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					                             Hants East Rural High

                                 Annual Report


[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                       Page 1
                   FEEDER SCHOOLS FOR HERH


         Maple Ridge (Lantz & Milford area students)
        Shubenacadie (includes Indian Brook students)

                            MIDDLE SCHOOL

                      Riverside Education Center

                                 HIGH SCHOOL

                          Hants East Rural High

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                          Page 2
Peter        Ashley
Amy-Jo       Boudreau
Alyson       Bremner
Ralph        Brine
Kareen       Burgoyne
Bruce        Campbell
Craig        Casavechia
John         Chiasson
Trevor       Comeau
Matt         Corkum
Roger        Crowe
Stephanie    Dean-Moore
Sally        Dunford
Darlene      Ells
Rebecca      Engram
Londa        Farrell
Leah         Forster
Matt         Fullerton
Wayne        Garden
Ryan         Gerbrandt
Jennifer     Giles
Kim          Jones
Lexi         Juurlink
Steve        MacKeil
Mike         MacKinnon
Lisa         MacNeil
Paul         Malick
Debbie       Matheson
Serena       Matthews
Darcy        McDonah
Heather      Mumford
Julie        North
Gerald       Parker
Susan        Peebles
Mark         Peveril
Nancy        Rose
Eric         Ross
Ron          Sampson
Brianna      Scott

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]   Page 3
Paul         Settle
Paul         Sherren
Craig        Sherry
Sonya        Singer
Jim          Smith
Doug         Sparks
Nathan       St. Onge
Chris        Stockdale
Marsha       VanSlyke
Christa      Williams

Mike        Smith
Chester     Clark
Meredith    Harrison
Shawn       Bernard
Sherri      Crowell

Michelle    Gallant-White
Kim         Beals
Lisa        Belair
Melanie     Csunyoska
Dawn        Gorman
Heather     McHugh-Fox
Natalie     Retfalvi
Cheryl      Stevens
Bev         Williams

Jenny-Lynn     Wardrope
Kelly          Best
Lisa           Cox
Ed             Dawson
Anna           Landry
Nancy          Lake

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]   Page 4
                                        SCHOOL PROFILE


School: Hants East Rural High                  Grades: 9 -12

Principal: Mike Smith                          Principal Administration FTE: 1.0

Secretaries:                                   Secretarial Hours per Week: 35 each

Sherri Crowell

Meredith Harrison

Vice-Principals:                               VP Administration FTE: 2.0

Chester Clark

Shawn Bernard

NSTU FTSs: 51.00                               Classroom Teacher FTEs: 36.3+3.5 OPP = 39.8

Guidance FTE: 1.7                              Name:

                                               Jim Smith 0.70

                                               Nancy Rose 1.00

Learning Centre FTEs: 3                        Names:

                                               Kim Jones

                                               Heather Mumford

                                               Sarah MacPhee (maternity) Lexi Juurlink (term)

First Nations Program Support FTEs: 1          Name: Shawn Maloney (Paid by Dept. of

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                            Page 5
Special Education FTEs: 1.0              Name: Serena Matthews

Library Staff FTE: 1.0                   Name: Tim Brown

EA FTEs: 10                              Names: (5 hr/day)

                                         Melanie Csunyoscka

                                         Michelle Gallant-White

                                         Natalie Retfalvi

                                         Lisa Belair

                                         Kim Beals

                                         Dawn Gorman

                                         Heather McHugh-Fox

                                         Cheryl Stevens

                                         Cheryl Williams

OPP                                      Christa Williams

                                         Craig Cassavachia

                                         Jim Smith (Co-ordinator) (.3)

School Psychologist: Pat Rutherford      Hours Per week: 5

Speech Language Pathologist: Christene   Hours Per week: CCRSB

Number of Bus/Lunch Supervisors: 5 @ 2   Names: Sue Roy, Debbie Richardson
                                         Shelley Shaunessy, Bev Clarke, Gary Andrews

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                     Page 6
School Enrollment Profile

  Grade      Enrolment        IPPs        ACCs         ANS                                    IS       Chal.s
                                                                     Reserve        Off

     9           249           15           63             1            20           1        1

    10           192            5           26             3            17           2        0

    11           237            7           42             2            16           3        8

    12           183            6           28             0             9           5        2

  12RG             2            0           0              0             0           0        0

  10OPP           13            0           6              1             0           0        0

  11OPP           12            0           0              1             0           0        0

  12OPP            9            0           0              0             1           1        0

                   7            7           0              0             0           0        0

 Totals          904           40          165             8            63          12       11           0

School Improvement Goals:

1. Leadership - To achieve a significant increase in the       Strategy 1- Improve communication between
perceived effectiveness of leadership by June 2010             administration and all stakeholders

                                                               Strategy 2 - define/Implement an effective discipline

                                                               Strategy 3 - Refine/implement effective administrative
                                                               practices and empower staff to participate in decision-

2. Struggling Students - To decrease the percentage of
students achieveing 0-59 in each student achienement

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                                                  Page 7
School Schedule:

First bus arrival time:          8:20

Registration begins:

Instruction begins:              9:15

Recess Time:                     10:15

Lunch Hour                       11:25-12:05 (grades 10,11,12); 12:30-1:10 (Grade 9)

Instruction ends:                3:15

Dismissal time:                  3:15

Last bus departure time:         3:25

Daily instructional hours:       5.0+

Best time to visit:              After 9:15 a.m. daily

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                  Page 8
Membership:    Jessica Schuringa, Susan Travis, Cathy MacDonald, Mike Smith, Pam Ransome, Cheryl
               Woodworth, Shawn Maloney, Jenny-Lynn Wardrope , Alan Cardinal, Lori Miller, Colton
               MacAdam, Kelly Cigolotti

Regular meeting were held monthly under the leadership of Susan Travis.

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                               Page 9
                                       Accreditation highlights
Goal 1:      To achieve a significant increase in the perceived effectiveness of leadership by June 2010.

Administration kept their commitment to both formally and informally visit classrooms. The Principal made 50
formal visits and each VP made 15. The bi-weekly Friday Factsheets were an effective way to communicate
information to staff, effectively freeing up staff meetings for conversations and decision making.

We continue to improve the Electronic Office Referral process. The two way communication between teacher and
Admin and the accuracy of information available on the school shared drive has proven very effective.

Transferring $26,000 from the school budget directly to the departmental budgets with decisions made
collabouratively between Department heads and teachers has increased transparency and accountability.

All five groups surveyed (parents/guardians, teachers, students (9), students (10-12) and support staff) showed
positive increases and reached their 2010 goals. The largest increase was the teacher group, which moved from
23% agreement to 83%. Next year, we will work hard to increase these numbers even higher. Focusing specifically
on the extent to which the school has effective leadership, for every one of the five groups, we see a positive
increase and for all survey results in this area we see an overall school mean increase of 20% (This combines both
Admin and student leadership).

Goal 2:      To decrease the percentage of students achieving 0-59 in each student achievement area by 10% by
             June 2010.

By ensuring all students received their final schedules for next year in June and offer 3 days in August for course
changes, we should set up next year effectively.

We made an effort to enhance our celebration of students by displaying art, upgrading the trophy case and
showcasing student work at a local business.

The creation of the Renaissance program (a High School version of PEBS) in March proved to be very successful in
rewarding students for positive behavior. This program will be expanded next year.

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                                               Page 10
In terms of the nine threads, HERH experienced the greatest gain in #7 Effective Leadership, with a +20% increase
from all survey participants. Within the five groups asked, a +59% increase from teachers and a +29% from support
staff led the way. Although all five groups expressed increased satisfaction, the parent group showed the smallest
increase in #7 Effective Leadership at +5%. This was the only category to show improvement across every group,
and was the category to show the greatest positive increase in every group except one (support staff).

The only thread to show over-all negative growth was #8 Parent Involvement, which showed -2% growth for all
groups combined. This was led by -8% growth by parents and 0% for both categories of students.

In every thread, teachers showed more of an increase in satisfaction than parents. There was not a single one
where parents had more positive numbers. The parents showed a decrease (or 0%) in every category except #7
Effective Leadership.

The Grade 10-12 students were generally more satisfied than the Grade 9’s (showing a larger or equal percentage
in 8 of the 9 categories). For all categories, the only decrease was by the Grade 9’s in #2 Non-Academic needs.

When exploring all categories for all groups, the largest gain was Teachers regarding #7 Effective Leadership
(+59%). The greatest decrease was Parents regarding #3 Safe and Positive Learning Environment (-13%).

Of the 45 percentages, 12 were negative (27%) and the 33 were positive or the same (83%).

The data is generally positive but suggests a strong need to work more closely with parents, to include them more
in what is happening at the school, to communicate more effectively, to encourage them to participate more in
school activities and to increase their ownership in their son or daughter’s education.

In order to measure our success with goal 2, we created baseline data by combining marks from 3 school- years
(2004-05, 2005-06, and 2006-07). The number and the percentage of students who had final marks in the 0-59 %
range for each subsequent year are counted and reflected as a percentage of the overall number of courses for
that year.

As a school for the years 2004-2007 (baseline data), there were 4882 out of 19929 marks (24.5 %) in the interval 0-
59% (that percentage rose 2.2% in 07-08). Last year, with our outlined strategies in place and close adherence to
specific guidelines, we reduced the number of students in the 0-59 % interval by 3.9 %, to our present standing of
22.8 %. With continued efforts, our goal of 22.1 % is within our reach.

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                                             Page 11
Departmental budgets.

Budget for April 1, 2008 – March 31, 2009

Department         Consumables        Supplies     Planning    Total

English                    0                1000        1000           2000

Science                  2000               900          900           3800

Mathematics               200               800          800      1800 +500

Social Studies             0                700          700           1400

French                     0                500          500           1000

Guidance/LC                0                700          900           1600

Music                     200               1000                       1200

Art                       500               500                        1000

Student Council            0                1250                       1250

Family Studies            700                0                         700

Tech Ed                   500               700                        1000

OPP                       500                0                         500

Phys Ed                    0                1000                       1000

Film & Video               0                600                        600

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                Page 12

SEPTEMBER    4 - Teacher Orientation (Staff Only)
             5 - In-service (Staff Only)
             6 - Opening day for Students
             12 - School Photos
             20 - Orientation Evening: 6:30 - 8:30
             21 - Approved Course Change Deadline
             27 - Principal's Reception
             26 - Student Council Elections for Class Reps
             28 - Student Fee Payment Deadline (without penalty)

OCTOBER      5 - Post Secondary visit 9:00 - 11:00
             8 - Thanksgiving Day (no classes)
             17 - Picture Re-takes
             22-25 - Fall Fiesta Events
             24 - Dance 7:30 - 10:30
             26 - Provincial Conference Day (No school for students)

NOVEMBER     12 - Remembrance Day Observance (no classes)
             19 - Mid-Term Reports
             22 - Parent/Teacher visitation:
             2:00-4:00 & 6:00-8:00 (half-day in-service)

DECEMBER     2 - Christmas Music Concert 2:00 - 3:30
             6 - Student Council Dance (Semi-formal) 7:30 - 10:30
             20 - Last day prior to Christmas break

JANUARY      3 - Classes resume
             28 - English 12 NS Exam
             29 - Math 12 NS Exam
             28 - Feb. 1 - Exams

FEBRUARY     4 - Second Semester begins
             13 - Approved Course Change Deadline
             18 - 21 - Winter Carnival
             21 - Winter Carnival Dance; 7:30 - 10:30

MARCH        10 - 14 - March Break (no classes)
             21 - 24 - Easter Break (no classes)

APRIL        21 - Mid-Term Report Cards

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                         Page 13
             24 - Parent/Teacher visitation
             (2:00 - 4:00 & 6:00 - 8:00) (half-day in-service)
             10 - 12 - Annual Spring Musical

MAY          15 - Student Council Executive Elections
             15- Student Council dance 7:30 - 10:30
             16 - Deadline for all school trips
             19 - Victoria Day (no classes)
             22 - Music Concert
             29 - Tiger Awards

JUNE          5 - Grad Banquet
             12 - Athletic Recognition
             17 - 23- Exams
             17 - English 12 NS Exam
             18 - Math 12 NS Exam
             24 - Prom & Safe Grad
             24,25,26 - Administration Days (Staff Only)
             26 – Graduation
             27 - Last Day of School

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                   Page 14
General Highlights:

Newsletter - Our first newsletter went out Thursday, Sept 11. Steve and I used School Connects to phone every home last
weekend to advise that this was coming. I expect 5-6 newsletters to go home this year. We will post these on our HERH website.

K12 - Thanks to all teachers for their commitment to post daily homework for all classes. Combined with the due dates for
assignments and tests and the posting of marks we have made a significant step forward in our attempt to effectively communicate
with parents. All grade 9’s were given K-12 usernames and passwords at the Thursday, Sept 11 assembly.

Enrolment - Here are the school statistics by grade at this point
•       Grade 9 : 266
•       Grade 10 : 211
•       Grade 11 : 257
•       Grade 12 : 206

International Students - We have increased our number to 11 students this year. I am asking for a volunteer to co-ordinate and
plan outside activities for these students. Last year we went to a dinner theatre and tidal bore rafting.

Course changes - What a difference. The three days in August have made a very positive impact. The lack of long line-ups during
the first week at student services and the settled rosters is a wonderful improvement - thanks to all for making this work.

Equipment for Skills Trades arrived - 4 pallets: It is exciting to see ladders, compressors, saws and power nailers arrive at our
school. Let there be no doubt that skilled trades at H. E.R.H. is going to happen!!

DOE capital tour of school - We hosted a tour of the school for a number of colleagues from the DOE, with the purpose of high-
lighting the keys areas in need of a capital up-grade. We emphasized the significant Technology deficit, our need for another gym
(creating a double gym), the safety concerns regarding the congestion at the current entry to the school, our need to create a new
music room adjoining the AV room (and re-purposing the current music room as Admin space when Chester and Meredith lose their
office for the new entry), our need for a major up-grade to the AV room (lights, sound, seats) and the safety concerns of not
having 2 way PA communications between the classrooms and office.

Skilled trades visit on Weds Oct 8 - The Architect and contractors were in and we looked at the blueprints for the new space.
This is going to become a great learning area. We agreed that the space must be ready for the beginning of second semester. DOE
will provide us with brochures for students and parents in mid-November so that we can begin an informed course selection
process. Over the next few months we will finalize the hiring of the teacher and the courses that will be offered.

Brianna Scott asked to go to Brazil - Our own Brianna's excellence was noticed outside the building. I received a call from Lisa
at International and they asked Brianna to go to Sao Luis, Brazil in March 2009.

Cdn Mental Health Curriculum - Wayne Garden has agreed to work with Jackie Murphy from Cdn Mental Health to offer a 6
hour curriculum component focused on mental health to his PDR9 students. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students and we
certainly appreciate Wayne initiative.

Norbert Georget - The Nov 4 assembly was incredible. The former paramedic's message regarding alcohol and driving was
emotional, relevant and meaningful. It struck me that 3 different times he spoke to tour students saying how respectful an audience
they were. In fact, he said he doesn't remember the last time high school students were such a good audience. That was sure nice
to hear.

Site-based inservice - Dr. Jim Gunn led a very good in-service focused on Goal 1 of the Accreditation process (leadership and
communication). Comments from teachers were very encouraging and the 'next steps' for us as a school are now clearly articulated.
I am very excited and optimistic about how HERH will continue to progress in these areas.

JA - Congratulations to the members of the Jr. Achievement team for capturing the provincial title in the Titan Business Competition
in Halifax last Thursday. Our team of Mike Coady (captain), Nicole McCulloch, Matt MacLean, David O'Neail, Kody Blois, Lindsay
Poisaita and Thomas Morrison defeated 24 other teams from around the province to win the competition for the 2nd time in 3
years (We lost by a single point last year). 1st prize is a skybox at an upcoming Mooseheads game.

ArtReach program - Stephanie Dean-Moore secured an ArtReach workshop for Hants East in March. They brought prints from
the AGNS collection and gave a short class on the techniques and traditions of the medium, and a hands-on activities with the
students. They left the materials and tools, so that we can continue to do printmaking with the classes for years to come at no
cost to us.

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                                                           Page 15
Permanent contracts - Craig Casavechia, Christa Williams, Brianna Scott, Trevor Comeau, Kim Jones, D'Arcy McDonah, Julie
North, Amy Boudreau, Leah Hodder, Serena Matthews, Heather Mumford and Doug Sparks have been notified that they have
earned their permanent contracts with CCRSB. This is great news for our school, as all are exceptional colleagues.

Brazil - Laura Lambe, Sinead Dubeau, Mike Coady and Robyn McMakin joined Ms Brianna Scott in Brazil in March 2009. I had the
pleasure, along with Lisa Hartery from International of advising these amazing students on Weds. They were overwhelmed and
absolutely ecstatic!!! I love this part of the job.

Jim Smith: After a great career at HERH, Jim has offically decided to leave for rest of year.

AV room - Admin has approved the purchase of the lighting controls for the AV room (approx $10k) that should make a significant
positive difference for the school.

Video stars: Matt spent the day in Truro with four awesome students at the regional TV/video skills competition. The results: 1.
HERH - Jill Locke & Terri-Lynn Warren; 2. SCA; 3. HERH - Jason Vermes & Zack Ball. Their videos blew the competition out of the
water and the judges were very impressed. It was a bit stressful for them, but they had a great time. Here are the results from the
provincial TV/video competition: Gold - HERH - Jason and Zach; Silver - Memorial High; Bronze - HERH - Jill and Terri-Lynn.Off to
Nationals in May in Charlottetown with the boys :)

Getting things done: Through Gov Grants applied for Christa was able to be awarded grants for both Eric and her classes to
assist in the costs of 1: main cost of materials for the Deck for the Musical RENT. (Eric Ross' production tech & Ian Wilson's Skills
trades constructed to deck.) 2. For a garden shed and raised garden beds to assist Alyson in her Garden project. At the present
time OPP students and HTT 12 students are building the garden shed and the raised garden beds.

Renaissance Program: I am so impressed with the work by our teachers in recognizing the positives things our students do. This
program was a true gift to not only our students, but to all of us as we work towards celebrating more often and more
meaningfully. A great example of what makes our school AWESOME!!

Ron O'Flaherty Scholar Athlete Award nominees: The decision of the coaches was as follows: Grade 12 - Jennah Miller and
Kody Blois, Grade 9 - Emily Davenport and Cody Anthony

NSSAF Athlete/ Coach awards : Male - Josh Hilton, Female: Jennah Miller, Coach: Trevor Comeau.

l'etoiles de francais : four of our French students placed at this year's french speech contest: Leanna Dillman (3rd, grade 10),
Brandon Huybers (3rd Grade 10), Laura Lambe (1st Grade 11), Monike Porter (2nd, grade 10).

music makers: Three band students last year auditioned for the NS youth Wind ensemble last May 2008. They were successfully
and have been participating in the ensemble since last summer. It's kind of like a provincial sport team. the following is a little bit
more about the ensemble you can use. The students are: Cody Brown(Euphonium), Angela Forbes(Tuba) and Jeanetta
McGinley(Clarinet). They have gained a great deal from this
experience and bring it back to HERH music.

SAC Scholarship: Also at SAC, we decided to contribute a $500 annual scholarship to an HERH student in the name of Roger
Wardrope, Jenny Lynn's late father. JL is the longest serving SAC member and this is a great way to pay tribute to her dad, with his
recent passing.

Mentoring at REC : Sonya's Grade 12 English students created magic with the work they are doing in their mentorship program at
REC. I have heard directly from participating students how pleased they are and how empowering this opportunity is for them.
Great work.

RENT: The musical starts was incredible!!!

Student Council legacy success: Mark sent Jocelyn from the Municipality an email the other day just to check on the progress of
the application we sent in for funding for the bleacher funding. They contributed $4300 towards the bleachers!!!! This is awesome.
We have paid for the bleachers already and we should be able to have a small amount of money left over from various fundraisers
this year.

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                                                               Page 16
Lt Governors award - Cody Brown and Laura Lamb were this year’s winners. Thank you so much to the teachers who nominated
students. It was heartening to see the long list of students who combine academic excellence with school and community
contributions. The ceremony happened at Hants North Rural High School on Monday, May 25 at 1pm.

Nat'l Skills competition: Here are the results for the tv/video competition: Gold - Alberta; Silver - NOVA SCOTIA - Jason
Vermes and Zack Ball! Bronze - Ontario. Matt Corkum received a grant of $500 from the NS Tech Ed Association to purchase
some professional film sound gear just in time to use it for the national competition.

grad banquet: Held on Thurs June 4, the event was a huge success. A very large turn-out of graduating students. Kudos to
Debbie Matheson and Leah Forster for all the work they put into this event and Taryn Forrestal as this year's Valedictorian. This is a
great group of students.....Graduation promises to be very special. Pls plan on attending (especially all Grade 12 teachers but really,
all teachers should attend Graduation). I say that because it became very clear last night that the Grads had hoped to see more
teachers last night. They really respect you folks and want you to be part of these very significant milestones.

Tiger awards: Nancy Rose, Heather Von Kintzel and Lexi Juurlink did an amazing job of organizing the event. Craig Sherry was a
star at the micro-phone!! The timing of the event is difficult and we may consider moving the Tiger Awards to the Saturday morning
(report card day) in future years.

[HERH Annual Report 2008/2009]                                                                                              Page 17