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									CEO Justin Ligeri Named Fastest Growing Online Retailer with 16,689 Per Cent Three Year Growth

Hypergrowth is a term used to describe an economic BOOM. Today that word is also being used to
describe Justin Ligeri's astonishing rise in the online retailing world. In 2010, his fledgling company
was broke. Today the three year old company is on track to produce over $20 million in retail sales.

Sebring, FL - September 15, 2013 -- When speaking with Justin Ligeri it quickly becomes apparent that
he doesn't have much patience or appreciation for other peoples' rules. The young eCommerce phenom
is famous for reminding his staff that most rules are there to create "normal" conditions. Normal is a
four letter word to Justin Ligeri. His perspective is that the only way to create abnormal hypergrowth is
to "think outside the box", creating unconventional results.

The 35 year old eCommerce phenom's company, Yagoozon, is on track to do in excess of $20 million
in sales this year. Starting over with only $40 in the winter of 2010, he has bankrolled that amount into
a hypergrowth business that has venture capitalists, suppliers and competitors amazed at his ability to
sell merchandise. In fact, over the last three years, Yagoozon has grown 16,689%.

Ligeri called his company Yagoozon ( ) because
that word symbolized his online journey. He had started doing pay per click marketing and driving
traffic to a website using Yahoo. Then he migrated over to Google. In the winter of 2010 he fell in love
with Amazon. Ya-Goo-Zon. Very memorable.

"I believe in Abundance," says Ligeri. "Although I am not a technologist, I know that technology
makes abundance possible. Here in Central Florida we have millions of acres of orange orchards.
Imagine all of the low hanging fruit being picked and eaten. The news media comes along and tells you
that there is no more supply of fruit. Everybody agrees with the media. I come along with a ladder and
discover that there is an amazing abundance of oranges, you just need to climb the ladder to be able to
reach them easily. I tell my friends about ladders and the news media comes along and shares with
everyone all of the horrible accidents that happen on ladders. This cycle is never ending. When you
discover that you are an entrepreneur you trust what you see and what you know, regardless what the
masses say. That will also ruffle some feathers. Because in spite of the horrible economy the
opportunity to amass huge wealth has never been bigger. New technology creates new opportunities
and new rules for amassing wealth," he explains.

In a short YouTube video, Ligeri speaks briefly about what it's like to run a company that has grown
16,689% in only three years:

He attributes his success to understanding and embracing the power of the web. Today, he is clearly a
top contender to be the Entrepreneur of The Year.

"People often ask me to describe what it is like to create a company that has experienced 16,689%
growth over three years. My response is to paraphrase Walt Disney and say that 'doing the impossible
is a lot of fun'," Ligeri quipped.

The 2013 Inc. 500|5000 Conference is scheduled for October 10-12 in Washington, D.C. It is expected
that Yagoozon, Inc. will be recognized once again as a rapidly rising star in the eCommerce firmament.

Ligeri's blog can be found at
About Yagoozon, Inc.:
Yagoozon is the fastest growing online retailer of toys, costumes, and novelty items. The company
focuses on customer service and purchaser simplification. Headquartered in Sebring, FL, Yagoozon
leverages the strengths of the Amazon retail platform, adding their self-described "obsession" with
excellent customer service, to take online retailing to a whole new level.

For more information, visit Yagoozon online at
or find Yagoozon on Facebook at

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Justin Ligeri
Yagoozon, Inc.
1843 US Highway 27 N.
Sebring, FL 33870


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