; The billing machine and its components
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The billing machine and its components


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									           The billing machine and its components

A billing machine is also known as a cash register which is an electronic
instrument that has a purpose to calculate the total and record the transactions that
have taken place with the clients. This equipment consists of an attached drawer
which is employed to keep the cash in an aligned manner. Few billing machines
provide the printed receipts of the transactions that have been done with the client.

This drawer which is attached to the billing machine can only be opened when a
sale transaction is being done with a client. Other than that it can be opened with
the help of a special key that can be used to open the drawer to give out change to
the customers of the store if the need arises. It has been useful in reducing the
amount of theft that was being done by the employees of the retailer. Thus is has
also been helpful in saving the company the profits that it had earned. The cash
given out through a billing machine can be easily calculated as compared to
recording an inventory.

The components of a Billing Machine

Cash drawer

The case which is placed beneath the billing machine is said to be a cash drawer, it
has all the cash from all the sale transactions is being stored. It has a till which is
detachable. This is generally made up of a wooden case or a plastic case that is
divided into some compartments. In this bank notes of all the denominations can
be kept easily.

The Manual input
The billing machine usually has a numerical pad, a touch screen interface, a
custom or a QWERTY keypad, or may be a mix of these input devices for the
salesperson to enter the price of the goods by hand and access the information
which is required for the sale transaction to be completed. At some places manual
billing machines are being used that do not sell products that have barcodes on

The Scanner

A barcode reader can be handheld or stationary and it is used to make the make the
purchases quick. This is because the punching of numbers into the cash register
requires a lot of time. It is also useful in avoiding the number of errors that take
place while the price of the product is entered by hand.

The Receipt printer

A thermal printer is employed to print the sale receipt of the transaction that has
taken place with the client, old matrix printers are also being used at some places.
The retailers might also use the option of sending the sale receipt through an email
to the clients rather than giving them a printed receipt.

Security deactivation

For the stores that uses the electronic article protection, a surface or a pad that will
be attached to the billing machines because of which the security devices gets
deactivated and that it gets attached to the goods being that have been purchased .
It also helps stopping the customer’s purchase set off security alarms that is present
at the store exit.

The billing machine is a very essential point of sale equipment, it is used to store
and calculate the amount of cash that has been kept in it. The cash drawer which is
attached in the billing machine has helped to bring down the number of thefts
happening in the store.
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