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Choose the best answer!
1. Tony       : Sandy, did you hear that we will go home earlier tomorrow?
   Sandy : You’re kidding!
   Tony       : No, I am not. All the teachers are going to have a meeting tomorrow.
   Sandy : Are you sure?
   Tony       : I’m absolutely sure. Mr. Rifai, our math teacher, told me about it.
   Who are talking in the dialog ?
    a. Two teachers
    b. Two students
    c. A teacher and a student
    d. A father and a daughter
2. Why is Tony certain about the news?
    a. He read it on the board
    b. He asked his teacher about it
    c. His teacher told him about it
    d. His principal told him about it
3. “I’m absolutely sure”. The following words have the similar meanings to the underlined word, except…….
   a. Truly                 c. definitely
   b. Totally               d. approximately
4. Ana : My brother had an accident last night.
   Budi : Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.
   The italicized sentence is an expression of ….
   a. Showing certainty
   b. Giving compliment
   c. Showing uncertainty
   d. Showing sympathy
5. Dian : What do you think of my new tie dye shirt?
   Fika : …….did you make it on your own?
   Dian : Yes, I did
    a. I doubt it
    b. Can you show me how to make tie dye shirt?
    c. Certainly!
    d. Wow, it’s great!
6. Lula : ……
   Sandi : Sure, I said that you should mix all of the ingredients together.
   Lula : Oh, alright. Thanks
    a. Could you repeat that again?
    b. Repeat!
    c. Really?
    d. Are you sure?
                      The Brine Effect

    You will need : table salt, a large glass, an
                     egg, a teaspoon, a dessert
                     spoon and water

     How to do it :
     1. We half fill the glass with water. Then,
        using the desert spoon, we carefully put
        the egg in water. The egg sinks to the
     2. Now we add 10 tablespoons of salt in
        water and mix thoroughly to make brine.
     3. We put the egg in the water again. The
        egg floats.
     4. We take the egg out and slowly fill the
        glass totally.
     5. We put in the egg again. The egg
        remains suspended in the center of the
   What should you do to make brine?
   a. Put an egg into the glass
   b. Add 10 tablespoons of salt in water
   c. Take out the egg and fill the glass
   d. Put the egg into the mixture.
8. To do the experiment, you need the following, except……
    a. a big bowl              c. a teaspoon
    b. an egg                  d. a dessert spoon
          Energizer drink with antioxidants
                 It lifts up your day!
                Tea with apple flavor

    What is the text about?
    a. Tea drink            c. Apple flavor
    b. Antioxidants         d. Apples
10.Could I ask you some questions?
    a. Yes, you could           c. Yes, you can
    b. Yes, I’m                 d. No, you couldn’t
      All passengers should be in the departure
      gates not later than 10 minutes before the
      departure time. Failing which, passengers
      will not be accepted for the flight.
      Thank you.

      Where can we usually find the text?
      a. In a bus station    c. In a parking lot
      b. In railway station d. In an airport
             Everyone of us has feelings. Some of
        these feelings are love, anger, fear,
        jealousy, sadness and worry. Some feelings
        are happy ones, but some upset us.
             Our feelings affect our health. A happy
        person is usually a healthy person. He can
        work, study, play, and sleep well. A person
        who feels worried, angry or sad cannot
        concentrate on his study. All the different
        parts of his body, like the digestive system
        and the circulatory system, will not work
        properly. These upset feelings can also
        cause headaches and raise the pulse rate.

      What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
      a. Our feelings affect our health
      b. Our health is very important
      c. Our body has different parts
      d. A happy person is usually healthy.
                Please Don’t leave your kids
                  Without any attendance

      What should parents do to their children?
      a. To leave them at home
      b. To keep in touch with them
      c. To keep an eye on them
      d. To leave them alone
14.Arrange the jumbled words into good sentences!
    Employees – have – faces – always – the –
           1         2      3         4       5
    smiling – the
        6       7
    a. 7-1-2-6-5-3-4          c. 7-1-4-2-5-6-3
    b. 5-1-6-7-3-4-2          d. 5-6-3-4-7-1-2
15.Arrange the jumbled words into good sentences!
    Is- hotel – very – luxury – delicious – food –
     1 2          3        4          5        6
    fresh – the – of – and
       7      8    9 10
    a. 8-6-9-10-1-4-2-7-5-3
    b. 8-6-9-4-2-1-3-5-19-7
    c. 8-6-9-5-7-10-3-2-1-4
    d. 8-7-6-9-2-3-1-4-10-5

      The notice above tells…..
      a. The people not to ride bicycle on the area
      b. The people to ride bicycle to the area
      c. The people not to walk on the area
      d. The people to walk behind the bicycle
                         Cough Syrup

         Especially for infants and children
         Sore throat, cough, and abnormal secretion
         of sputa.
         Dosage :
         - Infants under 6 months 1 teaspoonful 2 x
         - Infants over 6 months 1 teaspoonful 2 x
         - Adults : 1-2 teaspoonful 3 x daily or as
             prescribed by the physician
         (1 tsp = 5 ml)
               Available : in bottles of 60 ml/90 ml
                       Store in Warm Place

   We should keep the cough mixture in a ……
   a. Hot
   b. Cool
   c. Warm
   d. cold
18.How long will it take an infant under 6 months to finish a bottle of 60 ml?
   a. 2 days                  c. 4 days
   b. 6 days                  d. 8 days
19.The medicine is ………
   a. For external use
   b. A cure for cough
   c. For the relief of stomach pains
   d. Available on medical prescription only
20.The students of MTs. Nahdlatul Ulama ……….. lazy for studying.
   a. Is not                c. do not
   b. Are not               d. does not
Read the text carefully then answer the questions!

                      CD Bowls

    1. Old CDs
    2. Hair dryer/oven
    3. Metal bowl
    4. Glue
    5. Small saucer/something to cover the CD
    First, place the CD in a metal bowl and heat
    it with a hair dryer. Or put it in the oven on
    low heat. Then, bend the CD softly when it
    softens. After that, let it cool off. Finally,
    glue a small plastic saucer or anything to
    cover the hole.

21. What is the kind of the text above?
22.What is the generic structure of the text above?
23.What do you need to make a bowl from CDs?
24.What are the steps to make a bowl from CDs?
25.What is the hair dryer for?

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