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									First elegance
Seconds striking Outlook
Third courteous in speech
Fourth, the general culture
Fifth praise in a girlish beauty
Sixth romance ridiculous and we'll talk about the 6 points in detail

First elegance must I be a young man who has the art of coordination in clothing
such as coordinating colors and diversity of the confusion there is unequivocal
Kjl There is unequivocal Clask and elegance is the first step in the beginning
of the relationship , the first impression of his son's daughter for Born on the
personality of the child there is the little things in confusion but Mutrh very
( Cleaning clothes. Shoe polish . Hairstyle. Dental hygiene . )

Secondly , the outlook striking the young man must be seen to consecutive girl
looks and durable in the first week or 10 days until improvement is that there
are seen constantly setting off is seen as a exchange and begins with the young
man with a smile outlook even exchanged is the same smile

Third tact in talking young man must be fluffy talk with the girl nor Ensa he
was talking with the girl and must be the words of a few young , which means
much any words Mayweather Clearly , the speech is Elly is talking about the
human personality.

Fourth, the general culture must be the young man to have a culture in has If
spoke with the girl for anything have a general culture of art or poetry or
reading or any subject , it makes the girl impressed culture and knowledge and
to have had full control of it and the owner saw an audible

Fifth praise in a girlish beauty Fall girl love of praise in beauty Alqtah and
makes them feel it 's the most beautiful girl in the whole world for that young
man must constantly I praise in the paper written by the beauty of the eyes of
the girl and the elegance and beauty of the girl , as if an angel from heaven

VI romance ridiculous , a young man he must flirts sweetheart weaving
exaggerated during a romantic place including like Bakh any of when , for
example , Taban tells her that the sky by many to withdraw by the fog and the
sun sets

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