...And The Dead Rose From Their Graves by TweStephens


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									                        The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ

        This was the day from stinking hell.
        Caiaphas was bone tired; everything continued to spiral out of control; his most trusted
priests and lawyers were here, including Acanthus and his soldiers to bear witness to the
unbelievable. Deep within the temple, inside the stark chamber, stood six-hundred thirty-three of
the raised from the dead - and everyone gawked in abject fear.
        The miracles were mind-boggling and continued even after his death. The spies couldn’t
find any evidence Jesus was alive though thousands reported seeing him, and the testimonies were
too varied and prolific to be a conspiracy by his followers, for even the High Priest Levi confessed
talking with him.
        Unable to conceal the massive unveiling of the supernatural throughout the city, they who
came out of the graves caused horrific pandemonium - damage control was absolutely futile.
         People refused to give their tithes and offerings and the government was in uproar looking
for answers - and this was the reason for the assembly of the trusted, to record the testimonies of
those who walked out of their graves.
        Ananias ben Nebedeus stood up to speak, but Caiaphas wasn’t paying attention for his
bowels twisted violently within his abdomen.
        “We’ve behaved ourselves towards you with respect and caution, and we’ve brought you
here to tell us the mysteries of your resurrection from the dead.
        “Swear by the Adonai of Israel, who spoke to our fathers by the law and the prophets why
you were raised from the dead.”
        Six hundred thirty-three men spoke as one voice, their voices resounding thunderously
throughout the chamber, cutting into the hearts of the priests – they were witnessing a miracle of
prodigious proportions.
        One thousand two hundred sixty-six eyes stared unfocused as their mouths moved in
perfect unison. “We were allowed these days on earth to deliver this testimony and to declare the
truth and sacred mysteries, which we saw when we were dead. We were charged to be as dumb
persons until the time the Lord allowed us to declare the mysteries of his divinity.
        “Jesus, whom you crucified in deceit, gave us this time to celebrate the Passover with our
families and to bear our testimony.
        “Therefore, so say we all - in the name of Yahaveh the Most High. We declare and glorify
the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ because he raised us from the dead with himself, as a
testimony against you and for the salvation of all mankind. Jesus only allowed your evil because his
grace is immeasurable, his mercy inexhaustible, and his love for his brothers whom you evidently
hated, absolutely inexpressible…”
        Fifty soldiers backed violently into each other trying to escape the palpable supernatural
clouding the chamber with thick smoke; thirty bureaucrats tripped in terror falling to the floor.
        “…Therefore, God himself has torn your Holy of Holies asunder, for you’ll never be the
mediator between him and man again. Him whom you crucified with monies from the storehouse,
which you did not own, monies given by the faithful who you were supposed to pasture, power
given from God in which you used to terrorize and grieve those who loved him, will curse your
eternities and all your generations that come after – just as you asked.
         “You’ve suckled nauseous evil in the name of the Lord, pouring salt on the wounds of those
who seek him and hijacked that which was holy, for power, for prestige, filthy lucre, and for the
determination of your father - who is the sworn enemy of the living God.
                        The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ

        “Judgment is turned away and justice for those you lord over standeth afar off. My truth is
fallen and trampled underfoot while you make my love a damnable lie by dimming the eyes of the
faithful with sorrow, and making those that expose your evil into quivering prey, prosecuted,
stricken, and vilified simply for loving their Lord. To add insult to blasphemy, you dare to call
yourself infallible men of God that stand in my stead!
        "Woe to you Rabbis and Pharisees, you hypocrites, saith the Lord of Hosts! You shut the
doors to the Kingdom of Heaven in men's faces, though you yourselves refuse to enter, nor will you
let those who desire entry to enter. You traverse land and sea to win a single convert, and when he
becomes one, you make him twice the devils you are.
        “Outwardly, you’re camouflage pious; appearing to be of God; but only The One
comprehends your true condemnation. You’ve embraced his enemy while grievously burdening his
children with heavy yokes that cause them to designate their Creator unfair. Therefore, he’ll rip his
nation out of your hands and destroy your evil priesthood forever, never to serve the name of the
Lord again!”
        The dead paused as debilitating silence permeated the chamber. Ananias ben Nebedeus,
Nathaniel, and two hundred priests fell to the floor with a giant thud, as the scribes wrote furiously
every word said, as all stood hypnotized paralyzed as a mouse confronting a snake.
         “You’ve murdered the prophets he sent; some were beaten, stoned, and even tortured; he
sent more and they received nothing but evil from your hands. He finally sent his precious Son, full
of miracles and anointing and you plotted day and night to murder him without rational cause.
        “Now, the words of Adonai are in your stinking faces; the owner of the vineyard is here, the
owner of the kingdom is here, the owner of your very souls is here. The truth you’ve despised will
be ripped from your hands and given to the ten tribes of the earth - for you have rejected, plotted,
and murdered The One’s only begotten - the Son of God.
        “Judah and Benjamin, whom you infested and overthrew because of Joshua’s error, will be
given to Lucifer for a possession. He will Talmud you into the most hated and despised peoples of
the earth, a cancerous diaspora on the nations, an evil blight stifling the brotherhood that The One
envisions for all his children.
        “Holy blood will be on your heads and the heads of all your generations, from umbilical cord
to umbilical cord. Woe to you, for you’ve murdered your Creator for fleeting vanity, for blistering
inanity and the pride of life – refusing to believe in a final tomorrow.”
        One hundred thirty-six priests and forty soldiers defecated - the foul stench filling the
         “…But the God of Abraham, The Everlasting, has set a stone that’ll never be cast off nor
moved. He is his own, called Wonderful Counselor, a Great Blessing, even a Wonder; and he shall
destroy your foundations and extinguish every high place and pillar. Nothing upholding the name of
men shall withstand him who you crucified, for all will be thrown and brought down – as a
testimony against you, for the repeating allegory of your destruction!
        “For the Rock you rejected will never be covered. Behold, he’ll return in the power of his
strength with great fury; and all creation shall give testimony, glory, and confess that Jesus is The
        “But until then, his name will be an offense and a cursing to all your generations. You
Pharisees and Sadducees stand in the zenith wicked, the froward hypocrites that polluted his
name, my name, the names I gave him and the names we share; Mighty God, Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace, King of kings, Lord of Lords, Immanuel, Creator, and The One.”
                         The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ

         The dead paused fitfully as everyone trembled under the suffocating heaviness of the
supernatural. And in one accord, six hundred thirty-three dead pointed an accusing finger at
Caiaphas and roared as the thick smoke swirled riotously around them.
         “These are the final words of Yahaveh the Most High to you and your wicked assembly;
vengeance is mine saith the Lord of Hosts!”
         And with those final words, the dead collapsed in unison with a tumultuous thunder, as the
priests, dignitaries, and soldiers stared in shocking horror as debilitating silence filled the massive
fog filled chamber…


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