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									Keeping Your Car Clean
Your car says a lot about who you are as a
person and many people view their car as an
extension of themselves and a way to
express their unique personality. If this is the
case, what does a dirty car say about you?
Well, let’s not get into that psychological
discussion. Instead, here are a few ideas to
help you keep your car neat, clean, and
projecting your best self.

Exterior Care
The best protection for the exterior of your
car (besides keeping it out of an accident) is a
good coat of wax. This can be applied by
professionals if you would rather not bother
with the hassle yourself. That being said, the
process of waxing your car is not difficult to
do at home.

Waxing supplies can be purchased at your local auto parts store and the associates in the store should
be able to help you select the best options for your vehicle and local weather conditions. Follow the
instructions for applying the wax and if you need further assistance, the internet is a great resource for
                                     information. Wax need only be applied on occasion. Refer to the
                                     product instructions for frequency of use.

                                       Other coatings may be purchased for your windows and tires that
                                       will also provide added protection from the elements and daily use
                                       of your vehicle. Take some time to do a little research so you know
                                       which products work best for the weather in your area.

                                       Interior Care
                                       Now we move to the interior of your car. Car interiors are only
                                       susceptible to dirt, grime, and trash that we, its occupants, bring
                                       into it. Therefore it follows that your car will stay clean if you are
                                       able to minimize the dirt and trash that is brought into your car.

                                       Encourage your passengers to wipe or tap their shoes off before
                                       entering your car. This is particularly helpful in snowy weather. As
                                       snow melts, it leaves behind lots of dirt that will not evaporate like
                                       the melted snow.
Limit the amount of food you consume in your car. Try as you might, little pieces always manage to
escape your mouth only to fall, forgotten and cluttered, on the floor or under the seat of your car. For
those unavoidable times when eating in your car is a must, keep a stash of grocery bags in your car so
you always have a place to put your trash. Don’t forget to take your trash with you when you leave the

Spills, stains, and smudges are unavoidable over
the course of ownership. The key to maintaining
that ‘new car’ look is to clean those spots as soon
as possible. Protective coatings can be applied to
leather and cloth upholstery to make them stain
resistant. Wipes can be purchased that you can
use to keep the dashboard, console, and
windows clean and shiny.

Finally, schedule a time on a regular basis to
wash and vacuum out your car. This doesn’t need
to happen more than once or twice every three
months, but you, your passengers, and your car
will appreciate the extra care.

A clean car gives you a blank canvas for personal expression. Good car insurance gives you the
protection you need to express yourself with confidence. If you need auto insurance in Encino, IGA
Insurance has you covered.

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