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 You will need to submit the following to the Health Department:
            1. A plan review fee will be charged for restaurants, foodstands, and
                meat markets. The fee schedule (listed below) was approved by the
                Randolph County Board of Health and is effective February 16, 2003.
                Fee must be submitted with the application. Make checks payable to
                Randolph County Health Department.
                        Restaurant                       1-100 seats          $100.00
                                                         101 + seats          $200.00
                        Food Stands                      No seats             $100.00
                        Meat Markets                                          $100.00
            2. A completed application. You can obtain the application from the health
            3. Your menu. Be sure to include drinks and desserts. Be as detailed with
                the menu as possible.
            4. A floor plan, drawn to scale, showing all equipment, hand sinks,
                bathrooms, and floor drains.
            5. Copies of cut (spec) sheets for your equipment. All equipment must be
                certified or classified for sanitation by an American National Standards
                Institute (ANSI)-accredited certification program. If equipment is not
                certified or classified for sanitation, the equipment shall meet Parts 4-1
                and 4-2 of the NC Food Code. You may access the new “NC Food Code”
                and the “Rules Governing Food Protection and Food Establishments” at
            6. All used equipment must be approved by the Health Department.
Once you have submitted ALL items, plan review can begin for your facility. DO NOT
begin construction or buy equipment until you receive an approval letter from the Health
Department. Restaurant or food service permits are not given until construction is
complete and inspected by the Health Department.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Health Department or the Health
Specialist in charge of your plan review.

Karen Allen 318-6273           Jaron Herring 318-6270     Andrea Brunk 318-6274
Tara Aker 318-6218             Gregg Hancock 318-6272     Phil Pearman 318-6269
Keep in mind when making plans for a foodservice establishment, if you have not already
done so, you will also need to contact the following:
    Asheboro City OR Randolph County Building Inspections (depending on the
       location of the proposed establishment).
    Asheboro City OR Randolph County fire Marshal (depending on the location of
       the proposed establishment).
    Asheboro City OR Randolph County Planning and Zoning (depending on the
       location of the proposed establishment).
RCHD 2-26-2013

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