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Newsletter for the Week of September 16-20_ 2013


									                                                                                       Ms. Batte’s
                                                                             For the Week of September 16 -
                                                                                        20, 2013

   Important Dates                                         Classroom News

                                                           We still have several students who haven’t turned
 Friday, September        20th   – End of                   in their class t-shirt money. Please be sure to do
                                                            so as soon as possible—making payments is
         Cookie Dough Sale
                                                            perfectly acceptable! Thank you!

   Friday, October 4th – End of
                                                           On Tuesday, we welcomed a new student to our
     the first 9 weeks grading                              classroom, Broynson Whitaker. We had a great
                 period!                                    first week together!

  Monday, October 7th – Friday,                            Don’t forget to join Planet K-8! Just visit
  October 11th – Fall Break, NO                    to register! This cool site allows
                                                            me to send out instant notifications and/or
                                                            reminders to you via e-mail or text message (your

                                                           Please visit and “follow” our Classroom Website—
                                                  ! You can
                                                            “follow” by e-mail or through Google Plus and
                                                            Twitter, if you have a Google or Twitter account.
                                                            Look along the right-hand side of the site to find
                                                            the “follow” links. If you “follow” our site, you will
                                                            be alerted every time a new post is made. I post
           Birthdays                                        info and/or pictures a couple times each week.
                                                            You can also find fun learning websites for your
         Ms. Batte – Sept. 30th
                                                            child to “play” on at home, as well as printable
                                                            copies of the newsletter and calendar, and more
                                                            info on the stories that we read each week. 

Literacy Tip: Please assist your child in reviewing their sight word ring (coming home Monday—to be returned daily) and allow
them read their leveled reader to you each night. Sign the reading log in your child’s “book bag” and return all contents to
school the next day—whether you’ve had a chance to read the book or not. Thank you for your support! 

 Ms. Jen Batte                                E-mail:
 Watt Hardison Elem.                          Webpage:
 300 Gibson Street
 Portland, TN 37148 (615) 325-3233
       Lunch Menu                                            What We’re Learning
Monday: Hot Dog on a Bun or Fish &
Shrimp Basket; cole slaw, baked beans,
                                               Reading: This week our focus stories will help us to answer the
                                               question, "What kinds of work do people do?". We will begin with realistic
oven fries, sliced peaches, and apple slices
                                               fiction book entitled Pizza at Sally's by Monica Wellington. Sally the pizza
Tuesday: Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce &
                                               maker makes pizza. She grows tomatoes in the community garden for the
Breadstick or Whole Grain Mac ‘n Cheese;
                                               sauce. She gets cheese in the shop down the street. She buys flour from the
green beans, breaded squash, pear halves,      mill for the dough. We will follow Sally throughout all of her tasks as Sally
and orange wedges                              prepares, mixes, and bakes delicious pizzas.
Wednesday: Turkey & Gravy or Beef                  We will also work with an informational text--Everybody Works by Shelley
Dippers; baby red mashed potatoes, green       Rotner and Ken Kreisler. The photographs and simple text show us the many
peas, fresh strawberries, and grapes           ways in which work can be accomplished.
Thursday: Chicken Sandwich or Grilled              Through these stories we will be focusing on the following skills:
Ham & Cheese Sandwich; veggie tortilla         identifying beginning sounds, recognizing words in oral sentences, pausing for
soup, tossed salad, sandwich toppings,         punctuation, action verbs, and learning to use the text and pictures together
cantaloupe chunks, and bananas                 to develop meaning.
Friday: Hamburger/Cheeseburger or BBQ
                                               High-Frequency Word: and (Please continue to practice I, like, and the at
on a Bun; Potato Smiles, Tuscan Blend
                                               home as well!)
vegetables, sandwich toppings, fresh fruit
cup, and pineapple tidbits                     Selection Vocabulary (Pizza at Sally's): customers, dough, famous, perfect,
                                               sprinkled, stretchy

                                               Oral Vocabulary (Everybody Works): creating, delivering, hobby, and

                                               Math: This week will finish up our unit on Positional
                                               words. We will review what we’ve learned on Monday,
                                               and take our Posttest on Tuesday. We
                                               will have our Pretest for Topic 3
                                               (Patterns) on Wednesday and begin
       Related Arts                            working with shape patterns, as well as
                                               learning to compare and create patterns
           Schedule                            on Thursday and Friday. 

               Week C

Monday: Music                                                         Important Info
Tuesday: Library                                    Thank you to those who are participating in our
                                                     school fundraiser – selling Little Lambs Cookie
Wednesday: P.E.                                      Dough! All money and order forms are due on
                                                      Friday, September 20th! We hope to spend the
Thursday: Art                                      money that we make as a school on iPads for the
                                                    classrooms. There are so many things we could
Friday: Music                                          do with iPads in the classroom—so sell that
                                                   dough, boys and girls!  Be sure not to approach
                                                    strangers, but, mom and dad, however, can take
**Please make sure that your                         your brochure with them to work! Once again,
child wears tennis shoes on P.E.                               thank you for your support! 

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