Bill Calling for First Ever Public-Private Earthquake Warning System Goes to Governor's Desk by


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									Bill Calling for First Ever Public-Private Earthquake Warning System Goes to
Governor's Desk

SB135 now goes to CA Governor Brown for signing by October 13. It calls for coordinated
public-private earthquake alert system plan by 2016.

Scotts Valley, CA, September 14, 2013 --( Scotts State Senate Bill 135, authored by Senator
Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), directs the California Office of Emergency Services, to develop a statewide
earthquake warning system partnering with private industry.

“I embrace private sector involvement,” said Padilla,” Private sector involvement in the system, both
from a funding standpoint and from an expertise and technology standpoint.”

Industry members applaud the announcement and the inclusion of private firms, in the process.

Seismic Warning Systems is operating a network of detection devices throughout the state in more than
45 sites. The sites include fire stations, schools, hospitals and businesses.

“Our number one priority is to save lives, but earthquake early warning can also save billions of dollars in
damage to business and infrastructure,” said George Dickson, CEO and Founder of Seismic Warning

Dickson adds, “Working with regional government, first responders and schools, our team has already
developed a cost effective regional earthquake warning system. Our technology alerts in less than a
second, with no blind spots and no false positives to date.”

Earthquake early warning is based on detecting the start of the earthquake (P-wave) and distributing a
warning before the damaging shock waves (S-waves) arrive. There are two basic methods of analyzing
P-waves. One is a standalone site with sensors; the other is a network of regionally distributed sensors.
Seismic Warning Systems is unique in that it merges the two methods into a single system.

SB135 first policy step

Senator Padilla's bill does not fund the process but calls on OES to identify funding for it by January 1,
2016. Budget analysts set the cost at $100M for the network's construction and $15M annually for
operations over a five-year period. “We're encouraged the State is focused on developing a California
model and confident that with industries assistance and collaboration, Statewide Earthquake Warning can
be achieved via public private partnerships for a fraction of those estimates,” said Scott Nebenzahl, VP
Sales and Director of Government Affairs for Seismic Warning Systems.

About Seismic Warning Systems

Seismic Warning Systems, incorporated in 2001, develops, manufactures and markets QUAKEGUARD

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products and services. QUAKEGUARD minimizes property damage, protects equipment and prevents
human injury and loss of life. The current patented sensing technology; NETQUAKEGUARD detects
P-waves (the non-destructive primary earthquake waves) in advance of damaging S and R waves.

Scott Nebenzahl, VP of Sales and Government Affairs
Seismic Warning Systems
5619 Scotts Valley Dr.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066(831) 440-1122

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