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									                            Nobody Gets Hurt

Cardinal Safety Rules
 Communication Package
    for L5 Leaders

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                                                Nobody Gets Hurt

Why Cardinal Safety Rules?
• Renewed statement of management’s expectations
  regarding expected behaviors on site by everyone.
• It’s not new; we have had various forms of these types
  of rules for a long time.
• Guarantee consistency in dealing with violations.
• Create a culture of organizational rigor and compliance
  to safety rules.
• Ensure that at the end of the day, we can all go home
  safely to our families and friends. “Nobody Gets Hurt.”

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                                                   Nobody Gets Hurt

     What are the Cardinal Safety Rules?
Syncrude is fully committed to the safety of its employees
and contractors. In recognition of this commitment, the
following safety rules have been deemed to be
fundamentally important in the prevention of injuries:
• A valid Safe Work Permit is always required prior to
  the execution of work in designated permit areas.
• Issuance or acceptance of a Safe Work Permit requires
  job-site verification as specified by the Safe Work Permit
• Compliance with all Fall Protection standards.

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    Cardinal Safety Rules (continued)
• Compliance with Confined Space entry requirements.
• Complying with lock out/tag out requirements and
  acquiring proper authorization for the
  removal/changing of any safety device or equipment.
• Leaving a job or work post where a worker relief and/or
  job handover requirement has been designated must
  have prior approval.
• Compliance with Mining Heavy Equipment Safe
  Approach and Operating Radius Standards.

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    Cardinal Safety Rules (continued)
• Smoking is not allowed in Hazardous areas.
• Possession of Firearms or other prohibited weapons
  on Syncrude premises is prohibited.
• Reporting to work while under the influence of Alcohol
  and/or drugs is not allowed.

The breaching of any of these Cardinal Safety Rules will
be handled in accordance with the Termination for Cause
Policy, or removal from site.

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Questions? Discussion?

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                         Other Points

• Our ultimate goal is to ensure that “Nobody Gets
  Hurt” and that everyone returns home safely.
   • Several Near Miss incidents have occurred involving the
     behaviors described in the Cardinal Safety Rules. These
     incidents could have resulted in a serious injury or fatality.
   • These Rules are, therefore, so important that we cannot
     tolerate any deviations.
• The Cardinal Safety Rules are nothing new.
   • We have had various forms of these types of rules for a long
   • In the past, these types of rules were inconsistently applied
     across site.

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                      Other Points

• We are not setting up people for failure. There is
  training on the permit system, awareness of the
  smoking rules, and A&D guidelines.
   • We expect people to adhere to what they have been taught.
• We need to create a culture of organizational rigor
  and compliance to safety rules.
   • Work together to develop a strong commitment to safety.

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