                                 Pennsylvania college to seek                         to 5150 W&I (danger to others) on 3-18-11 and remains detained on a 14 day hold
                                 justice for expulsion
CCSAOOO 3/28/2011   3/27/2011    Photography and video of      eGuardian   Yes        On 3/27/2011 at 1629, a male and female subject parked their vehicle on Folsom prison
01496                            Folsom Dam and Nimbus         Entry                  property and were taking photographs of the face of Folsom Dam. the subjects
                                 Dam                                                  explained that they were taking photos of the water flow coming out of Folsom Dam
                                                                                      and that
CCSAOOO 3/28/2011   10/26/2010   Suspicious counterfeit        eGuardian   Yes        A Middle-Eastern male by the name of                            who calls himself "   "
01495                            clothing operation            Entry                  was observed selling counterfeit clothing (Bob Marley T-shirts and Christian Audigier
                                                                                      jackets) at the Galt Market on October 26,2010. Undercover Anti-Piracy Investigators

                                                      Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the       eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date                   Title            Disposition eGuardian                                                  Activity

CCSAOOO 3/25/2011     3/25/2011      Suspicious theft of mail        Closed                       In the early morning hours of March 25, 2011, theft of mail occurred for residents of Big
01494                                                                                             Oak Valley, California, 95977. The mailboxes are located o n _ a t the
                                                                                                  intersection o~and_in rural Nevada County, California.

CCSAOOO 3/25/2011     3/25/2011      Suspicious calls to the Bureau eGuardian      Yes            The Bureau of Reclamation has received several suspicious calls from suspected overseas
01493                                of Reclamation                  Entry                        areas. Callers are requesting detailed information about the sensitive information to
                                                                                                  include turbines and generators at Dams. The following is a narrative from a Recl

CCSAOOO 3/24/2011     3/16/2011      Suspicious Photography of       eGuardian     Yes            On 16 March 2011, USACE sacramento_employee reported two individuals
01492                                US Army Corps of Engineers      Entry                        taking pictures and surveillance ofthe building a t _ Sacramento, CA. a
                                     building                                                     review of the security video footage shows the subjects on tape. They were in front of

CCSAOOO 3/24/2011     1/1/2011       Suspicious behavior observed Closed and                      Lead reported via Walk in R/P, an Air Force officer and his collegues, observed
01491                                                             Referred                        suspicious behavior at                 restaurant in Roseville, CA. Over the course of
                                                                                                  approximately a month, R/P has observed a possible Nigerian Imam and possible
CCSAOOO 3/24/2011     3/23/2011      Sac County inmate making        eGuardian     Yes            Sacrame"nto County protective custody inmate made comments to escorting deputies
01490                                comments about wanting to       Entry                        about wanting to fly a helicopter into the state captol building.
                                     fly a helicopter into the CA
                                     state capitol
CCSAOOO 3/24/2011     3/24/2011      Suspicious activity at vacant   eGuardian     Yes            house located at                       Hanford, Ca 93230 is currently under going a short
01489                                house                           Entry                        sale, sale pending as indicated by the real estate site listing. The family that lived there is
                                                                                                  now moved out and is said to have moved back to Yemen, as indicted by th

CCSAOOO 3/23/2011     3/23/2011      Radio Repeater broken into      eGuardian     Yes            Officer_telephoned the Sac RTAC/CCIC to report that their radio repeater
01488                                                                Entry                        station had been broken into and copper wire was taken. The incident occurred
                                                                                                  sometime between 15153/22/2011 and 0600 3/23/2011. No suspect information is
CCSAOOO 3/23/2011     3/7/2011       White Power subjects            eGuardian     Yes             Per Fresno Police Department, officer_responded to                                 Fresno
01487                                arrested with army BDU          Entry                         Ca. 93726 and discovered that one of the residents,_WMA_(lD#
                                     jackets and two way radios                                   _           was in possession of a large quantity of stolen property to include a full se

CCSAOOO 3/22/2011    3/18/2011       Open Carry Movement             For                          Subject contacted by Shasta County Sheriff's Department carrying a holstered 9mm semi-
01486                                subject contacted - Shasta      Information                  auto hand gun on his hip, in plain view. During contact the subject was cooperative but
                                     County, CA                      Only                         slightly pushed the limits asking questions as to the reason of the stop and why

                                                    Suspicious Activity Reports Receh     . by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Crea~ed Activity Date                 Title              Disposition ~uardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 3/22/2011     3/22/2011      Report of "directed energy      For                      Private citizen,               was calling to report the existence of "directed energy
01485                                weapons"                        Information              weapons" that are being used against her by terrorists. She called the FBI to report this
                                                                     Only                     yesterday, 3/21/2011, as well.
CCSAOOO 3/22/2011     9/1/2010       Private citizen believes her    For                      Private citizen,                          married her husband,             on July
01484                                husband may be a terrorist      Information              7th 2009.          is from Egypt and was previously married to become an American
                                                                     Only                     Citizen. There were allegations from his first wife of spousal abuse, which were cleare

CCSAOOO 3/21/2011     1/26/2011      Suspicious Conversation of      Referred      Yes        On Monday 3/21/11 at approx. 1515 hours, TLO              (cell phone #: • • •
01483                                suicide bombing at LA Union                              _work phone #:                            , North Kern State Prison (Kern County)
                                     Station during Ramadan
                                                                                              was approached by inmate                     (CDC#, FBI #                    CII:

CCSAOOO 3/21/2011     3/19/2011      TSC hit during vehicle stop -   eGuardian     Yes        On 3/19/2011 at 2130, a Modesto Police Officer conducted a vehcile stop on a silver
01482                                                                Entry                    2005 Volkswagen_or improper lane change at the intersection of McHenry and
                                                                                              Grove Ave in Modesto. The vehicle had dealer plates from • • • • • • • • • • •
CCSAOOO 3/17/2011     3/17/2011      Suspicious letter received at   eGuardian     Yes        A letter was received at the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Central Division.
01481                                Sacramento Sheriff's Dept -     Entry                    The Letter was posmarked from San Bernardino, CA and addresses from Palms, CA in the
                                     Central DiviSion - Threats to                            letter. Phrases against the President were written in the letter. "Kill Obamama"
CCSAOOO 3/16/2011
                     3/16/2011       TSC HIT -• • • • •              eGuardian
                                                                                   Yes        Andrew from TSA called to report subject
                                                                                              • • • • was stopped by Willaims Police Officer
                                                                                              2004 blue Toyota_icense
                                                                                                                                                              badge       #_
                                                                                                                                                                             driving a
                                                                                                                                    on highway 120 east of E Street in Williams, CA.

CCSAOOO 3/16/2011    3/16/2011       Email from ME subject           For                      UC Davis Police department recieved an email from a subject                     who was
01479                                inquiring about law             Information              interested in a volunteer job. Subject was a prinicpal of a hight school, and has a valid
                                     enforcement position            Only                     BaSic POST certificate. Ali stated that because of his ethnicity it was difficult

CCSAOOO 3/16/2011    3/16/2011       NCIC checks                     Closed and               Requests NCIC checks on subjects, see attached information.
01478                                                                Referred
CCSAOOO 3/15/2011    3/14/2011       Subject claims to be al-Qa'ida eGuardian      Yes        Two firefighters from Santa Ana, CA were in Sacramento for a conference and had a
01477                                in suspicious conversation     Entry                     conversation with two subjects with foreign accents at the                    During
                                                                                              the conversation, subject identified himself a~                and admitted to r

CCSAOOO 3/15/2011    3/11/2011       Ex-parolee in possession of     eGuardian     Yes        Ex-parolee was arrested on 11 March 2011 on weapons related charges. A search of the
01476                                answer keys to Commercial       Entry                    suspect's vehicle incident to arrest revealed answer keys to the following exams:
                                     vehicle related exams                                    Hazmat, Class A test, Commercial drivers license test, general knowledge test, tanker e

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

01475                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 3/11/2011   3/10/2011   Suspicious ME Male            eGuardian    Yes       Office~was looking for a reported reckless driver.
01473                                                         Entry                  vehicle for speeding, but the vehicle was not the reckless vehicle. Upon contacting the
                                                                                     driver, he provided a Pakastani drivers license. Office~asked where they wer

CCSAOOO 3/10/2011   3/9/2011    TSCHit _ _                    Referred     Yes       Sacramento RTTAC received a phone call from TSC regarding su
01472                                                                                who was in the process of a background investigation for Central California Women's

                                                                                     Facility in Chowchilla, CA when TSC received the hit .. The information was called in by

CCSAOOO 3/10/2011   3/10/2011   OUTRE_                        Closed and
01471                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 3/8/2011    3/8/2011    Suspicious acitivty at CHP    Closed and             Subject approached CHP officer outside CHP office regarding a meeting for the "Siskiyou
01470                           office                        Referred               County Assembly". After a brief discussion with the subject, reporting officer drove
                                                                                     away. Upon returning to the office 10-15 minutes later, the officer found the sub

CCSAOOO 3/8/2011    3/8/2011    Terrorist threats made by     eGuardian    Yes       While handcuffed and detained for possible narcotics related charges, subject became
01469                           subject to LEOs while         Entry                  hostile toward deputy and stated, "all you pigs must die ala akbar surbuta". Search
                                detained                                             incident to arrest revealed subject was in possession of narcotics and narcotics para

CCSAOOO 3/7/2011    2/25/2011   outre.                        Closed and
01468                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 3/7/2011    3/5/2011    TSCHit _ _                    eGuardian    Yes       On March 5, 2011 at 1455 the Watch Center received a call from           with the
01467                                                         Entry                  Washington D.C. Terrorist Screening C e n t e r . _ w i t h the Sacramento County
                                                                                     Jail notified the Terrorist Center @ 1750 ET and can be reached a t _ The

CCSAOOO 3/7/2011    3/5/2011    Pipe bomb found during        eGuardian    Yes       On 3/5/2011 at 0015 hrs, Rancho Cordova Police Officers located a light flashing inside
01466                           vehicle stop                  Entry                  of a white Chevy {CA L l C _ parked along the south curb of Ambassador Dr. east
                                                                                     ofTrails Ct. in Rancho Cordova. There were 2 adults and one small child in the v

CCSAOOO 3/7/2011    3/7/2011    Threat posted on website to   Closed and   Yes
01465                           shoot up a northern           Referred
                                California school

CCSAOOO 3/4/2011    3/4/2011    Suspicious photography of     eGuardian    Yes      On 3-4-11, at approxiately 1310 hours, I was walking northbound on 16th Street with a
01464                           CDPH buildings                Entry                 fellow COCR employee, Sandeep Singh, when we noticed a suspicious adult male
                                                                                    photographing California Department of Public Health buildings (East End Complex). He
                                                                                 82 appear
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 3/4/2011      3/4/2011       Individuals taking videos of eGuardian       Yes        While at the Sacramento County Internationl Airport, A citizen observed two Hispanic
01463                                planes landing at Sacramento Entry                      male adults on the grounds, near a runway. One HMA was later identified a s "
                                     International Airport                                                    _            was taking video of landing planes. The other HMA was
CCSAOOO 3/4/2011      3/4/2011       Subject under investigtation   Referred                 _ w i t h Alaska Bureau of investigation notified us of an individual under
01462                                in Alaska with false CA                                 investigation in AK who also has and is using a false CA driver's license. My name is~
                                     driver's license                                        _ w i t h the DEA Task Force here in Anchorage, AK. We have an

CCSAOOO 3/4/2011      2/28/2011      OUTRE.                         Closed and
01461                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 3/3/2011      3/3/2011       TSChit _ _                     eGuardian     Yes        AT 01:02 HOURS ON 03/03/2011, THE WSIN WATCH CENTER CENTER THE FOLLOWING
01460                                _           Tulare County      Entry                    EVENT FROM THE TERRORIST SCREENING CENTER IN WASHINGTON DC, TO RELAY TO
                                                                                             THE SAC RTTAC/CCIC: SRN # THE TSC'S REPORT IS AS FOLLOWS: DEPUTY_
                                                                                             BADGE NUMBER.WITH TULARE COUNTY
CCSAOOO 3/2/2011      3/2/2011       Subject with AK-47 in trunk    eGuardian     Yes        CHPD officer Sgt._stating he pulled over subject                                on
01459                                                               Entry                    3/01/2011 @ 2245hours for a traffic violation. The subject was uncooperative and
                                                                                             asked for a lawyer. Officers found a loaded AK-47 in the trunk of the vehicle. There was
                                                                                             a pa
CCSAOOO 3/1/2011      2/23/2011      Possible threat to USFS        For                      Unknown law enforcement officer reported to USFS personnel of a possible "militia"
01458                                employees                      Information              threat during a USFS meeting. USFS employees were advised to immediately stop
                                                                    Only                     working the area. Complainant requests further information regarding the militia
                                                                                             threat. Co
CCSAOOO 2/28/2011     2/26/2011      Suspicious Photography of      eGuardian     Yes        On 2/26/2011, a Sac County Sheriff's Deputy contacted 3 adult Asian males who were
01457                                Folsom Dam by Chinese          Entry                    taking photos of Folsom Dam. They were evasive when the deputy asked them for
                                     Nationals                                               identification and said their passports were in their vehicle. The deputy pressed the
CCSAOOO 2/28/2011     2/25/2011      Intoxicated subject            eGuardian     Yes        On 2/25/2011 at 0500, Sac County Sheriff responded to a public intoxication incident at
01456                                attempting to purchase         Entry                    the airport. Subject                        D O B : _ went to the airport to
                                     airline ticket makes non-                               purchase a ticket for a future flight to Jordan but was denied by_Airlines due
                                     specific threats
CCSAOOO 2/25/2011     2/14/2011      Arrest of subject attempting   Closed and               Per Sgt_wanted information regarding subject,                                     being
01455                                to pass a computer             Referred                 arrested for passing a computer generated counterfeit check logged.
                                     generated counterfeit check

CCSAOOO 2/25/2011     2/24/2011      Graffiti "Tax Government"      For                      The words "Tax Government" were found painted on the a roadway on the Sacramento
01454                                found near Sacramento          Information              International Airport perimeter, next to the the approach end of Runway 34R.
                                     International Airport          Only
                                               Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 2/24/2011   2/24/2011   Inmate interviewed at Kern      eGuardian     Yes        On 2/24/2011,North Kern State Prison Correctional
01453                           State Prison claims to be a     Entry                    _ C D C ~states he his a Shi ite Mujahideen Fighter who reads and
                                Shi ite Mujahideen Fighter                               writes Arabic._plans to travel to Saudi Aradia for the Hajj. On 9/27/2010 Dalr
                                and has Islamic tattoos

CCSAOOO 2/24/2011   3/26/2011   Subject being released on       eGuardian     Yes        Folsom State Prison has identified a Skyline Piru Blood gang member with the words
01452                           parole from Folsom State        Entry                    "Jihad" and "Allahu Akbar" tattooed on the back of head and his neck. The subject is
                                Prison - has "Jihad" and                                 being released on parole on 03/26/2011 to EI Cajon
                                "Allahu Akbar" tattoos
CCSAOOO 2/24/2011   2/24/2011   TSC hit - subject_              eGuardian     Yes        Sacramento Sheriff's Department contacted TSC - subject of TSC
01451                                                           Entry                    was being released from custody at the Sheriff's Department Jail - subject was originally
                                                                                         arrested on 10/26/2010 by Sacramento County Sheriff's Deparment - mUltiple char

CCSAOOO 2/24/2011   2/24/2011   OUTREQ.-_                       Closed and
01450                                                           Referred
CCSAOOO 2/24/2011   2/23/2011   Suspicious Middle Eastern       eGuardian     Yes        An unidentified Middle Eastern male was at a bus stop at the 65th Street Light Rail
01449                           Male at the bus stop,           Entry                    Station using what appeard to be some type of people counter - no further information
                                Sacramento                                               or identifiers given
CCSAOOO 2/23/2011   2/22/2011   Letter with possible            Closed and    Yes        Chico PO received a document from subject wanting to absolve himself of any liability
01448                           constitutionalist overtones     Referred                 with Chico PO, which he labels as a "foreign corporation." Documents attached
                                sent to Chico PO

CCSAOOO 2/22/2011   2/15/2011   Visitor to Centinella State   eGuardian       Yes        On 2/15/2011, while processing visitor at Centinella State Prison (Los Angeles County),
01447                           Prison found to be a possible Entry                                               (DOB_CII_DL~wasfound to
                                TSC match                                                be on the Terrorist Watch List, Code 3, as a possible Terrorist Organization Member.

CCSAOOO 2/22/2011   2/19/2011   Military missle launcher   For                           On 2/19/2011 at approximately 0800, a security guard at
01446                           found at apartment complex Information                   _at~EI Camino Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95833, found what he believed
                                                           Only                          to be a potato gun and a tool bag near apartment playground. The security guard
                                                                                         reported the inform
CCSAOOO 2/22/2011   2/22/2011   OutRequest.                     Referred
CCSAOOO 2/22/2011   2/21/2011   Identification of possible      For                      Report from reporting party
01444                           Constitutionalist via Traffic   Information              stop on CA_(Blue 1995_Regal 4-0) for a red light violation at Forest Avenue
                                Stop                            Only                     and Highway 32, Chico. The driver and solo occupant was identified by CA 0

                                                      Suspicious Activity Reports Recel-,    ,by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                   Title            Disposition eGuardian                                                 Activitv

CCSAOOO 2/22/2011     2/19/2011      Suspicious attempts to access eGuardian       Yes           1040 hours/02-19-11/Saturday: I, Sheriff's Security Office                              was
01443                                Folsom Dam                      Entry                       on duty assigned to a fixed post at the Folsom Dam Security Bureau, A silver Nissan (CA
                                                                                                              drove slowly past Post 2, making the turn around the K-rails blocking th

CCSAOOO 2/22/2011     2/19/2011      Suspicious Statements of        Closed and                  Chico PO Officer                    was at a social gathering recently when a subject
01442                                possible front business for     Referred                    known to him only as "RW" made the following statements: RW said he used to own a
                                     Hell's Angels                                               lube shop in Reno, NV. He sold the shop to the Hell's Angels who are using it as a

CCSAOOO 2/22/2011     2/19/2011      Suspicious propoganda and       Closed and                  There is a woman that works the Ie femme body shaper kiosk at the great mall that is
01441                                emails of employee a t _ Referred                           composing a threatening propoganda email and is an american muslim. A whit lady
                                     _ i n Milpitas                                              converted to muslim. I was able to read some of her email over her shoulder and
                                                                                                 noticed ke
CCSAOOO 2/18/2011     2/18/2011      Citizen complaint - belives     Closed                      Citizen contacted Sac RTAC via website mail regarding the following: I wish to report
01440                                          messages are being                                that I have the majority of my            "postings"-stated online as "successfully
                                     interfered with                                             posted" ... but upon review-they actually are not posted-simply missing as though

CCSAOOO 2/18/2011     1/24/2011      Letter sent to US Attorney      eGuardian     Yes           On 01/24/11, the US Attorney Central District of California Citizens Complaints Section,
01439                                from Corcoran State Prison      Entry                                                                                         received a letter from
                                     inmate claiming knowledge                                                    stating the following:          CDCR#           an inmate at Corcoran S
                                     of terror plots
CCSAOOO 2/18/2011     2/15/2011      Subject claiming parking        For                         A subject contested a parking ticket due to being a sovereign citizen and filing an
01438                                ticket issued at Stanislaus     Information                 "Affidavit ofTruth" - attached
                                     University is not valid due to Only
                                     being a Sovereign Citizen

CCSAOOO 2/18/2011     2/11/2011      Possible sovereign activity on For                          On February 11, 2011, at approximately 1343 hours, Officer_made a traffic stop
01437                                CHP vehicle stop               Information                  for 22450(a) VC (MCC log_. The driver refused to show his identification or roll
                                                                     Only                        down the windows. A supervisor was requested and Acting Sergeant Arenas responded

CCSAOOO 2/16/2011     2/16/2011      NCIC checks                     Closed                      See attached
CCSAOOO 2/16/2011     2/15/2011      Badge of Kern County            eGuardian     Yes           The badge of Reserve Deputy                Badge_ was stolen from his private
01435                                reserve officer stolen          Entry                       vehicle at                     Lancaster, CA between 19 Jan 2011 at 1700 hrs and 20
                                                                                                 Jan 2011 at 0500 hrs. The report of the theft is on file with Kern County and Los Angele

                                                Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 2/16/2011   2/16/2011
01434                                                          Entrv                    Street/7th Street in downtown Sacramento. The reason for the stop was related to a
                                                                                        burglary. There was no arrest, no citation, and the subject was let go. Office~cont

CCSAOOO 2/15/2011   2/11/2011   Suspicious Inquiries at Army   For           Yes        Incident report summary phoned in by TLO/Sac PD Office~ On Friday, 11
01433                           Reserve Base regarding bullet Information               Feb 2011, three men - all appeared to be Middle Eastern - parked their early 2000 blue
                                proof tires                    Only                     or black dodge ram with king cab (NFl) outside the Ft Collins Army Reserve Center

CCSAOOO 2/14/2011   2/7/2011    OUTREQ.                        Closed and
01432                                                          Referred
CCSAOOO 2/14/2011   2/13/2011   Request to receive tour of     eGuardian     Yes        At 1500 on 2/13/11, Folsom Dam Security observed a vehcile with multiple Middle
01431                           Folsom Dam                     Entry                    Eastern appearing occupants inquiring informaiton on touring the dam. The vehicle was
                                                                                        a mid 90s model, bluish grey Dodge mini van, CA LlC~was parkedoff to the
                                                                                        side   0

CCSAOOO 2/14/2011   2/11/2011   Suspicious photography of      eGuardian     Yes        NOTIFICATION: On 2-11-2011 at 2051 hrs, I (Office~, was
01430                           propane facility               Entry                    dispatched to                  Rd (Suburban Propane) in Elk Grove on a report of a
                                                                                        white male adult standing in the entrance way off of E Stockton road. Per dispatch, he
                                                                                        had a
CCSAOOO 2/14/2011   1/24/2011   OUTRE_                         Closed
CCSAOOO 2/10/2011   2/8/2011    Suspicious caller to Air Force For                      Voice mail received last night at 2130 last night. A Private in the Marine Corps name not
01428                           Recruiting Center - North      Information              understandable, Juan Jr. phone numbe~and birthday 02-08. something.
                                Highlands, CA                  Only                     He rambles quite a bit but starts by talking about: the new war against the

CCSAOOO 2/10/2011   1/31/2011   Suspicious activity - Stockton eGuardian     Yes        A report of a residence in Stockton, CA has several male subjects described as Middle
01427                           Residence - short stay males, Entry                     Eastern staying at the residence a short time. December 2010 a large box trailer made a
                                suspicious delivery,                                    delivery of a pallet wrapped with shipping plastic. 3 or 4 black 55 gallon drum
                                modification of vehicle, etc

CCSAOOO 2/10/2011   2/7/2011    Suspicious Missing Person -    eGuardian     Yes        Missing person is taxi driver, Middle Eastern (Pakistani) subject, phone turned off since
01426                           taxi driver                    Entry                    02/07/2011 and has not reported to work, missing in taxi (yellow with red top). TLO
                                                                                        believes this may be "suspicious travel"
CCSAOOO 2/9/2011    2/9/2011    White Powder Incident in       eGuardian     Yes        On 02/11/11 Warrantee Admin Services located at                       Redding, received
01425                           Redding, CA                    Entry                    and envelope containing white powder that spilled out when opened. The business is a
                                                                                        processing center for insurance auto claims. They often get hate mail due to denying in

                                             Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 2/9/2011   2/9/2011    DHS agent on Surveillance in Closed                       Sgt.          from Sac. County Sheriffs Department advised Sgt.~hat there was a
01424                          Sac. County                                               subject who claimed to be from DHS who informed SSD he would be out on surveillance
                                                                                         a t _ DHS Rep_confirmed that the subject was from ICE. Sgt

CCSAOOO 2/9/2011   2/9/2011    Running subjects thru            Closed                   See attached email for list of subjects to be ran. Request was sent to the 10C.
01423                          Criminal databases
CCSAOOO 2/8/2011   2/6/2011    Suspicious behavior of          eGuardian      Yes        On 02-06-2011 at 10:35 PM the subject was stopped for exceeding the maximum speed
01422                          individuals during traffic stop Entry                     limit. The driver was identified by his photo CA driver license. The driver related he was
                                                                                         speeding because his friend really needs to use the bathroom. The passenger was

CCSAOOO 2/7/2011   2/5/2011    Possible use of false            eGuardian     Yes        On 2/5/2011, S t g _ Butte County Sheriff, conducted a traffic stop for failure
01420                          identification by Saudi          Entry                    to stop at a stop sign in Chico. There were three occupants in the vehicle. The driver
                               National                                                  immediately told the off that he spoke little English and had only been in th

CCSAOOO 2/4/2011   2/4/2011    Suspicious Person Near           Closed                   Sac PD patrol officers responded on a call of a suspicious person near the county
01419                          Sacramento County                                         courthouse. A license plate number was obtained from the reporting person, although
                               Courthouse                                                the suspicious individual was already gone. No further investigation has been

CCSAOOO 2/3/2011   4/10/2010   Local citizens challenging law For                        Recently we have had some individuals within the City if Maryville, start taking some
01418                          enforcement and local            Information              unusual actions challenging law enforcement as well as other local citizens in
                               citizens - Marysville, CA        Only                     community. While these actions were not in themselves unlawful, they do pose some
CCSAOOO 2/3/2011   2/3/2011    Suspicious activity - subjects   eGuardian     Yes        At 0927 hours I, Sgt          received a phone call from a personal friend _
01417                          driving near Folsom Prison,      Entry                    ~ who was driving on her way to work. She is a high school teacher and she was
                               Dam and PD                                                driving from Citrus Heights to EI Dorado Hills at 0925 this morning. She told me sh

CCSAOOO 2/3/2011   2/3/2011    Sovereign citizen - Freeman      eGuardian     Yes                                   posted letters I've sent him on the internet on the "Freeman
01416                          Society activity                 Entry                    Society Webpage". That took place back in September when I was performing some
                                                                                         code enforcement work on violations at his property at               Wheatland, CA
CCSAOOO 2/3/2011   2/2/2011    Contact Made with Sovereign eGuardian          Yes        Feb 2, 201113:55hrs An officer from our Department (Woodland PD) stopped the below
01415                          Citizen in Woodland, CA          Entry                    listed vehicle because of an inoperable brake
                                                                                         license plate. Upon contact with the driver,                          (identified

CCSAOOO 2/3/2011   2/2/2011    Suspicious Activity in Rio       Closed and               I live on a 19 acre parcel in Rio Linda at                 The second house on this
01414                          Linda,CA                         Referred                 acreage is listed at                   and has a long (about 100 yards or so ... ) driveway
                                                                                         going down it to the house which is quite visible from my place. I have seen NUM
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the       eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title                Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 2/1/2011      1/31/2011      ANB message posted in            eGuardian     Yes        On 01/31/11 at 0810 hours, a Solano County employee noticed there were two signs
01413                                parking structure                Entry                    posted near the elevators on the first floor and fourth floor of the parking structure. The
                                                                                               parking structure is adjacent to the County Government Center in downtown Fairfiel

CCSAOOO 2/1/2011      1/31/2011      Training information and You Closed                       It was suggeted that I submit this information to the RTTAC as part of training
01412                                Tube video of fuel theft                                  information. Attached is training inforamtion on fuel theft and a You Tube video of a
                                                                                               truck driver stealing f u e l . _
CCSAOOO 2/1/2011      1/28/2011      Suspicious request to            eGuardian     Yes        A CHP Central Division officer received a call from _ _ from Fresno. Mr.
01411                                purchase cell phones             Entry                    _dvised that he had been approached by two Middle Eastern male subjects. The
                                                                                               subjects asked Mr.o buy 2 cell phones for them and asked that he use his I.D.

CCSAOOO 1/31/2011     1/31/2011      Private Citizen believe she is   For                                        called the CCIC main line to complain that she is being attacked by a
01410                                being attacked by a pulse        Information              pulse generated electromatic device operated b~ Ms._believes
                                     generated electromatic           Only                     that he is attacking her head and her computer.
CCSAOOO 1/31/2011     1/31/2011      Possible written threat to       eGuardian     Yes        On 1-31-11 at 0352 hours,                      reported a suspicious male walking the
01409                                propane facility in Elk Grove    Entry                    perimeter of the facility then writing something on the ground outside of the old access
                                                                                               gate on the Grant Line Rd side of the facility. EGPD officers responded and contacte

CCSAOOO 1/31/2011     1/30/2011      Suspicious vehicles at           eGuardian     Yes        On 01/30/2011 Chico Police dispatch received a call of suspicious
01408                                pipeline fuel depot in Chico     Entry                    employee of the                            uel depot located at                    In
                                                                                               Chico, Ca. In summary, the caller advised of two incidents of suspicious vehicle parked
CCSAOOO 1/27/2011    1/26/2011       Suspicious photography           eGuardian     Yes        delivery truck driver at sacramento international airport was seen taking pictures on the
01407                                                                 Entry                    secure side of the airport of the new airport terminals. Drive stated he was taking
                                                                                               pictures of his semi-truck in front of the new terminals and volunteered to give

CCSAOOO 1/27/2011    1/27/2011       Information regarding            Closed                   trending information passed to Citrus Heights Dispatcher from Citrus Heights LEO that
01406                                trending at Sunrise Mall                                  there has been a substantial increase in the presence of female Muslims fully dressed in
                                                                                               veils/burkas .
CCSAOOO 1/27/2011
CCSAOOO 1/25/2011    1/7/2011        Suspicious items found at        For                      Sac PD officers found this to be a bit odd. While working an operation at a tobacco shop
01404                                tobacco store - Sacramento       Information              that was selling glass narcotics pipes and when they arrested/cited out a clerk, they saw
                                                                      Only                     this. The attached picture is a file cabinet that contained thousands in cas
CCSAOOO 1/25/2011
                                               Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                 Suspicious caller to
                                 Sacramento Airport - asking Entry
                                 how to ship items to Pakistan
                                                               eGuardian     Yes        On 01/20/2011 at 1004 Hrs, the Deputy Director of Airport Operati
                                                                                        _received a direct phone call into his office _                       at the Sacramento
                                                                                        International Airport. The caller was male had a mid-eastern accent. The caller asked a
CCSAOOO 1/25/2011   1/25/2011    .robbed, AK-47 taken          For                      Chico.was a the victim of a 211 yesterday where a suspect stole an AK-47 rifle and
01402                                                          Information              a box of ammunition. The suspect approached the counter and told the clerk that if he
                                                               Only                     didn't give him the AK-47 & ammo, he was going to "blow the place up". The clerk

CCSAOOO 1/24/2011   12/12/2010

CCSAOOO 1/24/2011   1/20/2011    Illegal weapons found during For                                           of Lincoln, was arrested on gang and weapons charges._
01400                            drug and gang arrest         Information               _         of Lincoln, was arrested on gang and weapons charges. A drug and gang
                                                               Only                     investigation by the Roseville Police Department's Crime Suppression Unit led to a
                                                                                        search of
CCSAOOO 1/24/2011   1/7/2011     Suspicious Letter by Sac      eGuardian     Yes        On 01-07-11, the Siskiyou County Auditor-Controllers Office received a threatening
01399                            County Inmate                 Entry                    letter.                                     an out-patient psych inmate at the
                                                                                        Sacramento County Main Jail, wrote "I hate America, Death to America, It's time for a

                                                       at.                              Jihad".
CCSAOOO 1/21/2011

CCSAOOO 1/21/2011

                                 Suspicious burglary           Closed

                                 Suspicious Males Conducting For
                                 Surveillance                Information
                                                                                        Copy_                                                   ppears to be a theft report.
                                                                                        They are reporting that someone removed conduit and wiring from the outside electrical
                                                                                        box. The door to the church was open but they don't know yet if anything was taken

                                                                                        On 1-15-11 at approximately 1145 hours while I was off duty, I saw a suspicious gold
                                                                                        colored van parked on Sunrise Blvd just north of Grant line road. This van was occupied
                                                             Only                       by three (3) male middle eastern subjects one, who appeared to be in his mid-thirt

CCSAOOO 1/20/2011   1/20/2011    OUTRE_                        Closed and
01396                                                          Referred
CCSAOOO 1/20/2011   1/20/2011    OUTRE_                        Closed and
01395                                                          Referred
CCSAOOO 1/20/2011   1/20/2011    report of Sovereign Citizen   eGuardian     Yes        Per Deputy_ Don't know who I should send this info to but here it is. I was in a
01394                            with warrant out of Trinity   Entry                    RV storage business and the below guy was there and was way 927. Once he left the
                                 County                                                 business employee told me the guy has been in several times and gave him

                                                     Suspicious Activity Reports Recel         by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                  Title              Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 1/20/2011     1/20/2011      responses to Person of           For                       mUltiple local responses to bulletin (attached)
01393                                Interest in Asotin Bombing       Information
                                     bulletin sent out by Sac         Only
CCSAOOO 1/20/2011     1/11/2011      subject making suspicious   eGuardian          Yes         Subject entered Army Recruiting Center carrying a backpack and wearing a pouch. He
01392                                statements at the Army      Entry                          communicated his ideologies about the milityary. Subject talked about discrimination
                                     Recruiting Center, Woodland                                against middle eastern personnel; asked for pamphlets; mentioned that he was too old f
CCSAOOO 1/19/2011     1/19/2011      Suspicious package sent to       eGuardian     Yes         On January 19, 2011, at approximately 1527 hours, Capitol Protection Section Dispatch
01391                                Secretary of State's Office in   Entry                     contacted ENTAC, advising that on January 19, 2001, at approximately 1423 hours, a
                                     Sacramento                                                 suspicious package, with a return address from SUSPECT               was received by the
CCSAOOO 1/19/2011     1/14/2011      Suspicious Individuals at        eGuardian     Yes         See attached.
01390                                residence in Delano, CA          Entry
CCSAOOO 1/19/2011     1/18/2011      Threats against Sarah Palin      eGuardian     Yes         I was dispatched to a report call at                    which is an assisted living house
01389                                by a possible 5150 subject       Entry                     for people with psychological problems. A resident had call the Sheriff's Department to
                                                                                                report another resident had been making threats that he wanted to shoot Sara

CCSAOOO 1/19/2011     1/18/2011      Suspicious photography at        eGuardian     Yes         See attached information
01388                                Folsom Dam                       Entry
CCSAOOO 1/18/2011     1/1/2010       Suspicious purchase of large     eGuardian     Yes         Information provided by a         manager for the          in Dublin, CA Over a
01387                                quantities of computers to       Entry                     period of several months, subject             has purchased large quantities (over
                                     be shipped to Egypt                                        $100k USD worth) of Sony Laptops to be shipped to Egypt. On different occaisions,

CCSAOOO 1/18/2011    1/14/2011       Suspicious comment posted        For                       Comment posted on news story regarding superstorm predicted to hit California. Link to
01386                                on news site                     Information               story with suspicious

CCSAOOO 1/18/2011    1/17/2011       NCIC Query returned a            eGuardian     Yes         On January 17, 2011, at approximately 2054 hours, Yreka Area CHP Officer Fennell, ID
01385                                "Subject of intelligence         Entry                     13400, made an enforcement stop on a solo male subject driving a blue, 4 door, 1991
                                     interest" by Canadian Special                              toyota_on northbound 1-5 at Yreaka for speed. The subject was identified via a
                                     Interest Police
CCSAOOO 1/18/2011    1/8/2011        Suspicious vehicle found in      eGuardian     Yes         Susp. vehicle in remote area. Vehicle contained several rifle rounds and a child seat. Veh.
01384                                remote area                      Entry                     registration returned to             of Dept of Homeland Security, San Fran. Contact
                                                                                                with DHS, subject and vehicle was unknown. Check of R/O address, vacant sinc

                                               Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the     eCie June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                                         Snow is a match to the TSC watch list as a possible terrorist organization member.
                                                                                         Subject ha
CCSAOOO 1/17/2011   12/11/2010   Suspicious behavior of 3       eGuardian     Yes        I wanted to provide information possibly related to an activity mentioned ocurring on
01382                            males at Mormon Island         Entry                    December 9th at Folsom Point in the December 2010 SARS. On December 11th, 2010 at
                                 Auxiliary Dam side of Folsom                            approximately 1600 hours I was checking the Folsom Point area when I observed a
CCSAOOO 1/17/2011   1/13/2011    Anonymous Threat to shoot      eGuardian     Yes        _ H o t e l in downtown Sacramento received an anonymous phone call from a
01381                            up hotel                       Entry                    male threatening to shoot up the hotel. The caller referenced the recent shooting in
                                                                                         Tucson, Arizona. The hotel hired off-duty officers through the SPD supplemental

CCSAOOO 1/13/2011   1/11/2011    Additional contact with        eGuardian     Yes        01/22/2011 Woodland Police Department responded
01380                            subject of CCIC bulletin       Entry                    after a 911 call with subjects fighting. Upon arrival, Officers found                  He
                                                                                         was acting crazy and subject was taken to mental health on a 5150 hold. No further

CCSAOOO 1/13/2011

CCSAOOO 1/12/2011

                                 Suspicious person, posing a
                                 possible threat, stopped by
                                 South Lake Tahoe Police on
                                 New Years Eve
                                 Suspcious letter sent to Cal


                                                                                         On 12-31-10 officers of this agency made a traffic stop on a vehicle (CA
                                                                                         Tahoe) for minor traffic violations. The driver.

                                                                                         On 1/7/2011 Cal EMA received the attached letter concerning

01378                            EMA                            Entry                    Woodland, CA. See attached information.
CCSAOOO 1/12/2011   1/7/2011     Suspicious subject involved in For                      see attached information
01376                            an accident in Yuba City       Information
CCSAOOO 1/11/2011   1/7/2011     Suspicious Writing on side of eGuardian      Yes        Officer was inspecting a commercial vehicle that displayed a photo on both doors of the
01375                            a commercial vehicle found    Entry                     tractor that had the New York City skyline and then some arabic writing under it. When
                                 during inspection                                       he started asking the driver about it, the driver starting acting very nervous

CCSAOOO 1/10/2011   1/8/2011     TSC hit during domestic        eGuardian     Yes        On January 8,2011 at 1050 the WSIN Watch Center received a call
01374                            violence call (FREELAND)       Entry                    with the Washington D.C. Terrorist Screening Center. Office
                                                                                                            the Sacramento Police Dept responded to a domestic violence call
CCSAOOO 1/10/2011
                                                    Suspicious Activity Reports Recel. ... by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                 Title             Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 1/7/2011      1/7/2011       Sovereign Citizens Contacting eGuardian      Yes        Good Afternoon, Trinity River Area Lt. Commander                       contacted me around
01372                                Law Enforcement                Entry                    noon today. He advised his Area is experiencing an increase in indiViduals associating
                                                                                             themselves with the "Sovereign Citizens," aka "Sovereign Americans" or"

CCSAOOO 1/7/2011      12/21/2010     Suspicious ME males make       For                      I was informed that during the week of Christmas, 2010, two males of Middle Eastern
01371                                large purchase of cigarettes   Information              descent purchased approximately 17000.00 dollars worth of cigarettes from the Chico,
                                                                    Only                     California_ There was no further information that was able to be gathered from

CCSAOOO 1/7/2011      1/7/2011       TSC Hit-                       eGuardian     Yes        TSC:                                Officer name:                       Bakersfield Police
01370                                                               Entry                    Department,                   Subject:                              Address:
                                                                                             ~akersfield, CA 93301 CA DL:                     Vehicle: 2002 Black Honda_CA LP:

CCSAOOO 1/6/2011      1/2/2011       Report to Paradise Police of   eGuardian     Yes        On 1/2/11 at approximately 1000 hours,Paradise Poice Dispatcher,

01369                                possible terrorist activity    Entry                    recieved a call from                                         Paradise, Ca)(Ph
                                                                                             _     reporting possible terrorist activity. Ex-Father-in-Iaw,                lives at _

CCSAOOO 1/6/2011      1/5/2011       TSC Hit - Subject              eGuardian     Yes        Subject:                      CADL:              Address:
01368                                                               Entry                    _Sacramento, CA 95825 SSN:      Traffic Violation, swerving DUI TEST:
                                                                                             passed Report #:   2010 Toyota_- Grey CA LP:             Reported to WSIN
CCSAOOO 1/5/2011      1/5/2011       NCIC Checks                    Closed                   NCIC Checks//see attached information
CCSAOOO 1/3/2011      1/1/2011       Mailbox theft in Grass Valley For                       Corner of               And                   Grass Valley, South Nevada County. Mail
01366                                                               Information              Box tower stolen. There is a group of 5 mail box towers on this corner serving about 20
                                                                    Only                     properties each. Only one was stolen. Info from others say a report was filed

CCSAOOO 12/30/2010    12/30/2010     Reporting Party Believes her   For                      SUBJECT BELIEVES SHE AND HER 85 YEAR OLD MOTHER ARE TARGETS OF DIRECTED
01365                                and mother are targets of      Information              ENERGY WEAPONS. SHE SAYS THE PERPETRATORS NAMES WHO ARE TARGETING THEM
                                     directed energy weapons        Only                     ARE                   AND             SHE SAID THEY HATE WOMEN AND ARE
                                                                                             HOMOSEXAUAL PEDOPHILES TRYING TO
CCSAOOO 12/30/2010    12/29/2010     Suspicious buckets left at     Closed                   an apartment Manager of                               Apartments called in and reported
01364                                apartment complex                                       several random large gray paint buckets all sealed with lids and scattered through out
                                                                                             the property. Per the complainant has been this way for the past hour, also saw a su

CCSAOOO 12/29/2010   12/29/2010      Stolen personalized            For                      Fire Inspector had personalized California Firefighter license plate stolen from her
01363                                firefighter plate              Information              vehicle while parked at the Raley's market in Roseville. Plate is            CHP report
                                                                    Only                     taken report number pending.
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 12/29/2010    12/28/2010     Subject making TATP and        eGuardian     Yes        see attached information
01362                                other explosives at home       Entry
CCSAOOO 12/27/2010    12/24/2010     Strange behavior exhibited     eGuardian     Yes        FYI. This is an employee of the City of Tracy who evidentally went off a bit off. The report
01361                                by water plant employee in     Entry                    number i s _ a n d I will forward it when it is available. No RTTAC action requested
                                     Tracy                                                   at this time. Our Supervisor's log reports: The nightshift employee for t

CCSAOOO 12/27/2010    12/26/2010     Suspicious armed male with     eGuardian     Yes        On 12-26-10 14:40 pm EGPD dispatch received a call, from an annonymous caller of a
01360                                possible fraudulent military   Entry                    Middle Eastern male inside a Sushi Grill carrying a gun on his side, without a badge. The
                                     identification                                          location was                                      and Teriyaki Grill. Myself and tw

CCSAOOO 12/23/2010    12/23/2010     Suspicious materials found     For                      During an Operation at the North Fork Correctional Facility in Sayre, Oklahoma earlier
01359                                on Northern Structure          Information              this month a Jihad Manifesto was found in the property of an inmate. I n m a t e _
                                     associate                      Only                     _         is currently in the Security Housing Unit pending validation as a Norther

CCSAOOO 12/23/2010    12/23/2010     OUTREQ.                        Closed and
01358                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 12/23/2010    12/21/2010     Individual makes threatening eGuardian       Yes
01357                                comments at Social Security Entry
                                     office in Fresno                                        Social Security Office in Fresno complaining about a denial of benefits. He made

CCSAOOO 12/22/2010    12/22/2010     Travel check of suspicious     Closed and                                                                                        I.sian Indian adult,
01356                                individual                     Referred                                                             In Cupertio Ca The subject called to report
                                                                                             that his wife has abducted their 1 yr old son and is going to flee out of the countr

CCSAOOO 12/22/2010   12/22/2010      Fireworks Violation            For                      received an email from ATF RAC                       on the following below information.
01355                                                               Information              The ATF is looking into this and is providing to us just as a courtesy. I received a call in
                                                                    Only                     the LA EOC about possible fireworks violations. The caller stated the following:

CCSAOOO 12/21/2010   12/21/2010      TSC Encounter _ _              eGuardian     Yes        Sacramento County Sheriff Deputy                             conducted a vehicle stop on
01354                                ~                              Entry                    subject                    _                  CD~ for blocking a handicap space
                                                                                             and driving without a license. Nash was driving a 2003 Dodge~/~CA) at
CCSAOOO 12/21/2010   12/20/2010      Possible 5150 known to have eGuardian        Yes        The question was originally sent t o _ H e y _ I was wondering if
01353                                impersonated a Federal      Entry                       the below subject could be checked out through RTTAC. He has given our department
                                     Officer                                                 grief in recent weeks after being asked to leave a friends house, he out welcomed his
CCSAOOO 12/20/2010   12/20/2010      OUTRE.                         Closed and
01352                                                               Referred            93
                                                    Suspicious Activity Reports Recel    . by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                 Title            Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 12/20/2010    12/20/2010     OUTREQUEST_                   Closed and
01351                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 12/20/2010    12/20/2010     TSC Hit-                      eGuardian     Yes         ON 12/20/10 AT 0715 OFFICER                      WITH KERN COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE
01350                                                              Entry                     _FROM CELL:                        OFFICE:                 RESPONDED TO
                                                                                             _BAKERSFIELD, CA AFTER THE SUBJECT                                                 DOB:
                                                                                                           REPORTED HIS VEHI
CCSAOOO 12/17/2010    12/17/2010     Fradulent service of fire     For                       The Kern County Fire Department is currently working with several other State and Local
01349                                protection systems            Information               agencies in an investigation involving multiple companies with the same individuals
                                                                   Only                      fraudulently servicing fire protection systems. This possibly stretches back many y

CCSAOOO 12/17/2010    12/15/2010     Korean Nationals taking a     eGuardian     Yes         Security responded to a group of people taking video of the plant on Park Rd., Benicia
01348                                video of the refinery -       Entry                     CA. One subject had a South Korean Passport with a USA Visa in it. A second subject
                                     Benicia, CA                                             identified himeself with a business card and explained they were takingpictures fo

CCSAOOO 12/16/2010    12/15/2010     Suspicious activity at Rancho eGuardian     Yes         2228 Hours, 12/15/2010: SSD Deputy was advised b\               a Securitas Security
01346                                Seco Nuclear Power Plant      Entry                     Guard at Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant, that a white or tan sedan pulled up to the
                                                                                             front gate of the plant. he added that the vehicle approached blacked out (no lights on

CCSAOOO 12/16/2010    12/14/2010     Initially suspicious          Closed                    Attached report submitted for information - initially suspicious photographer at Folsom
01345                                photographer at Folsom Dam                              Dam appears to "check clear" per Folsom Dam Security.
                                     - appears to "check clear"

CCSAOOO 12/16/2010    12/8/2010      Constitutio na list/Soverign   eGuardian    Yes         Chico Police Department Office_contacted                          (CPD Case #             on
01344                                Citizen contacted in Chico, Ca Entry                    12/8/10 after a short "pursuit" from a traffic stop for an expired registration violation.
                                                                                             _ i s known to CPD as a "constitutionalist" based on prior contacts. I had t

CCSAOOO 12/15/2010    12/15/2010     Passport stolen in residential eGuardian    Yes         On 12-15-10, Officer                investigated a residential burglary. The suspect had
01343                                burglary                      Entry                     entered the single story residence by breaking a window and entering the home. The
                                                                                             home is located at                  Merced,                The suspect took

CCSAOOO 12/15/2010   12/15/2010      Background check              Closed and                R/P requests checks on the following individual (s). See attached information.
01342                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 12/15/2010   12/3/2010       OUTRE~                        Closed and                OUTREQ336
01341                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 12/14/2010   12/11/2010      Flyer with possible white     eGuardian     Yes         A citizen discovered a flyer containing possible white supremacist literature wrapped
01340                                supremacist rhetoric found in Entry                     around a newspaper dated 23 April 2009 on her lawn. The flyer is entitled, "Operation
                                     Chico, CA                                               Slaughterhouse" and dated 12 November 1988. Upon review of the flyer, Butte count

                                                      Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the   eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date                 Title             Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 12/14/2010    12/14/2010     Suspicious Attempts by         eGuardian     Yes        On two separate incidents today (approx 07500 hrs and 0900 hrs) , the Sacramento
01339                                Contractors to Access Facility Entry                    Regional County Sanitation District denied access by two contractors attempting to gain
                                                                                             access to their gas management areas to work on disgestor construction - which they do

CCSAOOO 12/14/2010    6/29/2010      Informational report            eGuardian    Yes        Individual was renting a storage unit that contained personal property including
01338                                regarding lost/stolen Saudi     Entry                   identification documents (Saudi passport, California 10 card and social security card).
                                     Passport and other                                      After non-payment of rental fees, he lost the rights to the storage unit, which was
                                     Identifying documents
CCSAOOO 12/14/2010    12/9/2010      Suspicious photography of       eGuardian    Yes        subject was observed taking pictures from the AI Zampa Bridge (Carquinez Bridge) of Cal
01337                                Cal Maritime Academy and        Entry                   Maritime Academy in Vallejo, CA. Subject was also observed taking pictures of the
                                     adjacent bridge                                         bridge cables and towers
CCSAOOO 12/14/2010    12/9/2010      Two suspicious males           eGuardian     Yes        R/P reports that while he was driving down Blue Ravine Rd. in Folsom, CA near the
01336                                conduct surveillance at         Entry                   entrance to Dike 8 boat access area, he noticed two middle eastern looking males taking
                                     Folsom Dam                                              photographs of Folsom Dam. One of the ME males appeared to be in his 50's while the       0

CCSAOOO 12/14/2010    11/7/2010      Response to CCIC Bulletin      For                      This is in response to the Bulletin dated December 9, 2010 rega
01335                                dated 12/9/2010 regarding      Information
                                                                    Only                                       As a side note, the incident involvi

CCSAOOO 12/13/2010    12/10/2010     Suspicious circumstance at     eGuardian     Yes        On 12/10/2010 at 1933 hours, Fairfield PO responded to a report a suspicious
01334                                vacant house in Farifield      Entry                    circumstance at                      in the City of Fairfield, County of Solano. FPD
                                                                                             Dispatch stated that the reporting party was a cleaning crew that was sent to the vacant
CCSAOOO 12/13/2010    12/11/2010     Hoax device mounted on         eGuardian     Yes        On December 11, 2010 at approximately 1154 hours, a citizen reported a suspicious
01333                                Highway overpass fence in      Entry                    device mounted on the fence of a highway overpass in the City of Porterville, California.
                                     Porterville                                             Responding officers found the device secured to the fence as described and observed

CCSAOOO 12/13/2010    12/11/2010     Subject makes threatening      eGuardian     Yes        AT APPROXIMATELY 1603 HOURS ON 12/11/10 A FAX WAS SENTTO CHP OROVILLE
01332                                statements to kill the         Entry                    OFFICE FROM BUTTE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE. BUTTE COUNTY DEPUTIES HAD
                                     President of the U.S.                                   RESPONDED TO                 HIGHWAY NEAR SPENCER AVE AND ENCOUNTERED
                                                                                                                         DOB_ SUBJECT AV
CCSAOOO 12/10/2010   12/9/2010       Suspicious males conducting eGuardian        Yes        Two males were contacted in Farmersville, CA claiming to have been conducting
01331                                research on cell phone      Entry                       research on cell phone towers at 0117 hours. See attached Document for full details.

                                                  Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012


CCSAOOO 12/10/2010   12/10/2010   OUTREQ.                       Closed and
01329                                                           Referred
CCSAOOO 12/10/2010   11/16/2010   Possible Missile found        eGuardian     Yes
01328                                                           Entry                    HAZARDOUS CONDITION INCIDENT
                                                                                         WAS FOR A POSSIBLE MISSILE. IT WAS ALSO DESCRIBED AS A POD, IT HAD WRITING ON
                                                                                         THE FRONT THAT SAID "GPS", THE
CCSAOOO 12/10/2010   12/9/2010                                  eGuardian     Yes        SUZANNE TAPIA OF PLACER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OF
01327                                                           Entry

CCSAOOO 12/9/2010    11/22/2010   OUTRE.                        Closed and
01326                                                           Referred
CCSAOOO 12/9/2010    12/9/2010    OUTRE.                        Closed and
01325                                                           Referred
CCSAOOO 12/9/2010    12/9/2010    TSCHit_                       eGuardian     Yes        subject,                     .. arrested 12/09/2010 by Sacramento PD
01324                                                           Entry                    _     for possession of meth and probation violation. A d d r e s s : _ ,
                                                                                         Sacramento 95815
CCSAOOO 12/8/2010    12/6/2010    Sacramento student posts      eGuardian     Yes        SPD patrol responded to a report call at a high school regarding a student who had
01323                             photo of himself holding an   Entry                    posted Facebook photos of himself holding an apparent assault rifle. There were
                                  assault rifle                                          Facebook comments indicating the student had potential religious extremist views.
                                                                                         Officers d
CCSAOOO 12/7/2010    12/6/2010    Suspicious Photography of     For                      Private citizen reported suspicious photography of her home by possibly the same
01322                             Private Residence             Information              person on multiple occaisions in two different vehicles. citizen recorded the vehicle
                                                                Only                     license plate information from the previous incident in which the same driver from

CCSAOOO 12/7/2010    12/3/2010    Suspicious Anonymous letter For                        Cal EMA received an anonymous letter regarding suspicious activity concerning Castle
01321                             received                    Information                AFB. Appears to be similar to letters previously received by Cal E M A _
CCSAOOO 12/6/2010    12/3/2010    R/P reports of a Muslim male For                       Dear Sir of Madam, This may be ridiculous and be nothing or it may be something. But I
01320                             with anti-war views hanging Information                cannot be settled about it. Do not know who to contact about it try here and see if I am
                                  out with R/P's mother        Only                      just being ridiculous My 73 year old Mother lives in CloviS, Ca. I live in

                                      Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the   eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date   Title           Disposition eGuardian                                       Activity
                                                  Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the    cCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title             Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 11/29/2010    11/22/2010     Threatening_posting eGuardian              Yes        Received an email from a citizen who had located a posting in the "Rants and Rave"
01004                                on how to ambush Calaveras Entry                      section of the Stockton_This posting speaks of ambushing a Calaveras County
                                     County Deputy                                         Deputy, and the indivigual speaks of himself as a highly trained individual. The pos

CCSAOOO 11/29/2010    11/18/2010     Arrest and contact of        For                      received the below information via email from SSD Communications Center S g t .
01003                                noteworthy subject           Information              _ o v e r the holiday: This is probably not noteworthy but just in case, North Patrol
                                                                  Only                     just arrested the grandson o~on a PC 166.4 charge during a 917a contac

CCSAOOO 11/29/2010    11/25/2010     Suspicious circumstances     eGuardian     Yes        On 11/25/2010 at approximately 12:52am, Galt Police Department officers conducted a
01001                                surrounding recovered stolen Entry                    felony car stop on Twin Cities Road. Sus                                arrested. during a
                                     vehicle                                               search of the stolen vehicle, officers located several pieces of expensive new lugg

CCSAOOO 11/29/2010    11/24/2010     TSCHit _ _ For                             Yes          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ received the following information in my email box from the NCRIC
01318                                _                            Information              this morning and am entering it on their behalf. I believe the subject of the TSC hit,
                                                                  Only                     _ i s known in our systems. The cente~ advised the NCRIC earl

CCSAOOO 11/29/2010    11/26/2010     TSC Hit _ _ eGuardian                      Yes        At approximately 1535hrs the Watch Center received a call f r o m _ r o m the
01317                                                             Entry                    Washington DC Terrorist Screening Center; p h o n e _ to advice of a hit on a
                                                                                           person of interest. The information is as follows: On November 26, 2010 approximately

CCSAOOO 11/24/2010    11/24/2010     Stolen Police Equipment      Closed and               Per a phone call to Sergeant_ a gun, a mock suicide vest, and other
01316                                                             Referred                 equipment were stolen from the detectives unmarked work vehicle. No identifying
                                                                                           information was given to the CCIC in regards to the missing items at this time; however,
                                                                                           more i
CCSAOOO 11/23/2010    11/4/2010      Threats made in a public     eGuardian     Yes        On 11/4/2010 at approximately 1400, there was a meeting at Shasta College regarding
01315                                meeting at Shasta            Entry                    the living conditions at the dormitory. Several students were complaining about the
                                     Community College                                     living conditions. Durint the discussion, a student from Egvod.                looked

CCSAOOO 11/23/2010   11/23/2010      Natural Gas leak at          Closed                   Smell of natural gas at Carol Miller Jutice Center (Traffic Court), 301 Bicentennial Circle,
01314                                Sacramento Courthouse                                 Sacramento. Building was evacuated, fire and PG&E advised ... building is still currently
                                                                                           evacuated (as of 0825 Hours), as they evaluate/investigate. Unknown of an

CCSAOOO 11/22/2010   11/3/2010       OUTREQ.                      Closed and
01313                                                             Referred
CCSAOOO 11/22/2010   2/17/2004       Middle Eastern family        eGuardian     Yes        Lead regarding a Middle Eastern family committing crimes in Placer County from 2004-
01312                                committing multiple crimes   Entry                    2008. An attached brief includes 34 incidents with crimes committed by 9 subjects:
                                     in Placer County
                                                 Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 11/18/2010
01311                                                            Referred
CCSAOOO 11/17/2010   11/5/2010    Suspicious Anonymous           For                      Cal EMA received two anonymous letters regarding top leaders of the US military in
01310                             letters received               Information              Washington DC participating in drug trafficking.
CCSAOOO 11/17/2010   11/9/2010    Report of stolen ID's from     eGuardian     Yes        On November 9, 2010,                     an employee of the Federal Bureau of Prisons,
01309                             Prison employees               Entry                    Atwater, California was a victim of a residential burglary._Federal Bureau of
                                                                                          Prisons badge and his Taurus 9mm semi-auto pistol were some of the items taken du

CCSAOOO 11/16/2010   10/31/2010   Sale of firearm to subject     For                      Subject attempted to purchase firearm that subsequently was denied by the California
01308                             denied due to possible         Information              department of Justice/Bureau of Firearms due to subject's possible immigration status
                                  immigration status             Only                     (illegal alien)
CCSAOOO 11/15/2010   11/12/2010   Suspicious contact with        Closed and               On Friday, November 12, 2010 at about 1800 hrs. Office~onducted a Traffic
01307                             parolee in possession of       Referred                 Stop for unsafe speed. When he contacted the driver he noticed the odor of marijuana.
                                  illegal firearms                                        Office~poke with the drive                                           of Santa Maria

CCSAOOO 11/15/2010   11/13/2010   Hazmat Levell incident leads eGuardian       Yes        CALL TIME: 0708 11/13/2010 KERN COUNTY FIRE DEPARTMENT RESPONDED TO A
01306                             to discovery of possible     Entry                      HAZMAT LEVEL I INCIDENT                   DGECREST, CA 93555, CALL WAS FOR A
                                  explosive devices                                       JAR W/ WHITE SUBSTANCE AND A FUSE STUCK TO RP'S FRONT WINDOW. IT WAS
                                                                                          REPORTED TO ME THAT THE DEVICE LOOKED
CCSAOOO 11/15/2010   11/15/2010   R/P reports about stolen       eGuardian     Yes        Over the past couple of months the PD has taken three reports from Indian (India)
01304                             passports                      Entry                    people where their passports have been lost/stolen. CPD Case numbers~
                                                                                          an~ Last year we took one from a French person_ I spoke
CCSAOOO 11/15/2010   8/11/2010    Suspicious Photography at      eGuardian     Yes        On Friday, 2010-08-06 at approimately 1100 hrs, a vehicle approached the inbound
01303                             Railroad Checkpoint            Entry                    checkpoint at a railroad in san joaquin county, began a U-Turn to the outbound lanes,
                                                                                          stopped as the passenger snapped a flash photograph of the checkpoint, and then
                                                                                          exited t
CCSAOOO 11/12/2010   11/12/2010   EXERCISE EXERCISE -            Closed                   EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE _            Chief Operation and Electrical Branch reporting
01300                             Suspicious Contact made to                              suspicious activity. Mr._dvised yesterday 11/11/2010 he and several co-workers
                                  USBR employee - EXERCISE                                were at the Red Bluff sports Bar in Tehama county, CA. He indicated that he was
CCSAOOO 11/11/2010   11/10/2010   Suspicious activity at local   eGuardian     Yes        On 11/10/2010 at 1300 hours my Chief of Police contacted a motorist that was crusing
01298                             high school - subject recently Entry                    around our open high school campus during their lunch hour. He stopped in the
                                  returned from Yemmen                                    roadway to speak to several students. When he was contacted he was very nervous and

                                                  Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the     eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title             Disposition eGuardian                                               Activity

CCSAOOO 11/10/2010    11/10/2010     EXCERCISE                    Closed                    ****Shasta Dam Excercise Only***** EXERCISE - EXERCISE A search of vehicle after a
01297                                                                                       high-speed chase revealed Shasta Dam brouchures, notes pertaining to security guard
                                                                                            schedules, frequency of tours, and photos of security access badges and facility

CCSAOOO 11/10/2010    11/10/2010     Suspicious image on Google   Closed and                At approximately 0545 hours on 11/10/10, the WSIN information received a telephone
01296                                Earth App                    Referred                                                                        ( t e l e p h o n e : _ home
                                                                                            address:                              Stockton CA 95206) who relayed that he was
CCSAOOO 11/10/2010    11/10/2010     Suspicious Mortgage          Closed and                I received a mailer from a company representing itself a_MORTGAGE
01295                                Company                      Referred                  CORPORATION, a a Division 0                            CORPORATION, Mortgage Banker
                                                                                            license ~ contact tel
                                                                                            veterans loan spe
CCSAOOO 11/9/2010

CCSAOOO 11/9/2010

                                     Suspicious Behavior observed For
                                     by Infragard member

                                     suspicious behavior after

                                                                  eGuardian     Yes
                                                                                            There is an interesting combination of events that seem odd to me and should be looked
                                                                                            at closer. I have previously submitted a tip on an individual
                                                                                                           intimidation of elected officials and further suspiscous activity. Throug

                                                                                            reporting party relayed the following information: I was in the seating area for

01293                                secondary identification     Entry                     boarding_Airlines flight 291 from Dulles airport to Sacramento. As I selected a
                                     check at airline boarding                              seat, I noticed two men of Iranian descent also waiting together. As I took a
CCSAOOO 11/8/2010     11/8/2010      Passenger's clothing tested  eGuardian     Yes         I'm an FBI certified bomb technician assigned to work at the Sacramento International
01292                                presumptive positive for TNT Entry                     Airport. I was dispatched to the terminal "B" checkpoint to assist TSA personnel with an
                                     and RDX at Sacramento                                  uncooperative passenger who was refusing to be searched. Upon my arrival, the pa
                                     International Airport

CCSAOOO 11/8/2010     11/8/2010      _employee at Mather          Closed                    Rceived call from a eitzen             reporting COWORKE
01290                                Field made anti-white                                  MUSLIM AND RELATIVE OF A ROYALTY TO THE KINGDOM OF JORDAN, // WANTED TO
                                     comments                                               RPT SUBJ HAS MADE COMMENTS THAT HE HATES "WHITE PEOPLE", SUBJ JUST
                                                                                            RECENTLY XFERD TO THE UPS HUB AT MAT
CCSAOOO 11/8/2010     11/5/2010      Suspicious phone purchase    For                       Hi, I'm not sure if there is really anything going on with this person or not but i thought
01289                                on Ebay                      Information               this whole transaction was weird. I placed a phone HTC touch pro 2 for us cellular on
                                                                  Only                      here the other day and put only U.S. shipping, well this ebay member bought i

CCSAOOO 11/8/2010    11/5/2010       Suspicious photography of    eGuardian     Yes         The following is for informational purposes only. There is limited info on this incident.
01288                                BNSF Mormon Yard             Entry                     Per Sr Special A g e n t _ about 1600 to 1650 hrs, White Jeep~ith
                                                                                            male subject taking pictures at BNSF Mormon Yard, 720 South B St, Stockton, CA. A

Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title               Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 11/2/2010     10/23/2010     False Positive TATP test on     eGuardian     Yes         Deputy_ (certified FBI bomb tech), was contacted by a TSA supervisor at the
01277                                cloth bag belonging to          Entry                     terminal "A" checkpoint. Deputy~as asked to examine a cloth rice bag that
                                     passenger attempting to                                   contained approximately two pounds of laundry detergent and an unmarked glass
                                     enter terminal checkpoint                                 mason jarth
CCSAOOO 11/2/2010     10/21/2010     Suspicious letters from the     eGuardian     Yes         On 10/21/10,                     the pastor of me                                  In
01276                                Sons of Freedom Crusaders       Entry                     Fairfield, received a letter from an organization identified only as SFCU. The letter thanks
                                     Underground                                               ~or his interest in joining an organization called "Sons of Freedom Crusaders

CCSAOOO 11/1/2010     10/19/2010     Individual on watch list       eGuardian      Yes                                                        who is on the Terrorist Watch List,
01275                                denied visit to inmate at CSP- Entry                      applied to visit an inmate            COCR#:_at CSP-Corcoran. MR.
                                     Corcoran                                                  _ w a s never on grounds and was denied for other reasons.
CCSAOOO 11/1/2010     10/31/2010     TSCHit-_                        eGuardian     Yes         Office~with Bakersfield Police Department (badge _                       Phone:_
01274                                                                Entry                               s conducting a DUI check point, at 23rd st and intersection Eye, when.
                                                                                                            : _ was unable to produce a drivers license. Subjects listed resi

CCSAOOO 11/1/2010     10/29/2010     Suspects conduct email fraud For                          EMAIL FRAUD: Victim                                          facebook account
01273                                attempting to solicit funds to Information                compromised. Suspects send out letter to her contacts describing she's in need of help
                                     be sent to Spain.              Only                       and request money. One of her contacts either does try to send money or replies to her
CCSAOOO 10/29/2010
CCSAOOO 10/29/2010

                                     TSC H i t - _

                                     R/P states that COCO
                                     employee is traveling to
                                     Pakistan on vacation to visit
                                                                                   Yes         TSC Hit _ _ _ was attempting to visit a prisoner at California
                                                                                               State Prison Delano when TSC was notified.
                                                                                               A Correctional Office~employed with the CDCR at Sierra
                                                                                               Conservation Center in Jamestown has announced his intentions to travel to Pakistan for
                                                                                               two months. He is scheduled to go on "Vacation" beginning in November 2010. He
                                                                                               states he is a
CCSAOOO 10/28/2010    10/26/2010     Strange letter from the "Sons eGuardian       Yes         Pasto~of the                                                    received a letter
01270                                of Freedom Crusaders          Entry                       from an organization called "Sons of Freedom Crusaders Underground" thanking him for
                                     Underground"                                              his application to the organization. ~did not submit an application to this orga

CCSAOOO 10/28/2010   10/26/2010      Two unidentified suspects       For                       On 10/26/10 at approximately 1548 hours, the victi
01269                                convinced victim to give        Information               by S-l in the parking lot of the_Supermarket
                                     them $3,667.79 for a block of Only                        _ h e had an ill relative and he needed money to help his relative. S-l produce
                                     "gold" that ended up being
CCSAOOO 10/28/2010   10/28/2010      Inmate at DVI in Tracy, CA      eGuardian                 _                 DOB                   CDC numbe~ He is a lifer here but has
01268                                with suspicious                 Entry                      recently received a parole date for January or February of next year. He will be paroling
                                     correspondence                                            to LA. In his mail, he has been talking about Hasani, a person of interest to the F
                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian                                               Activity

CCSAOOO 10/27/2010

CCSAOOO 10/26/2010

                                     Suspicious package sent via

                                     Suspicious circumstances
                                     during arrest of DUI suspect


                                                                                  Yes         On October 26, 2010, at approximately 0535 hours, CHP Office_arrested_
                                                                                              on Airport Way at Durham Ferry Road for driving while under the influence of alcohol.
                                                                                              During the course of the investigation, Officer Seal discovered t h a t _ i s a co

CCSAOOO 10/26/2010    10/26/2010     Response to CCIC LEA on the Closed and                   _              Special Agent with NCIS out of Lemore, CA called in response to the CCIC
01265                                availability of DOD tactical Referred                     LEA distributed 10/25/2010 "Increasing availability of United States Department of

CCSAOOO 10/22/2010

                                     Suspicious Male Makes
                                     Threats to.Employee
                                                                                               Defense Military specification (MIL-SPEC) tactical equipment and body armor." Ms.

                                                                                              Suspicious male calls main.line to inform them that he is planning on shooting
                                                                                              employees between now and 30 November 2010 in the cities of Calexico, Long Beach,
                                                                                              and Bakersfield CA. During the call the suspect states that he has set up three snip
CCSAOOO 10/22/2010    10/22/2010     CDCR Inmate receives books eGuardian         Yes         On 10/12/10 I recived an email from TLO at Mule Creek State Prison regarding an inmate
01263                                from Iran about fertilizer and Entry                                                     DOB:_CII:~POB: I r a n . _
                                     chemicals                                                received a shipment of books from Iran. Inside of the books bindings there were loose
CCSAOOO 10/22/2010    10/22/2010     Suspicious Male with a 40-55 For                         At approximately 1 6 5 0 _ r o m the Consumes Fire Department called to
01262                                Gallon Drum in the Backseat Information                  report an incident reported to him by a citizen. The information is as follows: The citizen
                                     of his car.                  Only                        spotted a grey Acur.CA license plate_going south bound on highway

CCSAOOO 10/21/2010    10/21/2010     Validated incarcerated EME eGuardian         Yes         The TLO at California Correctional Institute (CCI) in Tehachapi reported that an inmate
01261                                associate and Black Angels  Entry                        wrote a letter addressed to the Islamic Education Center in Houston, Texas. The inmates
                                     gang member writing Islamic                              namei~_witha dobo~CII_CDL~
                                     Education Center (TX)

CCSAOOO 10/21/2010    10/21/2010     R/P's receiving threats from   Closed and                Reporting party receiving threats from husband from whom she is separated. text of
01260                                husband                        Referred                  rip's complaint: "i am currently separated from my husband and he is continually
                                                                                              making threats on my life. i have txt messages and voicemailings to support that. i

CCSAOOO 10/20/2010   7/21/2010       Suspicious attempt to access eGuardian       Yes         A silver two door sedan occupied by a male driver and a female passenger arrived at
01258                                Aerojet Sacramento facility  Entry                       Gate 3. The driver stated they were "checking R. F. signals for AT& T." I asked the driver,
                                                                                              _             for government issued identification and his company badge. Syed h

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 10/19/2010    10/17/2010     Individuals ask Aerojet        eGuardian     Yes        While working Gate 3 access control, I was approached by two individuals who stated
01257                                security for directions        Entry                    they were AT&T contractors conducting signal testing._ the passenger, stated
                                                                                             they were looking for Prairie City Road.        nd         .rovided me with their Calif

CCSAOOO 10/19/2010    10/16/2010     Suspicious attempt to access eGuardian       Yes        _eported a black Suzuki with two occupants approached Gate 3 and stated they
01256                                cell towers at Aerojet facility Entry                   were here to check a cell tower._arrived on scene and made contact with the
                                                                                             two individuals in the vehicle. The driver ofthe vehicle

CCSAOOO 10/18/2010    10/18/2010     Cal OSHA laptops stolen        Closed                   Cal OSHA in Concord, CA reported a break-in over the weekend in which five, state
01255                                                                                        laptop computers were stolen. CHP Office~is the investigating officer.
                                                                                             The case number i s _ The district manager at this Cal OSHA office iS~

CCSAOOO 10/18/2010    10/17/2010     TSC Hit - vehicle crash into   eGuardian     Yes        On 10/17/2010 in the AM,                                  crashed a vehicle into the Bus
01253                                bus stop                       Entry                    Stop at the corner of 10th street and Chester Avenue in Bakersfield CA. No pedestrians
                                                                                             were involved. Office~ofthe Bakersfield Police Department responded. S

CCSAOOO 10/15/2010    7/23/2010      OUTREQ.                        Closed and
01252                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 10/15/2010    10/15/2010     CHP Officer receives           For
01251                                suspicious calls               Information
                                                                    Only                     with a Middle Eastern accent and is difficult to understand due to the language barrier.
CCSAOOO 10/15/2010   10/14/2010      TSCHit _ _                     eGuardian     Yes        At approximately 2120hrs the Watch Center received a call f r o m _ Watch
01250                                                               Entry                    Commander, from the Washington DC Terrorist Screening Center, p h o n e _
                                                                                             to advice of a hit on a person of interest. The information is as follows: On October 14,
CCSAOOO 10/15/2010   9/24/2010       OUTREO!                        Referred
CCSAOOO 10/14/2010   10/14/2010      Suspicious recruitment         eGuardian                Witness reports several men searching an area for people they believed to be of the
01248                                activities                     Entry                    Muslim faith in what appears to be a recruitment effort. Subjects were contacted by
                                                                                             Fairfield PD LEO and were in possession of a list containing Middle Eastern and Muslim

CCSAOOO 10/14/2010

CCSAOOO 10/13/2010


                                     TSC HIT


                                                                                                              with the Terrorist Screening Center received a call from the Sacramento
                                                                                             County Jail regarding
                                                                                             methamphetamine. Detectives

                                                                                        104 Jail on a violation of his parole.
                                                                                                                                           and             stopped the subject for a p

                                                                                             2345 hours s u b j e c t _ DOB:_was booked into Sacramento County
                                                Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

        10/12/2010                Citizen reporting suspicious
01245                             purchase of state buildings                               of state buildings in San Francisco

CCSAOOO 10/12/2010   10/4/2010    Suspicious behavior of a CSU eGuardian        Yes         Professo~rom California State University Sacramento reported his
01244                             Sacramento student           Entry                        concern regarding on of his criminal justice
                                                                                            _ i s a muslim immigrant from Fiji/Austraila who is a citizen ofthe United State

CCSAOOO 10/12/2010   10/12/2010   Suspicious tattoos found on     For                       While investigating an assault at Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center (RCCC), rip noticed a
01243                             incarcerated subject            Information                "Sinn Fein" and "Irish Pride" tattoo on the left upper arm of inm
                                                                  Only                      _          Further info is included in the attached file
CCSAOOO 10/12/2010   10/11/2010   Suspicious activity by          eGuardian     Yes         R/P has been recording delivery activity at my neighbors. R/P is in a county island and
01242                             neighbors                       Entry                     since they have moved in they receive a large volume of deliveries b y _ a n d
                                                                                            several private big rig trucks and rental trucks of various sizes. They unload p

CCSAOOO 10/11/2010   10/10/2010   Suspicious individual selling   eGuardian     Yes         Office~submitted this report because of an FBI Critical Reach flyer released in
01241                             art as cover to elicit          Entry                     2001 regarding the MO of individuals soliciting information by posing as artists, art
                                  information                                               salespersons or art promotors. On 10/10/10 at about 16:44hrs while on

CCSAOOO 10/11/2010   10/9/2010    Suspicious subject           eGuardian        Yes         10-9-10 State ABC and Sac PO saw a subject do a hand to hand possible narcotic
01240                             encountered during narcotics Entry                        transaction at the Vallero gas station at Franklin and Meadowgate. Officers stopped
                                  arrest                                                    the driver COL                         (aka _ _or several vehicle code violatio

CCSAOOO 10/11/2010

CCSAOOO 10/11/2010

                                  TSC Hit

                                  Suspicious male possibly
                                  conducting surveillance at

                                                                                Yes         Report was received by John at the terrorist screening center @0810 EST (~
                                                                                            Chico police department office~(badge. responded to a noise

                                                                                            complaint at 0348 at the address 0                    Chico, CA 95926. The subject

                                                                                            1603 Hours,10-09-201O,Saturday: Oeputy_#_ u n i t " was dispatched to
                                                                                            the lower lobby of Terminal B-1 regarding a suspicious person report from an airport
                                  Sacramento International                                  volunteer at the Terminal B-1 information booth. An East Indian male subject had
                                  Airport                                                   stopped
CCSAOOO 10/11/2010   10/9/2010    Suspicious male with large      Referred                  At 1417 hrs I received a call from a private citizen. The lady advised she saw a white male
01237                             quantity of paint thinner                                 in his early 20's putting 6-7 gallons of paint thinner in his vehicle, no paint, just paint
                                                                                            thinner. He was looking around suspicously and his vehicle is a black s

CCSAOOO 10/8/2010    9/23/2010                                    Closed and
01236                                                             Referred

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 10/7/2010   8/29/2010   Possible Radicalized inmates eGuardian        Yes         On 8-29-10 I conducted a cell search of in
01235                           at Kern Valley State Prison  Entry                        _housed on our SNY Facility. Both inmates are Muslims who appear to have
                                                                                          radical Islamic views. Both inmates have since been placed in our Administrative

CCSAOOO 10/7/2010   10/2/2010   Suspicious Male leaves $250k Referred                                             leaves over $250k of sequential cashier's checks at a bar in
01234                           worth of cashier's checks at                              downtown Roseville. Incident report attached.
                                local bar
CCSAOOO 10/7/2010   10/6/2010                                   eGuardian     Yes         At approximately 2115hrs the Watch Center received a call f r o m _ Watch
01233                                                           Entry                     Commander, from the Washington DC Terrorist Screening Center, p h o n e _
                                                                                          to advice of a hit on a person of interest. The information is as follows: : On October 6,

CCSAOOO 10/6/2010   10/5/2010   Suspicious ME Males Buy         eGuardian     Yes         On 10-5-10 around 1200 hours, I received a call from a close personal friend who resides
01232                           Several Large Pallets of        Entry                     in Bakersfield California. He mentioned to me he was shopping at the_located at
                                Water a t _                                                                         in the city of Bakersfield California during his call to

CCSAOOO 10/6/2010   10/5/2010   Suspicious male videotapes      For                       10-5-10 at approx. 1758 hrs. I O f c . _ , observed a M/W/A standing in
01231                           Light Rail                      Information               the street video taping an RT Train. The subject was parked on 8th street (east side of
                                                                Only                      800 J St.) approx. 75' south of J St. Subject was standing next to a dark

CCSAOOO 10/6/2010

CCSAOOO 10/6/2010

                                Email from Private Citizen

                                TSC Hi

                                                                                          Private Citizen_ent the attached emails to the CCIC Inbox. M S . _
                                                                                          regularly sends emails complaining about how the government has tortured her and
                                                                                          taken away her dignity and hope. She expresses her anti-government feelings and
                                                                                          preaches ab
                                                                                          TSCHi                     Subject was pulled over at the corner of Valley High Dr and
                                                                                          Wyndham Dr. in Sacramento, CA for a broken tailight, not cited and was released.
                                                                                          Subject was driving a 2002 Red Toyota_minivan_ Subject was in the
CCSAOOO 10/6/2010   9/30/2010   Anonymous letter of             eGuardian     Yes         On 9/30/2010, Davis Police Department received an anonymous letter dated 9/29/2010,
01228                           allegations of illegal hawala   Entry                     addressed to the Chief of Police. The letter was from "A concerned US Citizen" and
                                activity                                                  identified two individuals who came to the US from Pakistan on illegally purchased US p

CCSAOOO 10/5/2010   8/23/2010   Threatening letters received    eGuardian                 Attached are scanned copies of letters received by CA Department of Fish and Game
01227                           by CA Department of Fish        Entry                     offices in Redding, Yountville (Bay Area) and Fresno. The originals from Fresno were
                                and Game offices                                          turned over to CHP as were the letters sent to Redding. I believe Yountville turned th

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 10/5/2010     10/2/2010      Three individuals harassing   Closed                    Tracy PO patrol officers were dispatched to a report of 3 middle eastern males harassing
01226                                security guards at mall in                              security guards at the                 at                   in Tracy. After a short verbal
                                     Tracy                                                   confrontation, the three males were ejected from the mall and left in a gold

CCSAOOO 10/4/2010

CCSAOOO 10/4/2010

                                     Yemeni Employee of            eGuardian
                                     Convenience store admitedly Entry
                                     visits websites with AI Qaeda
                                     Individual in Pakistan gives    eGuardian

                                                                                             Through a Arab community outreach program, Office
                                                                                             Department has spoken several w i t h _ an employee at
                                                                                             pounds, ba
                                                                                                            at_            Merced, CA _

                                                                                             We received a phone call from a citizen residing in Fresno _Phon~
                                                                                                                                                                  is approx. 5-9,170

01224                                suspicious advise to girlfriend Entry                   "address                              Fresno 93711. He advised he just seperated with the
                                     in Fresno                                               Army, he is or was a corporal. He is reporting that a good friend of his an Ashley

CCSAOOO 10/4/2010     9/29/2010      Pumpkin Launcher launches     Closed                    At approximately 6:00 AM on 09/29/2010, as I was walking my dog in front of my house
01223                                flaming pumpkins                                        at                  I heard the discharge of a mortar or cannon, and saw a flaming
                                                                                             object fly through the air. This is depicted in Incident # 3 of the attached Map of Are

CCSAOOO 10/4/2010     9/24/2010      Suspicious activity of a      For                       On 1 0 / 4 / 2 0 1 0 , _ CA Department of Fish and Game, called the CCIC duty
01222                                known individual              Information               line with the following information: On 9/24/2010, Mr._was driving past the
                                                                   Only                      home of an individual,_'1 who has previously been under investigation. The

CCSAOOO 10/4/2010     10/1/2010      TSC Hit during stop for      For                        On October 1, 2010, at 10:49 p.m., Operations Specialis~ TSC, contacted
01221                                suspicious photography in IL Information                STIC to report an encounter with a subject identified by the National Crime Information
                                     of subject with ties to CA   Only                       Center (NCIC) as a suspected terrorist organization member (handling code 3). Offi

CCSAOOO 9/29/2010    9/28/2010       Suspicious Male parked        eGuardian     Yes
01220                                outside of Manufacturing      Entry
CCSAOOO 9/29/2010    5/28/2010       Suspicious Male with          eGuardian     Yes         Officer stopped the S/V for violation of speed (71 mph in a 55 mph zone) on May 28,

01219                                multiple DLs from different   Entry                     2010. The Subject_ had a suspended C D L _ During the course of
                                     states                                                  investigation, the officer discovered that the subject had a license in New York

CCSAOOO 9/29/2010    9/23/2010       TSC Hit on a taxi driver      eGuardian     Yes         On 9/28/2010, Sacramento Police Department alerted
01218                                permit applicant              Entry                     Sacramento JTTF TFO, of a TSC hit on an individual that had just applied for a taxi driver
                                                                                             permit with the City of Sacramento.                      came into the City of Sacrame

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 9/28/2010   9/26/2010   Suspicious circumstances of
01217                           passengers traveling from       Information               assigned to Terminal B at the Sacramento International Airport. 0545 Hours,
                                Sacramento International        Only                      09/26/2010 (Sunday): I was standing at the Terminal B1 checkpoint observing
                                Airport                                                   passengers
CCSAOOO 9/27/2010   8/17/2010   Request for specific location   For                       On August 17, 2010, Placer County Water Agency received a written request, dated
01216                           information of energy           Information               August 9,2010, from two people representing the Civil Society Insitute, for the specific
                                generating sites in Placer      Only                      lat/longs of all their energy generating sites. PCWA denied the request and provided
CCSAOOO 9/24/2010   9/24/2010   Suspicious individual with      eGuardian     Yes         On 09/24/2010, at approximately 0730 hours, SUBJE~was involved in a solo
01215                           weapons and nuclear plans       Entry                     vehicle traffic collision at the above mentioned location. At the time, SUBJECT_
                                                                                          was towing a U-Haul trailer (FL Lic~. SUBJECT_was transported by g

CCSAOOO 9/24/2010   9/24/2010   TSC Hit                         eGuardian     Yes         TSC Hit:             wa-s pulled over by Sac PO Office~or missing
01214                                                           Entry                     license plates._was pulled over on the corner of Fruitridge and Dana Way in
CCSAOOO 9/23/2010   9/23/2010   Lead Entered to Document        For                       Private Citizen_sent the attached emails to the RTTAC Inbox. No specific
01213                           Anti-Government and Anti-       Information               threats were made but she made several Anti-Government and Anti-American
                                American Emails Sent by         Only                      statements.
                                Private Citizen
CCSAOOO 9/23/2010   7/31/2010   Suspicious ME male fires        eGuardian     Yes         This is in regards to a Dr.             who is a resident of Visalia. As you might
01212                           shotgun in home                 Entry                     remember, this is the guy that on 9/11/09 made threats to the President. He was a
                                                                                          medical doctor in Porterville whose secretary reported him to the FBI because he had
CCSAOOO 9/23/2010   9/23/2010   Two Muslim males apply to       eGuardian     Yes          Deuel Vocational Institution, Tracy California Muslim Chapl
01211                           be volunteers at CDCR           Entry                     _        resigned from State employment effective the

                                Muslim Chapel                                             now submitted a request for a volunteer 10. I

CCSAOOO 9/20/2010   9/2/2010    Three US passports stolen       eGuardian     Yes         On 9/7/2010, Office~(~of the Folsom Police Department was
01210                           from the mail                   Entry                     dispatched to       for the report of petty theft of 3 US passports from
                                                                                          the mail.

CCSAOOO 9/20/2010   9/10/2010   Citizen wary of individual      For                       I have a very secluded house for rent in between Kingsburg and Selma. A man named
01209                           inquiring about secluded        Information               _ c o n t a c t e d me on Friday the 10th and said he was interested in it. He had
                                house rental                    Only                      an accent when he spoke. I asked him why he wanted that location and he said he

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the     eCie June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                                                             the Terrorist Screening Center received a call from the Placer
                                                                                        County Jail regarding s u b j e c t _ D O B _ who was arrested for
                                                                                        manufacture/sales or possession of a weapon or explosives. He was arrested by
                                                                                        Roseville Police 0
CCSAOOO 9/20/2010   8/29/2010   Possible Possession of          eGuardian   Yes         Detective_of the Sacramento                   Sheriff's Department obtained limited
01207                           Explosives                      Entry                   information                                    Ms
                                                                                        employee                                                           about a subject in Elk
CCSAOOO 9/20/2010   8/24/2010   ME Male attending radical       eGuardian   Yes                                        in Stockton, CA reported that her husband_
01206                           Islamic Learning Center         Entry                                               recently laid off from his job and is now attending a radical
                                                                                        Islamic Learning Center where they are teaching hate for America. The RP stated that a
CCSAOOO 9/17/2010

CCSAOOO 9/14/2010

                                TSCHit _ _                      eGuardian

                                                                                        On 17 September 2010 while conducting a Probation Investigation on another unrelated

                                                                                        influence of dr
                                                                                                                     the Citrus Heights Police Department encountered
                                                                                                                               who was arrested for 11550 under the

CCSAOOO 9/13/2010   9/11/2010   Suspicious ME Male arrested For                         The suspect stole a vehicle from a dealership, struck several vehicles, fled from CHP
01192                           and claims to have had      Information                 Officers and was arrested for stolen vehicle, fleeing from officers, and resisting arrest.
                                something planned           Only                        Made statements as to the fact that he had something planned but was unwillin

CCSAOOO 9/13/2010
CCSAOOO 9/13/2010   8/29/2010   Suspicious Photography at       eGuardian   Yes         On 08-29-10, at approximately 0725 hrs, an employee of the                  Supply Co.
01190                                           Co.             Entry                   a t _ R d , Dixon, noticed a white female adult (WFA) on the company property
                                                                                        taking photographs. The property is surrounded by a chain link fence with "No Tres

CCSAOOO 9/10/2010   9/4/2010    Suspicious encounter of CA      eGuardian   Yes         A DPS trooper stopped a blue California plated (CA LP~ passenger van on IH10
01189                           residents during traffic stop   Entry                   (west bound) near mile post 240 on 9/4/2010 at approximately 2:12 P.M. The van was
                                inTX                                                    driven bv                    D O B _ The driver's story versus the passengers

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the ((I( June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                           Activity

CCSAOOO 9/9/2010      9/1/2010       Suspicious trespassing at       eGuardian   Yes         On Wednesday 09/01/2010 at approximately 1055 hours, I was notified by Central
01188                                Aerojet facility                Entry                   Station operato~via telephone of a trespasser on Aerojet property near highway
                                                                                             50. A California Highway Patrol (CHP) dispatcher contacted Central Station to advise
CCSAOOO 9/9/2010      9/9/2010       Posting of possible threat to   eGuardian   Yes         Initial SAR - Shasta County Sheriff's called Shasta Dam Security Control Center this
01187                                nuclear reactors                Entry                   morning advising t h a t _ c a l l e d today at approx. 0902 hours and advised:
                                                                                             _befriended a male individual on face book who commented that he was

CCSAOOO 9/9/2010
                      9/6/2010       Suspicious Photography of
                                     the Hetch Hetchy Moccasin

                                                                                             Suspicious male of apparent mid lie-eastern descent was seen taki
                                                                                             Moccasin Powerhouse and penstocks. Reporting Pa

                                                                                                             Grange, CA 95327 home phone:

CCSAOOO 9/8/2010      9/8/2010       Water Treatment Plant Break- eGuardian      Yes         Folsom Water Treatment Plant was burglarized over Labor Day weekend. See attached
01185                                in                           Entry                      email.
CCSAOOO 9/2/2010
CCSAOOO 9/2/2010      9/1/2010       Suspicious Male Attempts to eGuardian       Yes         Subject,                  attempted to break into an aircraft at Mather International
01183                                Break into Plane            Entry                       Airport on 9 September 2010. Subject was detained and arrested. SSD made contact
                                                                                             with the subjects fathe~and the father stated t h a t _ i s a SCHIZ

CCSAOOO 9/1/2010      8/28/2010      Host of anti-Iranian            eGuardian   Yes         On 08-28-10, I was dispatched to 20407 Ave 18 (R&A Ranch) regarding criminal threats.
01182                                government television show      Entry                   INVESTIGATION: Upon arrival, I contacted V _ a n d he provided me with the
                                     receives threatening phone                              following summarized statement: v _ r u n s an Anti-Iranian Government
                                     calls                                                   television s
CCSAOOO 9/1/2010      9/1/2010       TSCHit _ _                      eGuardian   Yes
01181                                                                Entry

CCSAOOO 9/1/2010
                                               Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 9/1/2010

CCSAOOO 8/31/2010   8/26/2010   Individual sends multiple        Closed and                On 8/26/2010, the Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce, in addition to many others,
01178                           requests for informaiton on      Referred                  received an email from an individual with the following request: Send tourism guide
                                museums, caves, theme                                      and information on all the museums, caves, theme parks and
                                parks and zoos
CCSAOOO 8/30/2010   8/26/2010   Explosives expert from           Closed and                On August 26, 2010, I received a call from TLO office~at Mule Creek State Prison
01177                           Jordan awaitng deportation       Referred                  regarding Lifer                                   DOB:_POB: Jordan CII:
                                                                                           _FBI:                                          Received at CDCR 3/11/1994 According to
                                                                                           TLO Green
CCSAOOO 8/30/2010   8/30/2010   TSC hit during traffic stop in   eGuardian     Yes
01176                           Davis                            Entry

CCSAOOO 8/30/2010   8/28/2010   TSC Hit during vehicle stop in eGuardian       Yes         At approximately 2100hrs the Watch Center received a call
01175                           Citrus Heights, CA             Entry                       Commander, from the Washington DC Terrorist Screening Center,p
                                                                                           " t o advise of a hit on a person of interest. The information is as follows: On August

CCSAOOO 8/30/2010   8/26/2010

CCSAOOO 8/27/2010   8/24/2010   T witter reference of possible Referred                    On August 24, 2010, SITAC Analyst,_called the CCIC Duty Analyst and
01173                           shooting threat at high                                    followed up with an email. The SITAC received an email lead f r o m _ from
                                school in Stockton                                         the Alabama Fusion Center(email attached}. While monitoring some twitter feeds,
CCSAOOO 8/27/2010   8/25/2010   Subject attempts to purchase eGuardian         Yes          On 082510, at approx 2109 hrs, a Solano County Deputy spotted a gray 2005 Honda
01172                           explosive device and rifle   Entry                         _       CA Lie_parked on the side on Lyons Road, just north of Fairfield. Two
                                parts                                                      subjects were outside the vehicle, one holding a night vision device (NVD), and two subj

CCSAOOO 8/26/2010   8/26/2010   Suspicious individual            For                       On August 26, 2010, at approximately 0955 hours, CHP Officer~
01171                           attempts to register vehicle     Information               Woodland Area TLO, contacted ENTAC Officer_ requesting to submit a SAR for
                                under false name                 Only                      CHP Office~fthe Woodland Area. On August 18, 2010, at an unknown

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 8/26/2010
                                Suspicious Surveillance of

                                Suspicious Male asks       eGuardian
                                questions about Shasta Dam Entry

                                                                                       I received a call from a Security Specialist
                                                                                       (pOSSibly Asian) has been watching the yard and drivers
                                                                                       evening hours. This location is a fleet yard where the fuel trucks load

                                                                                       Suspicious male asks detailed questions about Shasta Dam on 22 August 2010. See
                                                                                       attached incident report for more details.

CCSAOOO 8/26/2010   8/26/2010   Suspicious males attempt to    eGuardian   Yes         S-l
01168                           pick up cargo at Sacramento    Entry
                                International Airport
                                                                                       approximately one
CCSAOOO 8/25/2010   8/25/2010   Suspicious Individual          eGuardian   Yes         OUt_Male, Blk Hair, Brown eyes. 5'-08", 1651bs. DOB 11/08/1986 (Subject has
01167                           Requests DMV appointment       Entry                   a pending driver license) PH~INS#_On 8/19/2010, a
                                on 9/11                                                technician from the Sacramento DMV telephone service center took a call from this

CCSAOOO 8/25/2010
CCSAOOO 8/25/2010   5/23/2010   Stolen Bureau of               eGuardian   Yes         Received information_had his Reclamation identification card stolen from
01165                           Reclamation 10                 Entry                   his vehicle (burglary) on May 23, 2010 between 2100 and 0900 hours in Chico CA.
                                                                                       Advised the burglary was reported to Chico PO case number ~ but_did
                                                                                       not incl
CCSAOOO 8/23/2010   8/22/2010   Missing Person in South Lake eGuardian                                                     DOB_CDL~AKA_
01164                           Tahoe                        Entry                                    REPORTED MISSING PERSON CASE~ FAMILY LIVES IN
                                                                                       EMERYVILLE, SUBJECT WAS ATIENDING SCHOOL IN CHICAGO AND HAD RETURNED TO
                                                                                       CALIFORNIA FOR THE SUMMER. ON 8/21/2010 WAKES
CCSAOOO 8/23/2010   8/23/2010   Subject shows suspicious       Closed                  I am an InfraGard member submitting a name for a suspicious person tip/lead. _
01163                           behavior                                               ~Birthdate_Ca DL:_Address:                                            Mountain
                                                                                       House, CA 95391 Reason for suspicion: subject has been aggravated while

CCSAOOO 8/23/2010   8/21/2010   Suspicious Activity at Chico   eGuardian   Yes         For Your Situational Awareness, At 0822 hours on August 21 an Amtrak Special Agent
01162                           Amtrack Station                Entry                   reported that at 0713 hours, suspicious activity occurred at the Chico Amtrak Station in
                                                                                       Chico, CA. when two individuals jumped on the side of Amtrak train #14 of the 20

CCSAOOO 8/23/2010   8/23/2010   OUTRE.                         eGuardian
01161                                                          Entry
                                               Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 8/20/2010               San Joaquin Jail Inmate From
01160                           Afghanistan on ICE Hold has                                                                      is allegedly from Kabul, Afghanistan and has
                                Suspicious Tattoos                                       mutliple tattoos-including some images, the words "Death Before Dishonor" and "Af

CCSAOOO 8/20/2010
CCSAOOO 8/20/2010   8/20/2010   OUTREQ.                        Closed
CCSAOOO 8/18/2010   8/13/2010   Suspicious West African Male For                                        attempted to purchase airline tickets on possible stolen credit card. See
01157                           Makes unauthorized           Information                 attached incident report for more details.
                                purchase on credit card.     Only
CCSAOOO 8/18/2010   8/18/2010   Suspicious male wires large    eGuardian     Yes         On 08/17/10 the Fusion Desk received a
01156                           amounts of money weekly        Entry                     the_Food Store located at                        Vacaville, CA.        noticed a
                                                                                         suspicious male of Indian decent wiring large amounts of money in the amounts of $900
CCSAOOO 8/17/2010   8/8/2010    Suspicious individuals         eGuardian     Yes                                                          Cal Fish and Game, t e l e _
01155                           practice at firing range in    Entry                                                         hat on 08-11-10 Subject 1 (Sl) & Subject 2 (S2) walk
                                Fresno, CA                                                                                                    Fresno. CA 93722 Phone:

CCSAOOO 8/16/2010   8/14/2010   TSC Hit in Seattle-            Referred                  WSIN sent a TSC hit in Seattle to us. IA~forwarded via email to WAJAC. See
01154                           Forwarded to WAJAC                                       attachments.
CCSAOOO 8/16/2010   8/16/2010   OUTREQ.                        Closed and
01153                                                          Referred
CCSAOOO 8/13/2010   8/4/2010    Suspicious Male Taking         eGuardian     Yes         The following is the narrative portion of a report submitted to me by
01152                           Picture IVO Folsom Dam         Entry                     _ h e r e at the Folsom Dam Securuty Bureau regarding a suspicious person that
                                                                                         she contacted during her shift (see complete report also attached). She added verbally
CCSAOOO 8/13/2010   8/12/2010   Suspicious male requests to    For                       At 1630 hours at Fire Station #63(12395 Folsom Blvd)a black male mid to early thirties
01151                           pray at fire department        Information               approx 6'4" tall around 260lbs walked into the front of the fire station and asked if he
                                                               Only                      could pray inside our apparatus room. When asked what exactly he wanted to do h

CCSAOOO 8/11/2010
                                                     Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the ((I( June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                  Title            Disposition eGuardian                                              Activity

CCSAOOO 8/9/2010      2/11/2010      Suspicious phone calls made     For                       While trying to determine what caused a spike in the phone bill for a phone we have at
01149                                from Sac Executive Airport      Information               Executive Airport, I noticed a large number of calls to recurring numbers to Sri Lanka,
                                                                     Only                      the UK and Qatar. Paired with the fact that Executive Airport has a flight

CCSAOOO 8/9/2010      8/9/2010       Citizen                         For                                        called the CCIC duty line and claimed to be a victim of a directed energy
01148                                reports she is a victim of      Information               weapon. She said that she has contacted the FBI, local law enforcement, and her
                                     directed energy weapons         Only                      Neighborhood Watch. She also contacted SURVIAC, which according to her, is an instit

CCSAOOO 8/6/2010      8/5/2010       TSC notification _ _            eGuardian     Yes         TSC Notification to WSIN/CCIC regarding subiect                                OOB:
01147                                                                Entry                     _DL_Add
                                                                                               was contacted by

CCSAOOO 8/5/2010      8/5/2010       School bus bomb threat          eGuardian     Yes         A male with a strong middle eastern accent identifying himself a s _ c a l l e d
01146                                                                Entry                     Rocklin PO dispatch and stated that there was a bomb on bus # 7876. Dispatcher,
                                                                                                                               took the call. The suspect hung up as the dispatcher trie

CCSAOOO 8/5/2010      8/1/2010       Papers found in Arabic          eGuardian     Yes         RECEIVED CALL FROM S G T . _ O F OROVILLE C H P , _ AT
01145                                writing with drawings and       Entry                     APPROXIMATELY 2125 ON 8/4/2010. HE REPORTED THE FOLLOWING: HE RECEIVED A
                                     measurements of Oroville                                  CALL AT APPROXIMATELY 1930 THIS EVENING FROM THE DEPT OF WATER RESOURCES.
                                     critical infrastructure                                   AN EMPLOYEE'S DAUGHTER FOUND A GROUP OF
CCSAOOO 8/4/2010      8/4/2010       Suspicious internet order    eGuardian        Yes         LPD received information from _ i n Michigan. APparently.owns a business
01144                                made with stolen credit card Entry                        that supplies 3M chemical masks and accessories and sensors. She has sold to an
                                                                                               individual via the internet in the past. The same individual recently placed a $10000 orde

CCSAOOO 8/4/2010      8/3/2010       Suspicious vehicle with         Closed and                On 8/3/2010 retired San Francisco Sheriff's Captain,                              was
01143                                different plates on front and   Referred                  walking in his neighborhood in Elk Grove, CA when he noticed a blue Japanese sedan
                                     back                                                      parked on the street in the area 0                         in Elk Grove. He noticed

CCSAOOO 8/3/2010     8/3/2010        TSC Hit during bicycle stop in eGuardian      Yes         On 8/3/2010, Deputy_obse
01142                                Loyalton, CA                    Entry                     C D L : _ riding a bicycle and acting suspiciously (NFl).
                                                                                               _ o v e r and found that he was a TSC hit.
CCSAOOO 8/3/2010     10/24/2009      O U T R E Q . - _ Closed and
01141                                                                Referred
CCSAOOO 8/2/2010     7/27/2010       TSC Hit during arrest for sales eGuardian     Yes
01138                                and transporting narcotics      Entry                     cell              office                 called the Terrorist Screening Center on
                                                                                               7/27/10 @ 1840 regarding an investigation he was starting on s u b j e c t _

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCiC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 8/2/2010    7/30/2010   Suspicious Photography at     eGuardian    Yes         0930hrs / 7-30-10: Sacramento Sheriff's Security Officer                  was on routine
01137                           Folsom Dam                    Entrv                    patrol driving on Folsom Lake Crossing Rd. At this time he noticed a male adult and two
                                                                                       females setting up a camcorder on the bridge. The camcorder was pointed

CCSAOOO 7/29/2010   7/13/2010                                 Closed and
01136                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 7/29/2010   7/26/2010
CCSAOOO 7/29/2010   7/22/2010
01134                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 7/29/2010   7/29/2010   ID Stolen from Fire           eGuardian    Yes         I am reporting the theft of Cosumnes Fire Department Enginee
01133                           Department Engineer           Entry                    Card yesterday July 28, 2010. I have attached a sample copy of one of our IDs. Our
                                                                                       facilities division has disabled the entry rights for our doors associated with this

CCSAOOO 7/29/2010   7/28/2010   TSCHit _ _                    eGuardian    Yes         Incident reported by:                           Kern County Sheriff's Office
01132                                                         Entry
                                                                                       Incident Date/Time: 7/28/10, 2309 hrs Subject: _ _ male SRN:

                                                                                       93309 Arre
                                                                                                    DL:_SSN:                         Address:                     Bakersfield, CA

CCSAOOO 7/28/2010   5/25/2010                                 Closed and
01131                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 7/28/2010   7/28/2010                                 Closed and
01130                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 7/28/2010   7/28/2010                                 Closed and
01129                                                         Referred
CCSAOOO 7/27/2010   6/16/2010   Shasta County Bomb Squad      eGuardian    Yes         On June 16, 2010, the Shasta County Sheriff's Office patrol and bomb team responded to
01128                           determines three suspicious   Entry                    a suspicious device call on Balls Ferry Rd. X-ray's were taken of the items and it was
                                devices to be IEDs                                     determined the items were improvised explosive devices. The items were

CCSAOOO 7/27/2010   7/27/2010   Suspicious Call from Male     eGuardian    Yes         I work in the Sacramento Police Department Professional Standards Unit. I received a
01127                           Ranting about the Federal     Entry                     phone call form an unknown male Hispanic with a thick accent who called from.
                                Government                                             _           He asked me what our local police policies were with regards to enforcement

CCSAOOO 7/27/2010   7/27/2010   TSC hit during investigation  eGuardian    Yes
01126                           stop in a high school parking Entry
                                lot                                                                                                  on an investigation stop. The location was at

                                                  Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

         ate Created Activity Date               Title              Disposition eGuardian

CCSAOOO 7/26/2010    7/20/2010       Overly assertive indivudual    eGuardian     Yes
01125                                complains about security       Entry                     contacted a white female adult and her child, who were in possession of a small pocket
                                     procedures at Shasta Dam                                 knife. Officer_asked them to return the knife to their car and they comp

CCSAOOO 7/26/2010    7/25/2010       Citizen reports concern for    For                       Citizen is reporting worry over a relationship that his 57 year old mother is having with a
01124                                mother who is involved with    Information               27 year old man,~ who lives in Pakistan. The mother sends~money and has
                                     man in Pakistan                Only                      met him in Thailand. Citizen is concerned that~is tricking his mother

CCSAOOO 7/26/2010    7/23/2010       Arrest of suspect claiming to eGuardian      Yes         SUBJECT:                 DOB:_CA DL:_ARRESTED FOR BURGLARY BY
01123                                be involved in funding        Entry                      PATROL OFCS. ON 7/23/10. HE TOLD THE OFCS. THAT HE WAS INVOLVED WITH SELLING
                                     terrorism through cell phone                             CELL PHONES AND LAUNDERING MONEY THOROUGH SALES, AND THAT PHONES WERE
                                     sales                                                    BEING SENT OUT OF THE COUNTRY TO
CCSAOOO 7/23/2010    7/23/2010       Lead Entered to Document       For                       Private Citizen_sent the attached emails to the RTTAC Inbox. No specific
01122                                Anti-Government and Anti-      Information               threats were made but she made several Anti-Government and Anti-American
                                     American Emails Sent by        Only                      statements.
                                     Private Citizen
CCSAOOO 7/22/2010    7/22/2010       Abandonded Vehicle with        For                                      called into the RTTAC to pass a report f r o m _ o f an
01121                                Shahada Sticker                Information               abandoned vehicle on the WX freeway adjacent to the 16th St offramp with a Shahada
                                                                    Only                      Sticker on it.
CCSAOOO 7/22/2010    7/21/2010       Individual Loses Wallet with   For                       I received a call from a male s u b j e c t , _ advising he lost his wallet in Elk
01120                                Sensitive Information          Information               Grove somewhere between The                        and_around 1700hrs. He
                                                                    Only                      advised me his wallet containted "sensitive" government identification, numerous credit
CCSAOOO 7/16/2010    7/3/2010        Suspicious male asks about     eGuardian     Yes         On 7-3-10 at approx 1300 hrs O f c _ a n d
01119                                forming a militia              Entry                     and_in full police uniform and equipment
                                                                                              when we were approached by a subject about creating a Militia against the Governme

CCSAOOO 7/16/2010    7/15/2010       African male confronts         eGuardian     Yes         At 8:20am this morning, a Cal EMA employee was assaulted while walking to work in
01118                                female National Guardsman      Entry                     downtown Sacramento. The assault occurred in the vicinity of the corner of H and 12th
                                                                                              Streets in Sacramento. The Cal EMA employee was walking when a male pedestrian
CCSAOOO 7/15/2010    7/14/2010       Male encountered with          eGuardian     Yes         This subject has been contacted by Elk Grove Police on July 3rd and July 12th 2010. On
01117                                possible bomb making           Entry                     July 3rd EGPD made contact with the subject at                       Elk Grove, CA
                                     materials                                                95758 (now closed Elk Grove Ford). The subject was working on his van apparently

                                              Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

CCSAOOO 7/15/2010   7/14/2010   Middle Eastern Male in           eGuardian   Yes         On 7/14/10 at approx. 2030 hrs. I stopped a Kia Optima             for making an illegal
01113                           California to get pilots license Entry                   u-turn on Arden way east of Bus 80. I contacted the driver who ID himself, a s _
                                                                                                               with a Kuwait drivers license ~and an International

CCSAOOO 7/14/2010   7/1/2010
01112                                                           Referred
CCSAOOO 7/12/2010   7/6/2010    Suspicious Photography of       eGuardian                U-FOUO CNRSW ROC received a voice report from the CDO, NAVCRUITDIST San
01111                           Navy Recruiting Station in      Entry                    Francisco at 0800l that the Navy Recruiting Station, Folsom, CA was the subject of
                                Folsom, CA                                               suspicious picture-taking activity yesterday (06JUl). The CDO reported that a female
                                                                                         dressed in Midd
CCSAOOO 7/8/2010    6/19/2010   Suspicious Photography at       eGuardian    Yes         The following is the narrative portion of a Bureau of Reclamation security incident
01109                           Folsom Dam                      Entry                    report prepared by Deputy_ofthe Folsom Dam Security Bureau. "6-19-
                                                                                         2010/Saturday/1547 Hours: I, Deputy_was working as assigned to the
                                                                                         Folsom Dam Se
CCSAOOO 7/7/2010    7/6/2010    Suspicious Individual           eGuardian    Yes         While working Gate 3, I was approached by an entrant who began asking about Aerojet.
01108                           Encountered at Aerojet          Entry                    He asked specifically if we produced rocket motors. I stated I couldn't tell him what the
                                Sacramento                                               company did. He stated his sister was looking to apply for Aerojet. I direct

CCSAOOO 7/7/2010    5/16/2010   Alleged member o~               eGuardian    Yes         On 05/16/10, SPD patrol officers
01107                           _arrested                       Entry                    _ w a s flagged as a possible member
                                                                                         system._is also on active parole for robbery. While at jail.             told officers

CCSAOOO 7/7/2010    7/6/2010    Attempt of two suspicious       eGuardian    Yes         I responded to a call at the TSA checkpoint. The call was for a passenger whose
01106                           individuals to bypass airport   Entry                    identification could not be verified. Upon my arrival I met with TSA superviso.

                                security                                                 _ a n d he told me two passengers were flying to SFO to catch another flight.

CCSAOOO 7/6/2010    6/30/2010   911 dispatcher overheard        eGuardian    Yes         The dispatch center recieved a call from a female by the name
01105                           accusation of terrorism         Entry                    1213 hrs on 6/30/10 SSD ev             She stated her two male cousi
                                during domestic violence                                 _ w e r e at her door threatening to shoot her. The two cousins left before SSD
                                dispute                                                  re
CCSAOOO 7/2/2010    7/2/2010    Suspicious Activities by a ME eGuardian      Yes         S g t _ TlOC from Elk Grove PD is reporting on a suspicious individual in his
01102                           Male in lodi, CA              Entry                      neighborhood in lodi. Sgt._has long been concerned about a residence in his
                                                                                         neighborhood occupied by a Middle Eastern male adult physician who is very unfriendly

CCSAOOO 7/1/2010    5/27/2010   Suspicious Individual           eGuardian                A suspicious subject contacted by the TSA VIPR team at the Sacramento Amtrak station:
01101                           Encountered at AMTRAK           Entry                    On OS/27/10, TSA VIPR team observed                             at the Sacto. Amtrak
                                Station                                                  station._was wearing Army fatigues and was acting suspicious. VIPR team conta

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title               Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 6/28/2010     6/25/2010      Individual placing rocks on   For                       At 2051 hours on June 25 a BNSF Special Agent reported telephonically that at 2000
01100                                railroad tracks in Madera, CA Information               hours, an Amtrak Engineer reported an individual placing rocks on the railroad tracks at
                                                                   Only                      mile post 1024 in Madera, CA. BNSF police reported that Amtrak train number 714 was

CCSAOOO 6/25/2010     6/23/2010      Inmate with Radical Anti-      eGuardian                On June 23 2010, I received information from CDCR Gang investi
01099                                government Beliefs Idolizing   Entry                    Validated BGF member Inm
                                                                                             _ i s communicating with JIS me
                                     Planning Prison Escape, and                             hatching
                                     Writing to JIS Member

CCSAOOO 6/25/2010     6/14/2010      Two bomb threats at Planned eGuardian                   On 06/14/10, the Planned Parenthood at                         in Sacramento received
01098                                Parenthood location in      Entry                       two anonymous telephone bomb threats. One caller said someone would walk in with a
                                     Sacramento                                              bomb. The second caller said they would blow the building up. No explosive devices
CCSAOOO 6/25/2010    4/28/2010                                      Closed and
01097                                                               Referred
CCSAOOO 6/25/2010     9/28/2009      Activity by Muslim Prison      eGuardian                Regaring a Tip I had sent to the RTTAC on 9/28/09 fOI            DOB            Mr.
01096                                Volunteer                      Entry                    _ h a s been visting Avenal State Prison as a Religious Leader and is associating
                                                                                             himself with inmate _ _ previously a memner of JIS and now is the
CCSAOOO 6/24/2010     6/24/2010      Suspicious individual          Referred                 Office~stopped the suspect and he provided an International Driver's
01095                                encountered during traffic                              License from Thailand. He originally stated that his passport was at home, but later in
                                     stop                                                    the stop he produced his Thailand Passport (~ from inside the vehicle. The s

CCSAOOO 6/23/2010     6/9/2010

CCSAOOO 6/23/2010    6/23/2010       Suspicious Individual          eGuardian                Officer was working a detail, when he he stopped the subject for violation of 23123 (a)
01093                                Encountered During Traffic     Entry                    V.C.(Cell Phone Use W/O Hands Free Device, While Driving). The subject denied having a
                                     Stop                                                    cell phone and was very nervous and evasive towards the officer. Subject pres

CCSAOOO 6/22/2010    6/17/2010       Tresspassing at Keswick Dam For                         two jUViniles,_and~ound sitting at boat ramp dock after hours
01091                                                            Information                 at approximately 2340 hours on June 17th, 2010. _vehicle found outside of locked
                                                                 Only                        gate at Keswick boat ramp. Security requested to see their identification. Bo

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title             Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 6/21/2010     6/21/2010      Document Anti-Government For                           Private Citizen_sent the attached emails to the RTTAC Inbox. No specific

01090                                and Anti-American Emails Information                   threats were made but she made several Anti-Government and Anti-American
                                     Sent by Private Citizen. Only                          statements and encourages activism against "corrupt torturing lawyers."

CCSAOOO 6/21/2010     5/6/2010       Suspicious behavior following eGuardian                _ I b r a h i m was involved in a traffic collision e/of Mace Boulevard. He was
01089                                a traffic accident in Yolo    Entry                    driving a motorcycle and rearended another vehicle. He was transported to UCDMC.
                                     County                                                 Office~responded to the hospital to obtain_statement. Upon making

CCSAOOO 6/21/2010     4/12/2010      Explosives stolen in Mt.      eGuardian                Explosives stolen in Mt. Shasta, CA which were taken sometime between April 12 and
01088                                Shasta, CA                    Entry                    April 21 from the Forest Service magazine. Incident reported June 18, 2010. 06/20/10
                                                                                            BJR/LACLEAR/FPS Open Source Article states: Twenty Reynolds RP-83 blasting caps

CCSAOOO 6/21/2010     6/20/2010      Suspicious individual with    For                      **Suspect is currently in cusotody. ** Driver and solo occupant of the suspect vehicle
01087                                flight school photos and      Information              was stopped and arrested for reckless driving. Small photographs (the size of passport
                                     military 10 cards.            Only                     photo's) of Arabic individuals including some in military uniforms were located

CCSAOOO 6/17/2010                    Private Citizen_              For                      Private Citizen              reports that                 a n d _ a r e using
01086                                _reports two                  Information              Synthetic Telepathy weapons against her and multiple people. She claims that the
                                     individuals using Synthetic   Only                     weapons are devastating and can be used as mind control weapons. Possible 5150.
                                     Telepathy weapons against
CCSAOOO 6/16/2010     6/14/2010                                    Closed and
01085                                                              Referred
CCSAOOO 6/16/2010                    TSCHit _ _                    eGuardian                                         Clovis Police Department, badge_and cell
01084                                                              Entry                    stopped                D O B _ o n 6/16/10 at approximately 0515 hrs EST for a
                                                                                            headlight that was out (Code 3). The subjects vehicle is a 1991_Lexus model 57

CCSAOOO 6/15/2010     6/15/2010      Lead Entered to Document      For                      Private Citizen_sent the attached emails to the RTTAC Inbox. No specific
01083                                Anti-Government and Anti-     Information              threats were made but she made several Anti-Government and Anti-American
                                     American Emails Sent by       Only                     statements and encourages women to "either herd with the criminal element, think
                                     Private C i t i z e n _                                twice about havi
CCSAOOO 6/15/2010     6/15/2010      O U T R E . - _ Closed and
01082                                                             Referred
CCSAOOO 6/15/2010    6/5/2010        Arrest of individual driving eGuardian                 On 6/5/2010, an officer with EI Dorado County Sheriff's Office pulled over a speeding
01081                                with "International Driver's Entry                     vehicle with no visable plates in the city of Placerville.         nr",,,,,,nt,,,rI an
                                     Permit"                                                "International Drivers Permit" that had the nam

01080                           inmate in CA state prison
                                                Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

                                                                                       Inmate,             at Mule Creek State Prison in lone, CA wrote a letter
                                                                                       making non-specific threats to the United States. The letter was postmarked 6/1/2010
                                                                                       and addressed to the Department of Defense, Attn: Homeland Security. The letter re

CCSAOOO 6/14/2010   6/10/2010   Suspicious incident at a hotel eGuardian               On 6-11-10 at about 1600 hours Tulare County Deputies responded to t h e _
01079                           in Delano, CA                 Entry                    Hotel,_ County Line Rd., in the City of Delano, Ca. regarding a subject refusing to
                                                                                       vacate the Hotel at check out time. When Deputies contacted the Hotel Clerk, he a

CCSAOOO 6/11/2010               Suspicious Individual         eGuardian                At approximately 1030 hours this morning I noticed a single Hispanic male, dressed in
01065                           conducts surveillance at      Entry                    civilian clothing, a yellow t shirt, and dark pants walking east bound on the north side of
                                Fresno Air National Guard                              McKinley Ave. toward our Main Gate facility. The individual, Later
CCSAOOO 6/10/2010
CCSAOOO 6/10/2010   5/18/2010   OUTREQ_                       Active
CCSAOOO 6/9/2010                Suspicious Individuals        eGuardian
01061                           Perform Surveillance at DLA   Entry                    Chrisman Rd, pull up to, or near Gate 2 and drop something. The vehicle was last seen
                                San Joaquin                                            Northbound on Chrisman Rd. The vehicle returned approximately 5 minutes later and di

CCSAOOO 6/9/2010    6/9/2010    OUTREQ~SUSPicious             Closed and

01060                           Behavior by reporting         Referred
CCSAOOO 6/9/2010                TSCHit _ _                    eGuardian                FYI: Just returned a call from TSC. On 5 June 2010, SFPD encounter following subject
01059                                                         Entry                    and passengers: SFPD - June 5th - 0218 7 June 2010, Office~and
                                                                                       Office~encounter following persons during a traffic violation stop

CCSAOOO 6/8/2010
CCSAOOO 6/8/2010
CCSAOOO 6/7/2010
CCSAOOO 6/7/2010    6/6/2010    Suspicious activity near      eGuardian                The R/P is a criminal investigator with EDD, and was out for a leisurely motorcycle ride
01055                           Chevron facility in           Entry                    last night. He initially observed the vehicle parked under the 1-5/US-50 interchange (also
                                Sacramento, CA                                         near a fuel storage facility) with two 14-16 y/o males standing outside wea

                                                   Suspicious Activity Reports Rece ..Jed by the CCIC June 2010 - June 2012

Memex # Date Created Activity Date                Title              Disposition eGuardian                                             Activity

CCSAOOO 6/7/2010      5/30/2010      Theft of Amtrak employee        eGuardian               Unknown person broke into a victim's~ehicle, _2000 Honda Accord,
01054                                briefcase                       Entry                   California_and took his briefcase from the trunk. The vehicle was parked in the
                                                                                             driveway of his residence at             in the City of Vacaville. Inside t

CCSAOOO 6/7/2010      6/7/2010       Suspicious individuals inside                           Male employee from Jadtagan alarm video monitoring s y s t e m _ phoned
01053                                locked gate of water                                    the Sacramento Sheiff's Department dispatch center and advised two unknown subjects
                                     treatment plant in                                      were inside the locked gate of the Salford water treatment plant and suspects they were
                                     Sacramento, CA                                          pro
(CSAOOO 6/7/2010                     Doctor applying for a job at eGuardian                  Doctor                    whom was applying for a job at Corcoran prison and had an
01052                                Prison leave suspicious book Entry                      interview there had left a diary titled "The Daily Reminder." In the book there is a lot of
                                                                                             Arabic style writing as well as names and phone numbers. According to the reporti

CCSAOOO 6/4/2010      6/3/2010       Female Subject taking photos eGuardian                  An off-duty supervising dispatcher with Sacramento P.D. noticed a female subject taking
01051                                of Folsom Post Office        Entry                      pictures of the outside of the post office in Folsom on Riley Street this morning. The
                                                                                             female departed as a passenter in a silver Mazda 5, lic ~ See

CCSAOOO 6/4/2010      6/3/2010       Suspicious individual sends     eGuardian               I am the State Agency Terrorism Awareness Group (SATAG) member for the Secretary of
01050                                suspicious email to the         Entry                   State offices. The email below is a first of its kind (we get plenty of written
                                     California Secretary of State                           correspondence announcing persons' sovereign citizenship). This message was sent to
CCSAOOO 6/4/2010      6/2/2010

CCSAOOO 6/3/2010     6/3/2010        Suspicious, unsolicited email eGuardian                 EGPD TLO received a suspicious email entitled "An open letter to muslims only" that
01048                                received                      Entry                     was originally intended for                      sender of the email is unknown.

(CSAOOO 6/3/2010     5/30/2010       Passenger at Sacramento                                 Subject was stopped at the Terminal A checkpoint because she was in possession of and
01047                                Airport in possession of a                              traveling with $40,000 cash. Subject was booked o n _ f l i g h t 2823 from
                                     large amount of cash                                    Sacramento to Las Vegas. Subject claimed to be in jewelry sales. Subject travels
((SAOOO 6/2/2010                     Rental Vehicle returned with eGuardian                  5-31-10 @ 0930 hours, Airport Div,_lnfo Report Techs:_Hertz rental car
01046                                suspicious package attached Entry                       company was performing routine maintenance on a newer Chevy Tahoe when they
                                     to it                                                   discovered a square box taped to the rear axel of the vehicle. The box had duct tape

CCSAOOO 6/2/2010     6/1/2010        TSC Hit while screening                                 The TSC received a call f r o m _ an investigator with the Sacramento City
01045                                witnesses to testify in                                 District Attorney's office. While conducting background checks on witnesses to testify
                                     Sacramento case                                         for a case against_involving mortgage fraud,_was alerted
                                                  Suspicious Activity Reports Received by the    eCie June 2010 - June 2012
Memex # Date Created Activity Date               Title             Disposition eGuardian                                            Activity

CCSAOOO 6/1/2010      5/21/2010      Former Cal DOJ Supervisor     eGuardian                On 1 June 2010, California Department of Justice (Cal-DOJ), Hawkins Data Center (HDC)
01044                                made anti-American            Entry                   Supervisor_reported his concerns regarding his former employee,_
                                     statements and resigned                               _              DOB _ _ was employed by Cal-DOJ for at least five
CCSAOOO 6/1/2010      5/28/2010      Suspicious Fire at apartment For                      A 4 alarm fire broke out at a new apartment complex site on the_block of Fulton
01043                                complex a t _ a n d          Information              Avenue near Cal Expo in Sacramento at just about llpm on Friday, May 28,2010. The
                                     Fulton in Sacramento         Only                     complex was a complete loss. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Thi

CCSAOOO 6/1/2010      5/21/2010      Suspicious Pounding in West                           Source reports that she can hear the individuals that live above her in her apartment
01042                                Sacramento apartment at                               hammering in the night regularly and that other behaviours of theirs are suspicious. The
                                     night                                                 apartment complex is located at                          West Sacramento, CA 956

CCSAOOO 6/1/2010                     Suspicious indiviual whom     eGuardian               Deputy observed Sl in the backyard of his residence from the backyard of a neighbor's
01041                                shoots dog                    Entry                   residence following reported gunshots in the yard. Deputy observed 51 standing on top
                                                                                           of a German Shepard dog with two firearms within arm's reach. 51 was dressed in all

                                                                                                            A tip was reported to NSI on 06/28/2012 by an anonymous citizen. The reporting
                                                                                                            party stated that a wanted fugitive by the name ofl                   who murdered one
CCSA00002254   7/2/2012                                                                   eGuardian Entry   of his relatives and evaded justice, is currently living in West Sacramento, CA. His
                                                                                                            On July 1, 2012, Sacramento County Sheriffs deputies responded to
                                             plastic explosives, weapons components                         Sacramento for a report of a family disturbance. The complainant,
                                                                                                            informed the 911 dispatcher the subject                     had 2 rifles and
CCSA00002253                                                                              eGuardian         homemade b
                                                                                                            On 6/6/2012, the California Board of Equalization with assistance from the Chico
                                                                                                            Police Department conducted an inspection of                    located at• • • •
                                       l::,uSPlclouS activity observed at tobacco store                          Chico, Ca 95928. The officers found several things suspicious during the
CCSA00002252   7/2/2012                                                                   eGuardian                 on. 0
                                                                                                            On 06/27/2012, Sacramento Police Department Gang Enforcement officers performed
                                                                                                            a traffic stop on a vehicle that had no front license plate. All three individuals in the
                                       Identified Validated Gang Member makes                                        are validated gang members. Upon contact, the passenger of the vehicle
CCSA00002251                           Soverei!1'n Citizen Statements                     eGuardian
                                                                                                                                    hours on 6/30/2012, two unidentified male subjects entered
                                                                                                            • • • • • • • in Davis, CA and began acting suspiciously. Before allowing their
                                        Unidentified male subjects exhibit suspicious
CCSA00002250   7/2/2012   6/30/2012lbehavior at                           in Davis        eGuardian
                                                                                                                  7-3-12 I was forwarded an online submission form that was received by our
                                                                                                            agency. The sender of the email is       from                        Phone #• • •
                                        Identified Male Subject Sends Disturbing Email                           Ms._is writing on be half of a friend                            who is living
CCSA00002257   7/3/2012    7/3/20121 M .. cc::aa ..
                                                                                                                mother of a 14 year old boy reported to the Sacramento Police Department that
                                                                                                            her son was approached at                           in West Sacramento by a man
                                       Minor Approached by Suspicious Male Subject                          named                               sked her son to enter his information into
CCSA00002256   7/3/2012                                                                   eGuardian                             so th
                                                                                                            On 7/2/2012, The RP, a Beale AFB Senior Intelligence Analyst, observed an
                                                                                                            unidentified male subject acting suspiciously by staring at the RP and his wife as they
                                                                                                            rode their bikes on             between              and                  in
CCSA00002255   7                                                                          Closed            Sacramento. The RP beli
                                                                                                              dispatcher answered a call on the main business line and needed to get assistance
                                                                                                               m a language line interpreter due to the caller speaking Hebrew. The caller, who
                                                                                                                                ;• • • •IDOB:                    said he had beaten his friend,
CCSA00002263   7/5/2012                                   made on business line
                                                                                                            Sometime between 1030 hours on 5/1/2012 and 1100
                                                                                                            unknown suspect(s) entered the fenced area around the • • • • • • • • • • •
                                                                                                                    • • • • • • • • • • removed two secured padlocks and gained access
CCSA00002262   7/5/2012
                                                                                                                                     d the responding Madera Co Sheriff's Deputy that he had
                                                                                                                                           ·• • • • • • • • • • • • •water/power system

CCSA00002261   7                                      at Mammoth Pool in Madera County leGuardian
                                                                                           Record                                    2013

                                                                                                              Sgt._at the N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility in Stockton was given a
                                       California Youth Authority ward makes threats                          note by ward                 The note stated an explosive device had been hidden i
CCSA00002260    7                                 blic officials.                      1eGuardian E           the facility as well as the downtown Stockton courthouse and would be detonated by

                                                                                                              A citizen dropped off a device that appears to be a pipe bomb at fire station 106. The
                                       Pipe bomb turned into fire station in                                  device is 6" long, made of 3/4" pvc pipe with glued caps on each end. A fuse,
CCSA00002259                 7/4/2012\ Sacramento                                      eGuardian E                                    extends from a small hole in the center of the

                                                                                                              On 07/03/2012, at 1545 hours, a dump truck driver,                  was stopped by
                                       Foreign writing on side of dump truck at                               security at Folsom Dam. The subject, on the visitor list of a sub-contractor working at
CCSA00002258    7                                                                      Closed                 the dam, had foreign writing on the side of his vehicle._said it translates to "B
                                                                                                              On Tuesday, July 3, 2012 an Anderson Police Department Officer contacted two male
                                                                                                              subjects, while one ofthe males was climbing a utility pole. The subject up the pole
                                                                                                              was directed to come down. Both subjects were identfied with their Washington State
CCSA00002264                 7/3/2012 ITwo                              ole            For Information On
                                                                                                                                                the Bakersfield RA to report a suspicious
                                                                                                              inciden_ has been a door to door salesman for a cable company by the name of
                                                                                                                        the past 10 years and travels for his job. He is currently staying at the
CCSA00002269    7                                                                      For Information On
                                                                                                              On 7/6/2012, at 2153 hours,                        recieved an anonymous bomb
CCSA00002268    7                                                                      For Information On     threat in its email in box.

                                       Individual Climbs Perimeter Security Fence at                          On 06 July 2012,                climbed a barbwire perimeter fence of Yuba County
                                       Yuba County Airport and Attempts to Hijack                             Airport. _ r a n to and illegally boarded a helicopter that was operating on the
CCSA00002267    7                                                                      eGuardian Entry                             lling at the cilot and gestured for him to take off. Due to th
                                                                                                                               the Sacramento Co Sheriff's Department with an eviction a t .
                                                                                                              I           in Galt. Upon serving the notice a "no trespass" sign was observed, directed
                                                                                                              at all persons, officers and governmental agencies. It threatens fines of not more than
CCSA00002266                                 "no trespass" document posted             For Information On     $

                                                                                                              Nevada Co CHP made a traffic stop where the driver and passenger both claimed to
                                                                                                              sovereign citizens. The driver,                       gave several documents to the
CCSA00002265    7/9/20121    7/6/20121 Sovereign citizen traffic stop                  For Information On     officer claiming he was not a citizen of the U.S.; that he is his own "King". The
                                                                                                              On July 10, 2012, a Safety Coordinator at Sacramento Municipal Utility District
                                                                                                              (SMUD) returned a phone call to an individual that had left a voicemail. During the
                                                                                                              follow up phone call the individual began "ranting" about Folsom Dam, San Onofre,
CCSA00002273                                                 call to SMUD              eGuardian E            the
                                                                                                                                        reported to a call of a subject sitting in a dark
                                                                                                              • • • • • • • •The report stated that the occupant would get out, walk
                                                                                                              around the parking lot - then a male would associate with a female. The female was
CCSAOOO02272                                                                           Closed                 acting s

                                                                    encountered in                            TSC subject                 was
CCSAOOO02271                                                                           eGuardian Entry        Office for bei
CCSA00002270 1 7/10/20121   7/11/2012Ifrom                                             For Information Onlv   numbe
                                                              :SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY         orts Kecora       tne                JUly ;!Ul;! - January ;!U13
                                                                                     Ke~                           (.;(,;1(,;
                                                                                                                        Two brothers,                              and                         of Yemeni ancestry have
                                     Yemeni brothers apply to be volunteer                                                                                                                           Both subjects
CCSAOOO02274   7/11/2012   7/10/2012 firefighters in Kings County                          eGuardian Entry              work at the                              which has been involved in suspicious activity in t

                                                                                                                        Sometime between 23 April 2012 and 19 June 2012, Tracy PD Sergeant Badge_
                                                                                                                        was possibly taken                                                            The badge had
CCSAOOOO2278   7/12/2012   4/23/2012 Stolen Tracy PD badge                                 eGuardian Entry              a black commerative band around it which was still located

                                                                                                                        Fire requested Sacramento Sheriff's Deputies repond for a level 2 Hazmat for an
                                     Potential Hazmat incident concerning viles of                                      unknown odor. There were broken viles of anesthetic, the area had not been blocked
CCSAOOO02277   7/12/2012   7/12/2012 anesthetic                                            Closed                       off. Units went through the area and are now having some of the side affects.

                                                                                                                        During the week of 6/17 - 6/23, a Sutter Maintenance Yard (Dept. of Water Resources)
                                                                                                                        employee discovered a spike strip type device in the tall grass along a levee toe while
CCSAOOO02276   7/12/2012   6/25/2012 Spikes found on Butte County levee                    For Information Only         discing a firebreak. When he inspected two flat tires, he noticed a spiked device

                                                                                                                        California Highway Patrol K-9 Officer                  conducted a traffic stop on westbound
                                     Pakistani man found with military chemical                                         1-80, East of Horse Shoe Bar Rd. on a vehicle without a license plate. Upon contact
CCSAOOO02275   7/12/2012   7/11/2012 warfare suit                                          eGuardian Entry              with the subject, there was a strong odor of marijuana. After conducting a
                                                                                                                        Officer           observed three white males in a black 1997
                                                                                                                                   photographing and videotaping the Tracy Defense Depot parameter fence
                                      Suspicious activity-possible                                                      area from outside the installation (Chrisman and Schulte Roads, Tracy). Tracy PD was
CCSAOOO02282   7/13/2012    7/2/2012 surveillance/probing                                  For Information Only         called a
                                                                                                                        On5/4/2012 at 1731 hours, Dispatcher              with the Nevada Highway Patrol
                                                                                                                        (NHP), reported to the Nevada Threat Analysis Center (NTAC) via office phone that a
                                     Commercial truck displaying possible picture                                       motorist               phone                 called to report a suspicious semi-truck.
CCSAOOO02281   7/13/2012    5/4/2012 of Usama Bin Laden and Arabic writing                 For Information Only         These
                                                                                                                        On 6/26/2012, a cell search was conducted on Inmate                    (CDCR
                                                                                                                                      . The search resulted in discovery of a copy of the book titled "Blood in my
                                     Possible radicalization material found during                                      Eye"                            (SOURCE COMMENT: This book is considered contraband
CCSAOOO02280   7/13/2012   6/29/2012 cell search at CDCR facility in San Diego             eGuardian Entry              and was written u
                                                                                                                        TSC subject                       is scheduled to
                                     TSC subject                     scheduled to                                       arriving in                                         for a connecting
CCSAOOO02279   7/13/2012   7/13/2012 depart                                                For Information Only
                                                                                                                        An identified female victim m e _                (DOB              at a gas station
                                                                                                                        in Merced. After approximately 2-3 weeks of knownig each other, the female agreed
                                     Male suspect forces female into prostitution                                       to travel to San Diego with          On the way to San Diego,             stated
CCSAOOO02285   7/16/2012    7/5/2012 in Stockton                                           Referred                     that he needed

                                                                                                                        A private citizen reported multiple individuals involved in multiple crimes to include
                                                                                                                        child trafficking, child molestation, pimping, narcotics, gang activity, stolen goods and
CCSAOOO02284   7/16/2012    7/4/2012 Private citizen reports multiple crimes               Closed                       money laundering. The citizen claims she, her son and her daughter are not

                                                                                                                        On 6/9/2012, a 2010 white                                               pulled up to the
                                     Bomb squad response to suspicious vehicle at                                       curb in front of the terminal. The driver after some short period of time reported to
CCSAOOO02283   7/16/2012    6/9/2012 Burbank airport.                             For Information Only                  the traffic officers that the vehicle was having transmission issues and he had called
                                                                   ;:;USPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke lOrtS Kecora     me          JUlY LUlL - January LU1;j

                                                                                                                       On 07/16/2012 at approximately 0130 hours a known subject and documel,,,~d
                                                                                                                       sureno gang member out of Los Angeles accessed the interior parking lot of the Galt
                                     Known Gang Member Accesses Secure Area of                                         Police Department by jumping over the fence. Subject was able to open the north
CCSAOOO02286   7/17/2012   7/16/2012 Galt Police Department                    For Information Only                    door which is sec
                                                                                                                       On 7/11/2012, a chaplain at the Sacramento County Jail escorted an Imam,_
                                                                                                                                (DOB:              COL:            who wished to have access to the
                                     Subject with outstanding arrest warrant                                           immates. During the initial screening, the officer discovered that       had a
CCSAOOO02287   7/18/2012   7/11/2012 attempts to visit jail inmates                        eGuardian Entry             warrant for his arrest

                                       Unidentified individual illuminates laser light                                 An unidentified individual illuminated a green laser light in the cockpit of an occupied
                                     in cockpit of occupied commercial aircraft                                        commercial aircraft while in flight decent heading for the
CCSAOOO02291   7/19/2012   6/29/2012 while in flight                                       eGuardian Entry                           Laser beam struck the pilot in the left eye for approximately five

                                                                                                                       On 7/18/2012,                from the_Detective Agency called the FBI and
                                     Potassium Nitrate stolen from local packaging                                     provided the following information: On 7/17/2012, 2800 pounds of potassium nitrate
CCSAOOO02290   7/19/2012   7/18/2012 company                                       For Information Only                was stloen from one of his clients, the                     located in Clovis, CA.
                                                                                                                       On 7/19/2012, the CCIC was notified of a TSC encounter via the
                                                                                                                                   CHP Officer                pulled over
                                                                                                                       on the corner of                                                  for expired plates and
CCSAOOO02289   7/19/2012   7/15/2012 TSC Hit-                                              eGuardian Entry             failure to w
                                                                                                                       On 7/19/2012, the CCIC was notified via               that TSC subject
                                                                                                                                              is scheduled t                                   on flight.
                                       TSC Travel Notification -                                                      ~rrivingin                                               On 7/24/2012, the CCIC was
CCSAOOO02288   7/19/2012   7/21/2012                                                       For Information Only        notified from

                                                                                                                       On 7/20/2012 Fresno Fire Department reported to the CCIC that on 7/19/2012 an
                                     3-Acre fire set by an incendiary device in                                        incendiary device was located near the point of origin of a three acre wildfire, which is
CCSAOOO02292   7/20/2012   7/19/2012 Fresno                                                eGuardian Entry             located in close proximity with a high value residential area locally known as
                                                                                                                       Several police departments in the Bay Area (Berkely, Hayward, San Leandro and Union
                                                                                                                       City) have received anonymous letters                                 The
                                     White Powder Letters Received by Bay Area                                                                  If any other agencies receive similar letters contact the US
CCSAOOO02297   7/23/2012   7/20/2012 Police Departments (NCRIC AOR)                        Referred                    Postal
                                                                                                                       On 7/16/2012, an envelope was delivered to inmate                    as "retu rn to
                                                                                                                       sender."          had mailed the letter to                aka                    a
                                     Inmate mails documents of a radical nature to                                                                                      Both subjects are non-validated
CCSAOOO02296   7/23/2012   7/16/2012 co-founder ofTajdeed ul-Islam (TUI)           eGuardian Entry                     members ofT
                                                                                                                       On 7/21/12, a Chico Police Department officer responded to the residence of
                                       Chico-based male subject,              makes                                                         (DOB         I) in regard to criminal threats made toward
                                       non-specific threats to private citizen and                                              by                (DOB          CDL#                        ,rovided the
CCSAOOO02295   7/23/2012   7/21/2012                                                       eGuardian Entry             following information in su

                                                                                                                       A Captain with the Fresno Fire Department reported receiving a phone call from a
                                     Possible Attempt to Hack into Computer at                                         subject with a foreign accent. They said the fire department's computer was infected
CCSAOOO02294   7/23/2012   7/21/2012 the Fresno Fire Department                            For Information Only        with a virus and proceeded to give instructions to fix it. The fire Captain said he was n
                                                                                                                       On 07/22/20012, between 1700 and 1900 hours, the RP's informant was a t _
                                                                                                                                   at                        Folsom, CA and observed a group of
                                     Group Assembled at Pizza Parlor Displays                                          approximately 20 subjects in the restaurant's party room. The group was displaying a
CCSAOOO02293   7/23/2012   7/22/2012 Banner that Reads                                     Closed and Referred         banner that rea d II1II
                                                              ::SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke orts Kecora    . tne CCIC JUly 2012 - January 2013
                                                                                                              On 7/13/2012, the Vallejo Police Department responded to a report oftre5"'ds~
                                                                                                              and arrested several individuals for drug use and possession. A search of the female
                                     Improvised incendiary device (liD) recovered                             subject's purse following her arrest revealed two suspicious items one of which was
CCSAOOO02302   7/24/2012   7/13/2012 during narcotics arrest in Vallejo               eGuardian Entry         late

CCSAOOO02301   7/24/2012   7/24/2012                                                  eGuardian Entry
                                                                                                             On the evening o f _ a n off-duty Sacramento County Sheriff's Department (SSD)
                                                                                                             deputy discovered the home of a                         was burglarized
                                                                                                             sometime between                   while the task force officer was out of town. An
CCSAOOO02300   7/24/2012   7/13/2012 Burglary at the home of a SSD Deputy             eGuardian Entry        investigatio
                                                                                                             On 2/20/2012, a sales representative from           Corporation received an email for
                                                                                                             large order of_half masks and filters. The email provided two different sets of
                                                                                                             credit card information. It was suspected by          that the order was placed with
CCSAOOO02299   7/24/2012   7/20/2012 Suspicious order of_half masks and filters       eGuardian Entry        fr
                                                                                                             On 7/12/2012, a male subject visited a private property located at
                                     Male subject conducts suspicious                                        Orland, CA 95963 and requested to take pictures of a barn that backs up to the
                                     photography on private property near Tehama                             Tehama-Colusa canal. The subject stated he liked taking pictures of old barns and
CCSAOOO02298   7/24/2012   7/12/2012 Colusa canal                                eGuardian Entry             mentioned
                                                                                                             A Volunteer with the City of Visalia Police Department was released after exhibiting
                                                                                                             strange behavior. After being released, the former volunteer made postings on his
                                     Former Police Department Volunteer Exhibits                             facebook page indicating his support for the                             Subject has
CCSAOOO02304   7/26/2012   7/26/2012 Strange Behavior                            For Information Only        made
                                                                                                             On 7/24/2012,                  entered the            gas station located at the corner
                                                                                                             of_and                  in Modesto, CA to purchase a soda. The clerk, a Middle
                                                                                                             Eastern male, observed              U.S. military ID card in his wallet and stated "I
CCSAOOO02303   7/26/2012   7/24/2012 ME male with anti-military sentiments            For Information Only   don't
                                                                                                             In early June 2012, an active duty United States Army sergeant encountered a
                                       Off-duty military member encounters                                   suspicious male subject in the parking lot of                         As the
                                       suspicious subject more than eight times in                           sergeant entered his vehicle, he noticed that was being watched intently by the
CCSAOOO02305   7/27/2012    6/4/2012 two month period in Rocklin                      eGuardian Entry        subject sitting
                                                                                                             On 7/23/2012, a male subject later identified as                             DOB
                                     Suspicious individual involved in vehicle                                            struck a marked SPD vehicle. During an interview with SPD officers, the
                                     collision with Stockton Police Department                               subject made multiple vague and deceptive statements when questioned about his
CCSAOOO02308   7/31/2012   7/23/2012 (SPD) vehicle                                    eGuardian Entry        identity, country 0
                                                                                                             On 7/19/2012, the Investigative Services Unit (ISU) at California State Prison-
                                                                                                             Sacramento (SAC) reviewed two suspicious packages intended for inmat~
                                     Inmate receives a package from Syria and the                                                 who has previously requested to be returned to Syria through the
CCSAOOO02307   7/31/2012   7/19/2012 CIA                                          eGuardian Entry            International Priso
                                                                                                             On 7/31/2012, the Shasta County Courthouse received a packet labeled "Notice of
                                                                                                             Default Affidavit of Notice" via the mail system that appeared to contain verbiage
                                     Receipt of suspicious documents by Shasta                               indicative of the sovereign citizen ideology. The packet was sent by
CCSAOOO02306   7/31/2012   7/30/2012 County Courthouse                                eGuardian Entry        _and
                                                                                                             On 8/1/2012, the                        company in Chico received an unsolicited
                                                                                                             extremist propaganda document from an unidentified subject(s) via the US Postal
                                       Chico magazine company receives extremist                             Service. The document contained threats toward law enforcement officials and the
CCSAOOO02313    8/1/2012    8/1/2012 publication                                      eGuardian Ent?v        U.S. government.
                                                               ;:;USPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke ~orts Kecora       tne t;t;It; JUly ;:!Ul;:! - January ;:!Ul;;S
                                                                                                                   On 07/26/2012, an operator at                             received a telephone call on

                                                                                                                  the            reservation line from an unidentified female subject who stated that
                                       Telephonic Bomb Threat to                                                  there were multiple explosive devices in the motels and~adera County
CCSAOOO02312    8/1/2012   7/26/2012                                                   eGuardian Entry            Sheriff's Dep
                                                                                                                  On 24 July 2012, a Deputy with the Madera County Sheriff's Office was investigating a
                                     Individual with possible Iranian ties in                                      report of a burglary at                    The Deputy observed 2 Chemical /
                                     possession of Chemical/Biological Warfare                                     Biologocal Warfare protective suits and miscellaneous Iranian paraphernalia. The
CCSAOOO02311    8/1/2012   7/24/2012 suits                                             Referred                    residence al
                                                                                                                   On 7/23/2012,                    (DOB:            made threats of mass violence in an
                                                                                                                   online gaming chat under the character name                                    Ilade
                                     Online threat of mass violence by subject in                                 reference to the Aurora, CO shooter as a hero and claimed that he will also be a mass
CCSAOOO02310    8/1/2012   7/23/2012 Manteca                                           For Information Only       murderer,
                                                                                                                  On 7/30/2012, a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department sergeant observed a male
                                                                                                                  subject later identified as                      DOB             stop his vehicle in the
                                     Suspicious male subject conducts                                             middle of the road, get out of his vehicle and take photos in a non-restricted area of a
CCSAOOO02309    8/1/2012   7/30/2012 photography at Folsom Dam                         eGuardian Entry            f

                                                                                                                  At 0617 hours on 8/1/2012, the Fairfield Police Department responded to the_
                                                                                                                  block of                for a report of an explosion in the street. Officers found the
CCSAOOO02314    8/2/2012    8/1/2012 Discovery of acid bombs in Fairfield              eGuardian Entry            remnants of three two-liter bottle acid bombs that had been set off in the middle of t
                                                                                                                  On 7/30/2012, a city hall employee received a threatening phone call from a male
                                                                                                                  who was complaining about difficulty in obtaining and/or being denied a passport. He
                                     Suspicious individual requests passport at                                   stated that "they need to watch out when they get off work." The same individual
CCSAOOO02318    8/7/2012   7/30/2012 Roseville City Hall                               eGuardian Entry            filled 0
                                                                                                                  On 7/24/2012, Sacramento PD took a report from an individual who reported that his
                                                                                                                   life was being threatened by a man name.       _ h a d pulled up to the RP's
                                     Individual reported to be an Islamic Extremist                                house and threatened physical violence. The subject_is reported to have spent
CCSAOOO02317    8/7/2012   7/24/2012 threatens man in Sacramento                    For Information Only          time in
                                     TSC Subject                scheduled t o _                                   TSC subject                              is scheduled to
CCSAOOO02316    8/7/2012    8/7/2012                                                   For Information Only                  into
                                                                                                                  On 06/28/2012,                  reported to San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department
                                     Wife reports husband for asking suspicious                                   that her ex-husband,                  was asking her strange questions concerning her
                                     questions regarding his inheritance and her                                  life insurance policy, will and various financial accounts.          wanted to make
CCSAOOO02315    8/7/2012   6/28/2012 life insurance                                    Referred                   sure that
                                                                                                                  On July 27, 2012 Chuckawalla Valley State Prison reported receiving a TSC Code 3 hit
                                       Visitor to Chuckawalla Valley State Prison                                 on                       _along with two other individuals by the name of
                                       triggers a TSC Code 3 hit                                                                     and                     lave requested entrance into the institution to
CCSAOOO02321    8/8/2012   7/27/2012                                                   Pending                     attend a sp
                                                                                                                   On 8/02/2012, Galt Police Department was contacted by a private citizen (V) who
                                                                                                                   received a phone call from an individual identifying themselves as a
                                     Unidentifed Caller Request Access to Personal                                 employee (5). The caller stated that the Victim's personal computer was sending
CCSAOOO02320    8/8/2012    8/2/2012 Computer                                      For Information Only            Automated Terror
                                                                                                                   On 31 July 2012, known subject attempted to obtain a loan from two separate banks
                                                                                                                   in Kingsburg, CA. Subject presented falsified documents and made false statements
                                       Subject presents forged US military                                         that he was a former US Army Colonel, Iraq War veteran, former special forces/"Black
CCSAOOO0231~_   8/8/201~ ~/31/2012 documents in attempt to secure bank loan          _ For Information Only        Ops" m

                                                               ::)USPICIOUS   Activity Re orts Record       the CCIC July 2012 - January 2013
                                                                                                                  On 7/28/2012 at 1725 hours, an identified female alledged that her husbar, ... ,           I

                                     Female accuses two male subjects from                                                                    and an identified associate,            (DOB
                                     Hayward of involvement in smuggling humans                                   are involved in smuggling illegal immigrants into the United States through Tunisia by
CCSAOOO02323    8/9/2012   7/28/2012 from Tunisia into the US                   Referred                          using
                                                                                                                  On 8/9/2012 at 0415 hours, TSC subject                      DOB                was
                                                                                                                                                                      by the Sacramento Police
                                     Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) subject                                     Department. During the booking process at the Sacramento County Main Jail, it was
CCSAOOO02322    8/9/2012    8/9/2012 arrested and                                        eGuardian Entry          discovered that the

                                                                                                                  On 8/9/2012, a U.S. Forest Service agent reported that a subject identified as _
                                                                                                                  _ _ DOB
                                     Unauthorized subject enters restricted area at                                                                 has been constantly running onto               at
CCSAOOO02329   8/10/2012    8/9/2012 the                             in Quincy      eGuardian Entry               the                              in Quincy. This_is uncontrolled, which made i

                                                                                                                  Forest Service LEO reported that an unauthorized subject entered restricted space of
                                     USDA Reports Unauthorized Subject Enters                                     the CHP fire aircraft refueling area. The suspect claimed to have a FAA pilot's license.
CCSAOOO02328   8/10/2012    8/9/2012 Restricted Aircraft Refueling Area                  Closed                   When advised he was in a restricted area, the suspect became confrontational and
                                                                                                                  On 8/9/2012, the West Sacramento Police Department was dispatched to a business
                                     Subject informs co-worker that he put a bomb                                 located at                            for a reported bomb threat. The subject,_
                                     in the ceiling of a business in West                                                       DOB            told his co-worker that he placed a bomb in the ceiling of
CCSAOOO02327   8/10/2012    8/9/2012 Sacramento                                   eGuardian Entry                 the bu
                                                                                                                  On 08/09/2012, an anonymous citizen reported a list of suspected criminal activities
                                                                                                                  taking place at                                                  Sacramento. RP goes
                                     Suspected criminal activity taking place at                                  into great detail describing suspected instances of stalking, anti-feminism sentiments,
CCSAOOO02326   8/10/2012    8/9/2012 Sacramento apartment complex                        Referred                 v

                                                                                                                  A private citizen is reporting that she suspects her neighbors at                 Apts
                                     Private Citizen Suspects Neighbors are Dealing                              1-        re cooking, transporting and selling drugs. RP is concerned there are small
CCSAOOO02325   8/10/2012    8/9/2012 Drugs and are in the US Illegally              Referred                      children in these homes. RP states residents in Apt.          and_ are on paro
                                     Identified male subject makes anti-                                          On 08/08/2012, Butte County Sheriffs Office received a call from a private citizen who
                                     government comments and voices his militia                                   reported that an ex-Marine has been posting anti-government statements and militia
CCSAOOO02324   8/10/2012    8/9/2012 support online                                 eGuardian Entry               rhetoric on             and internet and radio blogs.
                                                                                                                  Sometime between 8/9/2012 at 1500 hours and 8/12/2012 at 0800 hours an
                                                                                                                  unknown suspect(s) entered one of the California Highway Patrol vehicles parked at
                                     AR-15 Rifle stolen from California Highway                                   the Sonora area CHP Office located at 18437 Fifth Ave, Sonora CA and stole a Colt AR-
CCSAOOO02332   8/13/2012    8/9/2012 Patrol vehicle in Sonora                            eGuardian Entry          15 rifle (serial
                                     Unknown subject(s) sends email message
                                     threatening to kill identified victim in                                     On 8/8/2012 at 0753 hours, a private citizen received a threatening Email letter from
CCSAOOO02331   8/13/2012    8/8/2012 Sacramento                                          For Information Only     an unknown subject(s) via his private Email address on his home computer.
                                                                                                                  Sacramento County Sheriff's Department responds to a call involving an identified
                                                                                                                  subject that displays a flag with a swastika in the front window of his apartment.
                                     Known subject displays flag with swastika and                                Subject is accused of making threat to an individual of hispanic dissent and also was
CCSAOOO02330   8/13/2012   8/11/2012 makes terrorist threats                       eGuardian Entry                ove

CCSAOOO02340   8/14/2012   8/11/2012 .......                                             eGuardian Entry

                                                               s --   ._._-- Activitv Re! orts Kecora      . tne c.;_. ___ . __ ._ __ .. __ . __ ._
                                                                                                                     On 8/3/2012 and 8/10/12 at 1400 hours, Elk Grove Police Department repo, Led that
                                                                                                                  at least 100 vehicles suddenly converged upon the parking lot of the
                                      Suspicious gathering suddenly occurs at                                                                                                 located at
CCSAOOO02339   8/14/2012    8/3/2012 identified building in Elk Grove                    eGuardian Entry          _inEI
                                                                                                                  On 08/14/2012, at 1040 hours, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) made an
                                                                                                                  enforcement stop on subject,                    DOB              _was found to be
                                      Discovery of modified explosive device during                               driving with a suspended license and his vehicle was subsequently impounded. During
CCSAOOO02338   8/14/2012   8/14/2012 vehicle search in Sacramento                        eGuardian Entry          a vehicle inve
                                                                                                                  On 08/12/2012, at 1734 hours, Sacramento Police Department (SPD) notified Amtrak
                                      Sacramento Police Department arrests a male                                 Police that               (DOB:               was observed by an unidentified
                                     suspect for carrying a hatchet at the Amtrak                                 passenger carrying a hatchet on Sacramento Amtrak Station property. SPD responded,
CCSAOOO02337   8/14/2012   8/12/2012 station                                             For Information Only     confiscated the

                                                                                                                  On 08/07/2012, a vehicle search following a traffic accident leads to discovery of a
                                     Discovery of marked maps during vehicle                                      map with marked cities in California and Nevada, the Quran on a CD, an affidavit for a
CCSAOOO02336   8/14/2012   8/14/2012 search in Elk Grove                                 eGuardian Entry          cousin to travel to the U.S. from Afghanistan and other suspicious items. The vehic
                                                                                                                  On 10 August 2012,
                                                                                                                  encountered TSC subejct                          on foot on the corner of
                                                                                                                  and          in            The subject was
CCSAOOO02335   8/14/2012   8/10/2012 TSC encounter in                                    eGuardian Entry          and was having a v
                                                                                                                  On 08/14/2012, Madera County Sheriff's Office responded to an explosion at the Bass
                                                                                                                  Lake Courthouse in Madera County. A large propane tank used as an incendiary device
                                                                                                                  had exploded and lit the north side of the courthouse on fire. The explosion damaged
CCSAOOO02334   8/14/2012   8/14/2012 Propane liD at Bass Lake Courthouse                 For Information Only     a

                                                                                                                  The mother of a 14 year old female reported that she believes on or around 7/1/2012,
                                      Identified male forces girlfriend's minor sister                            her daughter was forced into prostitutuion and was held against her will. The mother
CCSAOOO02333   8/14/2012    7/1/2012 to prostitute in Modesto                            Referred                 provided information relayed to her by the minor. The minor stated she was provided
                                                                                                                  On 8/15/2012, a CalFire employee received a phone call from an individual who
                                                                                                                  repeatedly and aggressively attempted to obtain the employee's social security
                                      Caller attempts to gather personal                                          number, driver's license number and personal and banking information. The caller
CCSAOOO02342   8/15/2012   8/15/2012 information and makes threats                       For Information Only     threatened the em

                                      Suspicious vehicle with three occupants                                     On 8/11/2012, a suspicious vehicle with three occupants attempted to gain access to
                                     attempts to enter restricted area at Folsom                                  a restricted critical infrastructure area under construction for the purpose of "drive
CCSAOOO02341   8/15/2012   8/11/2012 Dam                                                 eGuardian Entry          testing" a signal for a cell phone carrier. According to the Sacramento County Sher
                                                                                                                  On 8/10/2012,                              reported that she overheard discussions
                                      Possible bomb plot and other action against                                 between identified male and others, at a local diner, to bomb
                                                             ffices and the                                       Offices and to take militant action against the government. RP stated that.
CCSAOOO02347   8/16/2012   8/10/2012 government                                          For Information Only                   re

                                                                                                                  Sometime between 8/13/2012 at 1530 hours and 8/14/2012 at 0540 hours, an
                                     Madera County Roads Department truck                                         unknown suspect(s) broke into the Madera County Road Department (MCRD) yard
CCSAOOO02346   8/16/2012   8/13/2012 stolen in Chowchilla                                eGuardian Entry          located at                    in Chowchilla and stole a pickup truck.
                                                                                                                  On 8/16/2102, California Correctional Institution (CCI) inmate               DOB
                                                                                                                          sent a suspicious letter to                       notifying_ that
                                      CDCR inmate conducts suspicious financial                                   _has processed a request to pay from his Trust Account the amount of $5,000 for
CCSAOOO02345   8/16/2012   8/16/2012 transactions with associate in Stockton             eGuardian Endlv          this
                                                              ::SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY   Ke oorts KecorO'      me           JUly 2U12 - January 2013
                                                                                                                      On 8/16/2012, a Sacramento County Sheriff's Department dispatcher advist: ... the
                                                                                                                      SacRTAC that she received a call from an RP who reported a "horrible odor" coming
                                      Suspicious circumstances involving possible                                     from an apartment where an identified elderly male lived. The case may be related to
CCSAOOO02344   8/16/2012   8/16/2012 hate crime                                           Closed                      a possibl

                                                                                                                      A citizen reported that marijuana plants are being grown in the backyard and garage
                                     Private citizen reports neighbors growing                                        of a residential home located at                         in Tracy. RP suspects plants
CCSAOOO02343   8/16/2012   8/16/2012 marijuana at their residence in Tracy                Referred                    may also be inside the residence and children live inside the house. RP is concerned i

                                                                                                                      Between the dates of 8/5-15/2012, a Tracy Defense Depot Federal Police Officer's
                                     Federal Agent's law enforcement equipment                                        home was burglarized and a firearm, ammunition, body vest and federal Defense
CCSAOOO02350   8/17/2012   8/17/2012 stolen from his residence in Tracy                   eGuardian Entry             Logistics Agency badge were stolen. No suspects or witnesses were identified.
                                                                                                                      On 8/17/2012, a private citizen from Siskiyou County reported that her neighbors are
                                                                                                                      dumping methamphetamine chemicals into a creek near her home. This behavior has
                                     Private citizen reports neighbors dumping                                        been ongoing since 2003 and has included what she views as attempts to terrorize
CCSAOOO02349   8/17/2012   8/17/2012 methamphetamine chemicals in the area                For Information Only        her. The
                                                                                                                      On 8/16/2012,a CHP officer conducted a traffic stop on an individual who proceeded
                                                                                                                      to make a general threat to law enforcement. The subject possessed an expired
                                     Subject threatens CHP officer during traffic                                     driver's license, no insurance and intentionally smudged his fingerprints when the
CCSAOOO02348   8/17/2012   8/16/2012 stop in Amador County                                eGuardian Entry             officer att
                                                                                                                      On 8/18/12, a Merced PD (MPD) SWAT Team medic's personal vehicle was
                                     Theft of department issued radio and tactical                                    burglarized. A MPD Motorola HT 750 portable radio equipped with all MPD
                                     equipment from personal vehicle belonging to                                     frequencies, a gas mask, helmet and load bearing vest were stolen. No suspects were
CCSAOOO02355   8/22/2012   8/18/2012 Merced PD SWAT Team Medic                     eGuardian Entry                    identified.
                                                                                                                     Between 8/14/2012 and 8/22/2012, two Merced County owned vehicles were stolen
                                     Theft oftwo Merced County Department of                                         from the Department of Mental Health's unsecured parking lot located at
CCSAOOO02354   8/22/2012   8/17/2012 Mental Health vehicles                               eGuardian Entry            _nMerced.
                                                                                                                     Parolee                is reported by his Case Agent to be exhibiting odd behavior
                                     Case Agent Reports Parolee Is Unstable And                                      that could easily be manipulated to commit acts of violence.             was convicted of
                                     Could Be Manipulated To Commit Acts Of                                          assault with great bodily injury for slashing the throat of a cab driver during a mental
CCSAOOO02353   8/22/2012   8/22/2012 Violence                                             Referred                   he
                                                                                                                     A CDCR Case Agent recently made a home visit to a parolee in Riverside, CA who is
                                                                                                                     paranoid schizophrenic. Due to the parolee's schizophrenia, the case agent is
                                                                                                                     concerned that he is highly susceptible to indoctrination and radicalization. While at
CCSAOOO02352   8/22/2012   8/22/2012 CDCR Parolee views possible radical websites         For Information Only       the home
                                                                                                                     On 8/21/2012, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) made contact with a vehicle parked in
                                                                                                                     a restricted area which refused to heed their instructions to move along. The vehicle
                                                                                                                     was parked in close proximity to security operations.The driver and passenger were
CCSAOOO02351   8/22/2012   8/21/2012 Vehicle parked in restricted area of DLA             For Information Only        bot                                                                                 !

                                                                                                                      On 8/6/12, Sacramento Police Department officers responded to a burglary in process
                                                                                                                      and encountered                         inside the Sacramento County Sewer Plant
                                     Sacramento Police Department arrests subject                                     located near Cal Expo. Database checks conducted on the subject yielded multiple
CCSAOOO02358   8/23/2012    8/6/2012 for burglarizing the Sacramento Sewer Plant  For Information Only                misdemea
                                                                                                                      On 7/5/2012, an inmate at California State Prison (CSP) Corcoran,              aka
                                      CDCR inmate receives a publication from                                                received mail from                         at
                                                            associated with a TSC                                    ~The mail contained a publication titled "Tarikh's-Sudan: The History of the
CCSAOOO02357   8/23/2012    7/5/2012 watch listed subject                                eGuardian Entry             Land of
                                                                                                          On 8/22/2012, an unidentified subject pointed a green laser beam from tht: 5round
                                        Unidentified subject directs green laser at                       toward a                    Boeing 737 that was flying at an
                                                                                                                      a                                                      of Sacramento
                                                                                       eGuardian E
                                                                                                          On 8/22/2012, a Tulare County Sheriff's Department Terrorism Liaison Officer was
                                        Inmate at Tulare County Jail claims to be                         notified that Tulare County Main Jail inmate,               claimed to be involved in
                                        involved in manufacturing explosives to bomb                      the manufacturing of explosive devices during an interview with jail staff. • • •
                                        several identified locations                 eGuardian            state
                                                                                                          On or about 8/21/2012, during the nighttime hours, four unidentified subjects were
                                                                                                          observed in the area of the                          located at• • • • • • •
                                       Four subjects conduct suspicious photography    I                  ILivingston, CA (Merced County). The subjects were observed taking photos of the
CCSA00002362 I 8/24/20121   8/21/20121 near                                         leGuardian Entry
                                                                                                                                                 d FAA engineers performed repairs at the
                                                                                                                                                                              _ _ _ _ site.

                                       Metal theft occurs at                           I                  The necessity of these repairs was a result of a recent cable/wire theft and vandalism
CCSA00002361                8/20/20121 light control site                              eGuardian E        at the s

                                                                                                          On 8/20/2012, the CCIC was notified that TSC subject                   OB
                                                                                                          was scheduled to                                                              nd
               8/24/20121   8/21/2012ITSCTravel N                                      Referred                                                               a listed residence
                                                                                                          On 8/22/2012, the State Threat Assessment Center (STAC) notified the CCIC that TSC
                                        TSC Subject                 paroled to                            subject                    is being                       and transferred to
CCSA00002359 I 8/24/20121   8/24/2012                                                  eGuardian

                                                                                                          On 8/14/2012 at approximately 2304 hours, Roseville Police Department Officer
                                        Carmichael-based subject posts vague threats                                     • • • • • • • in Roseville a took a report of possible terrorist
CCSA00002367                                                                           Referred           threats                                                             DO
                                                                                                                                                                    was reported by the
                                                                                                          institutional Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) at Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI) to be
                                        FBI Person of Interest from SIR dated August                      in custody as of 8/7/2012. The TLO reported_was in custody after receiving the
                                        22, 2012 is reported to be in custody by CDCR IFor Information    Situa

                                                                                                          On 8/27/2012, a possible drunk driver with felony warrants was stopped by Redding
                                                                                                          Police Department. A search of the vehicle recovered a pipe bomb, black powder and
                                                                                       eGuardian                 ized steel. Shasta Countv Bomb Sauad responded and detonated the device.

                                                                                                          In June 2012, a law enforcement officer was handed a book titled "Citizens Rule Book"
                                                                                                          while at a                     function. The rule book, which is 60 pages in length and
CCSA00002364 I 8/27/2012                                                               eGuardian          nrnmnt.. c sove      citizen ideology, was        to the officer

                                                                                                          On 8/23/2012 at 1656 hours, Merced Police Department (MPD) officers and Merced
                                        Merced PD investigates chemical bottle bomb                       Fire Department responded to                             in Merced for a chemical bomb
CCSA00002372                            that explodes and iniures iuvenile          IFor Information On   that iniured an 8 year old iuvenile. MPD officers discovered that two juveniles, ages 8
                                                                                                          On 8/20/2012, during a routine search for contraband in the                   pod at
                                                                                                          Sacramento County's Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center (RCCC), some suspicious
                                       Discovery of radical material in cell of RCCC                      material possibly indicative of radicalization was located in a property box belonging
CCSA00002371                8/28/20121 inmate in Elk Grove                             leGuardian E       to inmate
                                                                                        Ke orts Kecora       ' the CGIG July 2012 - January 2013
                                                                ::SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY
                                                                                                                    On 8/28/2012, CHP stopped a vehicle on suspicion of DUI. A subsequent search ofthel
                                     Vehicle stop in Placer County by CHP leads to                                  vehicle yielded a stolen .45 Glock which was hidden under the driver's seat, an AR-15
CCSAOOO02370   8/28/2012   8/28/2012 discovery of stolen weapons and cash                  eGuardian Entry          with four high capacity magazines, and $3,140 in cash. The driver,                    DO
                                                                                                                    I received an email @ approximately 1930 hours on 8/27/12 from SSD S g t _                  .
                                                                                                                    -        who received an anonymous tip                         The tip implicates some      I

                                     Identified subjects recruiting others for a wide                               local white power gang members in illegal activities to include parole violations,
CCSAOOO02368   8/28/2012   8/27/2012 scale terrorist attack                           Referred                      narcotics ac
                                                                                                                    On 8/29/2012,                  a Sacramento Police Department officer conducted a
                                                                                                                    vehicle stop on TSC subject                          DOB               as part of a
                                      Arrest of Terrorist Screening Center (TSq                                                               A search of the vehicle yielded a
CCSAOOO02373   8/30/2012   8/29/2012 subject in                                            eGuardian Entry                           was

CCSAOOO02377   8/31/2012   8/31/2012 Galt PD Officer reports Arabic writing on van         Closed                   Galt PD Officer requests translation of unknown characters on moving vehicle.
                                                                                                                    On 08/30/2012, the TSOC was contacted by the Nevada County Sheriff's Office

                                                                                                                    regarding a watch listed subject,                    that was release on 8/28/2012
                                     TSC Watch list subject                                                         after being held on a          violation. As part of
CCSAOOO02376   8/31/2012   8/30/2012 registers as narcotics violater in CA                 eGuardian Entry

                                                                                                                    On 8/30/2012, a private citizen reported a suspicious subject to Roseville Police
                                     Subject exhibiting suspicious behavior in                                      Department. Upon contact, the subject                     told officers that he was "just
CCSAOOO02375   8/31/2012   8/30/2012 Roseville                                             eGuardian Entry          checking out our city [Roseville]," that he "knows Roseville very well," and that he is
                                                                                                                    In August 2012, an unidentified suspect(s) stole a vehicle (unknown license plate
                                                                                                                    number) from the parking lot of the Institute of                 located a t _
                                     Vehicle theft at the                                                                       P.jpcerville, CA 95667. This location also houses components of the EI
CCSAOOO02374   8/31/2012   8/24/2012           in Placerville                              eGuardian Entry          Dorado C
                                                                                                                    On 8/24/2012, at approximately 1220 hours, Chico Senior High School (CSHS) received
                                      Male subject calls in bomb threats to Chico                                   a bomb threat from a subject who identified himself as_The subject stated that
                                     Senior High School and Pleasant Valley High                                    he had placed an ammonium nitrate bomb within a backpack at an undisclosed
CCSAOOO02381    9/2/2012   8/24/2012 School                                                eGuardian Entry          located 0
                                                                                                                    On 9/1/2012, a citizen reported that he observed an unidentified male neighbor
                                                                                                                    taking pictures of vehicles in the parking of the apartment complex, where they live,
                                     Citizen reports neighbor taking pictures of                                    which is located at                            in Citrus Heights. He reported that when
CCSAOOO02380    9/2/2012    9/2/2012 parked vehicles in Citrus Heights                     Referred                 the
                                                                                                                    On 9/30/2012, a private citizen reported that he observed several subjects coming
                                                                                                                    and going from his neighbor's residence located at                        in Carmichael.
                                     Citizen reports numerous vehicles coming and                                   He said subjects on bicycles and as many as 15 vehicles would arrive each day,
CCSAOOO02379    9/2/2012    9/2/2012 going from neighbor's house                  Referred                          spending
                                                                                                                    Officer             California State Parks Peace Officer made contact with one
                                     Califon ria State Parks Officer reports                                        unidentified female and one identified male subject at Dotons Point, North Granite
                                     identified subject asking questions of Folsom                                  Bay Day Use in the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. The male subject asked
CCSAOOO02378    9/2/2012   8/31/2012 Dam                                                   For Information Only     numerous question
CCSAOOO02382    9/3/2012    9/3/2012 x                                                     Closed                   x

                                     Fresno County Sheriffs Department receives                                     On 9/2/2012, the Fresno County Department of Agriculture was among the recipients
                                     threatening email from True Aryans targeting                                   on an email that listed several threats made by a group who identified itself as the
CCSAOOO02384    9/4/2012    9/2/2012 restaurants                                  eGuardian Entry                   True Aryans. The group stated that they are going to park trucks loaded with fertilizer
                                                               ::iUSPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke POrtS Kecora    . 'me           JUlY ;'!Ul;'! - January ;.!Ul ~
                                                                                                                (.;(,;1(,;                                                                          _

                                                                                                                     The Sacramento Police Department received the attached email. It was ad\.<, .:ssed to
                                      Sacramento Police Department receives                                          three Department "group" email addresses and three employees (two sworn police
                                      threatening email from True Aryans targeting                                   officers and one retired Captain). The email's "Internet Header Information" has also
CCSAOOO02383   9/4/2012    9/3/2012 restaurants                                        Closed                        been att
                                    Release of Terrorist Screening Center (TSe)                                                         TSCsubject                     DOB             was released from
                                      subject from Pleasant Valley State Prison                                      PVSP and                                                  e had been hosed at PVSP
CCSAOOO02390   9/5/2012    9/5/2012 (PVSP)                                             eGuardian Entry               since 2002.

                                                                                                                     Individual that is on TSC Watch List Scheduled
                                      Individual that is on TSC Watch List Scheduled
CCSAOOO02389   9/5/2012    9/5/2012                                                    For Information Only

                                                                                                                     On 9/5/2012, a Vacaville Police Department office arrested TSC watch listed subject
                                    Arrest of Terrorist Screening Center (TSe)                                                                DOB           and charged him with
CCSAOOO02388   9/5/2012    9/5/2012 subject for                                        eGuardian Entry               against his unidentified girlfriend. _ w a s booked into the Solano County jail.
                                                                                                                                        at approximately 1905 hours, Modesto CHP Officer
                                                                                                                     CHP issued Smith and Wesson .40 caliber weapon and state issued laptop were stolen
                                    Theft of CHP issued weapon and laptop from                                       from the trunk of his private vehicle in a public parking lot in    Three
CCSAOOO02387   9/5/2012    9/5/2012 CH P officer's private vehicle in                  eGuardian Entry               department

                                      Sacramento County Sheriff's Department                                         This SAR is being submitted to the SacRTAC website on behalf of Sgt.
                                      receives threatening email from True Aryans                                    Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.                      SRO at SSD advised Sgt.
CCSAOOO02386   9/5/2012    9/2/2012 targeting restaurants                              Closed                       ~hat the Recruiting email account received the following message. It was titled"
                                                                                                                     On 8/17/2012, an unknown suspect(s) stole a tractor-trailer loaded with
                                                                                                                     approximately one million rounds of ammunition consisting of .223, 40 cal, 9mm, and
                                      Theft of approximately one million rounds of                                   .380 rounds from a truck stop                The driver reported the theft and returned
CCSAOOO02385   9/5/2012    9/2/2012 ammunition from trailer                            eGuardian Entry               to his reside

                                                                                                                     On 9/1/2012, at 0845 hours, an individual who identified himself as
                                      Identified subject calls in bomb threats to                                               called                 located at the Port of Stockton and made bomb threats.
CCSAOOO02393   9/6/2012    9/1/2012                  and                               For Information Only                     also called                     and made additional bomb threats.

                                                                                                                     On 9/6/2012, Tracy Police Department officers responded to a report of a suspicious
                                    Male subject impersonates law enforcement                                        male subject carrying a firearm on his hip and wearing a shirt that had "Police" print
CCSAOOO02392   9/6/2012    9/6/2012 officer in Tracy                                   eGuardian Entry               on it. The officers located and detained the subject,                        DOB_
                                                                                                                     On 9/6/2012, a private citizen reported that her neighbor's residing in either
                                                                                                                     condominium            or a unit nearby of the property located at
                                      Private citizen reports neighbors are involved                                 Sacramento, CA are involved in multiple crimes possibly associated with human
CCSAOOO02391   9/6/2012    9/6/2012 in human trafficking and sex crimes                For Information Only          trafficking incl
                                                                                                                     MR          HE USED HIS CHILDRENS BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND HIS DOING A HUMAN
                                                                                                                     TRAFFICKIN CHILDRENS FROM MEXICO TO CALIFORNIA HIS CHARGE A $1,500.00 PER

CCSAOOO02395   9/7/2012
                                      Private citizen reports possible Human
                           9/7/2012 Trafficking of minors in the JRIC's AOR.           Referred
                                                                                                                     KIDS LAST WEEK HIS BRING A A 2 CHILDRENS FROM MEXICO. HIS WIFE LIVING ON

                                                                                                                     TSC subject                       (DOB              was scheduled
                                      TSC Subject                     Is Scheduled.                                                                                                        on 7 September
CCSAOOO02394   9/7/2012   9/18/2012                                                    For Information Only          2012.

                                                               SuspiciouS Activity ReI orts Record         . the CCIC July 2012 - January 2013                                                      :--:--
                                                                                                                   On 9/9/2012, a Mt. Shasta Police officer discovered a 500 gallon propane ta, ,0{ had
                                       Mt. Shasta Police officer discovers evidence of                             been tampered with while investigating a report of vandalism at a              -
                                       attempted arson while investigating                                                       restaurant located at                 Mount Shasta, CA 96067. A copper
CCSAOOO02398   9/10/2012    9/9/2012 vandalism at                                        eGuardian Entry          g

                                                                                                                  On 9/7/2012, at approximately 1630 hours, a CHP sergeant responded to a report of a
                                       Encounter of suspicious subject near the                                   subject yelling at another individual and acting in a manner consistent with that of an
CCSAOOO02397   9/lD/2012    9/7/2012                                                     For Information Only     individual who suffers from mental health issues. The sergeant approached the subj
                                                                                                                  MR             HE USED HIS CHILDRENS BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND HIS DOING A HUMAN
                                                                                                                  TRAFFICKIN CHILDRENS FROM MEXICO TO CALIFORNIA HIS CHARGE A $1,500.00 PER
                                     Private Citizen Reports Suspected Human                                      KIDS LAST WEEK HIS BRING A A 2 CHILDRENS FROM MEXICO. HIS WIFE LIVING ON
CCSAOOO02396   9/10/2012    9/7/2012 Trafficking and Illegal Drug Sales                  Referred                                                      CA.

                                       TSC subject                 is scheduled to                                TSCsubject                   (DOB:             is scheduled to arrive from Seattle into
CCSAOOO02400   9/11/2012   9/13/2012                                                     For Information Only

                                       Subject with multiple forms of identification                              On 9/10/2012, a CHP officer in Kern County stopped
                                     exhibits evasive behavior during traffic stop in                             (DOB:            for speeding. The subject initially claimed he left his identification at
CCSAOOO02399   9/11/2012   9/10/2012 Kern County                                      eGuardian Entry             his hotel but was able to produce a learner's permit (under a different name) and th

                                       Unidentified subject steals vehicle from                                   On 9/6/2012, an unidentified subject cut the chain link perimeter fence at an EI
                                       secure water treatment facility in Pollock                                 Dorado Irrigation District water treatment facility                    Pollock Pines),
CCSAOOO02405   9/12/2012    9/6/2012 Pines                                               eGuardian Entry          entered the facility grounds and stole an employee's privately owned vehicle.

                                                                                                                  On 9/9/2012, at approximately 1200 hours, a private citizen (RP) reported that they
                                     Suspicious vehicle with mUltiple antennas                                    observed a suspicious vehicle parked on the narrow shoulder of a busy roadway next
CCSAOOO02404   9/12/2012    9/9/2012 parked near private residence in rural area         For Information Only     to their house. The RP stated that that area of the road is unsafe for a vehicle to park
                                                                                                                  On 9/10/2012, the CHP area office in Amador County received a several page letter
                                                                                                                  describing the government as sanctioning a New World Order. The letter states that
                                     CHP office receives suspicious letter in                                     the government is conducting live human experiments using voice to skull
CCSAOOO02403   9/12/2012   9/10/2012 Amador County                                       For Information Only     technologies.
                                                                                                                  On 09/10/2012, Tulare County Sheriff's Investigations Division received a letter
                                       Tulare Sheriff's Office receives letter                                    addressed to The Presidents - United States of America, the White House; IRS; The
                                       addressed to The Presidents - United States of                             White House Administrative Operations and Nationwide Mutual Insurance a t _
CCSAOOO02402   9/12/2012   9/10/2012 America                                             eGuardian Entry
                                                                                                                  On 9/9/2012, a Sacramento County Sheriffs Department sergeant traveled in civilian
                                     Four passengers exhibit suspicious behavior                                  clothes as a passenger aboard                  flight_which departed
                                     aboard                   flight from                                         Sacramento International Airport at approximately 0805 hours and arrived at
CCSAOOO02401   9/12/2012    9/9/2012 Sacramento to Dallas                                eGuardian Entry           Dallas/Fort Worth In

                                                                                                                  On 9/11/2012, the female citizen's vehicle was blocked in by another vehicle with four
                                     Two male subjects chase a female citizen in                                  male subjects in Elk Grove. The woman fled in reverse as two of the subjects ran down
CCSAOOO02413   9/13/2012   9/11/2012 Elk Grove                                           eGuardian Entry          the street after her. It is the woman's belief that this incident was brought on b
                                                                                                                  On Sunday, August 19, 2012, at about 1950                     was at her residence,_
                                                                                                                             Bakersfield, CA, 93308. There was a knock on the door and~pened
                                                                                                                  the door. She observed an unknown Asian male in his mid to late 30's, 5'4" tall with
CCSAOOO02412   9/13/2012   8/19/2012 Impersonating Homeland Security Officer             For Information Only     sh
                                                                                                                                                                                all Cessna .I..:>2s)

               9/13/20121    9/8/2012    "lvprtliaht   near Lemoore                     For Information

                                                                                                                            representatives from the FBI, Bakersfield RA met with
                                                                                                                         DOB            telephone number                  herein after identified as
                                         Suspicious incident at Bakersfield,_                                            atthe
CCSA00002410 1 9/13/20121   8/31/2012'                                                  For Information
                                                                                                                On 9/11/2012, a pamphlet titled "Israeli-Arab Conflict, Primer to understanding the
                                                                                                                centuries old struggle" was discovered in the Upper Vista House visitor lobby at
                                         Pro-semitism pamphlet found in lobby of                                Shasta Dam. The lobby area is open to visitors during business hours 7 days per week.
                                         visitor's center at Shasta Lake                For Information Only   IA se

                                                                                                                      me between 9/5/2012 and 9/6/2012, fifteen 20 pound                brand
                                         Theft of fifteen propane tanks from • • • •                           propane tanks were stolen from a secured container in front of             in Granite
                                                                                        eGuardian              Bay. There were no witnesses, no suspect leads, and no surveillance video.
                                                                                                               On 9/12/2012, three male subjects with sunglasses, hats and/or partial face masks
                                                                                                                                       ! • • • • The subjects fled before committing any crime
               9/13/20121   9/12/2012IThree su                                          Referred                               PD arrived.
                                                                                                                      between 09/07/2012 and 09/10/2012, a suspect later identified as
                                                                                                               • • • • • • DOB            forced entry into the              train depot. The
                                         Vandalism at the Lake Railway train depot in
                             9/7/20121 Modoc Countv                                     1eGuardian E


                                                                                                                                            • • • • • • • • • •Ientered the lobby of the
                                         Visitor to Stockton, CA Request photograph                                    n Police Department requesting to see the Chief of Police              _
                            9/17/20121 with Stockton Chief of Police                                                                           rt Security in Pakistan._advised he will be in
                                                                                                                                                                     M HT 501 WT 1 8 0 _
                                                                                                                                          ,CA 90723 RE: THIS PERSON DID IT HIT AND RUN. AROUND
                                         Citizen Reports Human Trafficking, Hit and                                                           I • • • •nl  ELL A MY FRIEND THIS KIIND INCIDENT OF
CCSA00002420                                                                            Closed

                                         Citizen reports Human Trafficking and Sales of
                                         Fake ID's                                      Closed
                                                                                                                                                                (SELLING FAKE RESIDENT
                                                                                                                       AND FAKE ID AND FAKE DRIVER LlNCENSE AND FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATES). HI

               9/17/20121   9/14/20121 Citizen             Suspected Human Trafficki    Closed

                                                                                                                 n 9/14/2012, at approximately 21S8 hours, the suspect was observed by Officer

                                                                                        Closed                          an enforcement
                                                              ~USPICIOUS   ActiVItY Ke )orts Kecora        . tne        JUly £U1 £ - January £U13

                                                                                                                      On 09/14/2012, at approximately 2158 hours,two lED devices were discove.t;!d in
                                                                                                                                                (DaB            vehicle after he fled CHP officers, drove
                                     Discovery of two lED's during vehicle stop in                                    down a dirt embankment and crashed.~xited the vehicle, throwing down a
CCSAOOO02416   9/17/2012   9/14/2012 Yuba City                                         eGuardian Entry                sawed off 12
                                                                                                                      On 9/14/2012, ax approximately 1730 hours, private citizen,                received
                                                                                                                      information from an unidentified individual that approximately five to ten minutes
                                     Possible theft of inert missile from Edwards                                     prior a silver Chevrolet pickup truck (unknown license plate number) departed
CCSAOOO02415   9/17/2012   9/14/2012 Air Force Base (AFB)                              eGuardian Entry                Edwards AFB
                                                                                                                      In early September 2012, CDCR San Quentin inmate                     provided
                                       CDCR inmate claims to have intelligence                                        authorities with his notebook, claiming to have information on international and
                                     related to future international and domestic                                     domestic terrorist activities and contacts, to be in contact with key AI-Qaeda
CCSAOOO02423   9/18/2012   9/18/2012 terrorist attacks                                 eGuardian Entry                operatives and to have
                                                                                                                      On 9/17/2012 at 0718 Hours, a subject, later identified as                   DaB
                                                                                                                                  asked a state parks employee for directions to Beals Point near Folsom
                                     Suspicious subject gains access to restricted                                    Dam and proceeded to drive into a restricted State Parks' parking lot. A Sacramento
CCSAOOO02422   9/18/2012   9/17/2012 area at Folsom Dam                                eGuardian Entry                County Sh
                                                                                                                      Sometime between 0900 hours on 9/18/2012 and 0530 hours on 9/19/2012, an
                                                                                                                      unidentified suspect(s) gained access to a                              conductor's
                                     Theft of railroad issued items from                                              locked personal vehicle parked in front of his residence in Yuba City, and stole several
CCSAOOO02424   9/19/2012   9/18/2012 employee's private vehicle in Yuba City           eGuardian Entry                UPRR iss
                                                                                                                      A neighbor reported to the NCRIC, who relayed it to the SacRTAC, that marijuana can
                                                                                                                      be seen growing over a residential yard fence at                              in
                                     Neighbor reports marijuana growing in                                            Olivehurst. The RP submitted two photographs, one from                    showing the
CCSAOOO02430   9/20/2012   9/15/2012 backyard of home in residential area              Referred                       front of the r
                                                                                                                      On 9/20/2012, private citizen_ reported to West Sacramento PO that subject
                                                                                                                                             may have fraudulently used_identity to purchase an
                                     Subject purchases al           ticket under a                                    train ticket to Salt Lake City, UT on 9/12/2012. •iscovered the identity fraud on his
CCSAOOO02429   9/20/2012   6/12/2012 false name in West Sacramento                     eGuardian Entry                newly
                                     Citizen reports ad of subject wanting to                                         On 9/18/2012, a citizen saw a classified ad in the                  newspaper of a
                                     purchase liqUid Mercury listed in Sacramento                                     subject requesting to purchase liquid Mercury. RP is concerned subject may have
CCSAOOO02428   9/20/2012   9/18/2012 newspaper                                         For Information Only           terrorist motives.
                                                                                                                      This SAR was reported to the SacRTAC website with the following minimally
                                     Report of criminal activties in Saramento area                                   information: "Traffick of people and drugs minors in home weapons present
CCSAOOO02427   9/20/2012   9/20/2012 home                                           Closed                            somewhere in house."

                                                                                                                      On 9/17/2012, a telephone call was received by a guest who was staying at the
                                     Female subject calls residence in Fairfield and                                  Fairfield residence of two law enforcement officers. The caller identified herself as an
CCSAOOO02426   9/20/2012   9/17/2012 impersonates FBI agent                          eGuardian Entry                  "FBI Agent" and stated there had been a lot of crime in the area and that she would lik
                                                                                                                      On 9/16/2012, the California State Office ofTechnology Services received an email
                                     CA State Office of Technology Services, in                                       from an identified email address threatening revenge for a movie that insulted the
                                     Sacramento, receives threatening anti-                                           Prophet Muhammad. The email states: "I strongly condemn the movie made by an
CCSAOOO02425   9/20/2012   9/16/2012 America/Semitic email                             eGuardian Entry                americanje
                                                                                                                      On 9/20/2012, subject                     DaB            lIIas encountered at the_
                                       Encounter of Terrorist Screening Center                                                                           ffice during an                                     is
                                       subject at                                                                     reported to be                                                                  Hewas
CCSAOOO02431   9/21/2012   9/20/2012                                                   eGuardian Entry                sched

                                                               ~USPICIOUS   ActiVItY Ke orts Kecora           'tne           JUly 2U12 - January 2U13

                                                                                                                          On 09/24/2012, inmate                       {Terrorist Watch List Level ~I .rJas
                                                                                                                          received as a new committment in North Kern State Prison's Reception Center and.
                                     TSC Inmate to be transferred to North Kern                                                                                  _ i s a member of
CCSAOOO02433   9/24/2012   9/24/2012 State Prison                                       eGuardian Entry
                                                                                                                          On 9/21/2012, at approximately 1902· hours, Modoc County Sheriff's Deputy
                                       Female subject photographs the Modoc                                                           observed a white female adult taking photographs of the Modoc National
CCSAOOO02432   9/24/2012   9/21/2012 County National Forest Building in Alturas         eGuardian Entry                   Forest building currently under construction in Alturas,
                                                                                                                          On 9/20/2012, a Lassen County Deputy Sheriff responded to a report of ammunition
                                                                                                                          found on Highway 395s. The deputy located several hundred rounds of ammunition
                                       Discovery of large amounts of ammunition in                                        including 9mm, 7.62X39mm and 7.62X25, stacked in a neat pile near a "park and ride"
CCSAOOO02436   9/25/2012   9/20/2012 Lassen County                                      eGuardian Entry                   hidden in s
                                                                                                                          On 9/24/2012, subject                    DOB            was encountered by a Yuba
                                                                                                                          City Police Department officer while the subject was riding a BMX bicycle on
                                     Encounter of Terrorist Screening Center                                                               n Yuba City, The officer conducted a field interview with the subject
CCSAOOO02435   9/25/2012   9/24/2012 subject in Yuba County                             eGuardian Entry                  and
                                                                                                                         Sometime in January or February 2012, subject                    DOB                and
                                     Male subject vacates residence in Strathmore                                        two unidentified subjects moved out of a rental residence located at
                                     leaving behind his furniture and personal                                           _   Strathmore, CA 93267 and left all of their belongings in the residence,
CCSAOOO02434   9/25/2012   9/24/2012 belongings                                   eGuardian Entry                         is th
                                                                                                                                                   was contacted during a                   _isa_

                                                                                                                                                 After the detention, it was discovered he had a Code 3 TSC hit.
                                       Officers contact TSC subject during_                                               TSC was called and all information pertaining to the contact was provided, Officer
CCSAOOO02437   9/26/2012   9/25/2012              in Yuba City                          Closed
                                                                                                                          TO: HIGHWAY PATROL ON CALIFORNIA FROM:
                                                                                                                          PARAMOUNT, CA 90723 RE: REPORT DIRTY ACTIVITIES FROM MR.
                                     Private citizen reports suspected illegal                                                                       DOB:             HIS DRIVE A TOYOTA                      LP#
CCSAOOO02438   9/28/2012   9/26/2012 activities at residence in JRIC's AOR              Referred                                   HI WRITING YOU THIS LETER ABOUT
                                                                                                                          On 9/30/2012, at approximately 0025 hours, CHP officer discovered a device that
                                                                                                                          appeared to be a pipe bomb at the scene of a traffic collision in Lincoln. The device
                                     CHP officer discovers pipe bomb during a                                             was a metal pipe with two metal caps and equipped with a fuse at one end, It
CCSAOOO02440   10/1/2012   9/30/2012 traffic collision investigation in Lincoln         eGuardian Entry                   measured ap
                                                                                                                          On 9/28/2012 at aprroximately 0330 hours, Shasta County Sheriff's Department
                                                                                                                          received a report from a woman stating that a man had hit her, At 0530 hours, the
                                       Discovery of two suspicious devices in Shasta                                      Sheriff's Department received a second phone call from a woman stating that a man
CCSAOOO02439   10/1/2012   9/28/2012 Lake                                               For Information Only              had hit herw
                                                                                                                          On 10/2/2012, a citizen reported that she witnessed her neighbor, identified as
                                                                                                                                              DOB           displaying suspicious behavior and damaged her
                                     Neighbor reports identified subject displaying                                       property (by breaking her front porch light) located in the area of               in
CCSAOOO02443   10/2/2012   10/2/2012 suspicious behavior and vandalizing property Referred                                Citrus He
                                                                                                                          On 10/2/2012, three employees from DMEA and Bldg 600 observed, at different
                                       Male subject exhibits suspicious behavior near                                     times, a male subject circling the two buildings and trying to get his arm through the
                                       restricted area of government buildings in                                         wrought iron bars. The subject was followed by two employees, also at different
CCSAOOO02442   10/2/2012   10/2/2012 McClellan                                          eGuardian Entry                   times, and w

                                                                                                                          Ceres bomb squad responded to a maintenance worker's report of explosions and fire
                                                                                                                          coming from a dumpster. The dumpster contained two devices which appeared to be
CCSAOOO02441   10/2/2012   9/29/2012 Discovery of two suspicious devices in Ceres       For Information Only              pipe bombs. The bomb squad used a robot to detonate the suspected explosives.
                                                                                                      , ...
                                                                :suSDICIOUS ActiVity Ke orts Kecord       the CCIC July 2012 - Januarv 2013
                                                                                                                On 10/2/2012, at approximately 1514 hours, a passenger at the Sacramentu
                                                                                                                International Airport (SMF) became increasingly erratic when TSA Officers began
                                       Passenger exhibits suspicious behavior at                                searching his carry-on bag. He was observed cradling his head in his hands and pacing
CCSAOOO02446    10/3/2012   10/2/2012 Sacramento International Airport (SMF)            eGuardian Entry         back and forth
                                                                                                                On 10/1/2012, at approximately 0255 hours, Merced Police Department Officer
                                                                                                                           performed a traffic stop on a gray                      (Lic#           , for
                                       Subject exhibits Sovereign Citizen ideology                              having a modified exhaust system. The subject,                    exhited the vehicle
CCSAOOO02445    10/3/2012   10/1/2012 during traffic stop in Merced                     For Information Only    upon stopping
                                                                                                                On 9/30/2012, at 0015 hours, Nevada City Fire Department responded to a solo roll-
                                                                                                                over vehicle accident near                      in Lincoln. Seven occupants ranging in
                                       Discovery of pipe bomb after traffic collision                           age from 15 to 23 had self-extricated from                      SUV. Upon closer
CCSAOOO02444    10/3/2012   9/30/2012 in Lincoln                                        Closed                  inspection of
                                                                                                                On 9/18/2012, at approximately 1731 hours, Merced Police Department officers
                                                                                                                responded to a report of two subjects forging checks at numerous stores throughout
                                       Identified suspects engage in fraudulent                                 California. The subject's vehicle was identified and a traffic stop was conducted. A
CCSAOOO02448    10/5/2012   9/18/2012 transactions in Merced                            Closed                  search inc

                                                                                                                Sometime in August 2012, an identified male performing yard work discovered a PVC
                                                                                                                pipe with end caps, which fell off revealing a seal bomb coated in hot glue and double
CCSAOOO02447    10/5/2012   9/19/2012 Possible lED discovery in Sanger                  eGuardian Entry         aut buck shot. Approximately three weeks later, a neighbor advised this individual to
                                                                                                                On10/5/2012, CDCR reported that an inmate,                       (DaB                , in
                                                                                                                an interview claimed to have Hezbollah affiliation through his parents.
                                       Inmate claims affiliation with Hezbollah at                              claimed his father is a founder of Hezbollah and that he took part in a Beirut car
CCSAOOO02453    10/8/2012   10/5/2012 CDCR facility in Corcoran                         eGuardian Entry         bombing at 10
                                                                                                                On 10/7/2012 at 2155 hour,                 called and passed what he described as
                                                                                                                very important information about a person who is threatening the security of the
                                       Private citizen attempts to report unspecified                                         ho is in his area of Beverly Hills West Hollywood, California._
CCSAOOO02452    10/8/2012   10/7/2012 threat to t h e _                                 Referred                requested t
                                                                                                                On 10/5/2012, Sacramento Sheriff's Department deputies responded to a report of an
                                                                                                                unidentified male subject attaching a suspicious object to the leg of a high power
                                      Discovery of suspicious device attached to                                electrical tower. The subject was described as being 30-40 years old, approximately
CCSAOOO02451    10/8/2012   10/5/2012 electrical tower in Sacramento                    eGuardian Entry         5'8"
                                                                                                                On 10/1/2012, a male subject, identified as              (DaB              was
                                                                                                                seen across the street from th~at a local bank "acting crazy". A bank employee
                                      Male subject found in possession of hit list in                           then witnessed the man lurking around the outside of th~attempting to look in
CCSAOOO02450    10/8/2012   10/1/2012 Merced                                            For Information Only    the of
                                                                                                                On 10/5/2012,~ailroad Police made contact with two male subjects who were
                                                                                                                filming the Stockton          Depot and rail line from the public sidewalk and were
                                       Two subjects photograph Stockton                                         asking questions about the railroad, passenger depot and the Stockton Record
CCSAOOO02449    10/8/2012   10/5/2012 depot                                             eGuardian Entry         Building. Upon c
                                                                                                                On October 10, 2012 at approximately 1111 hours, CHP Webmaster
                                                                                                                forwarded an e-mail received from
                                       Suspicious e-mail sent to the California                                 <mailt                            The e-mail read as follows:
CCSAOOO02456   10/10/2012 10/10/2012 Highway Patrol Webmaster address                   For Information Only
                                                                                                               -----------    --------- ----
                                                                                                                On 10/5/12, an employee of a vocational school in Sacramento discovered a bomb
                                                                                                                threat written on the wall in a campus men's restroom. The threat implied that a
                                       Bomb Threat at a vocational school in                                    bomb was to explode in th~Garage on 10/10/12 at "11:54" {a.m. or p.m.
CCSAOOO02455   10/10/2012 10/10/2012 Sacramento                                         eGuardian Ent~          unknown}. The threa
                                                               ::SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke ports Kecora     ' tne c;c;n.; JUly 2U12 - Januarv 2013
                                                                                                                   On 10/10/2012, the                                                      It:!ported
                                                                                                                   that TSC watch listed subject              DaB            showed up on a
                                     TSC subject                                                                                                                           _ w a s currently
CCSAOOO02454   10/10/2012 10/10/2012           in Sacramento County                    Referred
                                                                                                                 On 10/8/2012, Bakersfield Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious
                                                                                                                 fire. At the scene, firefighters recovered were believed to be the remnants of a
                                      Possible pipe bomb causes small fire in                                    detonated pipe bomb and a blast site with gragmentation in and around the area.
CCSAOOO02460   10/11/2012   10/8/2012 Bakersfield                                      For Information Only      Bomb technic
                                                                                                                 On 09/20/2012,                                         Tracy, California 95242,
                                       Tipster reported an inmate is currently                                   telephone number                         e-mail:
                                      sending money to the                                                       <mailto                               reported that                     an inmate
CCSAOOO02459   10/11/2012   9/20/2012 Foundation                                       For Information Only      incarcerated at the De
                                                                                                                 On 10/8/2012, FBI Sacramento received notice from the Florin County Water District
                                                                                                                 that sometime between 10/5/2012 and 10/6/2012, a water well site loacted a t _
                                                                                                                 I          in Sacramento was burglarized. An electrical junction was broken into and
CCSAOOO02458   10/11/2012   10/8/2012 Burglary of water well site in Sacramento        For Information Only      the el
                                                                                                                 On 10/2/2012, Citrus Heights Police Department (CHPD) was contacted by a Domestic

                                     Male subject forces wife and daughter to                                    Violence Shelter in Citrus Heights. An                                     were
                                     watch Taliban videos involving beheadings as                                brought to the shelter to be protected from                     . While in
CCSAOOO02457   10/11/2012 10/11/2012 a means of control in Carmichael                  For Information Only
                                                                                                                 On 10/05/2012, a Merced County Sheriff's deputy conducted a vehicle stop on a 2003
                                                                                                                 white                    Arizona license plate_on NB Hwy 99 near Childs
                                      Discovery of eight undocumented aliens                                     Avenue in Merced for several California vehicle code violations. After making the
CCSAOOO02464   10/12/2012   10/5/2012 during traffic stop in Merced                    Referred                  initial c
                                                                                                                 On 10/02/2012, agents with the Merced Multi Agency Narcotic Task Force (MMNTF)
                                                                                                                 conducted an investigation into marijuana cultivation at a residence in Merced
                                      Arrest of multiple suspects involved in                                    located at                 When agents arrived and identified themselves several
CCSAOOO02463   10/12/2012   10/2/2012 growing and distributing marijuana in Merced Referred                      subjects fled but
                                                                                                                 On 10/10/2012, the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department reported that a male
                                       Applicant for cocealed wepons permit in                                   individual had applied for a concealed weapons permit and may have provided false
                                       Stanislaus County provides deceptive                                      information. During the background investigation, the applicant advised that he was
CCSAOOO02462   10/12/2012 10/10/2012 employment information                            For Information Only      an_
                                                                                                                 On October 11, 2012, two state workers exited the Cal Trans Headquarters building in
                                                                                                                 Sacramento and observed an unknown individual crouched down holding a laptop
                                     Male subject crouches down with laptop                                      computer. The subject stood up quickly as the state workers walked past and then
CCSAOOO02461   10/12/2012 10/11/2012 computer outside Cal Trans HQ in Sacramento For Information Only            crouched ba
                                     Calaveras County Sheriff's Deputy encounters
                                     TSC watch list subject during trespassing                                   On 10/14/2012, Deputy_(Badge~fthe Calaveras County Sheriff's Office
CCSAOOO02469   10/15/2012 10/14/2012 investigation                                eGuardian Entry                questioned                 regarding trespassing at                in Angels Camp.
                                                                                                                 On 10/15/2012, at approximately 0715 hours, a program analyst for TSA witnessed a
                                                                                                                 possible police impersonation incident during his commute to work. The analyst
                                     TSA Analyst observes suspicous vehicles on                                  observed two vehicles pulled over on Southbound HWY 99/70 in Sutter County; a
CCSAOOO02468   10/15/2012 10/15/2012 Hwy 99/70 in Sutter County                        eGuardian Entry           white or Latino
                                                                                                                 On 10/14/2012, between 1717 and 2100 hours, Kern County Fire Department Engine
                                                                                                                 37 was vandalized while on assignment. The fire engine's window appeared to have
                                     Vandalism to window of fire station in Kern                                 been broken out by a baseball. Delano Police Department was called and took a
CCSAOOO02467   10/15/2012 10/14/2012 County                                            For Information Only      report.
                                                                 ;)usoiClous ActiVity KepOrlS Kecora         me         July LUl L - Januarv LU1;:S

                                                                                                                     On 10/14/2012, an off-duty CHP officer was attending church services at the
                                        California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers                                                 in Merced. At the conclusion of the service, the officer returned to his
                                        identification card stolen from personal                                     vehicle and discovered that an unknown suspect had broken out one ofthe windows
CCSAOOO02466   10/15/2012 10/14/2012 vehicle in Merced                                    eGuardian Entry            on
                                                                                                                     On 10/13/2012 at 1858 hours, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department (SSD)
                                                                                                                     deputies detained two subjects, later identified as                          DOB
                                     Two subjects with wet suits and fishing spear                                             and                           DOB               at the Folsom Lake, Right
CCSAOOO02465   10/15/2012 10/13/2012 guns in restricted area of Folsom Dam                For Information Only       Wing Dam. They were wi
                                                                                                                     On 10/11/12, the Vallejo Police Department arrested a man in connection with a
                                                                                                                     bomb scare in the residential neighborhood of                   The subject was
                                     Vallejo Police officers discover 7 pipe bombs                                   arrested on suspicion of possession of materials with intent to make explosive
CCSAOOO02472   10/16/2012 10/11/2012 during search of Vallejo residence                   For Information Only       devices, possession
                                                                                                                     On 10/16/2012, a private citizen reported a multi-million dollar home several doors
                                                                                                                     down from him that is unfinished but occupied, has minimal landscaping that is
                                     Suspicious activity at private residence in                                     unkept, has no electricity or garbage service and has had several different males of
CCSAOOO02471   10/16/2012 10/16/2008 Sacramento                                           Closed                     Middle
                                                                                                                     On 10/14/2012, at approximately 2237 hours, a subject identified as
                                                                                                                     DOB               who is on the TSC watchlist was denied boarding by an employee of
                                        TSC Watch list individual denied                                                                                                       The subject requested a a
CCSAOOO02470   10/16/2012 10/14/2012                                                      eGuardian Entry            poli

                                                                                                                     On 10/7/2012, at approximately 1925 hours, a Sacramento Metro Fire Department
                                       Private citizen observes remote control                                       employee overheard a report of a remote controlled aircraft with two blue LED lights
CCSAOOO02475   10/17/2012    10/7/2012 aircraft flying over        in Sacramento          Closed                     flying below a helicopter in the area of      and American River Parkway.
                                                                                                                     On 10/3/2012, at 1830 EDT, an individual took photographs of the
                                                                                                                              located at                        in Benicia, California. The individual is
                                       Unidentified subject taking photographs of                                    described as a white male adult approximately 24 years old, about 6'1", 230 pounds,
CCSAOOO02474   10/17/2012    10/3/2012 th                          in Benicia             For Information Only       clean
                                                                                                                     On 9/25/2012, DHS/TSA at                                           reported a flyer that
                                                                                                                     someone left on a TSA Inspector's car at his church on 9/23/2012. The flyer was from
                                       Unidentified subject leaves extremist flyer on                                the                                           in Fresno, CA, and it was titled, "State Of
CCSAOOO02473   10/17/2012    9/23/2012 vehicle parked at a church in Fresno               For Information Only       Crisis N
                                                                                                                                             Internet user names are                                     See the
                                                        commented online that                                        attached                 ommentary posted to the                     wall. He commented
                                       come November it is very possible he will be                                  " ... I'm very close to giving up on this whole damn country ... come November.. then it is
CCSAOOO02477   10/18/2012    9/20/2012 on national news                                   For Information Only       very possible
                                                                                                                     On 10/17/2012, at approximately 0230 hours, four unidentified male suspects
                                        Five men impersonate peace officers during                                   impersonating police officers assaulted a victim with a baseball bat and then fled the
                                        commission of a home invasion attack in                                      scene. The four Black and one Hispanic male suspects were dressed in blue clothes
CCSAOOO02476   10/18/2012 10/17/2012 Livingston                                           eGuardian Entry            and blue b
                                                                                                                     On 10/18/2012, The Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga reported that
                                     Three volumes of the Holy Qur'an mailed from                                              as sent a package from Iran-Esfahan that may contain radicalized material.
                                     Iran to Inmate at Pleasant Valley State Prison                                  The package included three books titled "The Holy Qur'an compiled by:
CCSAOOO02485   10/22/2012 10/18/2012 in Coalinga                                    eGuardian Entry
                                                                                                                     On 10/19/2012, a TLO at Deuel Vocational Institute in Tracy reported that inmate
                                                                                                                                        sent a letter requesting unidentified books be sent for the prison
                                        Correctional officers intercept suspicious mail                              library addressed to                               letter states that he has been in
CCSAOOO02484   10/22/2012 10/19/2012 at the Deuel Vocational Institute in Tracy           eGuardian   Ent~           contact wi
                                                                ;:SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke orts Kecora      . me   (.;(,;1(,;   JUly 2U12 - January 2U13
                                                                                                                                                    DOB         7, CII   t          was reported by ..oiiiiiiiiiiii
                                                                                                                                                          the Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) at the
                                     Inmate at California Correctional Training                                       Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California._was reported to the TLO by
CCSAOOO02483   10/22/2012 10/22/2012 Facility in Soledad has Hizbollah tattoo      Referred                           another Cor
                                     Subject receives telephone calls from suspect                                    On 10/18/12, victim received a telephone call from an unknown subject attempting to
CCSAOOO02482   10/22/2012 10/18/2012 trying to sell drugs in Redding               For Information Only               sell drugs to the victim's son.

                                       TSC Watch list subject scheduled to                                            On 10/24/2012, a known subject listed on the TSC watch list is scheduled t o _
CCSAOOO02481   10/22/2012 10/24/2012                                                    For Information Only
                                                                                                                      On 10/20/12, an identified male subject was observed taking photographs of the
                                                                                                                                                The subject was contacted by Valero security peronnel and
                                     Male subject taking suspicious photographs of                                    an officer with the Benicia Police Department. The subject and his associates were
CCSAOOO02480   10/22/2012 10/20/2012 oil refinery in Benicia                       For Information Only               question
                                                                                                                      On 10/20/2012, the Sacramento RTAC received an email from an anonymous citizen
                                                                                                                      that indicated employees may be followed. The email was poorly written and
                                     Subject sends threatening email to                                               contained no identifying information. The same subject sent a similar email to the
CCSAOOO02479   10/22/2012 10/20/2012 Sacramento RTAC and STAC                           eGuardian Entry               State Threat Asses
                                                                                                                      On 10/20/2012, an unidentified female informed an identified victim that there was a
                                                                                                                      bum next to her car. The victim misunderstood and reported to Sacramento Sheriff's
                                        Miscommunication leads to bomb threat                                         Department that there was a bomb next to her car. Officers arrived on scene and
CCSAOOO02478   10/22/2012 10/20/2012 report in Sacramento County                        Closed                        confirm
                                     The group Anonymous posts bomb threat on
                                     the web targeting unidentified government                                        Bomb threat to unknown US Government building via internet by Anonymou was
CCSAOOO02487   10/23/2012 10/23/2012 buidling in California                             Referred                      discovered while searching for civil disturbance events.

                                                                                                                      At approximately 12:15 hours one of the STAC analysts was leaving the building while
                                     Suspicious vehicle attempts to enter access                                      she was stopping and blocking the exit gate a black              attempted to enter. She
CCSAOOO02486   10/23/2012 10/23/2012 gate of secure facility in Sacramento              Closed                        was able to identify it was a male driver short dark hair. The license plate of the v
                                                                                                                      On 10/25/2012, Chico State University Police Department reported that they have
                                                                                                                      received an unusually high volume of emails requesting police department patches
                                        CSU Chico University Police receive multiple                                  from subjects outside the United States. The requestors claim to be patch collectors,
CCSAOOO02489   10/25/2012 10/25/2012 emails requesting department patches               For Information Only          often se
                                                                                                                      On October 24, 2012, at approximately 1300 hours,                       DOB:
                                                                                                                                  entered the DMV office at 201 Clinton Rd. in Jackson, attempting to get
                                     Jackson-based subject threatens to shoot law                                     his suspended California driver's license back. When_was advised that he could
CCSAOOO02488   10/25/2012 10/24/2012 enforcement officers                         eGuardian Entry                     not be give
                                                                                                                      On 10/17/12 at approximately 1041 hours, the RP,                   a Metro Fire
                                                                                                                      District Supervisor Fire Investigator and TLO encountered a male subject at the
                                       Cellular phone employee asks probing                                                    Store located at                         in Sacramento while he was
CCSAOOO02493   10/26/2012 10/17/2012 questions of Fire Investigator in Sacramento       For Information Only          activating a newly purcha

                                                                                                                      On 10/26/2012, CHP made an enforcement stop for speeding on Southbound 1-5 at CA
                                     Female subject self-identifies as a Sovereign                                    State Route 43 in Kern County. The driver,                DOB:                 identified
CCSAOOO02492   10/26/2012 10/26/2012 Citizen in Kern County                             For Information Only          herself as a sovereign citizen and stated she did not need a California driver's license.
                                                                                                                      On 10/26/2012 at approximately 0630, a subject, later identified as                   DOBI
                                                                                                                                 exited his warehouse, where he owns a business and confronted a subject,
                                     Discharge of blank firearm by subject in Gold                                    who has a neighboring business about that subject making too much noise. _
CCSAOOO02491   10/26/2012 10/26/2012 River                                              For Informati3R Only          fire
                                                               ::IUSPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke POrtS Kecora     . tne          JUlY LUlL - January LU1;j
                                                                                                                      On 10/24/2012 at approximately 1630 hours, a subject later identified ash ~
                                                                                                                     .DOB                made threats to kill himself in front of the Rancho Cordova Police
                                     Suicidal subject threatens to blow himself up                                    Department (RCPD). ~dvised the officers, who responded to his residence for a
CCSAOOO02490   10/26/2012 10/24/2012 in Rancho Cordova                                 eGuardian Entry               we
                                                                                                                      On 10/26/2012,            an American River College student attending a Fire
                                       College student inquires about fire                                            Technology course asked the instructor a suspicious line of questions regarding the
                                     department's disaster plan for an Electro-                                       disaster plan for an E.M.P type of event and what actions first responders would take
CCSAOOO02496   10/29/2012 10/29/2012 magnetic Pulse event                              eGuardian Entry                in resp
                                     California Commission on Peace Officer                                           On 10/22/2012 at 08S8 hours, the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards
                                     Standards and Training receives email from                                       and Training (P.O.S.T.) staff received the following email correspondence from an
                                     subject inquiring about taking aviation                                          identified subject inquiring about enrolling in an aviation security course that P.O.S.T.
CCSAOOO02495   10/29/2012 10/22/2012 security training                                 eGuardian Entry                0
                                                                                                                      On 10/27/2012, at approximately 2200 hours,                      DOB:
                                                                                                                                 was arrested for misdemeanor DUI on Gerber Rd. in Sacramento. While
                                     Male subject in Sacramento threatens to blow                                     in custody,_mentioned planes and trucks blowing up and that he was going to
CCSAOOO02494   10/29/2012 10/27/2012 up trucks and planes                         eGuardian Entry                     "get with some of h
                                     Theft of law enforcement equipment from a                                        Between 10/28/2012 at 1400 hours and 10/29/2012 at 0709 hours, a Valley State
                                     California Department of Corrections and                                         Prison for Women, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)
                                     Rehabilitation employee's personal vehicle in                                    employee's unlocked personal vehicle was burglarized. The CDCR law enforcement
CCSAOOO02498   10/30/2012 10/28/2012 Merced                                            eGuardian Entry                equipment that wa
                                                                                                                      On 10/29/2012 at 1711 hours,                   DOB             was encountered at
                                        Encounter of TSC subject at the                                               the                                                    while transferrin
CCSAOOO02497   10/30/2012 10/29/2012                                                   eGuardian Entry                           from
                                                                                                                      On 10/29/12, at approximately 1900 hours, a                        Merced
                                                                                                                      employee's personal vehicle was burglarized. An employee badge/key card for the
                                     Burglary of                       Merced                                                               in Merced was stolen along with some makeup items and a
CCSAOOO02499   10/31/2012 10/29/2012 employee's private vehicle in Merced County       For Information Only           boys BMX bicycle. No suspe
                                                                                                                      SPECIAL AGENT             HAS A                         WHO REPORTED A
                                                                                                                      SUSPECTED                             THI
                                      Special Agent followed home by unidentified                                                                                        THE OFFICER                ON
CCSAOOO02501    11/1/2012   11/1/2012 subject(s) in San Mateo County                   Referred                       HIM IS                       AND ANOTHER OFFICER WAS MI
                                                                                                                      On 10/22/2012, a Roseville city employee received a suspicious email from a subject,
                                                                                                                                 DOB             _ s a former University of California Santa Barbara
                                     Roseville city employee receives suspicious                                      (UCSB) employee with a history of sending harassing and threatening e-mails to UCSB
CCSAOOO02500    11/1/2012 10/22/2012 email                                             eGuardian Entry                st
                                                                                                                      On Thursday 10/25/12 at 1020 Los Rios Community College District(LRCCD)police
                                     Search warrant executed at suspects                                              officers assigned to the Folsom Lake Community College in Folsom, Ca were
                                     residence in Folsom yields plans attack on                                       dispatched to meet with several students on campus regarding concerns over another
CCSAOOO02506    11/2/2012 10/25/2012 unspecified target(s)                             eGuardian Entry               student (later ident
                                                                                                                     On 10/24/2012, the Terrorism Liason Officer (TLO) at Folsom State Prison reported
                                                                                                                     four inmates
                                     Possible sovereign citizens identified at                                       exhibiting possible sovereign citizen extremist involvement. Inmates_and
CCSAOOO02505    11/2/2012 10/24/2012 Folsom State Prison                               eGuardian Entry               _have received letter
                                                                                                                     On 11/2/2012, a female subject attempted to photograph and gain access t o _
                                      Female subject attempts to photograph and                                                           in Stockton and Lodi. At approximately 0900, the subject
                                      gain access to two                in Lodi and                                  approached the Presidnet of                              at                in Stockton
CCSAOOO02504    11/2/2012   11/2/2012 Stockton                                      eGuardian Entry                   and state
                                                                ;:IUSPICIOUS ....ctlVlty Ke lOftS Kecorc:    . me l,;l,;Il,; JUlY LUl L - January LU1;:S
                                                                                                                        The reporting party (RP) has observed several people that appear to be cor.",.Jcting
                                                                                                                     sales of illegal drugs in close proximity to his residence. The RP noted that various
                                       Citizen reports possible drug and gang activity                               automobiles have been seen coming and going throughout the day and night,
CCSAOOO02503    11/2/2012    11/2/2012 in Sacramento neighborhood                      Referred                      indicative 0

                                        Recently discharged National Guard soldier is                                Recently discharged National Guard soldier is making possible threatening statements
                                     making possible threatening statements on                                       on his facebook page. Uri: <http://ww
CCSAOOO02502    11/2/2012 10/30/2012 his          ·age                                     Closed                    Individual is             was a SPC in
                                                                                                                     On November 1, 2012, Officer~ade an arrest o f _ f o r driving under the
                                                                                                                     influence of alcohol. During Officer_contact with             made
                                       Male suspect arrested for DUI mentions a                                      statements regarding a "New World Order" and stated that he had numerous
CCSAOOO02507    11/5/2012    11/1/2012 New World Order in Calaveras County                 For Information Only      weapons and ammunit

                                        Subject claiming to be from the FBI sends                                   On 11/6/2012, a California Medical Services Authority employee received a suspicious
                                        email to an Emergency Medical Services                                      email from a sender who identified themselves as                      instructing her
CCSAOOO02508    11/7/2012    11/6/2012 employee in Rancho Cordova                          Referred                 to "Read the attachment and act as directed." The From line on the email displayed
                                                                                                                    On 11/9/2012, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department received an anonymous
                                                                                                                    tip that                 was posting on his Facebook page that he wants to blow up
                                       EI Dorado County based-subject threatens to                                  th               and shoot everyone._also posts that he is mad about election
CCSAOOO02511    11/9/2012    11/9/2012 blow up the             on                          eGuardian Entry          results, s
                                                                                                                    On 10/8/2012, Tulare County Sheriff's Department received a second letter from
                                                                                                                                           and                         requesting that money from United
                                        Tulare Sheriff's Department receives                                        States Treasury accounts be direct deposited to them upon maturity. The letter also
CCSAOOO02510    11/9/2012    10/8/2012 suspected Soverign Citizen letter in the mail       eGuardian Entry          makes

                                                                                                                     On 11/8/2012, an unidentified female shoved a bunch of chemicals into her purse.
                                        Female subject steals chemicals from_                                        When confronted, she grabbed more as she fled out the door to a waiting vehicle with
CCSAOOO02509    11/9/2012    11/8/2012 _ i n Sacramento                                    For Information Only     another female in the driver's seat. The vehicle drove away.
                                                                                                                    On 11/12/2012, an employee 0                                   reported a theft from
                                                                                                                    a_ruck. The truck was parked at the employee's personal residence. Items

                                                                                                                    taken from the truck include a tool bag containing miscellaneous tools, a set of
CCSAOOO02512   11/12/2012 11/11/2012 Theft of_tems in Merced                               eGuardian Entry          coveralls w
                                                                                                                    On 11/11/2012,                             was found in possession of a suspicious 10
                                     Suspect driving a - w i t h 300 pounds of                                      for the United States Army Defense Corps after being arrested for driving
                                     marijuana found in possession of suspicious                                    with 300 Ibs of marijuana. The 10 listed_as a 1st Lieutenant and included a
CCSAOOO02514   11/13/2012 11/12/2012 10 in Redding                                         eGuardian Entry          picture 0
                                     Planned travel ofTSC Watch list subject                                        TSC Watch list subject
CCSAOOO02513   11/13/2012 11/11/2012 .......                                               For Information Only      11/11/2012.
                                                                                                                     On 11/14/2012, a U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Services Hazmat Technician
                                                                                                                     reported that a timber contractor,                  made a comment that he should
                                     Subject makes threatening remarks to bull                                       "take his Bull Dozer down to the District Office (in Oroville) and make it a parking lot."
CCSAOOO02516   11/14/2012 11/14/2012 doze local Forest Service Office in Oroville          Closed                   The
                                                                                                                    On 11/5/2012, North Kern State Prison Inmate                  a validated Northern
                                                                                                                    Structure gang member, received a book titled U.S. Marine Corps Guidebook. Some of
                                       A validated Northern Structure inmate                                        the training sections in the book include: mines and booby traps; security of military
CCSAOOO02515   11/14/2012    11/5/2012 receives US Marine Corps Guidebook in mail          For Information Only     infor
                                                               ::SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke orts Kecora        tne l;l;Il; JUly ~Ul ~ - January ~Ul;:S
                                                                                                                   On November 1, 2012,                                              the Terrorism Liaison   I

                                                                                                                   Officer at Deuel Vocational Institute (DVI) reported that Inmate
                                       Possible inmate radicalization at Deuel                                                DOB             CII              paroled to Region 2 (Bay Area).
CCSAOOO02521   11/15/2012   11/1/2012 Vocational                                         Referred                 curren
                                                                                                                  On 11/8/2012, Deuel Vocational Institute staff reported that inmate
                                                                                                                  DOB 1/27/1957 has been sending and receiving suspicious mail with several
                                      Communication between CDCR inmate and                                       individuals, one of which was identified as              DOB            the leader
CCSAOOO02520   11/15/2012   11/8/2012 subject associated with a radical prison group eGuardian Entry             of t h e _
                                                                                                                 On 11/1/2012, a terrorism Iiason officer at Deuel Vocation Institute reported that
                                      Officer intercepts written materials from the                              Inmat                 attempted to send written materials from the Book of al-
                                      Book of al-Akhdari at Deuel Vocational                                     Akhdar. The materials had been translated by                the co-founder of
CCSAOOO02519   11/15/2012   11/1/2012 Institute                                          eGuardian Entry         t - in •                                                                                    I
                                                                                                                  On 10/21/2012 at approximately 1330 hours, a Tracy-based suspect, later identified         I
                                     Tracy-based suspect sends threatening phone                                  as                     DOB            ent a threatening phone text message to two
                                     text message to two victims in Pierce County,                                identified victims in Graham, WA. In the message, the suspect, later identified as
CCSAOOO02518   11/15/2012 10/21/2012 WA                                            eGuardian Entry
                                                                                                                                         was employed by       DOB             a
                                                                                                                          ith two locations                , Fresno CA and                                   I

                                                                                                                 _   Fresno CA. _ w a s paid only in cash. There was no record of his
CCSAOOO02528   11/19/2012 10/16/2012 suspicious amounts of money                         For Information Only    employment. _
                                                                                                                  On 11/1/2012, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent (SA)_
                                                                                                                  contacted the writer via telephone. SA _ _ elated that he learned through a
                                                                                                                  cooperative citizen that a male subject,              was selling weapons to a
CCSAOOO02527   11/19/2012   11/1/2012 from                                               For Information Only     subject nam
                                                                                                                  On 10/30/2012, SA                     spoke to                      after he had called

                                                                                                                  the FBI to report suspicious behavior by a group of men he described as being of
                                     Suspicious Activity at                                                       middle eastern descent. The activity is occurring next door in a home owned by_
CCSAOOO02526   11/19/2012 10/30/2012 Visalia, CA                                         For Information Only

                                                      of TSC watch list subject_                                  TSC watch list subject,
               11/19/2012 11/20/2012 ~rom

                                     Subject attempts to purchase a plane ticket to
                                                                                         For Information Only
                                                                                                                  On 11/18/2012,                   III              , a naturalized citizen, was seen
                                                                                                                  walking around the baggage and ticket counter areas ofthe Sacramento International
                                     India, without a visa, at Sacramento                                         Airport for an unknown amount of time by a custodian. Eventually
CCSAOOO02524   11/19/2012 11/19/2012 International Airport                          eGuardian Entry               attempted to pu

                                                                                                                  Citizen reported drug dealing activity occurring at residential home located a t _
                                       Citizen Reports drug dealing activity occurring                                          in Citrus Heights. RP stated that reports             is selling drugs,
CCSAOOO02523   11/19/2012 11/18/2012 in Citrus Heights residential home                  Referred                 cocaine and crystal meth. She reported that the                 lives ay the same
                                                                                                                  On 11/17/2012, a private citizen provided information regarding an acquaintance,
                                                                                                                                  DOB            who he met through a political affiliation.
                                     Merced-based subject claims to be stockpiling                                stated that he is stockpiling legal and illegal weapons, food and other supplies in
CCSAOOO02522   11/19/2012 11/17/2012 weapons in preparation for a civil war        eGuardian Entry                preparat
                                                                                                                  On 11/20/2012, the Texas Rangers, Sacramento DA's Office and the Tennesse Fusion
                                                                                                                  Center received an annonymous email froll                com claiming that
                                     Subject claims to have information regarding                                 neighbors of the person who sent the email were memebers of an occult organization
CCSAOOO02531   11/20/2012 11/20/2012 the murdero                  in Sacramento          Referred                 who were involved i
                                                                                       Ke orts Kecora         the CCIC July 2012 - January 2013
                                                                :SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY
                                                                                                                    On 11/19/2012, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's I "rrorism
                                        Folsom State Prison inmate attempts to send                                 Liaison Officer (TLO) at Folsom State Prison intercepted a threatening letter sent by an
                                        threatening letter to Sacramento Federal                                    inmate, identified as                        DOB                addressed to the
CCSAOOO02530   11/20/2012 11/19/2012 Bureau of Investigation                               eGuardian Entry          Sacrame
                                                                                                                    On 11/19/2012, a Sacramento Police Department officer, following up on a missing
                                        Officer observes suspicious tattoos on family                               persons report, observed multiple tattoos including possible gang and Arabic writing
                                        member of known gang members during a                                       tattoos on                                 the sister of known Norteno gang members.
CCSAOOO02529   11/20/2012 11/19/2012 parole search in Sacramento                           For Information Only     When as
                                                                                                                    On 11/13/2012, a set of                                     AIT installation plans were
                                                                                                                    found in an apartment that had been recently vacated by
                                        Discovery of airport Advanced Imaging                                       DOB                The AIT plans were found during the final cleaning of the apartment
CCSAOOO02534   11/21/2012 11/13/2012 Technology (A IT) plans at residence in Redding eGuardian Entry                locate
                                                                                                                    Between 10/28/2012 at 1830 hours and 10/29/2012 at 0630 hours, a commercial
                                                                                                                    burglary had occurred at the                               ffice located a t _
                                        Theft of two                              laptop                                               in Shaver Lake. Two Panasonic CF30-Toughbook brand laptop
CCSAOOO02533   11/21/2012 10/28/2012 computers containing sensitive information            eGuardian Entry          computers, which

                                        ..                                                                          On 8/28/2012,               a contractor with            Inc., was refused entry to the
                                        Contracter exhibits suspicious behavior after                                                             ue to a previous aggravated harrasment charge out of
                                        being denied entry to                                                       Arizona and became visibly upset; more so than the norm of someone who had been
CCSAOOO02532   11/21/2012   11/1/2012                                                      eGuardian Entry          denied acc
                                                                                                                    On 11/23/2012, a Fire Investigator noticed a passenger window of a Fire Investigator
                                                                                                                    Response Vehicle had been broken and a tough book laptop computer was stolen. The
                                        Theft of computer from Fire Response Vehicle                                theft occured inside the gated parking lot at Fresno Fire Headquarters. Toughbooks
CCSAOOO02535   11/23/2012 11/23/2012 in Fresno                                             eGuardian Entry          are ut

                                                                                                                    My landlord is from India. I am not. I was born in Illinois. He broke a 2-yr lease and
                                        Citizen claims they are being harrassed by                                  when I got a paralegal and then attorney, he told the paralegal, "I know a lot of bad
CCSAOOO02536   11/26/2012 11/24/2012 their landlord in Sacramento                          Referred                 people and you and         will be sorry." My gates have been opened at night an
                                                                                                                    On 11/22/2012, between 2140 and 0330 hours, an unidentified suspect(s) broke into
                                        Theft of CHP identification card and two CHP                                the residence of a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer and stole a CHP
                                        badges during residential burglary in                                       identification card, two CHP badges and several other personal items. The officer had

                12/3/2012 11/21/2012

                12/3/2012   12/3/2012
                                        Sovereign citizen suspected of using
                                        fraudulent diplomatic identification at
                                                                                           eGuardian Entry

                                                                                           eGuardian Entry
                                                                                                                    worked a gr

                                                                                                                    On 12/3/2012, the

                                                                                                                    that the individual,
                                                                                                                                                                             received a letter from
                                                                                                                               the General Post Office Judicial District in St. Louis, MO. The letter stated
                                                                                                                                                                would be checking in with TSA agents in Sacr
                                                                                                                    On 12/6/2012, a known subject on the TSC watchlist is
                                        TSC watchlist subject scheduled to                                                                                                                                at
CCSAOOO02538    12/3/2012   12/6/2012                                                      For Information Only     2246 hours.
                                                                                                                    On 11/29/2012, Sacramento International Airport staff reported that a female subject
                                                                                                                    had left a voice message presenting herself as a self-proclaimed diplomat with the
                                        Self-proclaimed Sovereign requests VIP                                                          ut of Washington D.C. The subject stated that she would by flying
CCSAOOO02537    12/3/2012 11/29/2012 Diplomatic treatment from TSA in Sacramento eGuardian Entry                    US
                                                                                                                    On 12/04/2012, a subject, later identified as             (DOB              , was
                                                                                                                    sighted by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official observing the           I

                                        Subject observes rail car transfer at the_                                  transfer of rail cars containing anyhdrous ammonia at the
CCSAOOO02541    12/4/2012   12/4/2012                                                      eGuardian Entry
                                                                SUSPICIOUS Activity    ReI orts Record        the CCIC July 2012 - January 2013
                                                                                                                    On 12/5/12, at approximately 0855 hours, a dark blue
                                      Suspicious vehicle observed at the gate of the                                seen driving around the outer fence and pulling into the driveway of the Bldg 600
CCSAOOO02542    12/5/2012   12/5/2012 CCIC in McClellan                              Closed                         parking lot.
                                                                                                                    On 11/29/2012, the Modoc County Sheriffs Department (MCSD) executed a search
                                                                                                                    warrant of the residence                    in Alturas) and an additional property (at
                                        Discovery of pipe bomb materials during                                     an undisclosed location) of a burglary suspect identified as                     DOB
CCSAOOO02544    12/6/2012 11/29/2012 search warrant execution in Modoc County             eGuardian Entry           ~
                                                                                                                    On 12/04/2012, a county vehicle assigned to a Kern County District Attorney's Office
                                        Theft of flat badge, firearm, ammunition and                                investigator was burglarized and a Remington 870 shotgun, 500 rounds of .40 caliber
                                        body armor from investigator's vehicle in                                   ammunition, 3 Glock .23 caliber magazines, body armor and an investigator's flat
CCSAOOO02543    12/6/2012   12/4/2012                                                     eGuardian Entry           badge
                                                                                                                    During the nighttime hours between 12/6/20102 and 12/7/2012, a burglary occurred
                                        Theft of California Highway Patrol (CHP)                                    at a CHP officer's private residence located at                     in Riverbank.
                                      uniforms, ammunition, and knives from CHP                                     Items stolen include CHP uniforms, ammunition, knives, and two laptop computers.
CCSAOOO02549    12/7/2012   12/6/2012 officer's private residence in Riverbank            eGuardian Entry           No sus
                                                                                                                                  was online at                            nd was talking to someone with
                                     Subject claims to have encountered person in                                   the screenname,           _was advising me that he has been talking to this
                                     online chat room threatening to shoot the                                      person for a long time and he refused to give him his real name. _alleged that
CCSAOOO02548    12/7/2012 11/29/2012          nd detonate a bomb                  For Information Only
                                                                                                                    An anonymous person called the Public Access Line stating that                  was
                                        Unidentified subject warns FBI that                                         injecting viruses to FBI websites. On 12/10/2012 the group will hack into all
                                     _intends to hack various government                                            government data bases such as CIA, presidential, FBI and                        in the
CCSAOOO02547    12/7/2012   12/4/2012 websites in CA                                      For Information Only      Oakland Bay
                                                                                                                    On 12/7/2012, at approximately 0830 hours,                        DOB              and
                                        Two suspects follow a presiding judge into the                              her passenger,                        DOB              (a known Norteiio gang member
                                        secure parking garage of the Sacramento                                     and current parolee), followed a presiding judge into the secure parking garage at the
CCSAOOO02546    12/7/2012   12/7/2012 Superior Court                                      eGuardian Entry           Sacramento Sup
                                                                                                                    On 12/4/2012, the Nevada County Sheriffs Department received email messages and
                                        Allegation that late Ambassador                                             phone calls from a citizen who reported his belief that the family of the
                                                 family is being stalked by AI Qaeda                                                                                     is currently being stalked byal
CCSAOOO02545    12/7/2012   12/4/2012 members in Nevada County                             For Information Only     Qaed
                                                                                                                    On 12/8/2012, TSC subject                                     was encounted by Yuba
                                      TSC subject has contact with law enforcement                                  City PO during the investigation of a                              was questioned
CCSAOOO02554   12/10/2012   12/8/2012 in Yuba City                                 eGuardian Entry

                                                                                                                    On 12/10/2012 officers arrested                              for narcotics and weapons
                                     Discovery of molotov cocktail, black powder                                    related offenses and while searching his vehicle found what appeared to be a molotov
CCSAOOO02553   12/10/2012 12/10/2012 and narcotics from suspect in Benicia                 For Information Only     cocktail, multiple firearms, black powder, burglary tools and narcotics. Officers con
                                                                                                                    On 12/8/2012                         (1/11/1982) called to report that he was being
                                                                                                                    stalked by unknown parties and that those parties were attempting to frame him for
                                                                                                                    the murders of            and                               claims he has had
CCSAOOO02552   12/10/2012   12/8/2012 Subject claims he is being stalked in Illinois       Referred                 multiple contact
                                                                                                                    On 12/10/2012, a California Highway Patrol officer arrested
CCSAOOO02551   12/10/2012 12/10/2012 TSC subject arrested for                              eGuardian Entry

                                                                ;:IUSPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke lOftS Kecora     me l,;l,;Il,; JUlY LUl L - January LU1;;S
                                                                                                                   On 10/30/2012, the victim reported to the Trinity County Sheriff's Departrrl ... , It
                                                                                                                   dynamite, detonation cord and fuse were discovered missing from his mining claim in
                                       Theft of dynamite and detonation cord in                                  Hayfork, CA. He believes they were taken some time between the end of August and
CCSAOOO02550   12/10/2012     9/1/2012 Trinity County                                   eGuardian Entry          beginni
                                                                                                                On 12/6/2012 at 1040 hours, a Sacramento County Sheriffs Department (SSD)
                                       Observation of suspicious vehicle parked near                            Sergeant observed a suspicious unoccupied vehicle parked in front of
                                       active law enforcement operation in                                               in McClellan while conducting security checks around the perimeter of an
CCSAOOO02555   12/11/2012    12/6/2012 McClellan, CA                                 eGuardian Entry            active law enforcem
                                                                                                                 On 12/11/2012,                                (DaB              entered the Social
                                                                                                                Security Administartion Office on Massie Circle in Sacramento._appeared upset
                                     Subject threatens to kill himself at social                                and stated that he was going to kill himself and just wait, it would be a surprise. A
CCSAOOO02556   12/12/2012 12/11/2012 secuirty office in Sacramento                      eGuardian Entry         request was

                                     Hazard Material Spill at CHP Grapevine                                     On 12/12/2012, at approximately 4:00 a.m. a tractor/trailer vehicle owned by
CCSAOOO02561   12/13/2012 12/12/2012 Inspection Facility                                For Information Only              entered the CHP Grapevine Inspection Facility located on Interstate 5.
                                                                                                                On 12/12/12, North Kern State Prison (NKSP) inmate                DaB:
                                                                                                                stated that he is an informant for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Los
                                     North Kern State Prison inmate claims to have                              Angeles Police Department Major Crimes._told_that
CCSAOOO02560   12/13/2012 12/12/2012 information on terrorism financing            eGuardian Entry
                                                                                                                On 12/5/2012, a TLO from North Kern State Prison reported that the prison had
                                                                                                                received a letter from the Pakistan Consulate requesting a meeting with inmate
                                       Pakistan Consulate requires meeting with CA                                                 (CII:                     is a Pakistani national who states that he
CCSAOOO02559   12/13/2012    12/5/2012 inmate at North Kern State Prison                Referred                would like to br
                                       Subject uses fraudulent Department of
                                     Homeland Security (DHS) badge and                                          Circa, November 2012, an unidentified subject who identified himself as an
                                     identification card to obtain personally                                   Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) agent contacted an unidentified business
                                     identifiable information from business owner                               owner in Fresno and requested personally identifiable information on the business
CCSAOOO02558   12/13/2012 11/30/2012 in Fresno                                    eGuardian Entry               owner's empl
                                                                                                                On 11/24/2012, while serving a narcotics related search warrant, King County
                                                                                                                Narcotics Task Force officers located an improvised explosive device (lED) in a room
                                     Discovery of lED during service of search                                  belonging to                     DaB:              Fresno County Sheriff's Office bomb
CCSAOOO02557   12/13/2012 11/24/2012 warrant in Kings County                            eGuardian Entry         squad deton
                                                                                                                On December 3, 2012, at approximately 1245 hours, a CHP officer's primary residence
                                       Theft of law enforcement equipment from                                  was burglarized while he was not home. Items stolen included two department issued
                                       California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer's                                .40 caliber magazines that were fully loaded, one can of OC spray and department
CCSAOOO02566   12/17/2012    12/3/2012 residence_                                       For Information Only    issued
                                                                                                                On December 14, 2012, the Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO)
                                                                                                                ~reported that Inmate
                                     Inmate receives package from Istanbul Turkey                                            dob                received a package from
CCSAOOO02565   12/17/2012 12/17/2012 in San Luis Obispo                           Referred                      Cad. No:
                                                                                                                On 12/14/2012 an inmate at the Sierra Conservation Center in Tuolumne received a
                                                                                                                package from Istanbul, Turkey. The package contained three books; The Rising and the
                                     Inmate receives package from Istanbul Turkey                               Hereafter (Huseyn Hilmi Isik), The Sunni Path (Ahmed Cevdet Pasa), Se'adet-I Ebediwe
CCSAOOO02564   12/17/2012 12/14/2012 in Toulumne                                  For Information Only          End
                                                                                                                On 12/16/2012, Alpine County Sheriff's Department deputies responded
                                                                                                                                                                             in Alpine, CA. Upon
                                     Officer                      duringTSC                                     Arrival, deputies encountered                         (DaB            , aTSC
CCSAOOO02563   12/17/2012 12/16/2012 encounter                                          eGuardian   En~         watch listed su
                                                               ;:)USPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke lOrtS Kecom        me l,;l,;Il,; JUly LUlL - January LU13
                                                                                                                  On 12/15/2012, a female subject, later identified as                     left a note at
                                     Subject leaves bomb threat note a t _                                        th~out-patient pharmacy on                      in Sacramento. The note stated that
CCSAOOO02562   12/17/2012 12/15/2012              in Sacramento                          eGuardian Entry          her ex-husband wanted to bomb the                        building.
                                                                                                                  On 12/17/2012 at approximately 0900 hours, Fairfield Police Department was alerted
                                       Fairfield-based suspect uses online social                                 that a suspect,                DOB                had made threatening comments on
                                       networking website to make threats and post                                the social networking website,             indicating that he supported the actions of
CCSAOOO02567   12/18/2012 12/17/2012 his support of the Connecticut school shooter eGuardian Entry                the shoo
                                                                                                                                     was tasked to fully identify                                 per the
                                                                                                                  request of                                  eceived reporting from California State
                                       To report individuals contact w i t h _                                    Prison - Corcoran regarding contact made by             via letters to inmate
CCSAOOO02568   12/19/2012 12/18/2012               Fourth Reich Skinhead member          For Information Only
                                                                                                                  On 12/15/2012, a male subject later identified as                     DOB            I
                                     Male subject books flight using the name of a                                attempted to check-in using his own identification card for a flight from Sacramento
                                     No Fly List subject and attempts to travel from                              to Phoenix that was booked under the name of an individual who is a match to the No
CCSAOOO02571   12/20/2012 12/15/2012 Sacramento International Airport                eGuardian Entry              Fly Li
                                                                                                                  On Sunday, December 16th, 2012, a report of a violent incident occurred at a
                                                                                                                  residence within the jurisdiction of the Modoc County Sheriff's office.
                                     Juvenile threatens classmates causing closures
CCSAOOO02570   12/20/2012 12/16/2012 of schools in Modoc                            eGuardian Entry

                                                                                                                 . w a s traveling South Bound on Highway 85 in his_light gold
                                     Suspect shoots at Marine Corps Recruiter                                     Government plates                when his vehicle was struck by at least 3 to 4 rounds .
CCSAOOO02569   12/20/2012 12/19/2012 traveling on Highway 85 near Sunnyvale              For Information Only    •     was not struck; however, there is one round in the driver's side door, two in the
                                                                                                                  On 12/20/12 at approximately 1500 hours                                        was
                                                                                                                  arrested by the Galt Police Department for attempted burglary and possession of
                                     Police discover suspicious items on burglary                                 burglary tools. In           possession had been a backpack which was held for
CCSAOOO02574   12/21/2012 12/20/2012 suspect in Galt                                     eGuardian Entry          safekeeping. While
                                                                                                                  On 12/21/2012 at approximately 0028 hours, TSC watch listed subject,
                                                                                                                             DOB              was encountered by a Los Angeles Police Department
                                       TSC encounter by Los Angeles Police Officer in                             officer
CCSAOOO02573   12/21/2012 12/21/2012 Kern County                                         eGuardian Entry

                                     Joint Forces Headquarters in Sacramento                                      On 12/20/2012, a letter claiming that                   is the anti-Christ, will resurrect
                                     receives letter claiming_is the Anti-                                        Osama bin Laden and declare mariallaw in the United States was received by the
CCSAOOO02572   12/21/2012 12/20/2012 Christ                                              Referred                 California National Guard - Joint Force Headquarters in Sacramento. The letter states

                                                                                                                  On 12/23/2012, a Ceres Police Department officer stopped TSC subject_
                                       Encounter of Terrorist Screening Center (TSq                                         DOB:
CCSAOOO02580   12/24/2012 12/23/2012 subject during vehicle stop in Ceres                eGuardian Entry          of                              The subject was released with a verbal warning.
                                                                                                                  On 12/21/2012 at approximately 1654 hours, TSC watch listed subject,
                                                                                                                              DOB             was encountered by a Kern County Sheriff's Deputy during
                                     TSC encounter during                           in                            the investigation                                                   is a suspect in
CCSAOOO02579   12/24/2012 12/21/2012 Kern County                                         eGuardian Entry          the investi
                                                                                                                  On 12/20/2012 and 12/21/2012, Tracy Police Department (TPD) responded to
                                                                                                                  unfounded calls for service. On 12/20/2012, TPD received a call from an unknown
                                     Two incidents of possible swatting on                                        person at the                in Tracy who claimed there was a robbery in progress
CCSAOOO02578   12/24/2012 12/21/2012 consecutive nights in San Joaquin County            eGuardian   En~          next door at
                                                                  ;:'USPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke )Orts Kecora      me         JUlY LUl L - January LU1;:S
                                                                                                                      During the evening hours between 21 and 22 December 2012, a USAF service
                                                                                                                     member's vehicle was broken into in front of her mother's residence i n _ An
                                       Theft of United States Air Force (USAF)                                        unknown suspect(s) stole a backpack that was in the vehicle. The backpack contained
CCSAOOO02577   12/24/2012 12/21/2012 Uniform from vehicle in Tracy                         eGuardian Entry           a USAF Airman B
                                                                                                                     On 12/3/2012, Chico Police Department responded to a report of telephonic threats
                                                                                                                     made to the                                clinic in Chico. The messages were linked to
                                                                     clinic receives                                 the number                   and were left by an unidentified male subject who stated
CCSAOOO02576   12/24/2012   12/3/2012 threats in Chico                                     eGuardian Entry            "God is
                                                                                                                      ON 12/22/2012 AT APPROXIMATELY 1605,                               WITH THE SAN
                                                                                                                      DIEGO POLICE DEPT (SDPD)                     CALLED IN TO REPORT THE FINDING OF A
                                       Pipe bomb discovered in University of San                                      PIPE BOMB IN A STUDENT'S DORM ROOM ATTHE UNIVERISTY OF SAN DIEGO (USD)
CCSAOOO02575   12/24/2012 12/22/2012 Diego dorm room                                       Referred                  CAMPUS. NEIGHBORS CALLED THE USD CAMPUS

                                                                                                                     On 12/5/2012,                    was loitering in front of a bar in a high crime area.
                                                           homeless pilot, arrested in                               When police arrived at the location he covered his face, concealing his identity, and
CCSAOOO02585   12/27/2012   12/5/2012 Fresno, California                                   For Information Only      walked into the bar. He was in the bar for no longer then 30 seconds and walked ou
                                                                                                                                                              Fort Worth,TX 76134, telephone number_
                                                                                                                                 reported he was on_while                            was giving his speech
                                                                                                                     tonight when he saw a few pots from                                     written in bold
CCSAOOO02584   12/27/2012 12/17/2012 Threat t o _                                          For Information Only       letters, page uri
                                                                                                                      On 12/18/2012, the Modesto RA received an Officer Safety Bulletin from the
                                                                                                                     Stanislaus County Probation Department, pertaining to
                                                                                                                                is currently on probation for violations of 273.5 (a), Domestic Violence.
CCSAOOO02583   12/27/2012 12/18/2012                                                       For Information Only                 handed
                                       Subject,                         is acting                                     On 12/19/2012,                            FBI Sacramento, received the following
                                       erractically and making statements about                                       information from                                                  (PROTECT IDENTITY)
                                       "going postal" on                      and_                                    reported that his father,                                has been acting very bizarre
CCSAOOO02582   12/27/2012 12/19/2012                                                       For Information Only      and
                                                                                                                     On 27 December 2012, TSC watchlisted subject                      DOB
                                       Encounter of Terrorist Screening Center (TSq                                  -.vas encountered
                                       subject at California Highway Patrol (CHP)                                                                 Mount Shasta, CA. The subject is the owner
CCSAOOO02581   12/27/2012 12/27/2012                            ount Shasta                eGuardian Entry
                                       TSC travel notification from
                                                                                                                      On 12/31/2012, an identified male subject, TSA-OIA Selectee on the TSC watch list,
CCSAOOO02591   12/28/2012 12/28/2012                                                       For Information Only       was schedule
                                                                                                                      On 11/29 & 30/2012, a male caller identified only as,          ailed the Santa
                                                                                                                      Maria         and requested to purchase AK-47s, ski masks, and C-4. Caller related
                                       Suspicious telephone call to             in Santa                             that he was trained by the "Taliban" in northern California. Investigation by Santa

CCSAOOO02590   12/28/2012 11/29/2012 Barbara                                               For Information Only       Maria
                                                                                                                      Per VA Police Investigative report                             On 12/17/2012,
                                                            DOB                bomb                                                        mother,                     called VA Clinician
                                       threats to VA hospital and threats of violence                                            and left her a message to call her, as she was concerned about her son.
CCSAOOO02589   12/28/2012 12/17/2012 against children                                      For Information Only      "called.
                                                                                                                     During the week of December 14, 2012, a small fire and explosion in the garage of the
                                                                                                                      residence at                     Clovis, California sent male resident_
                                                                                                                                  DOB                 the hospital. An insurance agent assessing the damage
CCSAOOO02588   12/28/2012 12/14/2012 Grenades Found in Clovis residence Garage             For Information Only       observe
                   ____- ,________- r________________~~~U~S~PIIC~IO~U~S~A~C~[I~V~II~~K~e~IPO~n~S~K~e~CO~r~a        ...;[~n~e~~~·~r·I~~~J~U~llydL~·U~lmL~-~J~a~nillu~a~~~Lu~l~~jtt~;tri;~~~~~~~;h~~~ii....~----
                                                                                                                           An unidentified caller stated that a friend of hers was at the house of      ~
                                                                                                                         ~:::address                          Spave_ Wofford Heights, CA 93285.
                                                                                                                         •          was showing her how to make a bomb and stated that he wanted to kill the
CCSA00002587   12/28/2012 12/10/2012 Possible threat against                                 For Information Only         president Caller
                                     On 9/1/2012 at approx 0900 the FBI office in
                                     Phoenix received a call regarding a man on                                           On 9/1/2012, at approximately 0900 the FBI office in Phoenix received a call from a
                                    • • • •that was making anti-American                                                  man named             regarding a man that was making anti-American comments on
                                     comments on pictures that were posted on                                                        Mr. "tated that he is the Pastor of the                               in
CCSA00002586   12/28/2012   9/1/2012 dead u.s. soldiers                                      For Information Only         Yuma, AZ,
                                                                                                                          On 12/25/2012, CCIC                                          received a suspicious text
                                                                                                                          message on his personal cellular telecommunication device from telephone number
                                     CCIC analyst receives suspicious text message                                                        a number that is unknown to                    The text message
CCSA00002595   12/31/2012 12/25/2012 regarding CCW permit in Sacramento County Referred                                   appeared to be
                                                                                                                          On 30 December 2012,                      DOB                 was attempting to pass
                                                                                                                          through a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint at the
                                     Suspect flees security checkpoint during pat                                                                        in order to board a flight to Hawaii. TSA agents
CCSA00002594   12/31/2012 12/30/2012 down search at                                          eGuardian Entry              attempted to cond

                                     Suspect found in possession of suspicious                                            On 12/30/2013, California Highway Patrol (CHP) began a pursuit of a vehicle driven by
                                     items following pursuit ending in Placer                                             suspect                  DOB                n the Stockton Area after initiating a traffic
CCSA00002593   12/31/2012 12/30/2012 County                                                  eGuardian Entry              stop on the vehicle for suspicion of driving under the influence. During the pursui
                                                                                                                          On 12/28/2012, at 1647 hours, Elk Grove Police Department (EGPD) received a report
                                                                                                                          from an reporting party,                         DOB              who said she exited
                                     Report of robbery in Elk Grove leads to                                              the                  branch at                        in Elk Grove after withdrawing
CCSA00002592   12/31/2012 12/28/2012 discovery of suspicious financial transactions          eGuardian Entry              $8000. i
                                                                                                                          TSC Watch list subject                DOB:                US Passport I               was
                                          TSC Watch list subjec                                                           scheduled
CCSA00002597     1/2/2013      1/4/2013                                                      For Information Only
                                                                                                                          On 12/27/2012, the Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison
                                          TSC Watch listed subject                                                        (CVSP) in Blythe,                                 Ext._reported that • • • •
                                          at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison                                                        (DOB               SS                COL l             submitted an
CCSA00002596     1/2/2013 12/31/2012                                                         Referred                     application to
                                                                                                                                    responded to his job site at 1000 and parked his vehicle in the parking lot
                                                                                                                          located under the Pomona on-ramp to 1-80 EB. He was going to use the catwalk under
                                        Cal Trans worker discovers breached fence                                         the Pomona on ramp to 1-80 EB to conduct a job inspection on the Pomona on-ramp
CCSA00002601     1/3/2013      1/3/2013 under the Carquinez Bridge                           Referred                     near the
                                                                                                                          The reporting party states that a black, male adult, named              [a.k.a.
                                                                                                                         ~:::~is~b~e~li~e;ve~d~to be selling narcotics behind the apartment complex located
                                        Apartment Manager reports that unidentified                                      lat                      Sacrament, CA.            is believed to be conducting illegal
CCSA00002600     1/3/2013      1/3/2013 subjects are running drugs in Sacramento    Referred                              drug tran
                                                                                                                          On 1/2/2013, Placer County Sheriff's Office received a letter addressed to _
                                                                                                                         _        from                    Authentic Trustor, International Ambassador"
                                        Placer County Sheriff receives letter indicative                                  notifying Placer County that they would be traveling through their AOR in a vehicle
CCSA00002599     1/3/2013      1/2/2013 of sovereign extremist ideology                  Referred                         not registere

                                                                                                                          On 1/2/2013, CHP discovered several illegal firearms, a large amount of ammunition
                                        Discovery of ammunition and illegal weapons                                       and a substantial supply of food in a vehicle during a traffic stop on SR-99 in Stockton.
CCSA00002598     1/3/2013      1/2/2013 during traffic stop in Stockton             Closed                    29          The subject stated that he was en route to Oregon and had a valid Texas driver lic
                                                                 ::SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke orts KecorO      : me l;l;Il; JUlY ~Ul ~ - January ~Ul j
                                                                                                                    On 1/4/2012, duing CCIC off-hours                      called the Western States
                                                                                                                    Information Network (WSIN) to report he might be framed for a double murder of two
                                                                                                                  little girls. He sited the following possible reasons: Someone was after him because he
CCSAOOO02602    1/4/2013 12/14/2012 Subject fears he is being framed for murder          Referred                 looke
                                                                                                                  On 12/26/2012,                          (DOB            attempted to enter the        ,
                                                                                                                  Sacramento County Superior Courthouse in an effort to clear a firearms prohibiton.    I

                                       Subject makes threatening remarks/gesture at                               While having difficulty clearing the magnetometer            got agitated and stated,
CCSAOOO02606    1/7/2013 12/26/2012 the Sacramento County Superior Courthouse            eGuardian Entry          "I don't know
                                                                                                                  On 11/20/2012, approximately eleven contractors were allowed to participate in a pre·
                                       Two male individuals participate in pre-bid                                bid walk thru to assess a project at the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation
                                       walk thru at a wastewater treatment plant                                  District's Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRCSDWTP). The SRCSDWTP staff escorted
CCSAOOO02605    1/7/2013 11/20/2012 and do not submit bid in Elk Grove                   Closed                   the contract
                                    TSC Watch list subject
                                                                                                                  TSC watch list subject                 DOB            was scheduled
CCSAOOO02604    1/7/2013    1/7/2013                                                     For Information Only

                                       ...                                                                        On 1/7/2013, at approximately 0435 hours,                                was

CCSAOOO02603    1/7/2013    1/7/2013
                                       Suspect enters secure area and gains access to
                                       a commercial aircraft at
                                                                                         eGuardian Entry
                                                                                                                  arrested after gaining access to the                       secure airport operations
                                                                                                                  area (AOA) and entering a United Airlines commercial aircraft through a cargo door.

                                                                                                                  On 1/8/2013,                    (DOB                requested "the information via
                                                                                                                  phone taps" recordings from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. He
                                       Subject requests wire tap information from                                 handed the Sheriff's Security Officer a copy of a letter addressed to
CCSAOOO02607    1/9/2013    1/8/2013 Sacramento County Sheriff's Department              eGuardian Entry          _that states

                                                                                                                  On 1/9/2013, a subject, later identified as                                 was sighted    I

                                     Subject observes rail car transfer at                                        byan                           employee observing the transfer of rail cars containing
CCSAOOO02610   1/10/2013    1/9/2013 facility in West Sacramento                         eGuardian Entry          anhydrous ammonia. The subject was sighted by                   staff loitering ar

                                                                                                                  A TSC Watch list notification, reference Service Request Number (SRN):            "las
                                       TSC Watch list notification fOI                                            received from the STAC. Subject                               DOB                   "las
CCSAOOO02609   1/10/2013   1/10/2013                                                     For Information Only
                                                                                                                  On 22 December 2012,                       DOB                was asked to move
                                                                                                                  out of a residence where he had rented a room for approximately one year from an
                                     Subject suffering from mental illness possibly                               identified citizen due to           exhibiting very strange and paranoid behavior.
CCSAOOO02608   1/10/2013    1/9/2013 in possession of firearm in Sacramento              eGuardian Entry                      is al
                                                                                                                  On 1/11/2013, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department received a 911 call
                                                                                                                  reporting a possible explosion near Encina High School. Deputies and the Fire
                                     Citizen reports hearing explosion sound near                                 Department responded to the scene and determined the sound was caused by a
CCSAOOO02611   1/11/2013   1/11/2013 high school in Sacramento                           Closed                   blown muffler of a vehicl                                                                  I

                                                                                                                  On 1/4/2013, at approximately 1402,                                                 made
                                                                                                                  several non-specific threats involving explosives to officers conducting a traffic stop.
                                     Suspect references the coming destruction of                                          claimed the destruction of America was coming, everyone was going to die
CCSAOOO02617   1/14/2013    1/4/2013 America during traffic stop in Sacramento    eGuardian Entry                 and noth
                                                                                                                                 called to report suspicious activity regarding
                                     Fresno-based subject reported to be stock                                                   _met                        approximately 2 years ago while attending a
                                     piling weapons and preparing for "2nd civil                                                       event in Clovis, California.            vents are a full contact
CCSAOOO02616   1/14/2013   1/14/2013 war"                                                For Information Only     battle game
                                                               ::SUSPICIOUS ActiVity Ke orts KeCOrQ'    tne GGIG JUly 2U12 - Januarv 2013
                                                                                                              A terminated employee identified as             made threats to the
                                                                                                              Plant in Bakersfield, CA. The threats were made through his attorney and not the
                                                                                                              business. _currently has a workmans compensation case against the company
CCSAOOO02615   1/14/2013   1/14/2013 Threats to_Plant                                  For information Only   for injurie
                                                                                                              On December 14, 2012, the CHS forwaded an email RFQ from                    of.
                                                                                                              "company, using email add res
                                                                                                              <mailto                           telephone number                        requesting
CCSAOOO02614   1/14/2013 12/14/2012 Suspicious request for Ammonium Nitrate            For information Only   100 or SO pound bags of Ammonium Nitrate, pr

                                     information pertaining to possible marijuana                             Subject posts ad on                 or work possibly associated with an outdoor
CCSAOOO02613   1/14/2013   1/14/2013 growing site on public land in Oroville           Referred               marijuana grow on public land.
                                                                                                              Received telephone call from                       DOB            telephone number
                                                                                                                              lives at                   Paradise Valley, Arizona 85253.
                                                                                                              states that his nephew,             is a PHD student at UC Davis. _ i s writing his
CCSAOOO02612   1/14/2013   1/14/2013 Possible terrorist related activity               For information Only   thesis
                                                                                                              On 11/10/2013, during the early morning hours, an unidentified male subject placed a
                                                                                                              pipe bomb near the front door of the             Pharmacy. Paradise Police
                                    Subject places and detonates pipe bomb at                                 Department officers responded to reports of a loud explosion and discovered the
CCSAOOO02621   1/15/2013 11/10/2012 pharmacy in Paradise                               eGuardian Entry        remnants ofth
                                                                                                              On 1/7/2013, at approximately 1500 hours, a male subject, who identified himself as
                                       Male subject behaves suspiciously at                                                     arrived at the Sacramento County Superior Courthouse located at
                                       Sacramento Superior Courthouse and makes                               720 9th Street, Sacramento CA 95814 and presented the court clerk of the presiding
CCSAOOO02620   1/15/2013    1/7/2013 threat to murder an unidentified judge            eGuardian Entry        judge wit
                                                                                                              On 11 January 2013, an identified individual sold a_snowmobile to _
                                                                                                                                    _       and the identified seller met at
                                     Subject purchases snowmobile in Contra                                   Antioch, CA to conduct the sales transaction. ~aid $2,200.00 cash for the
CCSAOOO02619   1/15/2013   1/11/2013 Costa County to ship overseas to Lebanon          Referred               snowmobile. After
                                                                                                              On 1/12/2013, at 1058 hours, subject                (DOB             contacted
                                                                                                              Tehachapi Police Department to surrender two firearms.          had driven from
                                     Subject states he is on a watchlist and                                  Santa Rosa and had transmission problems in Tehachapi where he decided to call and
CCSAOOO02618   1/15/2013   1/12/2013 surrenders firearms in Tehachapi                  For information Only   surrender his
                                                                                                              Sometime between the night of 11/10/2012and early morning November 11, a pipe
                                                                                                              bomb was detonated at                 causing significant damage to the building's
                                    Pipe bomb damages door to RV sales business                               door and damaging the interior, exterior and roof of the building. No entry was made
CCSAOOO02622   1/16/2013 11/10/2012 in Paradise                                 eGuardian Entry               into the b

CCSAOOO02627   1/17/2013   1/17/2013                                                   eGuardian Entry
                                                                                                              An identified caretaker reported to the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department
                                                                                                              (SSD) that she discovered several plastic bottles in front of her employers residence.
                                     Caretaker discovers suspicious plastic bottles                           The caretaker moved the bottles to a grassy area near a walkway. SSD Deputies
CCSAOOO02626   1/17/2013   1/17/2013 in Sacramento County                              For information Only   examined
                                                                                                              in January 2013,                mailed a "Notice of Fraudulent Cliam" to the Chico
                                                                                                              Police Department.            has continuously mailed documents to Chico Police
                                     Subject sends Sovereign Citizen claim to the                             Department since a series of incidents in May 2011 in which he failed ot cooperate
CCSAOOO02625   1/17/2013   1/17/2013 Chico Police Department                           Referred               with law enfor
                                                               :SUSPICIOUS ActiVItY Ke orts Kecora        tne CCIC JUly 2012 - January 2013
                                                                                                                On 17 January 2013, an unidentified suspect(s) cut off a padlock that secures a gate to
                                      Vandalism at a Water Treatment facility in                                the water treatment facility located at                   in Sacramento and left the
CCSAOOO02624   1/17/2013   1/17/2013 Sacramento                                        eGuardian Entry          gate in an open position. The facility manager contacted the Sacramento County Sh

                                      Kern County Firefighter's badge and                                       On the evening of 12 December 2012, Kern County Firefighter
                                    identification taken in personal vehicle                                    personal vehicle was burglarized at his residence. Entry was said to have been gained
CCSAOOO02623   1/17/2013 12/12/2012 burglary                                           Referred                 with a slim-jim or BP cuff. There was no damage to the vehicle. Location:_
                                                                                                                On 1/18/2013, a citizen called 911 to report a lone black backpack near a light pole. It
                                      Subject reports suspicious backpack near                                  appeared there were wires or cords coming out of it. Sacramento County Sheriff's
CCSAOOO02629   1/18/2013   1/18/2013 roadway in Sacramento                             Closed                   deputies responded and rendered the backpack safe.
                                                                                                                On 16 January 2013, Mr.                came to Joint Force Headquarters requesting
                                                                                                                to speak to The Adjutant General.            was not allowed to meet with the TAG
                                     Subject delivers nonsensical documents to the                              however did leave a fedex envelope with documents that he wanted the TAG to read.
CCSAOOO02628   1/18/2013   1/16/2013 California National Guard office in Sacramento For Information Only
                                                                                                                Approximately six months ago, a real estate broker and property management
                                                                                                                employee received a call from an interested party in the           Sacramento, CA
                                      RuSA members attempt to purchase                                          property listing owned by~evelopment Company. The interested party stated
CCSAOOO02630   1/22/2013     7/1/2012 commercial property in Sacramento                eGuardian Entry          that they rep
                                                                                                                On 1/17/2013, a                           employee received an email from a subject
                                     Law enforcement and security training school                               who identified himself as                unknown DOB, who inquired about two
                                     in Fresno receives suspicious email from                                   weeks of firearms training for a group of ten individuals who plan to travel to the
CCSAOOO02631   1/23/2013   1/23/2013 identified male requesting firearms training Referred                      United States
                                                                                                                On 1/23/2013, at approximately 1205 hours, an unknown subject called the
                                      Unknown subject calls US Army recruiting                                  government issued cell phone of a Staff Sergeant (SSG) at the Senora recruiting
                                     station and attempts to gain access to their                               station. The caller indicated the SSG's computer was going to crash unless he took

CCSAOOO02634   1/24/2013   1/23/2013 computer systems in Tuolumne                      For Information Only     immidiate action a
                                                                                                                On 1/24/2013, Tustin Police Department encountered a male subject,
                                                                                                                _DOB                   for operating a vehicle
                                      Encounter of a Terrorist Screening Center                                 was accompanied by                        DOB           and
CCSAOOO02633   1/24/2013   1/24/2013 (TSC) subject during vehicle stop in Tustin       eGuardian Entry                  DO~
                                                                                                                Mid December 2012, Sacramento resident                 (DOB            , while seeing a
                                      Sacramento resident makes bomb threat                                                                            therapist stated that he had a contract with a
                                      during mental health appointment in                                       government and would do a suicide mission if thatis what he had to do to give his
CCSAOOO02632   1/24/2013     1/1/2013 Susanville                                       eGuardian Entry          daughter a
                                                                                                                Approximately one month ago, an off-duty CHP officer observed a
                                                                                                                         ick-up with an unusual license plate displayed on the rear of the vehicle. The
                                      Vehicle with suspicious license plate in                                  CHP officer took a photo of the license plate to further investigate. After searching
CCSAOOO02637   1/25/2013 12/25/2012 Roseville                                          Closed                   stat
                                                                                                                On January 24, 2013, a vacant                     was discovered on fire. The City of
                                                                                                                Merced Fire Department responded and deemed the fire to be suspicious in nature.
                                                                                                                They requested the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
CCSAOOO02636   1/25/2013   1/24/2013 Church suspiciously catches fire in Merced        For Information Only     respond to
      -                                                                                                         On 1/21/2013, CClC                                       became aware of an incident

                                                                                                                involving a fictional license plate and subsequent arrest of a subject by CHP severl
                                      Subject exhibits Sovereign Citizen ideology in                            weeks prior from CHP Officer                  The vehicle was towed by
CCSAOOO02635   1/25/2013   1/21/2013 Folsom                                            For Information Only
                                                            :SUSPICIOUS ActiVity   Ke orts Record:        tne CCIC July 2012 - January 2013
                                    Subject attempts to pull pocket knife on                                    On 1/5/2013, subject                 was stopped by Folsom Police Department officers
                                    officers during a traffic stop and demonstrates                             for not having front or rear license plates on his vehicle. During the stop, the subject
CCSAOOO02639   1/28/2013   1/5/2013 sovereign citizen ideology in Folsom            eGuardian Entry             refused to identify himself to law enforcement and stated his sovereign citizen belie
                                                                                                                Between 1/1/12 and 1/7/13, an unknown suspect(s) entered the residence of a
                                                                                                                California Army National Guardsman and stole military gear to include; an Interceptor
                                    Suspect(s) burglarizes home and steals                                      Body Armor (Bullet Proof Vest), Small Arms Protective Insert plates (Ballistic Plates for
CCSAOOO02638   1/28/2013   1/1/2013 military uniforms and equipment in Fairfield      eGuardian Entry           Ves