Citigroup Private Bank (C) : Company Profile and SWOT Analysis

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					Citigroup Private Bank


Citigroup Private Bank                                                             Key Employees
                                                                                   Name                       Job Title
Fast Facts
                                     399 Park Avenue                               Steven Wieting             Chief Strategist - Global
Headquarters Address
                                     , New York City, , United States of America
                                                                                                              Director, Counselor -
                                                                                   Bruce Stewart
Telephone                            + 1 212 5591000                                                          Investment, East Region
                                                                                                              Head - Global Real Estate,
                                                                                   Daniel O’Donnell
Fax                                  N/A                                                                      Citigroup Private Bank
                                                                                   Jane Fraser                Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                              Team Leader, Managing
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange        C (New York Stock Exchange)                   Keith Gertsen              Director - Greenwich,
Number of Employees                  N/A                                                                      Chief Executive Officer -
                                                                                                              North American Business,
                                                                                   Peter Charrington
Fiscal Year End                      December                                                                 Head - Private Banking
                                                                                                              Business - North America
Revenue (in US$ million)             2,100.00
                                                                                                              Head - Citi Private Bank
                                                                                   Sameer Kaul
                                                                                                              Chief Executive Officer -
                                                                                   Stephen Bird
                                                                                                              Citi Asia Pacific

                                                                                   Company Overview
SWOT Analysis

Strengths                            Weaknesses                                    Citigroup Private Bank is the private banking
                                                                                   and wealth management arm of Citigroup Inc. It
Being part of Citigroup              Relatively poor employee performance
                                                                                   is one of the leading wealth managers in the
                                                                                   world by assets under management. Products
                                                                                   offered by Citigroup Private Bank include private
Strong presence in select geographies Weak presence in North America
                                                                                   banking and lending services, equity and fixed
                                                                                   income services, alternate asset management
Opportunities                        Threats                                       services, family office services and wealth
                                                                                   advisory services. Citibank Private Bank also
Impact of Basel III on the Wealth    Ban on Proprietary Trading under the
Management Industry                  Volcker Rule                                  runs an art advisory service, promoting art as a
                                                                                   form of asset. In addition, the company offers
Increase in the number of HNWIs                                                    investment services such as hedge funds,
                                     Fluctuations in Interest Rates
                                                                                   private equity investments and exchange funds.
                                     Intense competition in the wealth             Target customers of the company include high-
New business initiative
                                     management market                             net-worth individuals (HNWIs have a net worth
Tax evasion treaty between                                                         o
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