Protecting Yourself During a Hurricane

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					Protecting Yourself During a Hurricane
There is a ton of information about what you should do to prepare yourself and your family for a
hurricane. Finding the right homeowners insurance and family health insurance will help protect
you and your family from the damaging effects of hurricanes, as will bracing the home for the
onslaught of the storm.

But, if you should find yourself trapped in your home during a hurricane you will want to know
how to react to the dangers of a hurricane, not solely how to prepare for one. Reacting well in
the face of a natural disaster may help you save your life and the life of those that you are with.

Be Prepared

Because of this, finding the right family health
insurance is important, but so is taking the time to
talk with local disaster relief officials about any
specific instructions you and your family should
follow that pertain to your local area’s protocol.

Generally speaking, you will want to make sure that
you do some of the following things, although any
other precaution and actions that you can take during
the hurricane itself to help protect you and your
family can also be enacted. One of the first things
that you should do is stay as informed as you possibly

A family can use a weather radio or tune into their
local weather station on television to listen to
broadcasts and alerts for their area. You and your
family should understand what is going on outside so you do not try to leave your home when it
is not safe to leave or incase evacuations to your area have been announced.

Another thing that a family can do to protect themselves in the middle of a storm is to secure
their home the best that they can from potential damages. A homeowner can close all of their
storm shutters and try to secure objects outside or bring them indoors to further protect
possessions and assets.

Secure Your Home

A homeowner can likewise turn off the utilities as soon as they are instructed to do so or when
the storm is imminent. An important tip when shutting off the power is to turn the refrigerator to
its coldest setting before switching off power and do not open the doors to the refrigerator after
until the power is back on.
                              Close all of your doors and windows and try to secure or brace
                              external doors. Keeping your blinds and curtains closed can help
                              shield the interior from glass should windows break during the

                              Still, however, finding a safe room in your house for your family
                              that does not have any windows or glass doors in it is highly
                              recommended to further protect from the danger of broken glass
                              during the storm. After finding a safe room to weather the storm,
                              a family can lie on the floor or under something sturdy to stay

                                 Should you find yourself stuck in your home during a hurricane,
do all that you can to stay safe. Then, once you get the go ahead to leave your home you can be
sure that you have done all you can to keep yourself and those that you are with as safe as

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