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warrning none want to here


									warrning none want to here.

please read and pass along.

As it is given this day to my child to give to my children.
Thus the time has come to test the hearts of my children.
Prepare yourselves. The hour is nigh. Oil your lamp. For you are the light of this world.
whose light has become dim. WormWood is released from its habitation. The time of my
arrival is at hand. seek me God of Abram. With all your heart,all your body, all your soul.
Repent all ye sinners.For your time is up.Your Lust,Money, AKA Mammon,anger, war,
greed,are temptations used to lead you astray.They are illusions. Used to lead MY Children
away from a spiritual path, into the things of a material nature.Is it not written? Do not seek
the things of this world, but seek the things of the spirit.Woe unto those whom took the
commandments of God, and changed them into the commandments of man.For they are
fulfilling the prophecy of this veil and sinful generation. where in they speak close to the ear
of God but there heart is miles away. They don't know me. There for I will not know them.
As it is written so shall it be. You know, my son but do not know ME. You determine the
times of the season, but can not determine the signs of my coming. Thus as it is written so
shall it be. You have turned my house of prayer, into a den of thieves. Just like the
pharisees. So as it is written so shall it be. As in the time of Noah, so shall it be for The time
of Desolation of Isolation has started.
It will be worse than the time of Sodom and Gomorrah for this Generation of my children
whom been lead astray. There hearts will be hardened. They will be deaf dumb and blind.
For I am the Father of all things. I am Hashem Elohim Yahweh. For I have commanded your
forefathers, so shall it be I am the God of Abram, Issac, Issiah, Ezekiel, I am The Father of
Mankind. I am the one true God, Creator of all things, by all things I have made one. As
above so below.

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