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									Finding a Career You Can Be Happy In

If you don’t love what you do to some extent, you will be miserable in your work for a lifetime. For
example, say Joe Shmoe hates sales.

He wouldn’t do well in an insurance career in Colorado. Insurance careers all require some element of
sales, even if Joe decided to pursue a secretarial position at the front desk.

Most of that job description includes talking to a lot of new people and converting every individual into
a potential customer or client. Joe might not be able to find happiness in an insurance career in

Decisions, Decisions…

                                                       What should he do though? It can be very difficult
                                                       to find a career that truly makes him happy.

                                                       There is so much doubt and uncertainty so as to
                                                       make the decision nearly impossible to make. For
                                                       that reason, you should learn to focus on just one
                                                       simple concept to figure out if you could be
                                                       happy in a career you are thinking about.

                                                       If you have not done so already, discover what it
                                                       is that makes you happy. That said, you likely
                                                       already know what makes you happy, but doubt
                                                       its applicability to the real world.

Don’t worry about how the thing that makes you happy applies to a job setting. Identify instead the
things that have made you the happiest throughout your life.

Look for projects, topics of discussion, or hobbies that stir up your imagination. Do you dream of
changing the world by helping people?

Do you have to know how everything works? Do you just like building relationships with new people?

Or do you love all of these things equally? It doesn’t matter what makes you happy, just think back to
the moments that have brought you the most joy and write down those experiences.

Once you’ve identified these experiences, look for the underlying element within each experience to
help you find out what it was that sparked your imagination. Is it the fame of changing the world that
gets you excited or is it the smile you see on other people’s faces.
Is it a yearning for control that pushes you to learn how everything works? Do you love hearing the
stories of new people or do you just need to be talking to someone all the time?

Love What You Do

In this way, not only do you discover what it is that makes you happy, but you also learn what it is about
those activities that make you happy. These are the underlying characteristics that, if found in a career,
could make a job completely doable for you, even if it was in an
insurance career in Colorado.

The best thing is that those characteristics can be found in a whole
host of careers. The world finally opens up to you an incredible realm
of possibilities.

Understanding what sparks your excitement gives you power. That
power helps you to identify options that could work for you and
eliminate possibilities that would make you absolutely miserable.

From there you can begin looking into a career that does something
you believe in. Working for a cause that you can get behind will help
you get out of bed with a smile every morning.

Combine that motivation with the knowledge that the type of work will make you happy and you have
found yourself a dream career. The secret is to first find out what it is that makes you tick with glee, and
then apply that to a business that feel comfortable supporting.

It is quite possible to find happiness in your career. It just takes a bit of self-exploration to make that

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