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Location of Internal Affairs Intake

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									From: Tom Frazier
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 1:57 PM
Subject: Location of Internal Affairs Intake

I met with the Court this week to discuss several issues, including the
civilianization of the intake function of Internal Affairs and where it
should be located within the City structure. We concluded that the
civilianization of the intake process, which is currently underway, may
continue. We further concluded that intake shall continue to be a part of
Internal Affairs.

The Independent Monitor, Chief Robert Warshaw, has been advised of these
decisions, and the Monitoring Team will continue to assess the performance
of the intake function.

I recognize this has been an arduous process, as might be expected given
that Internal Affairs, including the intake process, is a cornerstone of
the NSA and any police department. We are confident that there will be a
collaborative effort among all the parties to ensure that reforms in this
area are effective and sustainable.

Thomas Frazier

Compliance Director

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