Cint Advises PR Professionals to Question Audiences’ Publication Preferences to Ensure Greatest ROI by


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									Cint Advises PR Professionals to Question Audiences’ Publication Preferences to
Ensure Greatest ROI

Stockholm, Sweden, September 13, 2013 --( Brands' PR teams and agencies can increase
chances of achieving maximum return on investment on media relations activity by knowing which print
and online publications their target audiences are reading, advises Cint, a provider of tools for obtaining
market insight.

A wealth of material is provided online for all interests, from national newspapers to sector-specific
websites to niche blogs, and this continues to grow. As a result, PR professionals face the on-going
challenge of approaching the right media that will not only reach, but also resonate with the desired
audience. Media databases, PR planning tools and specific outlets provide beneficial information, but
without asking the target demographic which publications they purchase or blogs they read, some sectors
may be wasting valuable PR resources.

For example, if a brand or PR agency is due to launch a new make-up range, they might question
audiences about what material they read to obtain beauty tips and what resources they trust to offer advice
about the best products. Furthermore, obtaining intelligence via surveys can also help establish how to
successfully communicate with audiences through a particular publication. Determining the type of
content people find most engaging can inform what to provide journalists and bloggers with, such as, how
to get the latest eye make-up look versus what colors work together.

CEO of Cint, Bo Mattsson, says: “In an age where audiences are increasingly fragmented due to the
amount of print and online media options available to them, it is crucial that PR professionals concentrate
efforts on the right publications that are read by and resonate with target audiences. Strategically planned
questions provide the insight with which PR professionals can pursue specific newspapers, magazines and
websites as well as base content on.

“Software such as Cint Access enables PR professionals to target different demographics based on simple
or more detailed parameters. The tool's superior targeting capability can help to determine what a specific
target market's publication and content preferences are. Additionally, using online market research panels
allow brands to gain consumer opinion in a matter of hours, so even when time is tight, PR agencies and
in-house teams can establish which media is worth approaching and therefore likely to result in the
greatest ROI for their brand.”

Cint offers a wide range of market research solutions and provides access to the opinions of over ten
million people across 57 countries in the Cint OpinionHUB. For more information about how to use
online consumer research tools to your brand's advantage, visit

Contact - Keredy Andrews - - 0044 1858 411 600.

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