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If you are regularly contacting for the plumber to fix a blocked toilet, you don't have to do that
anymore. A blocked bathroom toilet is one of the most frequent toilet problems we encounter.
Dealing with this challenge isn't a easy and pretty task. Either you do something about it or call for
professional help.

Luckily, there are simple steps that you can do to repair a clogged bathroom toilet without
contacting your local plumber.

1. If you see that the toilet is clogged, keep from utilizing the flush so as not to increase the water
to that particular in the toilet bowl. Remember that flushing the toilet won't prompt it to fix alone.
It's going to just cause even more damage. There are occassions when a clogged toilet gradually
drains back out, which won't happen in case you keep flushing your toilet.

2. Before doing any kind of restoration, make sure you dress in gloves and lay aged magazines,
bathroom towels, or rugs on the floor so you won't have to invest time and effort cleaning the
overflows from the bathroom toilet.

3. Make use of a container of cold water to attempt to press the block. To get this done efficiently,
put from the chest level while standing so that the water will have pressure. If there's no force
when pouring the water, it will only sit in the bowl and add to the blocking water inside the toilet

4. When putting water won't press out the block, you will need to make use of a plunger. Before
that, make sure to switch off your water source as a preventative measure. Add some water
towards the toilet bowl so that the plunger is completely submerged since it works better
underneath water. Position it within the bowl so it covers the hole. Pump repeatedly and rapidly to
press the clog and enable the water to drain.

5. If the clog turns out to be a tough one, you may need to dump hot water into the bowl,
accompanied by a few drops of dishwashing fluid or detergent. Give time for the mix to destroy up
the clog before using the plunger again.

6. Should the drain still remain, your last resort before contacting a plumbing technician is by
using a chemical substance drain solution. Follow the instructions on how to make use of the
chemical and be sure to see security precautions when working with chemicals.

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