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									Money Journal Survey Shows Consumers Want Banks Closely Monitored

A new Money Journal survey shows that consumers want banks regulated more closely to prevent
another financial crisis.

Las Vegas, NV, September 10, 2013 --( The majority of U.S. consumers say banks need to be
monitored more closely so that another financial crisis does not develop, according to a new independent poll.

A series of regulations to aid consumers were approved in the Dodd-Frank financial reform act, but the
majority of legislation has not yet been implemented. Lobbyists working for the financial industry,
including the nation's biggest banks and mortgage firms have been lobbying against legislation that is part
of Dodd-Frank.

More than two-thirds of the regulations have not received final approval by lawmakers to become
effective. The financial crisis reached its peak five years ago last month on Wall Street in August 2008.
The U.S. housing market started to crash seven years ago across the nation.

A huge majority of 71% surveyed say banks should be regulated more closely to reduce the chances of
another financial crisis from developing by regulators. The crisis was heavily triggered by financial
traders on Wall Street, who sold a record volume of mortgage securities to provide the financing for a
record number of home mortgages.

Money Journal regularly surveys visitors on important issues related to the economy and is a leading
independent resource for consumers. Journalists, including experts in stocks, bonds, real estate, money
management, personal finance and banking provide detailed reports and forecasts on Money Journal so
consumers can better protect themselves in the world of finance.

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