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New England Radon Reveals the Benefits of Radon Testing in Salem, NH


									New England Radon Reveals the Benefits of Radon Testing in Salem, NH

New England Radon, experts at radon mitigation in Salem, New Hampshire, announces the benefits of
reducing radon in any home.

Online PR News – 13-September-2013 – The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, reports that radon is
second only to smoking as the leading cause of lung cancer in America. These results reveal that for
non-smoking adults, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer. New England Radon, located in Salem, N.H.,
provides radon mitigation in Salem, throughout the Greater Boston area and the rest of New England to
detect and minimize the effects of radon in any home. This Salem radon mitigation company has provided
radon testing since 1986.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services recently noted that increased radon levels are
found throughout the state. Radon is typically found in soil or bedrock and can seep through the cracks or
crevices in a home’s foundation. Since radon is both tasteless and odorless, professional radon testing is the
best way to ensure that radon isn’t in the air or water supply of a home.

 Over time, radon gas breaks down into harmful particles that can get trapped in the lungs. This can lead to
damaged lung tissue and may lead to lung cancer down the road. Scientific studies of radon exposure
indicate that children and the elderly may be extremely sensitive to the effects of radon. For families
concerned with the health of their family and loved ones, the benefits of radon testing and mitigation cannot
be overstated.

In a neighborhood, the levels of radon will vary between houses on a single block. The radon levels in a
home depend on a number of variables, including the soil that the home is built on and the air ventilation in
the house. For this reason, homes should be tested individually to determine the level of radon that may

 New England Radon offers radon testing and mitigation for homes, apartment buildings, schools,
commericial offices, and medical facilities. Appointments for radon testing can be made by calling (603)
865-7648 or by visiting

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