CONTRACTOR’S PERFORMANCE EVALUATION REPORT
              Final Report (Check only if the contract has ended and this is the last Performance Report)

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Contractor:                                                                                                 Contract No./Purchase Order No.:

Project Name (if applicable): ABC River Basin Clean Rivers Program                                          Phase (if applicable):

Date of Last Report:                                                                                        Date of Program’s Last Site Visit:

Brief Description of Work:

Performance Category                           Ratings                                                      Comments
                                   Exceeds    Satisfactory          Marginal       Unsatisfactory Please provide a narrative description to support the rating (attachments
                                 Expectations Performance         Performance       Performance are acceptable).
                                  Score = 3    Score = 2           Score = 1         Score = 0
 Quality & Accuracy of the
 Timeliness of the Work
 Financial & Progress
 HUB (where applicable)
 Cost Control
 Other (describe)*

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*Requires an attachment describing category and rating description which corresponds.
Note: Please see specific definitions for each performance category and an explanation for each rating on following page.
CONTRACTOR’S PERFORMANCE EVALUATION REPORT - CATEGORY DESCRIPTIONS                                                                       EXHIBIT 1F CONTD.
                                                  EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS                         SATISFACTORY                          MARGINAL                      UNSATISFACTORY
             PERFORMANCE                                (Score = 3)                            PERFORMANCE                         PERFORMANCE                      PERFORMANCE
                CATEGORY                                                                           (Score = 2)                       (Score = 1)                        (Score = 0)
1. Quality and Accuracy Quality, sufficiency, Work product always, with rare           Work product of satisfactory      Work product is acceptable,         Work product not acceptable
and accuracy of contract-required work,       exceptions, of excellent quality.        quality with only typical errors  although many errors and/or         or of very low quality, with
including work or tasks performed by          No revisions required.                   and omissions, which were         omissions had to be corrected prior many errors and omissions
subcontractors                                                                         corrected upon request.           to product being acceptable.        noted. Not all errors and
                                                                                                                                                             omissions corrected.
2. Timeliness Timeliness with respect to        All tasks and contract                 Some intermediate task delays, Some major work performance            Required work product not
completing contract-required work and/or        deliverables on time or ahead of       not expected to cause major       delays caused (or expected to       completed on time, due to
work-related tasks, including work              schedule. Quality of work did not      deadlines to be missed or to      cause) delivery schedules to be     factors that should have been
performed by subcontractors                     suffer as a result of the time line.   require contract extension. Prior missed.                             under contractor’s control.
                                                                                       approval granted for any other
3. Reports Accuracy, adequacy, and              All reports accurate and               Reports satisfactory with respect Numerous errors and/or omissions Reports consistently of poor
timeliness of contract-required                 complete, as well as on time. No       to both quality and timeliness.   corrected prior to reports being    quality and/or late. Contents
activity/progress reports, notifications,       rewrites or additional information     Contractor responded quickly      acceptable (or reminders of reports inadequate to permit
financial reports, invoices, pay requests and   required.                              and appropriately to questions    due were required to be sent).      interpretation or analysis.
other required documents, excluding HUB                                                or comments raised.               Reports not later than 5 working    Reports more than 5 working
reports                                                                                                                  days.                               days late.
4. HUB Contractor’s achievement of (or      Prime consistently meets or                Contractor’s HUB/GFE activities Reports either not received on        Contractor did not meet (or did
continued responsiveness toward) contract-  exceeds (and has adequately                satisfactory, although not all    time, or have lacked information    not document) the HUB goals
contained HUB subcontracting goals and/or   documented) the HUB goals                  goals achieved or reported in a necessary to fully document GFE established in the contract.
Good Faith Effort (GFE) requirements,       established in contract, or                timely manner.                    or other HUB subcontracting
including timely and accurate submittal of  consistently meets and                                                       commitments.
contract-required HUB-related reports       documents HUB GFE
5. Communication Contractor’s               Contractor consistently                    Contractor is usually flexible and   Contractor is only intermittently       Not flexible to changes in
accessability, responsiveness, and          maintains excellent standing               responsive to changes in             responsive to changes in contract       scope or other circumstances.
cooperativeness with respect to any         with subcontractors, including             circumstances or scope of work.      scope or other circumstances.           Not cooperative or accessible.
contract-related concerns communicated by timely payments. Works as a                  Generally maintains good             Marginal team player. Failed to         Failed to maintain good
the Contract Manager; plus contractor’s     team member and is flexible and            standing with subs, and ensures      make timely payments to subs on         standing with subs and failed
demonstrated relationship with              responsive to changes in                   that they are paid promptly.         one or two occasions.                   to make payments on more
subcontractors                              circumstances or scope of work.                                                                                         than two occasions.
6. Cost Control Contractor’s cost control   Contract performed at or below             Contract performed at less than      Contract performed at 5 - 10%           Contract performed at >10%
effectiveness and/or budget management      allowed cost, with no loss of              5% above allowed cost with           above allowed cost.                     above allowed cost.
skills                                      quality.                                   adequate quality
7. Technology Contractor’s demonstrated     Contractor is comfortable with             Contractor is capable of             Contractor usually uses more basic      Contractor can only apply
technical competence and/or expertise       and applies current proven                 applying current proven              technology to solve contract            basic technology to tasks.
(including competence and expertise of      technology. But is familiar with,          technology. Is aware of, but not     problems. Is aware of, but has little   Requires direction concerning
subcontractors); plus contractor’s          and willing to use, latest                 experienced in the use of latest     or no experience in the use of          appropriate technology and
innovativeness and willingness to apply,    techniques and solutions where             techniques and solutions.            more current proven techniques          solutions.
within the limitations of the contract, new such are appropriate.                                                           and solutions.
techniques or technologies
8. Other DESCRIBE                           DESCRIBE                                              DESCRIBE                              DESCRIBE                             DESCRIBE

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