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					A Proposal for the Geospatial Platform: Data
Acquisition as a Service

Kevin T. Gallagher
Associate Director, Core Science Systems

National Geospatial Advisory Committee Meeting
January 12, 2012

U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Geological Survey
National Geospatial Program

Background – Position on the Geospatial Platform

§   The Federal Geospatial Platform offers the USGS the
    potential to:
     §   Extend the reach of the National Map, both in terms of
         delivering and acquiring geospatial data.

     §   Enhance user access to USGS applications.

     §   Reduce overhead/infrastructure expenses.

§   The Platform could be strengthened if “Data
    Acquisition as a Service” was added as an offering.
National Geospatial Program

Data Acquisition as a Service

 §   Along with data, applications, and infrastructure, many in the
     community could benefit from access to data acquisition
     services provided as a part of the overall Platform offering

 §   Not all geospatial community members have either the ability
     or the resources to contract for data acquisition services, and
     others, who do, might be able to gain efficiencies by
     considering the use of the Platform’s acquisition offering

 §   Our proposal is to start by focusing on a single theme of data:
     elevation, for example

 §   Gauge interest and evaluate savings and efficiencies, and then
     consider broader offerings
National Geospatial Program

DAaaS In Context
 §   te

                              The concept of Data
                              Acquisition as a
                              Service (DAaaS) fits
                              well in the “Data as a
                              Service” Offering
    National Geospatial Program

An Existing Vehicle: Geospatial Products and Services

§     GPSC 2 – negotiated and in place - FY 10
       § 7 prime contractors
           § Aerometric, Inc; Dewberry & Davis, LLC; Photoscience; Northrop
             Grumman Info Systems; Woolpert, Inc.; Fugro Earthdata, Inc.; Digital
             Aerial Solutions, LLC
       § $250,000,000 delegated procurement authority over 5 years

§     FY11 Activity
       § 35 tasks awarded
           § Tasks included: 15 ortho, 14 lidar, 1 IFSAR, & 5 other lidar-related tasks
       § Partners included: NGA, other USGS, BLM, FEMA, BIA, NRCS, USCOE
         (multiple regions), NPS (multiple regions), Delaware NTI, Rhode Island DOT,
         various Florida Water Management Districts, Arkansas National Guard, City
         of Nashville & Davidson County, TN, various Colorado state agencies
National Geospatial Program

Five –Year Funding History of GPSC
National Geospatial Program

What We Offer

§   Services provided by USGS in conjunction with the
    GPSC contract
     § Coordination of requirements and development of agreements
         among partners
     §   Provision of subject matter expertise in translating program and
         partner requirements into task orders
     §   Negotiating, awarding, and managing contracts and tasks
     §   Inspection and quality assurance of deliverables*
     §   Delivery of data to partners as specified in agreement

     *note that the level of involvement in QA by the partner and by USGS
       staff varies depending on the task order
National Geospatial Program

Some Potential Benefits

§   Enables rapid data acquisition to respond to natural hazards
    and other urgent issues

§   Achieves economies of scale

§   Brings USGS expertise with contracting and QA to community
    at large

§   Assures that standards and quality are built into acquisitions

§   Brings additional value to the Geospatial Platform offering
National Geospatial Program

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