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									International Marketing

              The Virtual Beehive:
         Online Marketing of US Honey

                               December 2012
          Q1a : Obstacles to selling honey online
o   Language: in several languages? Which ones? Be careful
    about site name (e.g. Schwarzwaldhonig) and to brand names
    that may not be easily/fully transferable (e.g. Tartimiel) =>
    translation equivalence
o   Transportation : costs of freight, perishability, leakage and
    other physical risks, temperature, delivery in which target
o   trust : a long family tradition, standards, certification
    procedures, ‘trust profile’
o   trust in product (need uncertainty) / trust in transaction
    (transaction uncertainty) / Trust in marketer (market
      Q1a (cont.) : Obstacles to selling honey online

o   Payment modalities: in which currencies (foreign ex-
    change issues)? Possibility for online shoppers to have
    prices in their own currency (at standard or spot rate)?
o   Hygiene: quality standards (ISO), explanations about
    stocking and transportation, photos and visual aids
o   Import regulations : hygiene, safety, ingredients,
    composition, non tariff barriers,
o   Honey may serve different functional purposes (as food,
    beauty, therapeutic) => functional equivalence
o   Pb with transportation costs / product costs (is B-to-C
    feasible for very small orders?)
To find a list a criteria that make a Site easier to visit

o   Usunier, Jean-Claude, Nicolas Roulin, and Björn Sven
    Ivens (2009), “Cultural, National, and Industry-Level
    Differences in B2B Web Site Design and Content”,
    International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Winter
    2009–10, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 41–87.
o   Usunier, Jean-Claude, Nicolas Roulin (2010), The
    Influence of High- and Low-Context Communication
    Styles on the Design, Content, and Language of
    Business-to-Business Web Sites, Journal of Business
    Communication, Volume 47, Number 2, April 2010,
    pp. 189-227.
    Q1b: For which reasons do you consider a site to be the most
               effective at selling honey long-term?

o    Number of suppliers (Who are they?), Honey
     producting cooperatives => explain which are the
     conditions for collaboration or production
o    Mailing in several (many) countries
o    Translation of the site in several languages
o    Foster Web site visitors trust, corporate information
o    Simple, user-friendly, and reliable, ordering system
o    Different payment modes (secure online paiement)
o    Clear sales conditions
    Q1b (cont.): For which reasons do you consider a site to be
         the most effective at selling honey long-term ?

o   Web pages should be differentiated from pages for products
    sold in traditional brick-and-mortar stores for instance by
    adding complementary (recipes, therapeutic use,
    informationon honey, bees, flowers, treatments, honey
    collection and refining, etc.) ; extended product range
    (liquid, cristallized honey, honey specialties, multiple
    packaging options, different sizes)
o   Customer loyalty programme, possibility of a personalized
    Web page for key accounts (large customers)
o   Browsing opportunities (Hedonic rather than Utilitarian
    value) => product search with illustrations/photos
o   Referencing the site on popular search engines
Q2 : “Honey: the natural daily choice to enhance health
                   and well being”

o  Switzerland and other countries : A come-back to healthy,
   natural (bio), local (terroir), traceable food items; link between
   honey and health/well being (e.g. honey in hot milk)
o France: predominance of taste and perceived quality over
   emphasis on evidence-based proven health benefits
o Germany and other countries: health and taste issues (healty
   versus tasty intuition)
o Greece : Honey is traditionally used as a therapeutic means (in
   cooking as well)
=> You have to go beyond and investigate the possible impact of
   cultural characteristics on how slogans positioning honey may
   be perceived?
  Conceptual and functional equivalence : Is honey food (sweetener,
candy, susbstitute of marmalade (spread)?), medicine, a beauty product,
                       a quick energy provider?

                                      Food                                                Medicine                                             Beauty Products

   Interest/Intent                    Growing interest in health-                         Growing interest in health-                          Germans not as cosmetic-
                                      related and natural products                        related topics (especially in                        affine as e.g. French,
                                          , growing consumption of                        the elder generations), high                         however general interest in
                                      organic products à +                                interest in natural and                              cosmetic and wellness
                                                                                          complementary medicine à                             products à ±
   Believability                      Honey perceived as healthy,                         Traditional, old home                                Honey considered with
                                      high-priced product à high                          recipes, often teached by                            purity and antibacterial
                                      believability expected à +                          grandparents, e.g. honey and                         effects à high believability
                                                                                          milk to prevent sore throats                         (e.g. German
                                                                                          à high believability à +                             seller of honey cosmetic )
   Uniqueness/                        As a sugar substitute,                              Strength of nature as                                Perceived as natural,
   Differentiation                    naturalness as differentiation                      differentiation factor, lets                         therefore differentiated
                                      factor à +                                          honey appear as unique à +                           from highly chemical
                                                                                                                                               beauty products à +

               Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (2010, December 05), retrieved from
       Q3 : Which markets are targeted by

o   The North American market
o   B2B : bakeries, cake manufacturing,
    boulangerie, brasserie, exports, food industries,
    restaurants, retail outlets, wholesalers
o   It works as a sort of « Yellow Pages» for
    businesses dealing with honey
o   No B2C orientation
    Q3 (cont.) : How to target other potential markets ?

o    Translation in other languages
o    Site visibility on Internet (search engines)
o    Possibility to buy directly from the Honeylocator
     Web site
o    Put a link to the on
     manufacturers sites as well as on honey cans
o    Dedicated Web interface to each market segment
     (from small independent retailers to the food
     industries, possibly individual consumers)
    Q3 (cont.) : How to target other potential markets ?

o   Improve user friendliness and site functionality
o   Follow-up of site visitors, propose new and/or
    customized offerings based on previous orders and
    customer profiles (email marketing)
o   Rating/rankings of honey marketers/producers (onine
    reputation system)
o   Science or evidence-based information on honey by
    presenting test results as concerns medical,
    therapeutic, health, well-being of honey consumption
o   The present classification is complex and should be

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