VolunteerUnpaid Intern Agreement by ask8jjh


									Volunteer/Unpaid Intern Agreement
Our Policy
MIT Libraries provides volunteer/unpaid intern opportunities for the express benefit of participants to provide work
experience and training in specialized skills and does not derive immediate advantage from the activities
performed by the volunteers/unpaid interns. These opportunities do not displace regular employees.

Personal Information

Street Address
City ST ZIP Code
E-Mail Address

Department Information

Library Department
Contact Person

Special Skills or Experience Provided

Itemize special skills or experience volunteer or unpaid intern is seeking to gain through this

Will volunteer/unpaid intern receive academic credit?                      ____ Yes              ____ No

General Activities

Itemize general activities that will be performed in order to provide the above mentioned skills and
 Duration and Schedule

 Begin Date
 End Date
 Approximate Number of Hours Per Week
 General On-Site Hours                                    Monday      ____ mornings   ____ afternoons
                                                          Tuesday     ____ mornings   ____ afternoons
                                                          Wednesday   ____ mornings   ____ afternoons
                                                          Thursday    ____ mornings   ____ afternoons
                                                          Friday      ____ mornings   ____ afternoons
                                                          Saturday    ____ mornings   ____ afternoons
                                                          Sunday      ____ mornings   ____ afternoons

 Conditions of Agreement

           Volunteer/unpaid intern is not considered an employee of MIT.
           Volunteer/unpaid intern arrangement does not provide compensation or employee benefits of
           any kind.
           Volunteer/unpaid intern is not entitled to employment at MIT at conclusion of arrangement.
           MIT is not liable for injury sustained or health conditions that may arise for the
           volunteer/unpaid intern during the course of this arrangement.

 Person to Notify in Case of Emergency

 E-Mail Address

 Agreement and Signature
 This document does not serve as an employment contract but rather the goals, intent and details of
 the arrangement between the volunteer/unpaid intern and the MIT Libraries.

 Name of Volunteer/
 Unpaid Intern (please print)


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