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Today’s companies are searching for new ways to staff and manage their
resources that yields increased profits and growth. Every businessman looking
with a different and time consuming plans and projects for their development. In
a standard Professional Employer Organization, you retain the day-to-day control
over how you manage your employees, and your provider handles the HR
management and benefits administration. Business outsourcing continue to grow
with PEOs being the perfect solution for many growing and exploring businesses
that want to eliminate the hassle of employment administration. PEOs offer
businesses a great solution to manage their employment processes, Human
Resources, Workers Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and more are all part of the
services available through a Professional Employer Organization.

DAS is a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offering complete
human resource solution. We have established a successful track record in the
PEO Company, and our experience enables us to offer the broadest range of
administrative services to companies small, medium or large. DAS can help
minimize your non-revenue generating HR responsibilities, so that you can
concentrate on improving business productivity and profitability through focused
utilization of resources. We offer innovative solutions, expert assistance and cost-
effective operation, in a way that suits your organization perfectly, helping it
streamline its business operations, save costs, and minimize risk. DAS provides a
full range of PEO Consulting services to make your business an attractive option
for potential employees.

Our customized PEO Companies handle the employee recruitment process,
relationship management and benefits administration. We help you attract and
retain skilled employees to help achieve your goals. Our PEO services enable
businesses to easily manage complex human resources and related
responsibilities such as HR services, workers' compensation claims, payroll
administration and more. Our services are adaptable and tailor-made to the
unique financial and business structure of the client company. Our PEO services,
provided by dedicated and knowledgeable professionals support employers in
handling business management effectively. Our PEO Services will turn out to be
profitable for your company and serve its short-term and long-term needs well
through streamlined functioning and exploitation of the full potential of your

DAS also offers flexibility in helping you choose whether to let us take care of all
your human resource responsibilities, or focus on some of these. By offering
integrated, cost-effective solutions, we provide remarkable value to your
business. Our role in this relationship is to provide PEO services that help
streamline essential administrative business functions so you can focus on making
your business successful and profitable. If you are considering outsourcing all or
part of your human resource processes, call us toll-free at 800 440-5266. We
would be happy to provide you with more information regarding the benefits of
our PEO services.

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