The Great Divide And Chaos Governance

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					  The Great Divide And Chaos Governance
by Bob Livingston
September 16, 2013

There is an ever-widening divide between
the statist elected class and its enforcers
(government) and the mundanes, or hoi
The general populace would prefer to go
about its daily business without interaction
with or interference from anyone in or
representing government. That is because
government on almost all levels is at best
oppressive, intrusive, unsympathetic and
There is now an awakening and growing
recognition that the U.S. government is self-
serving, unrepresentative and supererogatory
and that it needs to be reined in. The divide
and awakening are best demonstrated over
the past couple of weeks in the reaction of
the people to the possibility of Syrian
President Barack Obama and his neocon
toadies have been desperate to make a case
for military intervention in Syria in order to
fulfill the will of their globalist masters. I explained why this is so last week.
However, the mundanes recognized the folly and hypocrisy of such an endeavor. The United States has
been embroiled in Mideast wars against radical Islamists, jihadists and the CIA-created terror
organization al-Qaida for decades.
The people bought into the notion sold by the elites that the wars were necessary to protect American
freedoms and export democracy to regions that had known only oppressive theocracy or totalitarianism.
They suffered the expenses of nation building under the false notion that the radicals and Islamists
might come to either like the U.S. or at least stop hating the U.S. for its “freedoms.”
So when Obama and warmongers like Senator John McCain and his lackey Senator Lindsey Graham
embraced al-Qaida-backed “rebels” in Syria — a group of violent and barbarous fanatics who are
slaughtering Christians; raping, beheading and dismembering women and children: eating the hearts of
vanquished foes; and executing surrendered captives — the slumbering masses looked up from their
entertainment devices and began confronting the elected class en masse.
By more than four to one (and, according to some in Congress, 10 to one), the people came out against
taking sides in the Syrian conflict and especially against aiding those committing the atrocities. The
people recognized that the entire Syria narrative is a lie. They are coming to understand that the lie
expands to Libya as well as the reasons given for deposing Moammar Gadhafi and the excuses
provided to explain the attack on the Benghazi consulate and the murders of CIA agent Chris Stevens
and three others attached to the gun-running operation that was transferring arms to the Syrian rebels.
It is attempts to keep this operation under wraps and out of sight that are behind the Benghazi cover-up
and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s screed before Congress that the incident didn’t matter.
The mundanes are finally recognizing that decades of war have led to the expansion of the intrusive
spying apparatus and the growth of the surveillance state. Revelations by Edward Snowden that the
NSA is collecting and reading all telephone calls, emails, text messages and electronic data from every
American served to give pause to even the most ardent supporters of the big government nanny state.
Of course, the divide first manifested itself in public in the fall of 2008 and early 2009 when the masses
recognized the fix was in and that the banksters and Wall Street were getting special dispensation
during the economic crash, while the people were getting shafted. This dispensation was made possible
only by the Federal Reserve’s inflation of the money supply — a subtle means of theft from the people.
Talk of bailouts sparked the rise of the Tea Party, a disparate group of patriotic small-business owners,
blue- and white-collar workers, military veterans, homemakers and retirees who opposed first the
bailouts then the monstrosity of legislation that came to be known as Obamacare, then other oppressive
and unConstitutional government actions.
In 2010, the Tea Party was successful in removing some of the old guard of the elected class and
installing some of their own in government. Though some of the newly elected lawmakers turned out to
be wolves in sheep’s clothing, many of the Tea Party-backed Congressional candidates continue to
work to disrupt the old guard party apparatus and attempt to reign in big government, much to the
chagrin of the statists.
The elected elites responded to the rise of the Tea Party with slander and special targeting by several
government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service and the Environmental Protection Agency.
The people are now using the 10th Amendment and their State legislatures to roll back oppressive and
unConstitutional Federal laws and to combat illegal “executive orders” issued by the undocumented
alien currently occupying the people’s house. In Colorado, voters just dismissed two statist gun
grabbers — an event unprecedented in Colorado history. Voters are also seeking to secede from that
State, as well as from California and Maryland.
As Obamacare nears implementation and the mundanes finally begin to grasp what some of us have
been warning about since before its inception, their opposition to it grows. However, the old guard of
the elected class is resisting acting as the opposition party and working to defund it. In fact, the
members of the elected class are effectively thumbing their noses at the mundanes by exempting
themselves from its provisions, even as Obama has exempted many of his sugar daddies and favored
constituent groups.
It is telling that even the union leaders who ardently supported the passage of Obamacare are now
echoing the mundanes in calls for the law’s repeal. Yet statists and progressives in both parties continue
ignoring the will of the people.
The U.S. government is currently experiencing a collapse of its moral, economic and legal foundations.
The collapse was inevitable from the establishment of the Federal Reserve. The elites created fiat paper
money. With it, they have polluted the planet and put the people at the mercy of a cannibalistic
bloodlust of dog-eat-dog depravity.
Just think; America’s top 1 percent income earners took up 8 percent of total income in 1970. Today,
this same 1 percent takes up 17.4 percent of overall income. No wonder they promote the stock market,
with $175 billion in dividends being paid out by the top companies.
Economic depression brings on this kind of inequality. The United States has the highest income
inequality in the world. Hey, where are the jobs the political psychopaths have been promising? They
have disappeared into the black hole created by the U.S. fascist system, overregulation and Obamacare.
The constant chaos and crisis-mode governance are both symptoms and expediters of the collapse. As
the collapse intensifies, the statists and progressives will intensify their oppression. The divide between
the people and the elected class and their enforcers will continue to grow. The collapse will be ugly,
especially for those who — blinded by normalcy bias or just ignorance — aren’t prepared. Once we
come through the fire, then, I believe, Constitutional governance and a sound money system can be

American Faith In Government Hits Record
by Sam Rolley
September 16, 2013
Americans have less faith that the Federal government can competently handle problems at home and
abroad than ever before, according to the results of a new poll.
A recently conducted governance survey from Gallup shows that just 49 percent of Americans “have a
great deal or a fair amount of confidence” that the Federal government can handle international
problems. That’s 2 percentage points below the previous record low of 51 percent recorded in 2007.

During President Barack Obama’s first White House term, the numbers were a little higher, with
between 57 and 66 percent of respondents reporting that they believed government was capable of
handling international affairs.
With regard to handling domestic problems, Americans faith in government is also lacking. Only 42
percent of respondents to Gallup’s poll reported “a great deal or a fair amount of confidence” in the
government’s ability to handle problems at home, down from the previous low of 43 percent recorded
in 2011.

“Americans’ trust and confidence in the federal government’s ability to solve problems internationally
as well as domestically has fallen to historic lows this year,” Gallup reports. “There are a number of
possible explanations for this loss of confidence: controversy surrounding potential U.S. action in
Syria, an enduring low assessment of the state of the economy, or low levels of confidence in
Congress.” Unsurprisingly, Americans who identify themselves as Democrats are more likely than
Republicans or independents to express faith in the ability of the U.S. government to get things done.


Description: There is an ever-widening divide between the statist elected class and its enforcers (government) and the mundanes, or hoi polloi.