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Free Excerpt Of "42 Rules for Superior Service" Book Offered By Publisher


Super Star Press is pleased to announce the availability of a free excerpt featuring the new book “42 Rules for Superior Service”. Find out how to get your excerpt!

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									       Free Excerpt Of "42 Rules for Superior Service" Book Offered By Publisher

Cupertino, CA, September 17, 2013 -- "42 Rules for Superior Service: The Keys to
Profitable Field Service and Customer Loyalty" is a new book offering practical
advice for designing field service solutions that turn customers into product
advocates while increasing revenue.

Super Star Press has created a free excerpt from the book that includes the Table of
Contents, Foreword, Introduction, Rule 1: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken, Rule 2:
Product Failures Are Opportunities to Delight Customers, Rule 3: Ask and You
Shall Receive, Appendix D: Field Service Key Performance Indicators and About
the Authors.

The service business is viewed as a “necessary evil” by most organizations.
Servicing products, after they are sold and in customers’ hands, is frequently overlooked and can
be a source of customer dissatisfaction and profit loss. This thinking results in missed
opportunities to convert customers into advocates and to generate significant business revenue.

Readers can access the free excerpt at

Authors Rosemary Coates and Jim Reily have a combined 50+ years of global manufacturing
and field service experience from companies such as Hewlett Packard and Cisco as well as the
US Military. In addition they have worked on consulting engagements with a proven track record
of amazing field service results.

About The Publisher: Super Star Press, a division of THiNKaha®, was founded to help
independent professionals establish themselves as experts in their field through writing,
publishing and marketing books. The 42 Rules™ book series produces books that readers will
actually read in the form of compact, high-impact books on personal and professional growth. 42
Rules™ enable authors to establish themselves as experts in their field through books. To learn
more visit For quantity discounts, please contact the
publisher, Mitchell Levy at - 408-257-3000. A free copy of the
book is available to the press upon request. Please email your request to


Press Contact:

Janae Pierre
Phone: 650-814-5835

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