Chemical Reactions and The Mole Review by hcj


									Chemical Reactions and The
Mole Review
10.11 & 10.12 Ms. Boon Chemistry
• Catalyst:
• There are 1000 milliliters
  (mL) in 1 liter (L).               Objectives
  ▫ (1000mL = 1L)                    •I can balance chemical
1. How many milliliters of           equations.
   soda are in a 2 liter bottle of   •I can calculate molar mass
                                     and do mole and mass
   soda?                             conversions.
2. Please write at least 2
   sentences explaining how          Agenda
   you solved the problem.           •Catalyst (10)
                                     •Chem Music Video (7)
                                     •Chemical Reactions and
                                     the mole Study Guide (70)
                                     •Exit Slip (15)
Another Cheesy Chemistry Music

• Focus question: What is the law of conservation
  of mass and what does it have to do with
  balancing chemical equations?

• As you watch the video, jot down your thoughts
  on the focus question under your catalyst. Then,
  be ready to share.
Chemical Reactions Study Guide
• Why? This study guide reviews and practices the
  skills necessary for success in our next unit –
• Instructions:
• Work quietly with the person next to you.
• Show all your work on a separate sheet of paper.
• Answers are posted at the front of the room.
• When you complete a section (reach a stop sign),
  get up, check your answers, correct any mistakes,
  and get a stamp.
• Do we need a break?
If you finish your study guide…
• Choose 1 of the following options:
 ▫ Continue working on your balancing equations
   race worksheet.
 ▫ Pick an article from the back counter that you
   have not read yet. Read and complete the reading
 ▫ Start HW: p. 295 #50 & 53, p. 251 #12, 14, 15, p.
   252 #33 & 39
Exit Slip
Show all your work!
1. What is the molar mass of NH3?
2. What is the mass (in grams) of 3 moles NH3 ?
3. I have 34g NH3. How many moles NH3 do I
4. Balance the following chemical reaction
    __ NH3 +__ CuO → __ Cu +_ N2 + _H2O

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