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					                                           RD Report
                                        September 8, 2007

Regional Delegate Report

Hello folks, it is nice to be meeting in the home area and in the town where I got clean. At the
last meeting I was given a check for $400.00 for the NEZF travel expenses, here is the
Hotel: $273.50
Food: $ 56.15
Total: $ 329.65
I will be returning the amount of $70.35 to the RSC today. The actual expenses were actually
higher but these are the expenses I am claiming. There are a few reasons I am only claiming
these expenses. The first is that I did not separate all of the receipts out of my wallet and then
cleaned out my wallet without thinking (mostly gas receipts). The second is that I not charging
for the tolls, and the third is that I used the RD-A’s banquet ticket and need to square up with
Jamie separately.

 A $125.00 check was given for the Funshop to Harry D. who is not here with the receipts, but
the financial report is

Food $51.95
Copies $15.00
Room Rental at hospital $50.00
Money to be returned $8.05

I attended the NEZF in January at Rochester, NY. Jeremy (NNERSC Treasurer/NEZF Vice
Chair) was also there.
Attendance by the members of the NEZF:

ABCD                           RD             RD-A
Buckeye                        Not Present    Not Present
Connecticut                    RD             No RD-A
Eastern New York               RD             RD-A
Greater New York               RD             RD-A                   RD-A Too
Mid-Atlantic                   RD             RD-A
Mountain Valley                Not Present    Not Present
New England                    RD             RD-A
New Jersey                     RD             RD-A
Northern New England           RD             Not Present
Northern New Jersey            RD             RD-A
Northern New York              RD             RD-A
Western New York               RD             RD-A
Chairperson                    Present
Vice Chair                     Present
Secretary                      Present
As you may know, the topic at this Saturday Sharing Sessions was USA Liability Insurance.
There was a presentation from the Chair of the Eastern NY Region who handed out a 17-page
report that he prepared for this presentation. I will be sending out a digital copy of this report in
the next couple of days. Also, there was a presentation from John Cochrane from Philadelphia
Insurance to give information and to answer questions about insurance for non-profits, such as
NA. A lot of the discussion was covered in my 6 page notes that were distributed shortly after
the Zone. For the NNERSC, if we ever had the discussion of insurance for ourselves, we do not
have to be incorporated to have insurance. Is it necessary for each group to be listed on the
policy? No, but all of the meetings need to be under the umbrella of the RSC. In NNE, we have
110 meetings roughly, with approximately 35 meetings already covered with insurance in GSA.
As with ENY, we can select say 80 meetings out the 110 to be covered. Of course, then the cost
would need to be covered from the remaining 2 Areas, as the already covered GSA would not be
asked to pay for insurance not applied to them. But then would it be really be a regional thing if
it only applies to and funded by 2/3s of our member areas?

The discussion came up at the Zone as it did here about RBZ candidate for the World Board. It is
clear that there are people from within our Zone that are considering running for the World
Board and want to avail themselves of this process made available from the Human Resource
Panel. At the NNERSC we should also be prepared to enter into this discussion again should a
potential candidate surface (not me).

Both of the proposals were approved concerning the Zonal website. I need to submit a motion
today for $30.00 to cover our portion of the cost of the NEZF website for one year.

Jim G. was nominated and re-elected to chair of the NEZF. The vote was 11-0 Passed
Jeremy F. was nominated and re-elected as Vice-chair. The vote was 10-1 Passed
Secretary is a 2-year position and will be up for election in July of 2008.

The next NEZF is January 25,26,27 2008 in Western New York at Buffalo at the Garden Palace
Hotel Rooms are $89 plus tax for a total of $101.24. There is also an option for dinner included
with the room for an additional cost. I have a flyer to distribute, but I have to be honest, that I
have temporarily misplaced the paperwork from this zone. I hope to recover it soon!

The June 20,21,22 2008 NEZF will be in ABCD Region in Albany (most likely) at the Comfort
Inn near the airport $89 per night.

January 23, 24,25 2009 is the weekend selected for the winter 2009 meeting. Because of the
Buckeye Regions nonparticipation of late, this most likely will be held in the CT Region. Lots
more info to come later.

On August 30, the RD-A and I each received a package from NAWS containing Service
materials including:

50 copies of the following Board Approved Service Pamphlets:
     Group Trusted Servants- Roles and Responsibilites
       Group Business Meetings
       Disruptive and Violent Behavior
       NA Groups and Medication
       An Introduction to NA Meetings

     1 copy of the Approval Draft of the 6th Edition Basic Text
     1 copy of the Public Relations Handbook with all of the new tabs and all of the resource
        material released to date
     Draft of Revisions to A Guide to World Services in NA for Consensus Based Decision
The Service Pamphlets are to be distributed and NAWS is looking for input. They are also for
sale at NAWS. A reminder about Service Pamphlets:
Service Materials – At the WSC this past year we approved a motion to “allow the World
Board to develop and approve service-related information pamphlets and tools for
distribution to the fellowship.”

The WB is currently working on the following service pamphlets and they may be released in the
fall: Leadership, The Benefits of Service, and What Is NAWS.

The approval draft of the 6th Edition Basic Text available for free download at www.na.org or
can be purchased from NAWS for $8.00 each. The size of the BT will be wider and will have
over 400 pages and will cost $11.00.

Public Relations Handbook Update - The initial twenty-eight PR Handbook chapter resources
have been completed. The WB has approved an additional fourteen addenda for the handbook
and should be available later this year. Beginning September 1, 2007 the new price for the PR
Handbook, with the tabs and the addenda is $8.50.

October 31, 2007 Deadline for region, WB, and zone candidate submissions
November 9–10, 2007 Literature and Convention Workshop—Woodland Hills, CA

RSC Workshops – The Funshop in Dover was August 11 in Dover at the Wentworth-Douglass
Hospital. Unfortunately this event was ignored by nearly everyone. On the bright side, the three
of us that of worked on this event gained valuable experience on presenting the material in a
digital format using Power Point, photo slide shows and video presentations. It has been my hope
that putting on workshops by members of the region in each of the Areas would help stimulate
interest and support by providing information of interest to the local fellowship. Over time, these
workshops for the most part have not been supported by the local fellowship. I was at the most
recent Granite State ASC meeting where we had discussion of involving the GSA
subcommittees in the presentations instead of having only a Consensus Based Decision Making
Workshop, and using some of our material such as the Service Structure Presentation. In the
GSA there is an event scheduled for October 20, that is being put on by the ―Northern Groups‖,
which is a collection of groups from the northern part of the GSA. I feel like this event is too
close to the event we were planning and that the support of the GSA members should go to
supporting this other event. For the time being, I am withdrawing from planning regional
workshops, and will begin focusing on encouraging each ASC to have some form of a
Conference Agenda Report Workshop that the RD-A and I could participate in and help to
present. Of course the best place to get CAR info is at the MRLE where the WB will be in
attendance. The CAR will be released on November 23 and the World Service Conference is at
the end of April.
Just a friendly reminder to the fellowship that I only have 5 more RSCs as the Regional
Delegate, so it is not too early for potential RD-As to express interest in serving!
Thanks, Chris R. chrisr@tiac.net 603-674-5041