Strathclyde Fire and Rescue

                              RECORD OF AGREEMENT REACHED


                                      23RD OCTOBER 2009


In recognition of the proposed rollout of the new 5 group duty system across the service, the
undernoted reflects the changes that have been requested and the subsequent agreement
reached between management and the representative body. This reflects the final negotiated
position and should be read in conjunction with the terms laid out in the collective agreement
between SFR and the FBU entitled Rostering for Duty and which introduced the 5 group duty
system pilot into South Lanarkshire and South Glasgow.

For the avoidance of doubt the terms of the collective agreement referred to above will carry
forward into the permanent system adopted throughout SFR with the exception of the
amendments listed below as agreed between Strathclyde Fire and Rescue and the Fire
Brigades Union.

Management are satisfied that the content of the duty system as amended by the jointly agreed
position below will serve SFR well for the future. There is no intention to further review the duty
system on the conclusion of this agreement. Future amendments as proposed by either party
to improve the duty system would be considered within the normal employee relations forums
and would of course be the subject of agreement with the representative body.

Agreed Position on the Proposed Adjustments

Notification Periods

Subsequent to protracted discussions on this matter, it was finally agreed between both parties
that the status quo would remain, and therefore the notice period will remain as 48 hours.

Scheduling of Out of Pattern Roster Reserve

It was agreed that the current distribution of out of pattern roster reserve shifts which result in
two back to back night shift roster reserves should cease. In order to accommodate the re-
distribution of these days to avoid this occurrence the following amendments were agreed:

Riders Plus would become flexible out of pattern roster reserve days making the total now 12.

The 12 days would now be configured in a manner which ensured that nightshift roster reserves
would be programmed singly and not in blocks of two.

Day shift roster reserves would continue to be in blocks of two.

It was also agreed that Roster reserves would continue to be programmed in only one of the 18
day rota periods.

5GDS Project, 23/09/09
Strathclyde Fire and Rescue

In Pattern Roster Reserve

At the end of discussions no amendment to this could be agreed and therefore the status quo
will remain with the 4 in pattern days continuing to be scheduled in a single block of 4.

System Visibility

It was agreed by both parties that they would work together to achieve this no later than 2011
through use of an electronic system. The FBU were invited to contribute to the development of
the specification In the interim management would seek to improve the current manual
methods of managing certain aspects such as requests for leave, in conjunction with the FBU.

Administration Items:

Re-allocation of and calculation of leave after sickness

It was agreed that a table would be provided that would define entitlement.

It was agreed that management would commit to, within 28 days, agreeing with the individual
their entitlement and plan the re-allocation of annual leave missed through sickness.

A map of days that are annual leave days would also be added to the policy document to
improve visibility to staff of their entitlement.

Entry/Exit Calculations

It was agreed that management would seek to either plan roster lines based on known
entry/exit dates in the forthcoming year, and would also provide guidance whereby individuals
could make an informed decision on when they would like to exit eg on retirement.

A calculation will also be provided to facilitate this process.

Training Template

Significant discussion took place on this item and the following was agreed;

Management will undertake to achieve better alignment between the phasing of training
courses and the employee’s duty pattern.

The existing template for determining pre and post course leave will continue to be used until
the current work on a reviewed process is completed.

It was also confirmed that the re-imbursement for course attendances of 4 and 5 days duration
would be 48 hours.

5GDS Project, 23/09/09
Strathclyde Fire and Rescue


It was agreed that Areas which predominantly had two pump stations would not require a buffer
to be incorporated, and would operate to the level of full crewing. Where the profile of an area
requires a buffer to maintain minimum crewing levels, then this would be established according
to the area’s need. It was agreed that this would be monitored to ensure it remains appropriate.

Detached Duties

The current position of sealed areas will remain until such times as all areas are migrated to the
new duty pattern.

Notice of Cancellation for Booked Time Off

Where time off is arranged at the employee’s request eg EAL, TOIL and then wishes to cancel
that time off it was agreed that a minimum period of 72 hours notice would be provided.
Otherwise the employee will observe the leave as arranged by them. However this may be
varied where the impact on staffing is not detrimental.

Outcome Monitoring

It was agreed that this would revert to reporting on a quarterly basis to the Chief Officer’s

Leap Year

It was agreed that the calculation of contractual hours for a normal year, that being 2190 hours
would apply irrespective of the year length being 365 or 366 days.

Additional 18 Day Rota Period

Each year one of the 5 groups will be allocated six 18 day rota periods. It was agreed that in
this case the restriction of roster reserve days to only one of these periods would continue. In
recognition of the available working days for this group it was also agreed that no ‘in pattern’
roster reserve days would be scheduled for employees who are in that group.

Extra Annual Leave (Flexible Days)

It was agreed that as these had proved popular with staff that the number of days available
would be extended. Personnel may request as many of these days as they wish, provided they
do not owe SFR more than a total of 4 days at any given time. All other provisions around this
heading will continue to apply.

These days would subsequently become know as Flexible Days.

5GDS Project, 23/09/09

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