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									Reciprocity Brings You More
Customers (Even If You Feel
Writing is Not Your Strength)

 How to generate a stream of referrals from
    the unique gift only you can give.
               By Richard Canfield
Our vision is clear in providing real estate agents the
tools and know-how to generate more customers in
today’s web driven marketplace.

Join us in writing online for people interested in the Princeton region
because they are already here or thinking of coming here.

Your secret to earning their reciprocity is giving them what they want –
important, useful, fresh information on the Princeton lifestyle, free. Your

Why information? Because houses are commodities. Home buyers actually
pay for the lifestyle they imagine for themselves. Guiding their discovery,
helping understand the community, neighborhood, and specific location
(even for locals) is content ranking high in appreciation.

As readers find something they didn’t know, or you confirm what they
believe, they will see you to be a credible authority.

Reciprocity is a proven sales tool seldom noticed but highly effective
worldwide. Applying it in an equitable way marketing online for real estate
agents is a natural application. And we provide the space for you to plant
the seed that tugs reciprocation to return the favor - referrals.

It’s a fitting counter balance to the diminished desk-time leads that used to
come for information and MLS listings.

Whether intentional or not, as one in the group giving useful information
you cannot avoid being a beneficiary of the rule of reciprocity through the
natural inclination of your audience.
The benefit for you is the readers. Readers who not only
respect your real estate acumen but come to trust you.

You are meeting them online at a crucial juncture in their curiosity about the
their interest in the Princeton lifestyle and community real estate.

The regular exposure of your posts develops the trust to satisfy the rubic:
"no one cares what you know until they know that you care".

Spending time giving readers information builds a network more valuable
than advertising dollars can. It’s inherent for readers to seek you out when
the need arises.

Collectively a small number of real estate agents generate the useful, fresh,
interesting information to grow an audience.

A large audience assures each contributor benefits similar to individual
columnists in a magazine or major newspaper. Think NY Times.

This pursuit supplements your routine and banishes the
paralyzing fear of career slippage.

Here’s how it works regardless of the number of listings you have:

• If you have a lot of listings this exposure distinguishes you from the
• If you depend on desk-time for customers it adds a river of alternate
• If you rely on a large local network this cements your authority as a

What you are giving demonstrates not only your authority but that you care
about them - their real estate worries that keep them awake nights.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are. You need to be here.

For the referrals from your audience.
We’re offering a free trial for a period long enough to see if
this works for you.

All you have to do to get started is right here. Reply to us in under 450

1.   Tell us about yourself
2.   Tell us about your neighborhood
3.   Tell us about some of your favorite destinations
4.   How is your neighborhood changing?
5.   How are the local schools doing?
6.   Tell us about the typical buyer you help.
7.   How would you like to see your time and efforts change as a real estate

Once you get started we will assist you in the writing style for today’s web.
And get you started in amplifying your web presence.

Using this venue properly you will gain the image of a trusted
agent by demonstrating your professional authority in realty.

Push advertising is about yourself and your listings. This is the opposite.

Don’t worry you will have hyperlinks to your listings, personal blogs, and
other places.

The guidelines for what you write about center on evergreen material,
favorite places, and events. News is not our forte.

There is more about the Princeton community and the way of living than a
whole phalanx of writers can cover. You'll always have lots to write about.

Your opinions and insights told in your unique voice is what you want.
Combined with others the collection of personal insights and opinions makes
a powerful web presence.
The templates to handle your creativity include a sampling like

•   Neighborhood descriptions
•   Storytelling
•   Interview steps
•   Q&A
•   Conversation reporting
•   Relating your daily routine, and more

Some of you will want to add video along with photos.

In case you are wondering we have the software and technical support
including a handful of highly regarded specialists.

Here are two recent startup websites we are emulating for

In Colorado:

In Washington:

And here are two examples of generating realty interest without showing the
typical listings:

Squak Mountain:

Large Lots:

There are others too. Both of the above sites will be adding MLS listings

You have your broker’s website for access to listings. Of course, you will
hyperlink to your space there.
So, please accept the challenge.
Feed your creative side to expand your business income.

We look forward to hearing from you to win a spot with our opening group.

Start right now preparing your submission.

[Just a thought: “... archaeologist Richard Leakey ascribes the essence of
what makes us human to the reciprocity system.”]

Waiting to hear from you. Find the courage to act.

P.S. You can do this.

Prove it to yourself by writing the brief piece outlined above. Try it.
Whether you submit it or not.

Naturally, we’d like to see it though.

Just open the email that got you here. Hit reply. Draft it up. Edit it. Then

Or, contact me.
Richard Canfield

                        Thank you for considering this

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