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									Lunch money
By Andrew Clements
By Michael Olson
   The setting is based at school,
 Ashwoth intermediate school
 main characters-Greg Kenton, Mr. Z, Mrs.
 Davenport, and Maura shaw
greg- Ever since he was little, he was
 interested in money.
 Mr. Z- he is the math teacher that’s get
 right in the middle of the whole story.
Mrs. Davenport- she is the principle
 Maura-the is gregs neighbor and gets in a
 fight with greg
Conflict and plot

Who had the idea for the comic books
 and who gets the money for the comic
greg chooses to sell comic books instead
 of little toys to sell at school.
 It is easier to sell the comic books
 because they are easier to get he, makes
Point of view, genre

 this book 3rd person limited omnition

This book is a fiction book
Book rating,
 out of 10 I would give this book a 9
 because I thought it was a very good
 book with a good storyline but a little hard
 to understand at times.
 if you like fictitious books with a good
 story line you will most likely like this book.
The end

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