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									          by henriklara    Tue, Sep 17 2013 03:22:58

Review of Acer Aspire V5-571P-6888 15.6- Inch Touchscreen
This particular notebook is super slim and provides frameless design. For complete web browsing and touch interactions a large area for
touch interactions is provided. The touch display has a ten point display that makes its users more intuitive and more electric.

The Acer Aspire V5-571P-6888 Touchscreen laptop is a remarkable laptop with features like Hands on navigation with touch, slenderness
and instant communication. The touch navigation is provided along with 15.6” widescreen.

While the programs are made more efficient for opening and closing, one can browse online and go through photo albums using one’s
fingers. In order to perform tasks scrolling, pinching, rotating and flicking is required.
One may get quick access to apps, websites and people enabling them to spend less time searching. The working environment is fast
with a touch display. Features such as zoom in and zoom out are easily facilitated. Also on the Start screen one may rearrange apps
according to priority or usages.

The notebook is slender and fully featured as it is less than 1” thin. There is a built in DVD drive which is slim that allows the notebook to
be 30% slimmer than traditional machines that consist of DVD drives. A better working experience is provided to all users with a large
working area and increased sensitivity. The power is provided by the 3rd generation Intel Core i3 Processor. There is quite much one can
do with Acer laptops like photos, shopping and movies. Along with all this, it also provides smart performance. The Dolby Advanced Audio
V2 makes the machine crisp and provides clear surround sound through its built in speakers.

The keyboard is backlit adding a glow to the typing experience of the user. This way the keyboard appearance is made good and in dim lit
areas the fingers are well guided too.

There is also a provision for HDMI output that enables one to pipe HD content and also helps connect the external monitor with the high
quality audio through a cable.

This Acer laptop priced adequately aids in instant communication. It helps in remembering the earlier Wi-Fi spots visited that further
supports in faster connectivity compared to conventional notebooks. Hence, when the laptop is in range it connects instantly to the

Video chats and HD web cam is available for taking high quality pictures making it a must buy. The web cam has high pixel density that
provides amazing image quality in 24 frames per second.

The communication with friends and family is easily triggered by built in 802.11b/g/n wireless that helps the users to connect with hot
spots and easily roam from one place to another. There is a Bluetooth technology that helps in connecting wirelessly to other Bluetooth-
enabled devices like phones, printers and hand held organizers. This way the age old cables and wires can be completely abandoned.

If you wish to stay connected with your friends then SocialJogger helps you do that. Also Facebook and Twitter can be made to sit at one
place with these machines. The jogdial can be used to scroll and glance through feeds on both social media platforms.
No matter there are many ultra-books priced surprisingly at throwaway prices in market but this notebook is a sure shot way to plentiful
features that provides a spectacular experience that is never ending.

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