; Windsor Sports Injury Chiropractor Helps Athletes Recover Faster
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Windsor Sports Injury Chiropractor Helps Athletes Recover Faster


Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre (http://www.windsorspine.com) and Dr. Sean Whittal and Dr. Jennifer Lovely DC, Windsor chiropractor team members, offer more than fifteen years of chiropractic help to athletes and other area residents. Recovery is more rapid when there are natural methods applied.

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									Windsor Sports Injury Chiropractor Helps Athletes Recover Faster

Windsor, ON, 09-SEPTEMBER-2013 - Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre and Windsor chiropractor
team members, Dr. Sean Whittal and Dr. Jennifer Lovely DC, are pleased to announce a menu of
therapy options which assist in recovery efforts for athletes and sports figures. Whether the patient is
a professional or amateur athlete, fast recovery is desirable. Getting back in the game with no long-
term pain or chronic conditions is easier when chiropractic services are sought out.

The Windsor chiropractor team doctors explained more about chiropractics recently. "People who play
regularly sometimes are not as careful as they should be to warm up and to maintain good form on
the playing field. This can lead to injuries. Those who only play occasionally are even more subject to
sports injuries. These occasional players often end up with aching or torn muscles and connective

The doctors continue, "Chiropractic medicine works in two ways. We help you to avoid many of the
injuries through simple and natural techniques. These include good posture, exercises to strengthen
certain muscles related to your particular sport, and warm up procedures to reduce the shock of
sudden stretching to these muscles. The second way that chiropractic doctors can help is in
recovering from injuries."

The process of expediting recovery begins with a comprehensive examination of each patient. The
data that is collected during this consultation is used to identify where the injury is located and what
needs to be done to alleviate the pain and related symptoms. Prompt action means that recovery is
faster. The chiropractic approach doesn't use drugs or invasive techniques. Chiropractic doctors know
that pain killers can actually slow or prevent the recovery process.

Learn more about the current natural methods for helping athletes to recover more quickly by
reviewing the web pages at http://www.windsorspine.com today. Members of the press and
individuals who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are invited to
contact the team at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Sean Whittal DC; Dr. Jennifer Lovely DC
Company Name: Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre
Address: 4570 Rhodes Drive, Suite 300, Windsor, ON N8W 5C5
Contact Telephone Number: (519) 948-9710
Email: info@windsorspine.com
Website: http://www.windsorspine.com

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