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									   “Blatek’s experience and
 understanding in maximizing
 piezocomposite performance
has set our line of transducers
   above the competition in
performance and consistency.”
Founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of Custom
Ultrasonic Transducers.
Independent company, privately owned.
Blatek has a skilled staff of 60 employees.
Production of over 30,000 transducers annually.
                Overview (cont.)
Sales of approximately $9 Million plus annually.
For 2011, Blatek Sales were as follows:
   Medical 64%
   Composite 18%
   NDT 12%
   VET 5%
   Megasonic Cleaning 1%
                  Blatek Team
Diverse, experienced group of industry experts:

   Stuart Blacker, Founder – 32 years financial management
   (Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo) and business management
   (ComputerLand, CoastAmerica).

   Dr. Xuecang Geng, Ph. D., Chief Scientist – 28 years
   experience in acoustic research and product development
   (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ins. Of Acoustics, Center of
   Microelectronics, PSU, Blatek).

   Dr. Ruibin Liu, Ph. D., Senior Scientist – 27 years experience in
   electro-ceramics and materials engineering (Shanghai Ins. Of
   Ceramics, PSU, Univ. of Toronto, USC, Blatek).
              Blatek Team (cont.)
Diverse, experienced group of industry experts (cont.):

   Kevin Knarr, Operations Manager – 26 years of experience in
   quality management and new product development with
   Corning, Inc. 8 years of experience in quality and management
   at Blatek.

   Bill Aurand, Development Engineer – 28 years experience in
   medical transducer design, development and process
   engineering (Echo Ultrasound, Interspec/ATL, Philips Medical
   Systems, Blatek).

   Ms. Chris Rishel, Quality Manager – 10 years of experience in
   quality management with Corning, Inc. 6 years of experience in
   quality management at Blatek.
Our highly skilled staff of 14 Scientists, Engineers and
Technicians have many years of experience in all
disciplines of transducer design and fabrication.
We utilize SolidWorks 3D and AutoCad 2D design
software for all of our design tasks.
Our R & D staff has full in-house acoustic modeling
        Overview of Abilities
Our family of top quality, custom piezocomposites is
the result of many years of acoustic and materials

Our primary focus is the development and
manufacture of high frequency medical transducers.

We are the industry leader in the high frequency
Ophthalmic market in the 10MHz to 50MHz range.
        Overview of Abilities
Our composite array technology is pushing the
envelope of conventional imaging by providing high
element count and fine pitch arrays in the 10MHz to
20MHz range.

Our extensive experience with the fabrication of high
element count arrays has allowed us to develop
processes that enable our skilled production staff to
consistently terminate thousands of element

We are the partner of choice for many emerging
technology companies worldwide.

Piezocomposite – 200KHz to 50MHz

Acoustic Stacks

Arrays – 1D & 2D, 1MHz to 20MHz


Low Frequency Transducers under 1MHz
               Products (cont.)

Doppler – CW & PW

A and B Scans – up to 50MHz

Pachymeters – 10MHz to 50MHz

Custom designs and configurations
Blatek is equipped to handle a wide variety of
     PROCESSING tasks.
Key equipment:
         In house Gold Deposition with New
         Semicore SC1000
         CNC Back grinding capabilities
           Flatness < 5 microns
           Up to a 6” diameter
        Four dicing saws,
           Smallest kerf width of 10 microns
        On Order:
           Fifth Dicing Saw
           Okamoto Surface Grinder
                Capabilities (cont.)
Blatek is equipped to handle a wide variety of
   MEASURING tasks.
Key equipment:
      XY Measurement scope
      RAM Optical XYZ Vision System
                Capabilities (cont.)
Blatek is equipped to handle a wide variety of
   MACHINING tasks.
Key equipment:
      CNC Laser
      Automated Circuit Board Plotter
      Full in-house CNC Machine Shop
Blatek has instituted a company-wide
quality system certified to ISO 9001:2008.
We are currently working with Integrated
Technologies Group toward Re- Certification
for ISO13485:2003.
We are working with Perry Johnson
Registrars and will be transferring all of our
ISO Registrations to them.

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