Analyzing Ad Blog Rubric by tmccabe524


									Name _________________________                              Date__________
Media Literacy Class                                        Period ________

                   Analyzing an Ad
             Performance Task Assessment
                      Blog Post

                    Element                     Possible     Earned
                                                 Points Self    Teacher
Information/Content –Key Questions and Concepts
    1. Identified creator of message and reason   10
       for ad

   2. Identified target audience (age,             10
      ethnicity, class, profession, interests)

   3. Elaborated on clues (images or words)        10
      that helped to identify target audience

   4. Identified and explained main message        20
      of ad and included quoted text of the
      message (if provided)

   5. Identified and explained at least 2 “tools   15
      of persuasion” (marketing techniques)

   6. Included the part of the story that is not   10
      being told (hidden or suggested

Communication/ Drawing Tools and Design
  7. Post title is clear and connects to topic      5

   8. Image of the ad is appropriately sized.       5

   9. URL of the image is embedded.                 5

   10. Editing is evident and appropriate           5
       (spelling, grammar, punctuation,

   11. Product is visually appealing                5

                                         TOTAL     100

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