Pentagon Proposes Plan To Equip And Train ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels

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					Pentagon Proposes Plan To Equip And Train
‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels
September 19, 2013

The Pentagon has put together a plan to equip and train “moderate” Syrian rebel forces.
The move would mark the first instance of the American military having direct contact with the
opposition. Information regarding the new plan was relayed by two Obama administration officials to
CNN. The idea has allegedly been under consideration since the first evidence emerged of a massive
chemical weapons attack outside Damascus on August 21. The US maintains the attack was carried out
by Assad’s government.
Though the two officials did not cite many specifics on the proposal, the effort would involve training
that would take place in a country near Syria. However, weapons would not be directly supplied as the
Pentagon has no authority to do so.
“We have any number of options under development that could expand our support to the moderate
opposition, but no decision has been taken at this point,” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin
Dempsey told reporters on Wednesday.
The Pentagon’s plan would involve US troops training selected rebels on the use of small arms, along
with command and control and other military tactics.
“The path to the resolution of the Syrian conflict is through a developed capable moderate opposition,
and we know how to do that,” Dempsey said at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing earlier
this month.
“I think that subsequent to that, we would probably return to have a discussion about what we might do
with the moderate opposition in a more overt way,” he added.
According to the
officials, the idea of
training rebel groups
may face poor timing
as the US is currently
engaged with both
Syria and Russia in a
plan to put the
country’s chemical
weapons stockpiles
under international
Increased hostility
among moderates and
the extremist Al-
Qaeda-affiliated wing
may further
complicate plans to
intervene on behalf of the Syrian opposition.
On Tuesday, Syrian rebels turned on one another in the border city of Azaz, located next to Turkey.
Clashes were reported in the area between the Free Syrian Army and fighters from the Islamic State of
Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The fighting reportedly broke out after the ISIS attempted to abduct a
German doctor from a local hospital guarded by an FSA unit. The physician was accused of being a
The ISIS, which is believed to have superior equipment by way of Gulf states supplying arms, was
reported to have sent 600 reinforcements from the city of Raqqa to bolster its control over Azaz, which
lies on a vital supply route for Syrian rebels.
Congressman Jones: Obama must be
Impeached for Breaching Executive Powers
Sept. 19, 2013

Says Obama would face impeachment articles if Syrian strikes occur without congressional approval
Yesterday, North Carolina Republican Walter Jones joined Alex to discuss the mass awakening taking
place in the halls of Congress, where each day more lawmakers are realizing they may have to file
articles of impeachment against Obama.
Jones said he is still willing to file for Obama’s impeachment “for bypassing the Constitution and
bypassing Congress to bomb another country,” but that in the short term Russia has helped stall the
president from waging another unnecessary, unaffordable war.
He also said that a strike on Syria without Congressional approval would cause both parties to file
articles of impeachment against Obama.
“There are many in both parties… that are very concerned that as this moves forward that we might
wake up one day and we’ve been dropping missiles in Syria,” the Rep. stated, adding that because of
the Syrian opposition’s known-affiliations with Al-Qaeda linked terror groups, that we may be aiding
the wrong people.
If the U.S. were to move forward with a strike on Syria without Congress’s approval, as Secretary of
State John Kerry said would happen, Jones says Obama would face multiple articles of impeachment
from both sides.
Jones was proud to reveal that, of the over 500 phone calls and over 1,000 emails he received from
constituents, 95 percent said no to military action in Syria.
According to Jones, many members of Congress are also “sick and tired of America thinking we can
borrow money from foreign governments.”
“There’s got to be some sanity to these foreign policies
of any administration and particularly this one now,”
Jones stated, explaining that the United States, in its
current fiscal insolvency, cannot afford to be the police of
the world. “We can’t pay our own bills, we can’t police
our own borders,” he said.
“I mean, look at [Afghan President Hamid] Karzai. His
family is in the drug business and we’re sending him
roughly six to seven billion dollars a month to prop him
up? And here we’re going to have a vote tomorrow to cut
food stamps for the American people, particularly those
who need it? I know there’s abuse in a lot of federal
programs but there’s no abuse in funding Karzai, and
he’s a crook.” “We are a debtor nation. We cannot even pay our bills without raising the debt ceiling of
America so we can borrow money to pay last year’s bills. This whole place up here is out of control
and when you come to foreign policy, as Ron Paul would say, let’s wake up, let’s rebuild America and
the hell with the rest of the world.” Jones also slammed Obamacare, saying it is one of the worst pieces
of legislation he’s seen since the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind. “I can tell you
Obamacare, in my opinion, would just bankrupt America.” Of the Navy Yard shooting and the
subsequent attacks on the Second Amendment Jones held the level-headed approach that “If a person is
going to commit mayhem, they will get whatever they need. I hate to say that but it is true. You cannot
punish the law-abiding citizen who is following his constitutional rights, because it is not going to stop
those who want to commit crime.”
Obama Must be Impeached for Breach of Executive Powers VIDEO BELOW


Description: The Pentagon has put together a plan to equip and train “moderate” Syrian rebel forces.