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									The National IMG Database: An
Emerging Picture of International Medical
Graduates in Canada
2012 Physician Workforce Research Conference
Washington, D.C.

                      Tamara Brown, Project Manager
                      Steve Slade, VP Research and Analysis
                      Canadian Post-MD Education Registry
                      Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada
The History Behind the IMG Database
Why the focus on IMGs?

• Increased immigration of medical
  graduates to Canada
• Balancing our need for physicians with
  public safety
• Growing emphasis on foreign credential
  recognition and standardization
• Ethical recruitment and treatment of IMGs
History of the National IMG Database

   2004      Canadian Task Force on the Licensure of
             International Medical Graduates

 2005-2009   Phase 1: Foundational Activities

 2010-2013   Phase 2: Development of an Analytical
             Agenda and Increasing Project Visibility

               •   Medical Council of Canada (MCC)
               •   7 IMG assessment centres
               •   17 Faculties of Medicine
               •   The College of Family Physicians of
                   Canada (CFPC)
               •   The Royal College of Physicians and
                   Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC)
               •   Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ)
               •   9 regulatory authorities
Key Findings
Cumulative Number of Distinct IMGs in the
National IMG Database

   Source: National IMG Database, 2011
Number of IMGs who passed MCC
Examinations, 2005-2010
MCC Exams: Early Signs of Incoming IMGs
   Data in an Evolving Context
   Increased Number of First Year Post-MD Trainees

Source: CAPER, AFMC, 2010. Note: Excludes visa trainees.
Following a Cohort of Canadian Citizen IMGs

                    1491            MCCEE

                     461       MCCQEI & MCCQEII

                     322            PGME

                     144       CFPC/RCPSC/CMQ

                     41           LICENSURE
IMG Certification, 2008-2010


      EE                                       PGME
                  CERTIFICATION WITH
      519                                      1447
            QEI                        Licensed

            820                          660

IMG Licensure, 2008-2010


      EE                            PGME
     950                                437
           QEI              Certified

           835                622

IMG Statement of Need Applicants
   What is a Statement of Need?

    IMGs wishing to pursue postgraduate medical training in the United
    States need to obtain a J1 Visa – a “Statement of Need” is one
    necessary component in the J1 Visa Application. Applicants must be
    Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada.

    A Statement of Need signifies two things:
        o It serves as confirmation to those issuing the Visa that qualified
          physicians are required in Canada;
        o Confirms the applicant has the full intention to return to Canada
          following residency training.
   Candidates are expected to train in medical specialties identified
   by provincial and territorial physician resource planning.

Source: Health Canada
   Applicant Categories

Category A (Final Year Medical Student)
•Final year medical students wishing to pursue medical specialty training in the
United States.
•Medical graduates wishing to pursue either a fellowship, or a short-term rotation or
elective training program in the United States.

Category B (Non-Licensed, Non-Student/Resident)
•Medical graduate not currently enrolled in Canadian postgraduate training and not a
licensed specialist in Canada who wishes to pursue medical specialty training in the
United States.

Category C (Licensed Physician)
•Licensed physician wishing to pursue a fellowship in the United States that is either
within or different from their current field of practice.
Country of MD Graduation - Distribution across
Statement of Need Categories
An Increase in IMG Applicants
MCC Examinations
IMG Statement of Need Applicant by Highest Level
of MCC Exam Passed
Number of IMG Statement of Need Applicants
Having Reached Key Milestones

IMGs comprise 66.1% of all Statement of Need applications.

Of IMG applicants who have completed one or more MCC
exams, 82% of these individuals are CSAs.

Large numbers of IMG applicants have reached the point of
having written an MCC exam, however very few have
reached PGME, certification, or licensure.

The data suggests that Immigrant IMGs are less likely to
apply for a statement of need, likely as a result of their
planned immigration to Canada.
Thank you.

The IMGs in Canada Project Team:
Steve Slade, VP, Research and Analysis CAPER-ORIS
Tamara Brown, Project Manager,
Linda Bourgeois, Research Associate,

This project is funded by the Government
of Canada's Foreign Credential
Recognition Program.

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