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									                                                VIDEO PRODUCTION AGREEMENT

The following agreement is established this _____ day of ____________________ , 20______ , between Sound Core Music & Video, 122

South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, Illinois, 62901 and _______________________________________________ .

                                                            EVENT DETAILS

DATE(S)               _____ / _____ / _____ (MM/DD/YY) — _____ / _____ / _____ (MM/DD/YY)

TIME                  _____ : _____ AM / PM — _____ : _____ AM / PM (CIRLE AM OR PM)

VENUE                 __________________________________________________

ADDRESS               __________________________________________________

CITY / STATE / ZIP    ______________________________ / _____ / ____________

RECEPTION?            Y / N (CIRLE ONE)

LOCATION              __________________________________________________

                                          METHOD OF PAYMENT & SECURITY DEPOSIT

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Deposit of 1/2 the total due immediately AND balance of $ _______________ due the day of the event.

Thank you for choosing Sound Core Music & Video for your audio/video needs. The purpose of this contract is to prevent any
misunderstanding concerning the obligations of a security deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and serve to lock the date for your
event so that Sound Core Music & Video does not book any work that would conflict with our involvement in your event. The underlying
purpose of Sound Core Music & Video requiring a deposit is to ensure that Sound Core Music & Video does not over-extend its
renting/service capabilities. This includes the equipment, personnel and time necessary to ensure a high-quality experience. This is also a
guarantee to the customer that they will receive the requested equipment/personnel on the date specified.

In exchange for this commitment of equipment/service for the specified event, Sound Core Music & Video requires a security deposit as
good faith consideration. In the event that the event does not occur due to cancellation, low ticket sales, or any other reasons, the
coordinator will forfeit the deposit.

                                                       TERMS OF AGREEMENT

       1.   Videographer will provide own production equipment (camera, tapes, etc.) unless otherwise indicated.
       2.   Videographer will maintain proper decorum in regard to volume, language, dress, etc. at all times.
       3.   This is a basic, direct agreement between Videographer and employer and does not involve management agencies, etc.
       4.   Videographer must be informed as to any potential problems including inclement weather, alternative locations, electrical
            power availability, civil disturbance, etc. Videographer makes every effort to fulfill commitment, but cannot perform outside
            causes beyond videographer’s control.
       5.   Videographer reserves the right to cancel or reschedule engagement in the event of catastrophic accident, illness,
            transportation problems, or other unforeseen difficulties, which could arise as an "Act of God."
       6.   Videographer will make every effort to ensure a smooth, timely, and enjoyable engagement.

I have read the above statements, verify that I have provided the correct event information, and agree to the terms of this contract.

                                                                                                OFFICE USE ONLY

SIGNATURE: _________________________________________                  SIGNATURE: _________________________________________

PRINTED:       _________________________________________              PRINTED:      Joe Castrejon (President, Sound Core Music & Video)

DATE:          _____ / _____ / _____ (MM/DD/YY)                       DATE:         _____ / _____ / _____ (MM/DD/YY)

                   122 S. Illinois Ave. | Carbondale, IL 62901 | 618.457.5641 |
                        NAME __________________________________
                                                                                Business Address:
                        NAME __________________________________
                                                                                Sound Core Music
                                                                                122 S. Illinois Ave.
                                                                                Carbondale, IL 62901
                        NAME __________________________________
                                                                                Phone: (618) 457-5641
                        BEST MAN'S
                                                                                Fax: (618) 457-0280
                        NAME __________________________________

                        MAID OF HONOR'S
                        NAME __________________________________

Bride & Groom's arrival: would you like it announced?                        YES          NO

Bridal toast: would your best man, etc., like to use the P.A. system?        YES          NO

Wedding cake: would you like us to announce the cutting?                     YES          NO

Bouquet & garter toss: will there be one?                                    YES          NO

Parents Dance: will there be one? Please list request.                       YES          NO

Bride & Groom's first dance. Please list request.

Please circle the types of music that you feel will be most likely requested at your reception.

   TOP 40         OLDIES         SOUL        C&W          POLKA           BIG BAND

Thank you for choosing Sound Core DJ Services for your musical entertainment. This information will
help your reception proceed smoothly and professionally throughout the evening.

Please use this form to list any specific requests or favorite artists.

                       rentals -at-        Back to wedding page.
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